Oceans Infiltrator (Oceans Gift, #2)

Oceans Infiltrator (Oceans Gift, #2) Could You Kill The Man You Love To Protect Your People Capsize His Boat Lure Him Into The Water Summon Sharks How Long Will Sirena Let Joe Live, Now He Knows Her Secret A Story About Seduction And Sharks, Parenthood And Penguins, With Plenty Of Beer And Boobs To Keep It Interesting, At Some Coral Islands Off The Coast Of Western Australia, Plus A Few Other Places, Too Sexy Mermaids Surface Once , To Sing Up Chaos On Ship And Submarine, Sea And Shore Trouble, Take Two This Is Demelza S Second Contemporary Fantasy Book In The Ocean S Gift Series, With Mermaids And Mayhem Than Ever You Ll Never Look At Mermaids The Same Way Again A Tiny Taste Of What S In Store For The First Time, She Looked Nervous No Human Has Ever Seen Me Change Before, She Admitted It S The First Time For Me, Too, I Replied HoarselyShe Touched Her Heels Together And Gave A Flick With Her Feet The Movement Rippled Up Her Body, Before She Did It Again It Looked Like Her Skin Was Darkening, Or Was It Just The Waves Washing Over Her Another Flick, Her Feet Rising Out Of The Water This Time, And I Saw The Blue Wasn T Just The Water It Was Like The Skin Of Her Legs Had Grown Together, Extending Over Her Feet Into Curved Flukes, As Blue As The Water It Blended Seamlessly Up Her Body, Though Her Torso Remained PaleShe Turned On Her Side, Her Eyes Curious In The Skin Along Her Ribs, I Saw Dark Lines That Looked Like Gills I Couldn T Take My Eyes Off Her She D Never Looked Less Human, But I D Never Wanted To Touch Her My Mouth Hung Open And I Couldn T Seem To Close It Are You Coming In, Or Not She Twisted, Arched And Dived Down I Plunged Into The Water After Her Ocean S Gift Series This Is The Second Book In Demelza Carlton S Ocean S Gift Series, Which Currently Includes Ocean S Gift BookOcean S Infiltrator BookWater And Fire

Demelza Carlton has always loved the ocean, but on her first snorkelling trip she found she was afraid of fish She has since swum with sea lions, sharks and sea cucumbers and stood on spray drenched cliffs over a seething sea as a seven metre cyclonic swell surged in, shattering a shipwreck below Sensationalist spin No Demelza tends to take a camera with her so she can capture and share the m

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 327 pages
  • Oceans Infiltrator (Oceans Gift, #2)
  • Demelza Carlton
  • English
  • 05 October 2018

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    As someone who rarely downloads anything other than free books on account of the fact they re read in two hours , the sequel to Ocean s Gift proved to be worth every penny.Ocean s Infiltrator does a marvellous job of expanding the roles of MC s Vanessa and Joe On the outside, it seems as though all of Joe s dreams have come true a sexy wife, a cute kid and a sexy pair of mermaids trying to have their way with him as he sleeps but there are bigger fish to fry or lobsters to catch.Ocean s Infiltrator further explores the reasons for the mermaid s exploration upon land legs with a sinister undertone of things to come The epic cliffanger it finishes on has me on tenterhooks for the next installment.

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    I don t know about looking at mermaids the same way again, I do know that I ll never look at a raspberry the same way

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    Water DragonsAt a young age, Sirena learned the breadth and depth of power Even as a child, her power exceeded that of full grown mermaids Eager to follow in her mother s path as a leader on the Council, Sirena had to learn to enslave humans before she could kill them After all, duty before pleasure Now a dangerous adult water dragon, Sirena holds her position of power on the Council Although her heart is at sea with her friends and family, Serena is an Infiltrator She lives as a human, hiding her true nature and using the name Vanessa As part of her mission, her sweet young daughter Marina will join her in her human life.It s been three long years since Joe saw Sirena Time has honed rather than dulled his interest and curiosity about the woman of the sea and her mysterious nature Joe, a human deckhand, and his boat s captain, are working together to build a tourist resort on Rat Island When Sirena appears on Rat Island, Joe asks her to begin a new life with him Sirena is faced with a difficult decision Joe s knowledge of her true form puts not only Sirena at risk, but all of her people Will she kill Joe to keep her secret Or will she open her heart to a human And even if she decides not to kill him, will her people decide to take matters into their own hands In Ocean s Infiltrator, Demelza Carlton has created a rich, underwater society of mermaids, with a glittering history and infrastructure With clashes between the human world and the secret mermaid world and the love story between Sirena and Joe, Ms Carlton presents a wonderful story I can t wait for her next installment in the series

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    The sequel to Ocean s Gift, Ocean s Infiltrator, delves deeper into the murky depths of fantasy and mystery Ms Carlton has created Whilst there s still the excellent characters from the first in the series to enjoy, we re introduced to others, equally as well crafted and yet very different, mostly violent, and thoroughly addictive.Don t worry though There s still plenty of booze as well as Sun, sea and sexy, scantily clad mermaids

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    If you enjoyed Ocean s Gift, you ll love Ocean s Infiltrator More mermaids and even sexy encounters And a hint of dragons threads its way through the story.My one complaint Not enough whisky in this one The fate of oblivious humanity depends on what the mermaids decide Loved it

