Unteachable5 brilliant shooting stars Review completed August 4, 2013You ve got stars in your eyes, and I kissed him, his lips warm and sweet in the cold Our breath wrapped around us in scarves of steam On the smooth white cloth spread before us, pastel lights rippled in soft, diaphanous waves, like aurorasI tell you I was in an incredibly shitty mood when I saw Unteachable all over GR and I knew I knew it s another of those NA books that don t do anything for me at all So, I told myselfWhat the heck, you can t feel worse anyway Download the book and wallow in your misery. Yup, I know, that sounds so pathetic In any event, my self defense mechanism was working in full force when something pretty amazing happened Heart palpitations thud thud and wonders never cease coz I effin fell for Unteachable, and I never thought I d say this but I effin loved it Hence, a heartfelt thank you goes out to the author, Leah Raeder, who made me enjoy and actually LOVE a NA book for the very first time Even now a couple days after I finished the book, I m feeling a little bit dazed, even shocked, to admit that I loved it Making me enjoy a NA book is no mean feat after all, coz I m a difficult case when it comes to this particular sub genreRemember when you view spoiler thought I was jumping off to kill myself hide spoiler What a book Beautiful Forbidden Captivating Forbidden love is so alluring I think all of us are drawn to it one way or another The thrill, the fear, the heightened sense of awareness everything about it is dangerous and yet totally irresistible.Now, this book is a student teacher romance so yes, the taboo is there Loud and clear But, for those of you who are unsure based on that, it might help to know that the heroine is 18 so the issue here is purely moral, not legal.Before I even speak about the story though, I need to take a moment to gush about the writing Unteachable is a beautifully written book I am in awe of Leah Raeder s writing talent Her unique style is lyrical, poetic and vivid The story grabbed my attention from the very first line and, by mid way through the first chapter, I had goosebumps and spent the rest of my read desperately overusing the highlight function on my Kindle.I m going to do something I very rarely do in reviews I m going to share the book s official blurb instead of describing it myself because, in all honesty, reading this blurb was what sold me on the book especially that last line Here, see for yourself I met him at a carnival, of all corny places The summer I turned eighteen, in that chaos of neon lights and cheap thrills, I met a man so sweet, so beautiful, he seemed to come from another world We had one night intense, scary, real Then I ran, like I always do Because I didn t want to be abandoned again.But I couldn t run far enough.I knew him as Evan that night When I walked into his classroom, he became Mr Wilke.My teacher.I don t know if what we re doing is wrong The rules say one thing my heart says screw the rules I can t let him lose his job And I can t lose him.In the movies, this would have a happy ending I grow up I love, I lose, I learn And I move on But this is life, and there s no script You make it up as you go along.And you don t pray for a happy ending You pray for it to never end.Holy wow Right Well, the whole book is written like that So if you liked that blurb, you definitely want to read this one It s the kind of story that has just enough reality in it to keep you grounded but just enough fairytale to sweep you away.My first love from this book goes to the heroine, Maise I wanted to be her best friend She had that kind of quiet inner strength, raw cynical outlook, pure honesty and quick witted sass that made her a refreshingly real character She was the kind of girl who wasn t going to make any apologies for who she was and yet wasn t going to blame anyone else for her problems She owned them and she owned herself despite the fact that she was still figuring herself out and finding her place in the world She was both vulnerable and yet tough as nails sharp, smart and perceptive beyond her years and yet still naive in other ways and still learning the ways of the world.Evan was an interesting character For the record, he was 32 years old He wan t super rich, or super kinky, or really super anything He was just a sweet, gorgeous, flawed guy who fell for a girl he shouldn t have He listened to us earnestly, his face filled with curiosity, amusement, respect He was smarter than us but not smug He shared intelligence like a secret, making us conspirators in it I could feel the whole class falling in love with him And every time his eyes touched me, the air jolted I kept wavering back and forth with my feelings for him Yes, a part of me fell for him but the questions kept running through my mind Granted, he didn t know she was a student when they met but after wards, was I able to consider him a hero Was I okay with what he was doing Should I judge him Should I accept him What about his actions were they right, wrong, acceptable How much did age really matter when the heart knew what it wanted I felt very conflicted My heart and mind battled over it I was uncomfortable with his actions to be sure but at the same time, he really was an okay guy and so that zone between right and wrong was getting fuzzier and fuzzier Was he my boyfriend Secret lover Person abusing his position of authority and trust I mean, what if your happily ever after person didn t come neatly packaged up in the body of a person society thinks you should be with Would that make being with them ok Or are there just some relationships that are just not meant to be If the heart says yes, shouldn t that be enough I struggled at times but I loved