World of Darkness

World of Darkness An awesome expansion with an an enormous amount of content and inspiration It s like there s at least one scenario idea on each single page aside from the normally included many scenarios The rules update part is also very good, among other things it finally brings a sanity mechanic to nWoD.Highly recommend for anyone using nWoD to run urban horror and generic horror games. What Is The God Machine That Question Doesn T Have A Single, Easy Answer, But That Doesn T Stop People From Asking The World Of Darkness Is Layer Upon Layer Of Mystery, But What Is The Mechanism That Keeps It All Moving Is There A Design In Play And What Happens To Those Who Think To Use The Machine For Their Own Ends What Has Fallen May Rise AgainA Chronicle Book For The World Of Darkness A Default Chronicle, A Way To Introduce New Players To The World Of Darkness And Experience One Of Its Greatest Mysteries Choose The Depth Of Madness That S Right For Your Group, From Local To Cosmic A Modular Approach To Building A Chronicle, Different Stories That Fit Together To Form Chronicle Tracks Revisions Of Many Of The Core Rules From The World Of Darkness RulebookCheck Out The God Machine Chronicle Fiction Anthology, A Collection Of Terrifying Insights Into The God Machine And Its Effect On The Inhabitants Of The World Of DarknessNote Requires The Core World Of Darkness Rulebook The content was thematically interesting and a lot of potential scenarios were introduced for integration into a chronicle While I appreciate their usefulness as examples and templates, I suppose I wanted a bit The three stars are a failing of expectation than a dismissal of content, although my expectations were set by the descriptions preceding purchase What was available was quite good, if not somewhat fragmented. The Good This book does a solid job of giving us a healthy dose of technohorror, paranoia, and shared overarching themes while eschewing dogmatic approaches to the material and leaving many options open for interpretation What the God Machine is, ultimately, does not matter as much as what you need or want it to be For myself, the God Machine is the missing piece in the larger puzzle I was putting together for my own World of Darkness I am almost alarmed at how perfectly and easily it fits, as though it already had a space just waiting for it At the same time, one of the beauties of it is that the God Machine does not have to take over every chronicle, or any chronicle It can be a one time entry, a sporadic chain of eerie events, or a thread that wends its way through all of your WoD games And you don t have to decide that right away.The book also invites not only local storytelling but an opening up into the regional, global, and cosmic scales, and it doesn t pay such things lip service, either Chapter Two, which gives many ideas for God Machine scenarios, is organized first and foremost by the scale local, regional, global, and cosmic I really love the layout of the scenarios, since they are consistent and evocative without being excessively detailed or hemmed in You can alter them for just about any supernatural type or simply run mortals through the stories For a sample, see this scenario I made A whole chapter is dedicated to antagonists and their statistics, and then the second half of the book gives way to the rules update available for free here Some changes, like aspirations and different vices virtues, have been staples of many people s World of Darkness games for some time Other changes, like beats and custom morality scales, might take some getting used to And while some will argue about which changes made no sense or which offended them, the system is flexible enough that you can ignore or change what you can t stand and still be able to use the book.Did I mention that the layout and art are great throughout and that the volume itself is a damned handsome book to have around The Bad The intro fiction goes on a bit too long, but it has nice, creepy ideas embedded in it, so don t let that stop you from moving forward The chronicle tracks section also makes very little sense where it is placed, but don t let that turn you aside Read Chapter 2 Tales of the God Machine, and then go back to the tracks, since they give guidance on how to weave the tales together The Ugly If you hate core mechanics like conditions and beats the new experience model, you might have work ahead of you when approaching upcoming New World of Darkness books but you should be able to use the GMC book just fine. Pomys na Maszyn Boga tak bardzo nie dla mnie jak tylko si da Nie mnie ocenia , jestem anty targetem boskiej maszyny, nie podoba mi si , u ywa nie b d cho z tego powodu nie dla mnie jest te nowy Demon.Za to poprawki do zasad wydaj si bardzo fajne Co prawda zamiast 150 stron poprawek do ksi ki zasad, kt ra ma 150 stron, wola bym po prostu drug edycj tej e Niemniej zasady wydaj si wietne rezygnacja z Vice i Virtue, cele postaci , ale s takie, kt re po prostu trzeba przetestowa nowy system do wiadczenia, jednorzutowe walki.

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[Reading] ➿ World of Darkness  By Dave Brookshaw –
  • Hardcover
  • 252 pages
  • World of Darkness
  • Dave Brookshaw
  • English
  • 09 March 2018

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