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    Three years have come and gone since we ve last seen Sirena Vanessa and Joe in Ocean s Gift.Their story continues as Sirena heads back to Rat Island only to discover that Joe has never left the island after his fateful vacation She has a bit of extra baggage and he has knowledge that can pose a thread to Sirena and her people if it ever came to light.Enad with the siren from three years past, Joe pledges his undying love, despite Sirena s differences in being and the two marry Suffice to say that this romance buds and the two, along with their daughter Marina, come to live together as a family while Sirena continues her research which could mean the destruction or saving of both humans and the people of the ocean s gift.All the while, another story brews with two very young, very impressionable ladies of the flipper kind Laila and Estella Best friends, Laila is forced to separate due to duty and head over to the ruins of Atlantis and meet of her kind She is forced to learn how to seduce and procreate and beholds how cruel their nature could be to humans Then again, it was all for self preservation, right Ms Carlton also introduces to a component of the story that contains dragons Nope, nothing like Loch Ness or your typical fire breathing gigantic lizard like being but what was a male of the mermaid species that is extinct and to be quite frank, even the mermaid population believes might have always been a myth We come to find out a bit about Sirena and her offsprings Maria, Belinda Marina ancestry which leads to this fantastic series s development.In the end, Joe and Sirena s life is as normal as a relationship between a mermaid and human can be which I must say is relatively normal aside from the fact that she s nearly a hundred years older than her husband, she s pregnant with her fourth child hers and Joe s 2nd , and her mermaid sisters aren t of the same opinion that Joe should remain alive, knowing of their secret, but being an Elder and one of the most powerful ones at that does have its advantages.Ms Carlton leaves us on another cliffhanger with Ocean s Infiltrator Boy can I not wait for the next book in this series I would love to share the ending on here but I think I ll just hold back and let you discover it for yourself As for the raspberries and the sex on the beach, that s another hint as to some of the humor and subtle sexiness this story will bring to light One thing s for sure thought, I will definitely be reading the next installment in this series I give Ocean s Infiltrator a wonderful 5 stars

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    Recommended for Adults Lots of hot and steamy sex scenes.Ocean s Gift, Book I, made me teary eyed as I was left with the most awful cliffhanger imaginable for a mermaid story Alone in the sea watching her human sail away.Ocean s Infiltrator by Demelza Carlton is Book II of the Ocean s Gift series and I am so happy to find out if Sirena Vanessa is her human name will have a happy ever after or kill her human What would she do send a Hitfish to take him out I couldn t help but laugh The Ocean s Gift series carries a message along with the fantasy Sirena Vanessa is the Ocean s Infiltrator, doing her best to warn humankind of the damage being done to the oceans and seas Now the question continue to help the humans or let them die She travels between the ocean and land, making the transition easily On land she is a Harley riding badass She is very much her own woman funny, a tease, a lover, a mommy, a leader, and a mermaid the complete fantasy package.Joe and Vanessa cannot keep their hands off each other They are soulmates, fins and all.Do you want to know how mermaids have sex Well, you will learn than you ever thought to ask, in Ocean s Infiltrator The sexual tension between Vanessa and Joe steam up my Kindle, love and romance oozing off the pages , making it too hot to handle My only complaint is sometimes I thought the sex was there, just for sex s sake, but maybe mermaids have to grab it when they can LOLThe characters, mermaid and human alike, are complex and I am sure you will find your favorite, just like I did.Politics and a world beneath the waves to rival our own Atlantis I was there I love the hints and warnings of the damage being done to the oceans and seas They fit right in and leave me thinking, what can I do Who is our Ambassador of the deep After all, I don t want to be the one that contributes to the extinction of the mermaids Do you Demelza Carlton s writing brings the Ocean s Infiltrator world to life I was entranced and enchanted, letting the story wrap around me like a warm, wonderful cocoon, leaving me with a dreamy smile on my face and a wandering gleam in my eyes.I hated to see the Ocean s Gift series end and it will stick with me for a long, long time I look forward to reading of Demelza Carlton s work

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    I love the world building in this novel, and the complex rules and internal logic of the mermaid society, complete with their own legends of male mermaid dragons and laws about remaining hidden and how to interact with humans and other sects nations of mermaids in other parts of the ocean Vanessa Sirena is a great character, and I really liked her relationship with the human fisherman, Joe, and the family they build with their mutual daughter, Marina The alternating storylines with her and Joe and Laila and other mermaids really worksand even the inclusion of lesser characters really worked the way the author did it, giving us a peek into the main characters from the outside Darma s views of Joe were pretty awesome, for example, since up until then we hadn t really seen Joe from an outsider s perspective, or how his relationship with Vanessa Sirena seemed to the other mermaids.The whole storyline with the Atlantic mermaids and Laila s doing her duty with the humans was really fascinating tooWhat a cool world, is all I can say I haven t read the first book in the series yet, but picked this one up first, so I might have to go back now and read the front end of the story, too.and see how Joe and Vanessa first met.

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    Ocean s Infiltrator Ocean s Gift by Demelza Carlton is another wonderful Siren novel in her amazing and creative Ocean s Gift series.Beginning with a dramatic scene involving a German battleship in WW1 and a death in her family the book re introduces Sirena and forecasts her mighty powers as a Siren She also works as infiltrator of the human world, where she is called Vanessa and has a human love interest, Joe, a fisherman The love story is only part of the book though Told in alternating narratives we see not only their individual perspectives but we also follow other, less kind, sirens in a different plot that teach us a lot about the Siren world and habits.I must admire Carlton for her powers of imagination and the wonderful and fascinating world she has managed to create I was totally immersed into the story and the idea of Sirens and swept away by the easy flow of Carlton s wonderful prose.The story is very enjoyable and original and if you fancy a change from werewolves and vampires then this is the perfect fantasy book for you Very well done.

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    The second book in Carlton s Ocean s Gift series is a brilliant page turner of a read with many surprising developments There are a few different viewpoints and this keeps the story moving along at a fast pace I liked learning about the mermaids way of life and found this quite chilling in parts There was plenty of humour also, as well as thoroughly steamy romance of course, and I very much enjoyed this story from start to finish The ending was a shocker and I look forward to seeing where the story goes next Highly recommended to PNR fans

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