the questions the story raised And I didn t see all the twists coming because there were elements in the story I won t reference directly that made me consider him differently in the end than I did in the beginning But despite all my questions, I couldn t help but feel right about them Wrong, but right I loved them together and truthfully, if you looked at them just as two separate people devoid of titles or age gaps, they were perfect for each other It seems like the whole world has figured out how to be happy, but no one s letting me in on the secret There are moments, when you re getting to know someone, when you realize something deep and buried in you is deep and buried in them too It feels like meeting a stranger you ve known your whole life They struggled with their relationship too each in their own way But there was no doubt that what they both wanted most was each other This feels wrong, Maise I m your teacher It s not just about getting caught It s how our lives will get screwed up even if no one finds out Sneaking around, secrecy, paranoia This is, by far, the most well written romance I ve read to date in the dubious new adult category not to mention one of the best in the indie press one There are a handful of other NAs that I ve liked, among them Faking It, Double Clutch, and Easy, but this one s much closer to the mature YA NA writing of The Sea of Tranquility Albeit with characters and problems that are a lot fucked up This story is basically a much better version of Slammed, which has gotten a lot of attention but I didn t find all that compelling, particularly in the too honorable to be true teacher Unteachable is honest about how the fantasy of the older man forbidden relationship plays into Maise s intense relationship with her teacher Evan, as well as mostly honest in Evan s fixation on her It s filled with the kind of lust and sweat and regret that you rarely get in New Adult titles, maybe because so many of them are too busy trying to appeal to YA readers that they aren t pushing the envelope enough, or maybe just don t have that much insight to share I think one of the most bold things about this book is that as messed up as the idea of this relationship is, it s interesting to see how honestly Maise is portrayed She s not an innocent ripe for seduction, and her awareness of her own femininity and sexual power is shown in a way you don t ever see in contemporary romances I mean, why is it that you mostly only get that in urban fantasy Most women who are 18 are aware of the potency of their attractiveness and youthfulness on some level, even if they aren t mature enough to fully understand the consequences of their actions or the lack of responsibility, and what that implies, in his But the situation is put into the right context later on I do think that a little time could have been spent on view spoiler Evan Eric s past relationship, and proof that this wasn t just a predilection for teenage girls Because honestly, to me, that s how the situation still feels, and I don t know if Maise s just fooling herself It s pretty creepy, but you knew that going into this story hide spoiler What the Wheat Thins I am shocked, I tell you Shocked Why Is it because this is a book with a lot of naughty language No, that s not it I cuss like a fucking dock worker.Because it s a book with a lot of sex Hmm No I like sex Because it s a book with a lot of sex between an 18 year old girl and her 32 year old teacher No, that was actually kind of hot I m shocked because this is a New Adult Romanceand it was good I liked it This is no small feat, especially considering I tend to be rather difficult to please when it comes to romance, particularly when that romance is coupled with a lot of emoriffic teen angst I was given a free e ARC copy of this book in return for an honest review, and I was completely prepared to shred it I ve not had good luck in the NA department in the past, and even though I thought the synopsis sounded interesting, I m well aware of how misleading synopses can be In the case of this story, the synopsis is indeed misleading, but not in the way you d think the synopsis does not even come close to doing Ms Raeder s writing justice Lyrical prose happens to be a weakness of mine, and from the outset, I was drawn in by the unexpectedly beautiful images the prose inspiredIt was the kind of greenhouse August heat that feels positively Jurassic Everything was melting a little the liquid black sky, the silver gel penned stars, the neon lights bleeding color everywhere At the end of summer everything swelled with life, almost grotesque, bloated and overripe The sky was so full and pregnant you could poke a hole in it and douse the world with paint The city thrummed around me, a live passionate thing full of hearts and hands and desires, and all of it seemed to concentrate here in a collective defiance of gravity Autumn spread its golden disease through the woods, Midas trailing his fingers over the treetops Dying things became extraordinarily beautiful at the very end The story begins at a carnival, and the writing transports you there with aplomb I ve read many books where descriptions fell flat, where it felt like my eyes were being sexually assaulted by adjectives, but not a single one of them did anything to conjure pictures in my mind That was not the case here While I enjoyed getting to know the characters, so often these days writers think they can just introduce their approximations of interesting characters and a drama fueled plot and expect people to enjoy it Prose is far important than people give it credit for, and it is this underestimation that causes a lot of books to be flat, uninteresting, and forgettable Something I don t often