Drop Dead Healthy: One Man's Humble Quest for Bodily Perfection

Drop Dead Healthy: One Man's Humble Quest for Bodily Perfection New York Times Bestselling Author And King Of Immersion Journalism AJ Jacobs Tackles His Most Challenging Experiment Yet A Yearlong Mission To Radically Improve Every Element Of His Body And Mind From His Brain To His Fingertips To His AbsHaving Lifted His Spirit In The Year Of Living Biblically And Sharpened His Mind In The Know It All, AJ Jacobs Had One Feat Left In The Self Improvement Trinity To Become The Healthiest Man In The World He Doesn T Just Want To Lose Weight, Or Finish A Triathlon, Or Lower His Cholesterol His Ambitions Were Far, Far GreaterThe Task Was Massive First, He Had To Tackle A Complicated Web Of Diet And Exercise Advice, Most Which Is Nonsensical, Unproven, And Contradictory Second, He Had To Consult A Team Of Medical Advisers And Finally, He Had To Subject Himself, Over The Course Of Two Years, To A Grueling Regimen Of Exercises, A Range Of Diets And Nutritional Plans, And A Brutal Array Of Techniques And Practices To Improve Everything From His Hearing To His Sleep All The While Testing The Patience Of His Long Suffering WifeThis Latest Book Bursts With Hilarity And Warmth, All The While Testing Our Culture S Assumptions And Obsessions With What Makes Good Health And Allowing The Reader To Reflect On His Or Her Own Health, Body, And Eventual Mortality

A.J Jacobs is a New York Times bestselling author, Esquire editor and human guinea pig.Among Jacobs life experiments The Know It All The bestselling memoir of the year he spent reading the entire Encyclopedia Britannica in a quest to become the smartest person in the world The Year of Living Biblically The bestseller about his life as the ultimate biblical man He followed every rule of th

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  • Drop Dead Healthy: One Man's Humble Quest for Bodily Perfection
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  • 03 August 2018

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    This is a well researched, paranoia inducing, and ultimately lighthearted and informative book I thoroughly enjoyed it

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    Coffee is bad for you.No, now they re saying it s good for you.Well, how can avocados be good for you They re full of fat.Yes, but it s the good kind of fat.There s a good kind of fat AAAAaAAAAAaaaaaAAA You can drive yourself nuts trying to figure out what is good for you and what is unhealthy Last time I checked, being nuts was definitely UNhealthy Luckily, A.J Jacobs is around to investigate, using his own body as his guinea pig, and give you the skinny on being healthy And, yes, being skinny is usually healthier, dammit He tries fad diets, exercise crazes and CPAP machines so you don t have to waste your time and money on things that don t work Onlysome things work for some people and not for others And some things work if you believe they work So, there are no real answers here, other than move , eat less But, if you re looking for a fun, occasionally educational time, read this book Hopefully while you re walking on a treadmill As usual, the best parts of Jacobs books are the really wacky, yet undeniably true facts he manages to unearth, like You have germs in your gut right now than humans that ever lived on earth. Graham crackers were invented to quell the passions in hormonal adolescent boys If you spend lots of time reading on the toilet, better order a case of Preparation H now prolonged sitting whilst shitting causes hemorrhoids THIS irresistible quote by a renowned urologist The penis is the dipstick of the body s health And, did you know that musical conductors live such long lives because they spend so much time flapping their arms about That last one impressed me so much, I ve made an attempt to move my arms a bit wherever I go Yes, I look like a crazy person Yes, people are laughing at me All I can say is, laugh now I ll be that old, old lady at your funeral, wildly swinging her arms as she laughs and laughs.

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    Now, this is a writer with whom I can sit down and drink organic smoothies I consider myself a bit of a closet health nut I say closet health nut, because you might not be able to tell by the size of my thighs that I am much of a health nut at all But A.J s humble quest to become the strongest, most virile hunk of masculine flesh alive is one that I d empathize with At the very least, I can read his book and feel justified in his inevitable conclusion that THIS is the reason why one shouldn t knock oneself out trying to pursue the epitome of good health my excuse is moderation and unavoidable mortality.When I wasn t laughing to the point of tears, I did mentally underline some doable gems from his breadth of research 1 Mindfulness is key to enjoying a smaller plate of food.2 Look for every opportunity to move I am the nut who keeps hand weights in the car for long commutes 3 Take the time to take a break Truly value things like sleep and silence.4 Some of us do get lightheaded, weak, and gassy on a vegan vegetarian diet This had been my experience as well, so I laughed a little at discovering that I wasn t the only one His diet wasn t totally carnivorous, so much as light on empty carbs and substantial on fruits and vegetables.5 Short triatholons do exist I will have to do one of them sometime.6 Training the brain might be something to look into.Sadly, after reading, I never got around to actually going to the gym time constraints, as usual , but I did honor my favorite chapter calorie reduction and mindfulness by eating one cheeto at a time, mentally envisioning the taste of each and carefully chewing 20 times before swallowing It s not the epitome of health, per se, but someone s got to start somewhere.

