Cuckoo's Egg

Cuckoo's EggNotable for its alien pov human as other effect, but also of note is that it shares the same year and concept as Ender s Game Must have been an 80s trend to write simple stories about kids trained to become war criminals. This is one of my favourite books of all time I bought a copy in hardcover to survive the number of times I have re read this book It stands up with Ursula Le Guin s Left Hand of Darkness another one of the best I have read and enjoyed so many of the author s books and her wonderful imaginative ideas and places but none grabbed me the way this one did. A human infant raised by another species in its strictest discipline This is not, despite moments of tenderness, a particularly warm tale it s an introduction to an alien society and a foreign standard of honor, or, from the bleakest angle, a story of the lengths one must go to in order to survive As seems typical with Cherryh, the build up is masterful and the pacing near the end hurried, but the entire arc is beautifully rendered. I wasn t sure whether to give this a four or a five so I went with five Its funny, when you read the words of a really, solidly talented writer you just sense that you are on solid ground There are no plot devices trying to herd you in a particular direction, no manufactured tensions It feels real This book was unusual in that the story was told in the world of an alien intelligence but the reader, as a human, is the only other human along with the young man being raised in this alien world It was an interesting perspective Cherryh drew me in from the very beginning I can see why she is a hugo award winning novelist. A child who looks suspiciously human is raised under the exacting eye of an alien Cherryh has any number of recurring themes, but perhaps the most frequent is the way that society and individuals cause and ameliorate trauma, and her argument is generally that society, its structures and standards, causes harm, often intentionally and individuals, particularly when they deviate from social limitations, have the ability to alleviate that harm to an extent Communication is pivotal but ambiguous, because it s a tool of both society and individuals individual relationships frequently exist in subtext, in the struggle for language The theme is never straightforward, as the boundary between society and individual, and the ways in which individuals reject or perpetuate society, are complex Cuckoo s Egg is about the highly suspect justification for poor communication and trauma The poor communication is a plot device, used badly to build tension, but within the narrative it harms, it helps, it s interrogated but reinforced Trauma is socially sparked by individually enacted it s inevitable, it s larger than the characters, but it never feels forgivable The worldbuilding is reminiscent of Le Guin s Hainish novels, particularly the role of technology and the guild of warrior monk judges as mentioned, the pacing is contrived Cherryh s human alien interactions are consistently strong and these details inform the book s quality, which to be honest is just okay But that central theme is farinteresting This isn t weirder ordisconcerting, or complex or gracefully rendered, than what Cherryh does with the theme elsewhere, but the fact that it does feel forced makes itconfrontational and self interrogative There s not a lot of comfort in Cherryh s hurt comfort, but I love that comfort, I love its intensity and reliability and and subtext and this refuses that comfort and calls the trope itself into question This is another Cherryh that I d callinteresting than enjoyable, but I love how it speaks to her body of work and I m glad I read it. Cherryh does write the most amazing books About an alien boy raised by an elite warrior judge alone on a planet far from earth, the story is intense, emotional, sad, and fascinating No one does alien cultures like Cherryh. They Named Him Thorn They Told Him He Was Of Their People, Although He Was So Different He Was Ugly In Their Eyes, Strange, Sleek Skinned Instead Of Furred, Clawless, Different Yet He Was Of Their Power Class Judge Warriors, The Elite, The Fighters, The DefendersThorn Knew That His Difference Was Somehow Very Important But Not Important Enough To Prevent Murderous Conspiracies Against Him, Against His Protector, Against His Castle, And Perhaps Against The Peace Of The World But When The Crunch Came, When Thorn Finally Learned What His True Role In Life Was To Be, That On Him Might Hang The Future Of Two Worlds, Then He Had To Stand Alone To Justify His Very Existence Review Title How do you communicate with a race that you never met or never seen before Story The world had faced a threat that it had never seen before and had never expected to come to pass This threat was averted, but at a terrible cost to those who faced it There was only one man that survived the encounter and the world said that it would give him whatever he asked of it This man s name was Dunn and he did not ask for fame or for riches.Instead he asked for something that came from the vanquished enemy that had threatened the people of his world This came in the form of a young boy named Thorn It was Dunn s intention to raise this boy in the ways of his people and prepare him for the day that he would go forward and lead Dunn s people forward into the future that awaited them in the stars Unfortunately Dunn underestimated how tricky humans can be This story kept me turning the pages There is not a lot of violence or action found in this story until the end, but the interactions between the various characters are almost as good as any battle scene The author keeps the dialogue tight and it s hard not to feel the tension as Dunn and Thorn test each other as he grows up It s also very easy to understand how lost Thorn feels after a certain event unleashes the world on him The only complaint I have is that I wanted to readabout these characters, but it appears this is a standalone book that was written in the beginning of the author s but toward the end of the timeline of the universe she created So the following books never really touch on this story line again It s a great read though, and makes you wonder what could have happened after the last page is turned I would recommend this to anyone that likes books that build their story around how the characters interact with each other versus how many explosions can be crammed into one book Mac One of my favorite books I ve begged Ms Cherryh for a sequel I love the way that the human boy is the alien I loved the warrior culture I would love to see the hero deal with the incomming humans. A simple story that stays with you even years later

Currently resident in Spokane, Washington, C.J Cherryh has won four Hugos and is one of the best selling and most critically acclaimed authors in the science fiction and fantasy field She is the author of than forty novels Her hobbies include travel, photography, reef culture, Mariners baseball, and, a late passion, figure skating she intends to compete in the adult USFSA track She began

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