comment on are book covers I try to leave them out of the discussion because, as a photographer, I know that images are widely subjective Every image evokes different feelings in different people, much the same as writing With that in mind, I will say that I ve not seen a good many book covers which I felt matched and or represented the writing therein This one, however, does The unmistakably fierce femininity, the wild abandon of the hair, that wispy quality, and the eye catching color, all help to portray the undeniably youthful yet powerful themes within the story As I was writing this, it occurred to me that Ms Raeder wields words much the same way an artist wields colors How, I thought to myself, did the art designer capture the essence of Ms Raeder s writing so wellIt was not surprising, then, to discover Ms Raeder designed the cover herself.I suppose I should get on with it, huh The story itself is actually pretty unique, though the individual parts that make up the story are not We have a young woman who s been abused and neglected, who s had to grow up pretty quickly, who feels the absence of her father and acknowledges it Pair her with a man who s not quite as grown up as others perhaps feel he should be, who also comes from a broken home, who carries his own demons and can t seem to quiet them, and you ve got a recipe for one of the interesting love stories I ve read in a while Written by an obvious cinephile, Unteachable immerses the reader in a near cinematic experience as Maise narrates her life as if it s a movie There are montages, fast forwards, flashbacks, references to cast, scene, action, etc., and several film references Maise dreams of going to film school, Evan teaches film theory, and they quickly learn to communicate through the use of that shared interest Maise and Evan are different in a lot of ways, yet so alike that it was hard to imagine them not being together They each deal with emotional upheaval in perhaps not so healthy ways, and this draws them to each other Maise muses that she s not ignorant of the fact that what draws her and Evan together is a shared darkness, a pain that only those who ve suffered can see lurking behind the eyes of those likely afflictedThere are moments, when you re getting to know someone, when you realize something deep and buried in you is deep and buried in them, too It feels like meeting a stranger you ve known your whole life What made this book so nice to read was that neither character dwelt on this sadness unnecessarily The reader is not subjected to lengthy fits of melancholia, but is instead treated to the burgeoning effects love and understanding have on each character in turn Maise slowly disentangles herself from the cynicism and fear that have kept her repressed, and Evan begins to heal as he s gifted the love of a young woman who adores him while also not allowing him to run roughshod over her Indeed, the power balance was quite masterfully done, with Maise and Evan alternately taking the reigns of their relationship and trying to steer the other in the right direction The give and take of these two characters was refreshing, and I loved that they both cared, but also made mistakes It s those mistakes that I loved the most, because even though I wanted to scream at the two of them to be careful, their actions were completely consistent with who they were hurt, lonely, reckless, and desperately trying to figure things out They both crave some comfort, some semblance of solace, and they find it in each other even when circumstances conspire to keep them separate and alone They don t make the best decisions, but they make the only decisions they know how to make They are not perfect, and I love them for that.I know a lot of people might be skeezed out by the age difference between Maise and Evan, but having read a lot of stories based in the 18th and 19th centuries, an 18 year old woman with a 32 year old man does not in the least bother me The fact that Evan is Maise s teacher could be a black mark merely due to the aforementioned power imbalance, but like I said, the power within their relationship shifts continually, just as it should in any relationship Evan teaches Maise, but Maise also teaches Evan, and they both come out better for it in the end I loved this book for a lot of reasons I loved the prose of course and the setting and the pace I loved the story arcs and the humor I loved Maise s irreverent, sarcastic view of the world, I loved Evan s sweet but conflicted nature, I loved how the two of them managed to build a relationship under stressful circumstances, but were still willing to try and make it work despite all the obvious obstacles I m a firm believer in soaking up happiness wherever you can find it, and having read this book, I m convinced Ms Raeder feels the same Life is too short to worry about the what ifs I want to live in a world where people love with a bit reckless abandon, without the constraints of a society hellbent on making emotions rationalAnd that made my heart ache, too the thought of how much happiness lay scattered across the universe, unrealized, in fragments, waiting for the right twist of fate to bring it togetherI ll admit that about halfway through this wonderful story, I became quite concerned about the ending, wondering how Ms Raeder was going to balance the romance with the rather rational doubts about the fate of the relationship I saw the possibility of two endings the unutterably heartbreaking separation or the sickeningly cheesy declarations of love and devotion Imagine my surprise, then, when the ending was neither No, I m not going to give it away You ll have to read it for yourself I certainly wasn t disappointed, and I hope you won