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    After this book I rate AJ Jacobs as one of my favourite authors The book contains enough facts to make it a credible read However, it is his OCD that adds the humour to his readers but not necessary to his long suffering family Well worth a read.

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    Reading this book made me realize how paranoid I really am, because, as I was reading it, the author kept talking about how much he was freaking out his family members with the drastic things he was doing, and I just kept thinking Well, that s reasonable In fact, the book might have made me MORE paranoid for a little while, just because I realized all of the things that I hadn t considered Unlike Jacobs, I do read The Cat in the Hat to my son, but I do think the Cat could make a pretty infamous crime team with the Kool Aid Man, and I m sure Jacobs would have something to say about sugaring children s water In the end, he came to the conclusion that moderation was best, and he made it very easy for the reader to arrive there with him I found his book very funny and well written, and I m sure I will pick up some of his previous books at some point.I just wanted to add that there were a couple times that this book almost made me cry, and it was unexpected you don t realize how attached to these people you become and I thought that it was surprising, and a reflection on how subtle and effective of a storyteller Jacobs is.

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    This book is the latest stunt memoir by AJ Jacobs, the man who previously worked on his mind by reading the encyclopedia and his spirit by living according to the Bible Now it s time for the body, and Jacobs spent two years focusing on how to be healthier in all areas from his teeth to his toes.When it comes to matters of health, everyone has an opinion, and they usually contradict each other Jacobs does a decent job of providing a balanced look at many of his subjects, including whatever actual science may or may not be behind them, through such moments as letting his toxin obsessed Aunt Marti banish his plastic shower curtain and conventional cleaning products while interviewing a medical professional who argues that our robust livers are than up to the task of dealing with the hazards modern living throws at us.Though the subject of health can be a serious one, the tone of this book is generally breezy and amusing, with a couple of supposedly good for you laugh out loud moments thrown in It s also interesting to see the results of Jacobs experiments on himself though personal anecdote is an unreliable way of determining the overall effectiveness of a particular intervention, it s the one that matters the most to us individually and the only tool we have to evaluate some of the outlandish ideas presented.I did enjoy this book and might have given it four stars if I wasn t already familiar with most of the information covered If I were someone who hadn t already spent a lot of time researching health, however, I would have found this a very accessible and inspiring guide to making positive health changes.

