Yiddish Folktales

Yiddish FolktalesYou don t have to be Jewish to love Yiddish Folktales, but it couldn t hurt As good as chicken soup for giving the reader a warm wonderful feeling There s a wide range in the 178 folktales here allegories, children s stories, pious tales, and humorous tales, not to mention ghosts, golems, villains, elves, and dibbuks My favorites were Wisdom or Luck, Poverty Grows and Grows, Good Manners and Foolish Khushim The traditional Jewish folk art paper cuts, popular in 19th and 20th century Russia and Poland, lend a graphic folky touch. I thought that this book contained interesting and varied stories on a broad number of topics even within the editor s categories There are stories to teach, stories of pranks, stories of demons and stories of thanks, and many If you are Jewish, this book is a must It will connect you with your culture and you can experience the culture of your ancestors in the small Jewish villages that disappeared at the time of the Holocaust If you are not Jewish you will find the stories engaging, entertaining, and often with a valuable moral The book is worth reading. I read this book for a storytelling class so I could find a story to tell This book was perfect for finding not one, or two, but at least fifteen stories I want to tell Having to pick one will be a struggle However, these stories are funny, heartwarming, wisdom sharing, and all around highly recommended I know I ll be sharing and telling stories from this book for years to come. I devour folktales from many lands and peoples This book is a collection of folktales and legends from the Yiddish speaking world of Eastern Europe My favorite section was 7, Elves and Dibbuks, Ghosts and Golems Supernatural Tales Here I found the most original sounding and unusual stories Most would qualify today as flash fiction because they are often short, scary, and succinct In the six previous sections of the anthology, themes, frameworks, even whole narratives are quite familiar because they also appear in folktale anthologies from the UK, Scotland, and Ireland, from Scandinavia, and from Western Europe Evidence of cultural interchange across the centuries This anthology is the result of field work done by collectors of folktales and legends, especially the ethnographic expedition by writer folklorist Sh An ski, who wrote the famous play, The Dibbuk These stories mostly come from Eastern Europe, and were collected from various sources I found the brief introduction about how the stories were collected and organized as interesting as the tales Some are children s tales, some adult, many are funny, a few are spooky I was glad for the glossary in the back, even though an explanation was often provided within the tale. It took me a long time to finish this collection because the stories are a little like poems You have to read them and think about them As with all collections of these kind, the tales vary in quality But some were new to me and all well told Another bonus was the beautiful paper cut silhouettes for illustration, made by Eastern European Jews before the Holocaust. Filled With Princesses And Witches, Dybbuks And Wonder Working Rebbes, The Two Hundred Marvelous Tales That Make Up This Delightful Compendium Were Gathered During The S And S By Ethnographers In The Small Towns And Villages Of Eastern Europe Collected From People Of All Walks Of Life, They Include Parables And Allegories About Life, Luck, And Wisdom Tales Of Magic And Wonder Stories About Rebbes And Their Disciples And Tales Whose Only Purpose Is To Entertain Long After The Culture That Produced Them Has Disappeared, These Enchanting Yiddish Folktales Continue To Work Their Magic Today A fun, diverse collection of imaginative folktales from a culture I m not that familiar with Enjoyed reading this. Large, varied collection of folk tales, providing a view into entertainment and superstitious belief throughout Jewish history. This is a great collection of stories Admittedly, these are geared towards children picture the bedtime story read aloud situation, which makes sense, since these were derived from Yiddish oral history I m also giving it the Atheist Seal of Approval, that is to say, unlike author Yiddish folktale authors, those that write a bit complex stories, there s not as much hidden religious agenda in these stories Sure, there are a few that I won t be reading to my kids if I ever have any, kind of like how we ll be skipping Tradition on the Fiddler on the Roof soundtrack until my kids are old enough to realize how antiquated those ideas are, but for the most part, these tales are just that tales, revolving around life in the shtetl, not in the shuel The prose style, much like big brother Sholom Aleichem, is deceptively simple, but the best thing about these stories is that they ve got a lot of hidden riddles and double meanings Plus, dibbuks.

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