t be, eitherYou can call it love, or you can call it freefall They re pretty much the same thing Rereadloved it just as much as I did when I first put my hands on this book Original review Somewhere in the universe, two hearts reached out and connected Opening line When you re eighteen, there s fuck all to do in a Southern Illinois summer but eat fried pickles, drink PBR tallboys you stole from your mom, and ride the Tilt a Whirl till you hurl Which is exactly what I was doing the night I met Him This is the best book I have read in 2015 It wasn t just the fantastic storyline..the love affair between a teacher and a student it wasn t just the incredible first pages , it wasn t just the most beautiful , the most lyrical writing ever and that made my heart ache, too The thought of how much happiness lay scattered across the universe, unrealized in fragments, waiting for the right twist of fate to bring it together , it wasn t just the intense chemistry, passion and emotional connection between Maisie Evan Evan telling Maisie You re the first You re the first of so many things and Maisie The world is new when I m with you.it s all those things that have stayed with me.but most of all, what made this book UNFORGETABLE for me, was Maisie Evan was so right when he said.What an incredible and compelling and admirable character There was so much about her that I loved The sad and horrible upbringing she has endured doesn t stop her from following her dreams She goes after what she wants She s strong she s honest and not afraid to own up to her actions Mature and at the same time naive A compelling journey of a young and broken girl finding herself I can t hold on to you You re like that shooting star Just a trail of fire in my hands I connected with her and loved seeing her trying to find herself and what she wanted to do with her life.I so wanted things to work out for Maisie Evan I had to hold myself back from sneaking a peep at the last page well, the ending was totally unexpected But I was happy how the story wrapped up.This is a book that will stay with me for a very long time and it s one of those that I will definitely read again and again.I can t recommend this book enough for anyone who loves a beautifully written love story.It s incredible that this is the author s debut novel I can t wait to read by her. 5 Unteachable Stars You can call it love, or you can call it freefall They re pretty much the same thing Eighteen year old Maise is at the local carnival the summer before her senior year of high school when she meets him Evan Wilke Evan is a little older than Maise, but that isn t anything new to her She has had her fair share of older menI m kind of screwed up from growing up without a father, and I like it when they try to daddy meSomething about Evan is different They have a connection that she hasn t had with the other men She feels something It s intense So she runs away from him Maise doesn t have a great home life Her father isn t around, and her mother well it would probably be better if her mother wasn t around as well She is a dealer, an addict and she makes Maise s life harder than it needs to be Maise is at school Her first day as a senior She walks into her Film Studies class the only one she is really interested in and she see s him Evan Wilke Mr Wilke Her new teacher Even though it s risky, these two have this pull towards one another They can t stay away Such chemistry Every scene they re together just sizzles With Maise s issues at home, Evan is the escape she needs Evan makes her feel things she hasn t ever felt before She is falling for himI ve been obsessed with you since that first night Not just with you, but how you make me feel How do I make you feel Alive Real Valuable Whole Like myself I said More than I ve ever been Who are you Your student He shook his head No You re the one teaching me Part of falling in love with someone is actually falling in love with yourself Realizing that you re gorgeous, you re fearless and unpredictable, you re a firecracker spitting light, entrancing a hundred faces that stare up at you with starry eyes The characters in this story are real Flawed Broken This was not your typical student teacher romance Maise was not your typical sweet, young, virginal heroine Evan isn t the typical older man either He has some issues as well Secrets Big ones I feel part of what made Maise and Evan s connection so strong is that they both had that brokenness The two carry on their relationship for quite some time They have a place to get away, which makes it easier Maise feels things for Evan she never thought she was capable of feeling With him, she is happy FreeWhen I met you, my eyes opened I looked around, and realized I could stand up whenever I wanted There was firm ground under my feet That shore in the distance was an illusion I was already somewhere beautifulUnlike some, Evan is much worried about Maise in this situation than himself He doesn t want her future to be damaged because of him I respected Evan for that A few other books I ve read about student teacher relationships, the teacher was always afraid of getting fired or how it would look for them Evan s concerns were much different As risky as it is, he can t stay away from Maise They are in it together 100% Maise and Evan have to be careful But they aren t near as careful as they should be There is always a fear of getting caught The longer their relationship continues, the riskier things get for them A true forbidden love story Unconventional ControversialI can t hold on to you You re like that shooting star Just a trail of fire in my handsIs the forbidden aspect of their love what s keeping them together the risk, the thrill What happens when that