A Death-Struck Year

A Death-Struck Year A Deadly Pandemic, A Budding Romance, And The Heartache Of Loss Make For A Stunning Coming Of Age Teen Debut About The Struggle To Survive During TheFluFor Cleo Berry, The People Dying Of The Spanish Influenza In Cities Like New York And Philadelphia May As Well Be In Another Country That S How Far Away They Feel From The Safety Of Portland, Oregon And Then Cases Start Being Reported In The Pacific Northwest Schools, Churches, And Theaters Shut Down The Entire City Is Thrust Into Survival Mode And Into A Panic Headstrong And Foolish, Seventeen Year Old Cleo Is Determined To Ride Out The Pandemic In The Comfort Of Her Own Home, Rather Than In Her Quarantined Boarding School Dorms But When The Red Cross Pleads For Volunteers, She Can T Ignore The Call As Cleo Struggles To Navigate The World Around Her, She Is Surprised By How Much She Finds Herself Caring About Near Strangers Strangers Like Edmund, A Handsome Medical Student And War Vet Strangers Who Could Be Gone Tomorrow And As The Bodies Begin To Pile Up, Cleo Can T Help But Wonder When Will Her Own Luck Run Out Riveting And Well Researched, A Death Struck Year Is Based On The Real Life Pandemic Considered The Most Devastating In Recorded World History Readers Will Be Captured By The Suspenseful Storytelling And The Lingering Questions Of What Would I Do For A Neighbor At What Risk To Myself An Afterword Explains The Spanish Flu Phenomenon, Placing It Within The Historical Context Of The Early Th Century Source Notes Are Extensive And Interesting

Makiia is the author of historical fiction and historical fantasy for young adults She grew up on the Pacific Island of Guam not too far from the equator , and has degrees in journalism and library science from the University of Oregon and the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee.Her debut novel, A Death Struck Year, was called a powerful and disturbing reading experience by Publishers Weekly, an

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  • A Death-Struck Year
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  • 25 August 2019
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    I received this ARC from netgalley in exchange for an honest review.The catch line description reads A deadly pandemic, a budding romance, and the heartache of loss make for a stunning coming of age teen debut about the struggle to survive during the 1918 flu 1 ISSUE A DEADLY PANDEMIC Yeah so it s the Spanish freaking Influenza, y all Millions upon millions of people young and old alike died painful, horrible, tragic deaths And yet, where was all the drama Despite the tragedy that struck the town where seventeen year old Cleo lived, she remained painfully detached through it all I almost felt like I was being told a story about a friend of a friend s cousin s wife s sister s daughter I didn t want to read about SYMPTOMS I didn t want to be TOLD about how people were dropping dead like flies I wanted to see HOW the sickness affected Cleo I wanted to be SHOWN the EFFECTS of the Influenza, rather than being told each tedious detail of how the sickness worked It s not so much the disease I was interested in reading about I wanted to read about the legacy of the disease, how it shaped humanity the resolve, the strength, the unending faith, hope, perseverance, the struggles, the lost opportunities, the desolation, etc I could ve cared less about the physical symptoms of patients who were irrelevant to the story.What also didn t work for me her absentee guardian brother conveniently, he left town right before the flu, then came back right after things started settling down Then the fact that She decides to volunteer with the Red Cross Why, you ask Well, because if not her, then who Kind of faulty logic, but even if I bought it, I wanted to feel her conviction I needed something than nonchalance from a girl risking her life to help the sick Some greater purpose a deeper confusion, sorrow, attachment of sorts Yeah, maybe she wasn t your typical seventeen year old girl but maybe that s also why I had such a hard time connecting with her She was SO different, closed off, and though it may not seem like it at first selfish She sought to help people in need not because she cared about those people, but as a way to compensate for loneliness, or maybe even as an act of rebellion I guess in turn, that somehow helped her made her less lonely, and feel worthy That s great and all, but again, I am just speculating None of these things were explained to meI liked that the author was inspired by a historically relevant tragedy that transpired That makes it all the real and frightening, since it really happened But that wasn t used to the story s advantage It was almost like I was reading some detached third person writing a story with beautifully constructed sentences and fancy literary techniques but missing the essential ingredients conflict, emotion, a likable character, a story I could believe Conclusion does slow and torturous death by boredom count 2 ISSUE A BUDDING ROMANCE Yes That s exactly what it was It was budding, but never fully bloomed And honestly, I wouldn t even consider that a romance Cleo and Edmund had less chemistry than Cleo and Jack her brother It was ridiculous And please, I don t buy the whole back then everyone was so chaste and innocent excuse Psh.People were dropping dead like flies and you wanna talk about taking it slow Conclusion Yeah, no 3ISSUE HEARTACHE OF LOSS That s such a loaded statement Maybe I m being a bit too harsh on this book, but dammit I had high expectations I wanted to really love this book That phrase, heartache of loss is so dense, carrying the weight of a thousand different images, emotions, memories, and stories To some extent, I saw the effort And I was truly impressed at how diligently the words were strung together like a neat patchwork of historical relevance and literary accuracy Yet, there was no oomph behind those words, you know They felt empty, somehow detached How could I care about Cleo when she didn t even care about herself How could Cleo, or the reader experience the heartache of loss when it s clear that Cleo never loved anyone except herself Her interactions with people, including her brother, needed humanization or something If she was worried about her brother, it wasn t because she loved him, it was because she was scared she d be left alone.It was pretty much like that with all her other relationships only skimming the surface of possibilities one foot in, one foot out halfheartedly, begrudgingly Conclusion ironically, the only heartache of loss I felt was about this book And the missed potentials 4ISSUE COMING OF AGE This is I think the only statement that rings semi true I don t think it s the typical coming of age story Not because of its genre, or because of the flu.In a way, Cleo s experience kind of opened her up Forced her to see, and deal with the consequences of her actions It was kind of a like a snapshot in time the kind of time you d think back and wonder if that girl was really you, and if that really happened to you Every girl goes through that whatever that may be THIS story was Cleo s that Even so, I m kind of stretching it a little, trying to make this argument work Conclusion kinda sorta maybe The description is misleading I ve disproved each purported phrase and statement But that doesn t necessarily mean people will dislike the book However, for me, it was disappointing since I had specific expectations based on what the description stated Additionally, for a book that tackles such a heavy subject an actual slice of the past, it was too objective, detached, and read almost like an academic paper of sorts It didn t feel like a story I could fall into, a world I could get lost in The debilitating fears, hopes, dreams, and pain of that era that died and lived through the Spanish Influenza was ultimately lost on me.

