Immunity Overall, I think this book was enjoyable As the other reviewers, I was put off by the typos and grammatical errors I kept thinking I would love to be an editor for these books Other than that, the story was good and the plot twists were enough to keep me guessing I also enjoyed the plot line and the idea behind it I would recommend this book. Might appeal to a younger audience than me..the theory was great but the dialogue was so stilteddespite the main character Klem being raised in isolation and having no social skills or abilities,perhaps the author intended to put her scene across this way but for me it just led to a complete lack of connection..actually gave up I found this novella to be highly entertaining I picked it up yesterday afternoon and stayed up until 2 AM reading.The plot is full of twists and turns I started off thinking the characters and plot were straight forward I believed that I knew right off where the plot was going and how the story would end But as the story continued to unfold, I had to continually rethink the plots direction and readjust my expectations for each character.I would have given this five stars if there were not so many typos extra words, missing words and sentences that just didn t fit smoothly There were also two logic flaws that I found that kept gnawing at me as I read Yet I feel that it was a better than average read If you are ready for an action filled mystery, with a plot that can be difficult to pin down, than I strongly encourage you to check out this novella. Ok I tried to like this but it was just so dry The basic concept was okkinda but the characters were bland and boring The writing was awkward and stale I think this should have been a first draft and then added on to from there I hate giving one star reviews but I just couldn t find enough redeeming qualities. The idea behind the book was an interesting story The grammar, using the wrong words, and punctuation kept me from enjoying the book One proof read would have made a huge difference The word the instead of them and they, using re revolve instead of re evolve, and the word are instead our are a few examples of many mistakes throughout the book I kept reading and hoping for the story to make the time spent worth it The plot, like I said, would have made for an interesting story. After Generations Of People Overused Antibiotics And Destroyed Their Immune Systems, While Simultaneously Strengthening Germs And Viruses And Creating Superbugs, Human Beings Fled Indoors To Sterile Environments For SurvivalGenerations Later Neklema Was Born Into A World Where Being Outdoors Wasn T Even Something She Dreamed OfSuddenly, With The Secret To Human Survival Hidden In Her By Family She Never Met, Neklema Is The Most Sought After Girl In The World Alone For The Majority Of Her Life, Neklema Has Only Had Virtual Contact With Other People Her Life Has Been Controlled By The Eugenicists, Scientists That Focus On The Improvement Of Genes The Eugenicists Sole Focus Is To Re Evolve Immune Systems Back Into Humans The Eugenicists Attempt To Achieve Their Goal Without Grace, Going So Far As To Systematically Exposing Eight Year Olds To Numerous Diseases, Killing Them Off, So Only The Strongest Survive Nekelma S World Is Forever Changed When She Meets Kim Kim Takes Her From The Eugenicists Control And Brings Her To Lambda, The Large Settlement Inhabited By Descendants Of Those Who Fled The Eugenicists When People Were Forced Indoors These People Share The Goal Of The Eugenicists, To Get People Back Outside But Are Their Methods Unethical As Well What Secret To Human Survival Could Neklema Possibly Have These Are Questions Neklema Must Answer Before She Can Decide Who She Can Trust And Who She Can T And The Fate Of Human Survival Dependent On Her Can She Actually Deliver That

I wrote Immunity because I had a story to tell And I love it Facebook page

☉ Immunity  PDF / Epub ❤ Author C. Ellis-Massey –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 256 pages
  • Immunity
  • C. Ellis-Massey
  • English
  • 12 June 2019

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