Voyage Kal Is Ready To Leave His Strange Home And Is About To Embark On A Journey To Even Stranger WorldsAfter Four Years Of Exile, He Can Finally Escape Into The Metaxia, The Unspace Between Universes, And Explore Alternate EarthsSupremely Advanced Cultures And Natural Wonders Of Immeasurable Beauty Await Him However, There Exist Also Worlds Mired In Social Decay, And Those Filled With Dangerous, Exotic Forms Of LifeArmed Only With Defensive Nanotech And A Computer Pad, Kal Travels From One Alternate Earth To Another Navigating The Infinity Of Possibilities, He Embarks On A New Kind Of Voyage, A Voyage Along The Catastrophe Of Notions Welcome To The Voyage Along The Catastrophe Of Notions Series, An Illustrated, Serial Anthology That Follows Kal S Journey Across Numerous Alternate Earths Voyage Is A Psychological And Philosophical Adventure, The Cultures And People Kal Meets Along The Way Both Challenging And Enriching HimVoyage Embarkation Episode Setting Sail Is About , Words Long Excellent first episode in a hopefully long and engaging series Voyage Embarkation Episode 1 Setting Sail Voyage Along the Catastrophe of Notionsby Zachary Bonelli takes place in a complex, theoretical, expansive, and far reaching both in space and time setting The somewhat unwieldy title does set the tone for the prologue, which is a bit too experimental for my taste But patience pays off The storyline itself is a whimsically serious and intriguing mix of esoteric science fiction and beloved fantasy think Alan Dean Foster If you like your lovable felines as large as elephants and set in the multiverse laced with gravity wells, nanotech, holographic interfaces, and interdimensional beings, then this series is probably up your alley But note this particular episode is short and while it does have a small story arc it mostly sets the stage for what is to follow The writing is solid, however, and although this subgenre of SF isn t exactly my cup of tea I m fascinated enough by the plot and main character to continue the series. This is the first episode in a rather long serial As such, most of the word count is dedicated to introducing the main character Kal, and setting up the main plot line.There is a short prologue before the main episode, but it isn t clear what it has to do with the main storyline I suspect the meaning will not really become clear until much farther along in the series, which gives a nice bit of suspense and something to look forward to right off the bat.The main story centers around Kal, a young man from the earth of the future Kal has been trapped, alone, on an empty world, for the last four years However, he now has found a way to escape, by using Nano technology to travel to other universes A couple of characters from the prologue pay him a visit I think about this visit will become clear later.The author throws around a lot of terms that the reader may not be familiar with, but the meaning becomes clear as you read farther on.The writing is crisp and clean The descriptions, especially Kal s exploration of the metaxia space between universes is detailed and engaging.My only disappointment with this episode is that it ends in the metaxia between worlds, right before he begins his explorations However, my main complaint with that is that i want to see

I grew up in a small town in northern Illinois, west of Chicago After graduating high school, I dual majored in English Literature and German Language at a small, Midwestern liberal arts college After undergrad, I turned my eyes towards exploration, and spent many years in Japan, Thailand and Hawaii.Nowadays, I live with my partner near Seattle, Washington, where I work in the gaming industry.I

[Epub] ❧ Voyage  By Zachary Bonelli –
  • ebook
  • 22 pages
  • Voyage
  • Zachary Bonelli
  • English
  • 08 June 2019
  • 9781628020007

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