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    A riveting take on one girl s quiet heroism during the Spanish Influenza outbreak of 1918.The Spanish Flu killed between 30 50 million people world wide More people died from the flu than during the First World War and the Black Plague And yet it s somehow been reduced to a footnote in history, eclipsed by the horrors of trench warfare and poppy fields.I think I probably would have given this about three stars if it didn t take place in Oregon Granted, it was in Portland, but so many locations that were close to home where named that it was like little Easter Eggs all throughout the story I even looked up a 1918 State Highway Commission to check out what the road situation was like back then.Cleo Barry was a character I related to pretty strongly, minus her tragic backstory With all of her friends having ambitions and plans and destinies of possible careers and travel and husbands, she s adrift and wondering what the hell she ll do with her life Enter the flu, and where she finds she has courage in her than most.I can see how other reviewers felt distanced from her, and I think it s because of the overwhelming use of filter phrases the author uses Instead of the scene being played out and described, Lucier uses I saw, I felt, I watched, quite a bit than necessary It was a little frustrating at times but didn t distract me too much from the overall story.Overall, it s a solid piece of historical YA fiction, and a great snapshot into Oregon life during WWI and the Spanish flu.

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    This review also appears on the blog Chasm of Books Thank you to HMH Books for Young Readers for this book via NetgalleyWell researched and haunting, A Death Struck Year is a novel about the heartbreaking truths of the Spanish Influenza outbreak that took so many innocent lives Aside from the grim realities it portrays, it is also a story about a girl who is brave enough to go out into the world and give aid to those who need it most, despite the risk of getting infected herself I lingered by the foot of the bed, wondering at the unfairness of it Kate and I had found them alive We d sent them here Yet it still might not be enough to save them 17 year old Cleo Berry finds herself volunteering for the Red Cross when she sees an advert in the newspaper asking for help Alone at home in Portland, with her brother and his wife away on holiday to Florida, she is swept up in the midst of panic when the outbreak reaches her home town Finding a place where she is of real assistance and can save lives, Cleo wonders how long she or the other doctors and nurses around her such as Edmund and Kate can tempt fate before the indluenza claims them as well.You could tell that a lot of effort had gone into making this novel with all the research on the flu pandemic in America at that time It is almost impossible to imagine the state of fear people would be living in, with the threat of dying everywhere, as the flu did not discriminate young or old, with a family or not This novel really gives an insight into how horrific this event in in history actually was I found myself captivated by the story almost immediately, as it seems to be so in touch with what people s reactions would have been like You wonder why I stay , I said Sometimes I wonder too But I hate to think of a child, of anyone really, lying somewhere sick and scared, waiting for help that does not come Aside from the grim details, this story is about the heroic humanitarian efforts of those who were there for the sick and dying The members of the Red Cross who set up temporary hospitals to care for the many that came in, those with nobody else to turn to This is where Cleo as a character really shone She was strong and brave in the face of sickness, having to deal with disturbing and depressing situations Despite this, she soldiered on, rolled her sleeves up and got back to work Nothing really fazed her in the end, and when it came to the slight hint at romance with Edmund, not even that was a distraction Romance was never a key factor in this novel, as was right Reading this really makes you appreciate the efforts of those who save lives every day, who we might take for granted In situations like this, members of the community who were willing to help banded together, even when all hope seemed lost CONCLUSION In conclusion, A Death Struck Year was a riveting read One that will make you appreciate what it means to be in good health and the triumphs of modern medicine, I would recommend this to anyone who wants a glimpse into one of the worst aspects of history that brought out some of the best in people who were there to help.

