The Cana Mystery

The Cana Mystery Digging In The Heart Of The Vast Desert, Archeologists Unearth Something That Will Change History Legends Tell Of An Ancient Code No Mortal Man Can Read Summoned From Grad School In Boston, Brilliant Ava Fischer Might Be The Only Person Alive With The Skills And Attributes Necessary To Unlock A Secret That S Slept For Centuries Chased By Ruthless Criminals, Terrorists, And Fanatics, Ava Must Rely On Her Keen Wits And Her Few Loyal Companions To Survive Can She Evade Danger Long Enough To Solve The Cana Mystery Some reviews have compared this book to the Da Vinci Code It reminds me of Raiders of the Lost Ark The jars from the wedding at Cana I can picture Indiana Jones pursuing them In fact, this story would make a better movie than any but the first The setting is contemporary, though, and the characters are modern, including the strong female lead And in his depiction of Ava and the other characters, Beckett writes with class, a rare and precious commodity these days This is a book written for adults that will also play well with a slightly younger audience Parents can share it with their older children with enthusiasm, and without embarrassment Recommend without reservation. I thoroughly enjoyed this book It was a break from my normal reads of the paranormal The characters were well developed in my opinion and even had me laughing in places It may have been your typical mystery thriller suspense ending, but it was still a well written book I liked the archaeological plot line, and the flip back in time segments It was a well round book with everything you need for a good read I would recommend this book to those who like a good mystery with a little action, adventure and globetrotting. I don t read thrillers and I was less than thrilled when an enthusiastic friend urged me to open The Cana Mystery I studied English Lit in college I ll admit that I m a book snob For example, I hated The Da Vinci Code I can t stand Tom Clancy or Nelson DeMille I won t say Beckett is the next Marcel Proust, but, to my surprise, The Cana Mystery offers moments of literary excellence Looking past some raw sections, attentive readers will discover, amid the book s shootouts, secret codes, island hopping, and other genre mainstays, sentences and paragraphs whose force and beauty reveal the writer s gifts Many chapters contain such gems, making the novel an enjoyable, invigorating read 4.5 stars artistic, intelligent, action adventure targeted to an educated, perceptive audience. I m not usually a fan of thrillers I prefer to leave all that technology, conspiracy, espionage and impending doom to the guys Beckett s book proved to be an exception Because I AM a fan of linguistics, religious history in the middle east, and intrepid feminine heroines.In contrast to DaVinci Code s flimsy heroine, Beckett s Ava actually notices the blood on her clothes, wants a shower, cries on occasion, considers the socio cultural impact of her wardrobe, and washes the sand out of her hair In other words, she s a realistic protagonist who resembles the women I know.The religious context kept my high anxiety manageable I m enough of an egghead to appreciate the historical digressions that have drawn fire from some reviewers I certainly did not understand all the computer tech Gabe and DURMDVL used to get messages to each other as well as to Ava and Paul But their effects were clear enough in context to keep me moving through the narrative.I m looking forward to Beckett s next book From an author so skilled at writing female characters, I m still wondering about DURMDVL Now that Ava has found true love with Paul, could Gabe be next And what about Jess Great fast paced mystery, strong female lead character Hard to put down once you ve started Lots of action but not predictable Keeps you guessing A fun read. The Cana Mystery has all the elements of a top thriller A strong female protagonist, exotic locales, and enough hardware to satisfy the avid Clancy fan The mystery itself is worthy of Dan Brown, with tighter plotting and no lost or forgotten characters.David Beckett has full command of his twists and turns, and ties them up neatly when he is done This is a book you ll be glad you have on a rainy afternoon. Great read Unfortunately it appears to be the only book David Beckett has written Mr Beckett, get to work Suspenseful, taut action, the pace never slows and I never lost interest Well researched and full of details that make the storyline pertinent and believable. The Cana Mystery by David BeckettFast paced and intelligent thriller 5 StarsWell plotted and pacy, The Cana mystery is a very enjoyable thriller, professionally written and with attractive and convincing characters The story is great, too, and the writer s broad general knowledge, allied to superbly rich descriptions of the book s various locations, gives the whole a very authentic feel and pulls the reader into the very fabric of the book s world It is enjoyable to follow the principal protagonists into fascinating and well described locales in Egypt, Italy, Malta and elsewhere Brett is clearly well travelled and uses his knowledge to add genuine tension to the writing The details of the lost artefacts are extremely plausible, and the archaeological and historical elements are very informative for the reader, especially those whose knowledge of religious history might best be described as sketchy.I loved, too, the drift into and out of centuries past even though initially I was puzzled by the relevance , the clandestine roles played by some of these old characters, the biblical references hanging over all, and the deft and muted handling of the religious themes This book has all the ingredients of a first class thriller appropriately evil bad guys, an exciting chase across Egypt with the hapless twosome somehow managing to extricate themselves from every setback, and all enhanced by extraordinarily erudite dollops of history, geography, Old Testament references and some amazingly complex technical know how.I have two little niggles although neither really diminishes the story One would be the author s tendency to overplay the food menus Every time the characters sit down to eat, the reader is presented with detailed descriptions of courses that contain rare and exotic dishes that I would hazard a guess most readers would never have heard of A wee touch of the Ian Fleming snobbery here The other niggle is the author s tendency to use riddles in lieu of conversation, particularly off putting when most of the riddles are well known and unoriginal I presume their function is to make Amy appear very clever but we know that about her already and the manner in which the riddles are introduced is uncharacteristically heavy handed.That said, The Cana Mystery is a terrific read that will grab your interest and keep you captured late into the night I can recommend this book thoroughly to anyone who loves an intelligent and fast moving thriller. Smart, squeaky clean, and occasionally funny, this award winning thriller made a splash in 2013 Beckett s Cana Mystery, the first Tuscany Press novel of consequence, impressed media critics and pleased most readers The writing is imperfect but, when compared to its action adventure brethren, Beckett s work offers a stronger than average plot, compelling characters, and superior craftsmanship We settled on 4.5 stars a few sections need additional polish The author exhibits enormous potential diluted by inexperience To enhance future efforts, we recommend he partner with a top NY fiction editor one with genre expertise rather than the work from home freelancers most small publishers employ Disclosure We accepted a promotional free paperback edition for review.The Cana Mystery 2013 Action AdventureKindle Downloads 100,000 Goodreads 390 ratings, 80 reviews 3.9 average 1,000 ratings, 340 reviews 3.9 average.Most Popular Market USAMost Popular Regions Arizona, Texas, CaliforniaNational Awards IPBA Medal Best Suspense Thriller Available Via , Barnes and Noble,

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