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    Another entry in the Jacobs formula he ll breeze through a large number of activities, giving very superficial descriptions background, making wisecracks, and recording his wife s reaction to everything.The problem with this one is that ultimately, all his health interventions are lame Tim Ferris may be a huckster, but at least in 4 Hour Body, he put himself out on the edge and wrote about interesting things which might make real differences if they panned out while Jacobs recycles crunchy granola nonsense and works his way through a bunch of boring and tired interventions and foods, many of which could never make any large difference in his health or longevity even if true He has no ambition or bravery at all I was disappointed that he was scared off by caloric restriction and wouldn t even give intermittent fasting a try despite alternate day fasting being probably the simplest diet ever , and when he finally does try something a little drastic like Clomid for testosterone deficiency he seems to abandon it as fast as he possibly can despite admitting that it seemed to be effective than pretty much anything else This is a general trend with everything he reports back on he drops them as fast as possible, without giving them a fair shake.I mean, I don t believe that, say, fruit juice fasts work but if Jacobs is going to try then, couldn t he at least stick it out than 3 days I felt he was wasting both his and my time That said, I am amused to find out just how many eccentric exercise classes apparently can be found in Central Park over the course of a year Chapter 19 was on sleep, a subject near and dear to my own self experimenting heart, so I had great expectations, and was disappointed to see that it boiled down to get a CPAP for snoring and apparently using his brand new Zeo less than week Or on the topic of driving and walking helmets, whose net benefit I found myself uncertain of after reviewing some of the research literature, he brings them up but dismisses as impossible, not because they don t seem worthwhile, but because they would be too embarrassing Jacobs, seriously, are you a man or a mouse The only things he seems to really stick with is his treadmill desk well, fair enough for a writer and, weirdly given his terror of embarrassment, noise canceling headphones As if the photos of the headphones didn t make him look like he was autistic Some gaps just struck me as odd why would a germaphobe look into squat toilets and wash his hands excessively, but omit any consideration of bidets which could remove most of the reason one would need to wash hands Perhaps unsurprisingly, I reached the final chapter and was distinctly unimpressed what his two years of effort had wrought I went for my final exam at EHE and found out I d lost another half pound, ending at 156.5 total weight loss 16 pounds I d gone down two belt sizes Dr Harry Fisch told me that my lipid panel numbers are so good, they ll give you a heart attack HDL 48, LDL 62 I than halved my body fat percentage I can now run a mile in less than seven minutes as opposed to not at all I have a visible chest.One might think that such results, while laudable, did not require 2 years and probably were entirely due his eating less and spending some time weightlifting and running.The evaluation of research is also weak Jacobs promises in the intro to draw as much on the Cochrane Collaboration as possible fantastic but if he did so in the rest of the book, I must ve missed it boo, hiss And while it s a tired, sometimes overused truism in my parts of the Internet that correlation is not causation , Jacobs is one of the people for whom that dictum was meant.Aside from the main storyline of the latest health fad, Jacobs counterpoints the slow death from old age dementia of his grandfather and the unexpected death of his eccentric orthorexic aunt These are good reminders of the horrors of aging but while well intentioned, Jacobs, superficial and middle class humorously as ever, is unable to bring out the tragedy of the material anywhere near as well as, say, Still Alice, Do No Harm, or even blog posts like Who By Very Slow Decay.So what s good Well, Jacobs is intermittently funny He does go through a wide range of interventions, which is mildly interesting, and if nothing else, makes the point that there are a lot of hucksters and idiots and people fooled by randomness out there, and that there is no nostrum that will not put someone on cloud nine nor silver bullet so silly that it will not sooth someone s sickness For me, it functioned as reminders the accident chapter reminded me that after a slip in my bathroom, I had meant to buy anti slip pads, which I ve put on my shopping list his treadmill usage has inspired me to clean off my own treadmill desk and at least use it while watching movies or playing games I had heard of the potential benefits of squat toilets but until reading the FAQ by the guy selling them I had not realized that it was possible to retrofit regular Western toilets to be squat toilets, so I may grab some cinder blocks plywood and give it a try and his own conspicuous failure to try out IF makes me feel motivated to give it a try myself soon, especially now that I ve got daily blood glucose measurements debugged So it wasn t all bad To elaborate on this one point we don t have hard precise evidence on most of the claims covered in the book, but for a lot of them we can give upper bounds on maximum possible benefits For starters, lifespan is in humans, as it is in other species, partially heritable, so about a quarter of variability is off the table from the getgo And no one has ever lived longer than Jeanne Calment s 122 years while life expectancy for Jacobs is 80 above average since he s an employed well educated white man with good family longevity , so he couldn t expect than 40 years for anything that past humans have tried Similarly, because of the exponential increase in death risk with age, the value of preventing any given disease in old age is not as high as it may seem, since if you prevent a heart attack, they may just die of a stroke or Alzheimer s instead, which sharply limits how valuable any particular intervention could be So for example, if you could prevent cancer in its entirety, I ve seen estimates that this might add a grand total of 10 years to average life expectancy, which is much less than one would expect Jacobs quotes one person as noting there s something like 50k industrial chemicals out there so if all cancers were caused by a modern industrial chemical, and you could eliminate each chemical completely for free at the cost of a day s research or work or income, then doing so would be a huge net loss since 50,000 days 10 years 3,652 days Not to mention that adult life expectancies have kept increasing hand in hand with the proliferation of industrial chemicals, suggesting that all of them together can explain only a fraction of variance If you spend a day worrying about Bisphenol, you d better have good reasons for thinking it s very likely to be harmful, because the prior probability is low, the harm is likely fairly minimal, you can t do much about it, and what you can do is expensive.