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    I am sobbing Edmund is a dream Cleo is a hero So much sadness and happiness.Ruta Sepetys and this author should write a book together Update 6 13 2017 I still go back to this book at times when my mind meanders It shows in the book that the author researched extensively and implemented the information she had gathered for this time period Cleo is that young woman you strive to be and wish to have by your side she is smart, kind, caring, and willing to put forth that extra effort when the going gets tough Edmund is that young man you wish to be with, a good influence, compassionate, and all around good guy with handsome looks They make for an admirable couple in a story set in a concerning time.If you have enjoyed anything by Ruta Sepetys, you will enjoy this novel as well You will not be disappointed in the plot, the characters, or the setting they are all well developed and you truly care for them There is one specific moment that absolutely shattered my heart and it involved someone close to Cleo I will not reveal than that, because I would hate to spoil it for you.

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    Am Samstag zu lesen begonnen und heute beendet Das Fieber ist mein zweites Buch aus dem K nigskinder Verlag ein fesselndes, auf historischen Tatsachen beruhendes Deb t, das mich mit seiner spannenden Thematik zu begeistern wusste f r alle, die sich f r Jugendb cher mit historischem Setting Anfang des 20 Jahrhunderts und fein gezeichneten, authentischen Charakteren interessieren, sehr lesens und empfehlenswert.Eine ausf hrliche Besprechung folgt demn chst auf meinem Blog B chernische.

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    Four stars A must read historical book World War I wages on killing thousands and now a new threat has arrived There are reports of a deadly outbreak of the Spanish Flu back East For seventeen year old Cleo Berry, the flu is thousands of miles away from Portland, Oregon Cleo s biggest worries are putting up with living in the school dormitories while her brother and his wife are away traveling and deciding what she wants to do with the rest of her life Once Jack and Lucy leave, the flu arrives in Portland Immediately a quarantine is put into effect, people are advised to avoid gatherings and all activities are cancelled Cleo is supposed to be confined to the school, but she sneaks out and heads home to an empty house The next day, a small article in The Oregonian catches her eye The Red Cross is asking for volunteers Even though Cleo has no medical training and she is on her own, she feels compelled to help Soon Cleo is caring for those stricken with the deadly virus Will Cleo survive the Spanish Flu What I Liked This is a fascinating look at the weeks in October and November 1918 when the Spanish Flu swept through Portland, Oregon I knew nothing of the Spanish flu until I read a book, In The Shadow of Blackbirds, last year This is another riveting account of the frightening time period where the flu raged across the country killing thousands It is an educational and eye opening read that I thoroughly enjoyed If you are like me and you know little of the Spanish flu epidemic, I highly recommend checking this out For me, the highlight of this book was the setting of Portland, Oregon I have lived in Portland for six and a half years but I still feel like a transplant I loved that this book took me back in time to the streets of Portland as they were almost a hundred years ago I enjoyed learning about my city and what life was like during this time period I especially enjoyed picking out the historical landmarks that I am familiar with in the book This book thrusts you into the chaos and terror that swept through Portland during October 1918 It is only a matter of days before the flu is taking a high number of lives It was hard to imagine people waking up healthy and dropping dead by the end of the day as they succumbed to the flu It was a frightening time, but in the midst of the danger and disease, a few brave souls stood up and tackled the flu head on This book recounts the bravery of the doctors, nurses, soldiers and volunteers who helped care for the victims of the flu when there was no protection for them Can you imagine nursing sick people knowing that you could be next It is a terrifying thought, but it was reality for so many people I loved learning about those few individuals who risked everything to help others On the other hand, it was disturbing to learn how others behaved during the epidemic Some people abandoned their own family in hopes of protecting themselves Others looted and took advantage of the chaos This book takes you through the highs and lows of this deadly epidemic It makes you ponder what you would do in the same circumstances Would you bolt your door and hide or help At the heart of the book are Cleo and Edmund Cleo is a seventeen year old girl trying to find her path in life She is wealthy, but she has known plenty of heartache in her short life When the flu strikes instead of running and hiding, Cleo decides to help She is courageous and brave as she fights to save those around her I admired her tenacity and strength Edmund is a wounded war veteran and a medical student He works relentlessly to help those afflicted by the flu By day he nurses the sick and dying and at night he stops to help dig graves He is noble, kind and selfless I loved both of these characters and I was cheering for a romantic involvement I appreciated that the author included some historical notes at the end of the book regarding the flu and the Keller auditorium where the majority of the book took place It was apparent that she spent countless hours researching this book and it shows And The Not So Much The ending was a bit too abrupt and quick I won t go into too many details, but the final illness that strikes isn t throughly recounted Further, I was desperate to know about how everything settled out especially when it came to the romance I wish that there was an Epilogue After everything, I cared deeply for Cleo and Edmund and I wanted to know how their lives turned out I even wanted to know about what happened with Cleo s neighbor World War I was raging through its final month during this book, but there isn t much discussion on the war I realize that the war took a backseat during this frightening time, but I wanted to know about the war and how it was affecting the Pacific Northwest Were there rations or shortages How had it affected daily life in Portland Finally at the end, there is just a brief mention that the war had ended, I would have liked a thorough account on the end of the war and the aftermath of the flu The romance was a bit of a disappointment While I appreciated that it doesn t fully develop because of the circumstances, I was hoping for It is sweet and slow and nice, but I wanted to see it erupt and to know how it all turned out A Death Struck Year was a fascinating and informative read I enjoyed learning about the deadly Spanish flu, the altruistic people who stepped up to help risking their own lives and I loved learning about Portland, Oregon This was a captivating read I highly recommend checking this one out Favorite Quotations Lives reduced into print the barest of facts Was that really all they had been There was no mention of their dreams or disappointments, or of the people left behind to mourn their loss I felt angry at the waste I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own and I was not compensated for this review Posted Rainy Day Ramblings.

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    A DEATH STRUCK YEAR reminds me of some of the American Girl books It s well researched and works hard to convey the essence of an era It s also written to appeal to female audience I personally wouldn t suggest it as a read for adults, but there s nothing in particular to keep adults from enjoying it For those suggesting books for younger Tweens I would note that there is some swearing, a tiny bit of drinking used to explain prohibition, and, of course, there are sick people, dying people, and dead people of all ages In addition there is a one time mention of a birth control pamphlet THE BACKSTORYThe backstory for this book is the Spanish Flu and World War I Cleo Berry, our heroine, lives with her much older brother and his wife Her parents were killed in a car accident Cleo is a day student at a private school as the story begins When her brother and his wife decide to go on a vacation she is sent for the duration to stay at the school Of course, the flu takes this opportunity to jump from the East coast to the west while they are gone And without their adult guidance she becomes of assistance to the Red Cross.THOUGHTSThe writing in A DEATH STRUCK YEAR is good It s crisp and straight forward The plotting is logical but still requires suspension of disbelief And it s perfectly obvious from the first introduction who the love interest will be.A DEATH STRUCK YEAR earned kudos and starred reviews and that s not really surprising This is a book that s well done and will be perfect for some middle grade readers There s excitement and a satisfying ending I personally would not have given it a starred review because to my adult sensibilities it s predictable and lackluster I would recommend though it to my own middle grader It s a good example of edu tainment.

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    Ich liebe die Ausgaben aus dem K nigskinder Verlag Es ist in der Tat gleich ein ganz anderes Gef hl, in einem haptisch so sch n gestalteten und hochwertig hergestellten Buch zu lesen Aber auch vom Inhalt her ist dieses Buch ein echter Schatz, flie end und ber hrend erz hlt.