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    The Good Stuff I think this is my favorite non fiction books this year Author is self deprecating and you know I adore that in a writer Truly fascinating, unique and positively hilarious Touched by his obvious love for his wife and children and the appreciation he has for them putting up with all his shenanigans I need to read all the rest of his books now Has a Super Size Me feel to it He is a master at transitioning from one topic to the next very impressive Classy and tactful I have never laughed this hard while reading a non fiction book before I have read ALOT of hilarious non fiction Enjoyed the comments from his wife about some of the things he did she sounds like a fabulous woman Best idea ever for motivating someone to stop doing something don t want to spoil it for you but page 231 in my ARC The bit about Coco Chanel will make you laugh Inspired me to make some changes in my life The Not So Good Stuff If he was my husband I would have killed him by now with all the crazy stuff he does When I read about the Dr who actually performs surgery to change the sounds of your farts I laughed so hard the cat jumped off my lap and left nasty scratch marks on me A.J you owe me some polysporin Now have sudden urge for dried mango sFavorite Quotes Passages I want to be around to teach the importance of having compassion and why the original Willy Wonka is superior to the remake If done properly, with enough protein and B12 supplements, it s certainly better than the Standard American Diet Then again, eating nothing but asbestos sandwiches is probably better than the Standard American Diet His quotes are both hilarious and inspiring Fifteen minutes to warm up Does a lion warm up when he s hungry Uh oh, here comes an antelope Better warm up No He just goes out there and eats the sucker I printed that out and put it on my wall next to the passage about Carl Sagan Though in the case of my children, the rate is much higher It s amazing how a strip of sticky plastic will make my kids pain vanish Lucas will be howling about a stepped on finger, but as soon as the SpongeBob Band Aid touches his pinkie, he is all smiles My sons are so convinced of the magical healing powers of Band Aids, they think they can solve almost any problem A couple of years ago, when our Sony TV blew a fuse, Jasper stuck a Band Aid on the screen hoping to revive it What I learned About who created the graham cracker and why he created it No I am not telling you go buy the book or go to your local library and pick up a copy and while you are there tell the Library workers how wonderful they are and maybe bring them some chocolate Tons of other fascinating facts about health and diet that sorta scared me at times About Blueberries trust me that was interesting Who Should Shouldn t Buy Yup this one is a highly recommended read for everyone This will be a Christmas purchase for the brother in laws all FOUR of them 5 Dewey sI received book from Simon and Schuster in Exchange for an honest review

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    A.J Jacobs is getting tired and flabby and I m talking about his book writing, not his physical condition He has done the same gimmick for a number of books now, where he transforms his life by giving his all to a specific subject, and it s just not that interesting any It lacks creativity and proves him to be somewhat dim witted.In this case he tries to follow all the advice books, diets and research on health The problem is that there are thousands to choose from and many of them are contradictory So he focuses on some of the weird ones, like the guys who live like cavemen and think we should hunt meat and eat it raw Instead of this coming across like an intelligent study of the subject, it seems like one big joke.His writing style is very self centered and that gets dull fast He s just not that interesting of a person and while he s self deprecating he also is very unaware of how disgusting or insulting he can be His subtle put downs of his wife, family and friends isn t funny.So if you ve read his other books this one isn t much different and certainly is far from the best If this is your first exposure to Jacobs you may find it somewhat interesting but it s overdone and not the taut review of the subject that it could be What would make an interesting magazine article makes for a very boring book.

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    For The Know It All, A.J Jacobs read the entire Encyclopedia Britannica For The Year of Living Biblically, he attempted to follow every rule in the Bible for a year For The Guinea Pig Diaries, he did a whole bunch of crazy stuff, including practice Radical Honesty and attend the Academy Awards disguised as a movie star Now, in Drop Dead Healthy, he chronicles his latest endeavor trying to become the healthiest person alive Basically, this means doing a ton of research and meeting with lots of experts, then trying all the different things that are supposed to make human beings healthy Jacobs focuses on different parts of the body the heart, the lungs, the stomach, the skin, etc for a month each and writes about what did and didn t get results And, of course, drives his poor wife, Julie, crazy during the whole thing I have enjoyed all of A.J Jacobs books in fact, I like his style so much that I originally subscribed to Esquire magazine just to read of his writing between books I like experimental journalism in general, but I especially appreciate the goofy but thoughtful approach Jacobs uses Obviously my expectations for Drop Dead Healthy were high, and I was not disappointed As usual, Jacobs really did his research and covered angles that I hadn t even thought of It did seem a bit overwhelming in some places perhaps it would have been less staggering if he d chosen a narrow focus for the project There s just so much information out there and so many experts who contradict each other, so maybe Jacobs bit off than he could chew Still, I actually learned quite a bit Sure, there s plenty of stuff that we ve all heard before always eat breakfast, move as much as possible, and just suck it up and floss, for goodness sake but he weeds out some things that don t work and comes up with some good tips for actually doing some of the things the experts recommend And I was cracking up through the whole thing Jacobs isn t afraid to make fun of himself, and there are certainly plenty of opportunities to do so in a book about trying to be healthy think feeling wimpy next to the muscleheads at the gym and trying poop without sitting down The best thing about this book, however, is that it made me much aware of my health and how I treat myself It sort of gave me a wake up call about how much better I ll feel if I do a few small things for my health, and it definitely motivated me to eat fresh, local foods get sleep move throughout the day and Drop Dead Healthy is a book I d recommend for anyone who feels like they need a boost in inspiration and wants to have some fun along the way.

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