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    Cleo ist 17 Jahre alt, lebt bei ihrem Bruder und dessen Frau und steht kurz vor ihrem Abschluss W hrend sie berlegt, was sie nach ihrem Abschluss tun m chte, wird die restliche Welt von der spanischen Grippe beherrscht Cleo berredet ihren Bruder, dass er dennoch die Reise zum Anlass des 13 Hochzeitstages mit seiner Frau unternimmt Cleo soll w hrend der Abwesenheit der beiden im Internat der Schule wohnen.Als die ersten F lle der spanischen Grippe aus Camp Lewis gemeldet werden, scheint das so weit weg von Portland Jedoch dauert es nicht sehr lang, bis es auch erste Krankheitsf lle in Portland gibt Massenveranstaltungen werden verboten, dazu z hlt auch Schulunterreicht Ihre Freundinnen werden abgeholt, nach Hause gebracht oder fliehen zu Orten, die f r sicher gehalten werden Cleo hingegen beschlie t freiwillige Helferin beim Roten Kreuz zu werden.Der Erz hlstil hat mir sehr gut gefallen Die Sprache war einfach gehalten, was mich jedoch nicht gest rt hat Das Buch ist auch Cleos Sicht geschrieben Cleos Erlebnisse werden sehr eindringlich beschrieben und es f hlt sich oft so an, als w re man dabei Da Cleo mir sehr sympathisch war, fiel es auch von Anfang an nicht schwer sich mit ihr zu identifzieren.Die Szenen, die als Cleos Erlebnisse als Helferin beim Roten Kreuz beschrieben, haben mich oft schwer schlucken lassen Wie viel Mut muss man aufbringen, um todkranken Menschen zu Helfen und dabei sein eigenes Leben aufs Spiel zu setzen oder Menschen sterben sehen Ich bewundere diesen Mut.Auch die Nebencharaktere mochte ich gern Sie wurden eindringlich beschrieben und sind mir sehr ans Herz gewachsen Ich denke, dass Makiia Lucier sehr gut recherchiert hat und mir deshalb ein glaubhaftes Bild der damaligen Zeit vermitteln konnte Eine Geschichte absolut nach meinem Geschmack Ich w rde mich sehr auf weitere B cher von Makiia Lucier freuen.

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    My rating 2.5 of 5 starsI received this book free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.It s 1918 in Portland, Oregon and 17 year old Cleo Berry is living temporarily in the dormitory of her school when her guardians, her older brother and his wife, leave on vacation to celebrate their anniversary Soon after their departure the news everyone has been dreading arrives the Spanish influenza has made its way to the west coast After her school is shut down, Cleo decides to sneak back home to wait for her brother to get back to town She inevitably decides to assist the Red Cross after a newspaper advertisement shows them asking for volunteers, preferably those with transportation.There were a few things that initially drew me to this book One This reminded me a lot of In the Shadow of Blackbirds which I enjoyed immensely I had never read anything about the 1918 Spanish influenza but I was riveted by the details of that time period Two I loved the idea of this girl volunteering to assist in something so dreadful I knew she had to be an amazing main character to persevere through something like that Unfortunately, what I found most intriguing about this book didn t pan out for me.The details regarding the Spanish influenza were detailed and clearly well researched but the story as a whole managed to lack an emotional intensity especially when you consider the devastation going on The story is told from the point of view of Cleo and she gives us a firsthand account of her day to day life while the influenza spreads through Portland like wildfire We re witnesses to the deaths of men, women and children but there was a seemingly unintentional disconnect like Cleo wasn t truly living in the moment but as if we re being giving a secondhand accounting instead It all felt very subdued and didn t generate the type of emotion I think I should have been feeling given the subject matter In addition to the lack of emotion, I missed the lack of effect the war was having on the states There was only brief references to the war going on and soldiers coming home but the people didn t seem to be effected by hardship due to rations or anything of the sort I realize that by 1918 we re at the tail end of the war but it still had a serious impact on peoples way of life for many months.As I stated above, I loved the idea of this young girl deciding to assist in helping the Red Cross during this tragedy when she didn t have to I loved the idea of this experience having a maturing effect on her and causing a form of transformation But after about the fifth time she mentioned she had forgotten her mask after walking into a house stock full of sick people I had just about had enough Putting on your mask to help prevent against the flu isn t difficult You re nursing people that are hacking up a lung and bleeding all over the place and you re like, Oops I left it in the car Seriously Every time this would happen it only succeeded in completely enraging me and throwing off the flow of the story She kept saying throughout the story that she s not a child and that she can take care of herself when in fact her actions told a completely different story Cleo could have been an amazing character for me but her complete disregard for her own health was ridiculous and only proved to me that maybe she should have stayed home.The budding romance, as the summary describes it, is a perfect description We don t ever get to witness the bud come to fruition and bloom, we only receive the hints of it But the budding itself between Cleo and Edmund wasn t anything to get excited about and there really was zero chemistry between the two I honestly don t see the reason or purpose for it being a part of the story.As much as I wanted to love this one, I wasn t impressed The story was well written and the research was evident but the the lack of characterization completely killed the story for me When writing about something as devastating as the 1918 Spanish influenza pandemic then I would expect to be completely enshrouded in the desolation of the event and I wasn t.

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