is no longer there The last 25% will throw you for a loop With the secrets, the drama, the lies can they make it past it all Against the odds, can they make it work What can I say about this book I can t even pinpoint everything I loved about it It came out of no where for me Just an amazing read I ll start with the writing The writing style brilliant I love this authors voice It s poetically written I was captivated by the writing just after reading the first few pages I highlighted something on every other page it seemed like Everything flowed perfectly It was a different writing style, but written beautifully One of the best debut novels I have ever read The story was told from Maise s voice What can I say about Maise She is brash, bold, interesting, witty and strong I am usually a sucker for the hero of the story, and while I liked Evan a lot Maise stole the book I love real characters Even though he frustrated me at times, I did like Wesley His mom was great, too Maise s journey was one of self discovery Discovering her own self worth Discovering what path she wants to take in life Who she wants to be Even , who she doesn t want to be I was pulled in from the first page and I couldn t put it down Books like this make you question things Whats right and wrong Just because something is legal, does it make it right Just because something isn t socially accepted, does that make it wrong Love books that make you think I love real, raw and honest books I loved this book This story gets an A from meYou should love something while you have it, love it fully and without reservation, even if you know you ll lose it someday We lose everything If you re trying to avoid loss, there s no point in taking another breath, or letting your heart beat one time It all endsThat s all life is Breathing in, breathing out The space between two breathsWe have no age We exist outside of time We re timeless. Maise O Malley Just Turned Eighteen, But She S Felt Like A Grown Up Her Entire Life The Summer Before Senior Year, She Has Plans Get Into A Great Film School, Convince Her Mom To Go Into Rehab, And Absolutely Do Not, Under Any Circumstances, Screw Up Her Own FutureBut Life Has A Way Of Throwing Her Plans Into Free FallWhen Maise Meets Evan At A Carnival One Night, Their Chemistry Is Immediate, Intense, And Short Lived Which Is Exactly How She Likes It No Strings But Afterward, She Can T Get Evan Out Of Her Head He S Taught Her That A Hookup Can Be Something It Can Be An Unexpected Connection With Someone Who Truly Understands Her Someone Who Sees Beyond Her Bravado To The Scared But Strong Girl InsideThat Someone Turns Out To Be Her New Film Class Teacher, Mr Evan WilkeMaise And Evan Resolve To Keep Their Hands Off Each Other, But The Attraction Is Too Much To Bear Together, They Re Real And Genuine Apart, They Re Just Actors Playing Their Parts For Everyone Else And Their Masks Are Slipping People Start To Notice Rumors Fly When The Truth Comes To Light In A Shocking Way, They May Learn They Were Just Playing Parts For Each Other, TooSmart, Sexy, And Provocative, Unteachable Is About What Happens When A Love Story Goes Off Script All I can say is that I was so into the story that I forgot to take notes, wow.This story was not at all what I was expecting, though a bit melodramatic towards the end.Also, Siobhan was incredibly wonderful, I m really glad Maise connected with herI am not the wise woman you think, she said, tilting her glass Starlight skimmed off the rim and shot into her eyes, sparkling But I will tell you this don t put your life on hold for someone, or you ll wake up at forty two with an empty house and a terrifying sense of freedom and no energy or innocence left to enjoy itSpoilers below But I was kind of disappointed when Maise went back to Evan after Wesley showed his Docudrama about her life and everyone in class started discussing it, I realized how wrong their relationship was in my eyes and how I couldn t stand her being with him We d been in Maise s head for so long, it was easy to forget the wrongness But Wesley s Docudrama showed me how it looked from an outsider s perspective I was in such a haze, just like Maise, and it was like finally waking up after I saw itNote I m an Affiliate If you re interested in buying Unteachable, just click on the image below to go through my link I ll make a small commissionSupport creators you love Buy a Coffee for nat bookspoils with I met him at a carnival, of all corny placesYou can call it love Or you can call it freefall They re pretty much the same thingFor days I ve been hearing nothing but very positive reactions about Leah Raeder s exquisite writing style and her NA debut novel Unteachable So, of course, I had to find out for myself what everyone kept raving about And let me tell you, it did not disappoint The author s lyrical, prose like writing style managed to suck me in from the moment I started reading it until the very last page Unteachable deals with a common taboo subject student teacher relationship.Yet, it never became predictable or clich d in any way, which is part of the reason I ended up enjoying this story so much It all starts out on a warm summer eveningMaise O Malley is an eighteen year old girl with a broken past Growing up with an absent father and an irresponsible mother has left her having to take care of herself from a young age The lack of a loving family has left her feeling empty inside But throughout the years, she has found her own coping mechanisms to handle this void inside herThanks Dad, for leaving a huge void in my life that Freud says has to be filled with dickI immediately liked Maise s no nonsense, sarcastic attitude She s down to earth, doesn t care what other people think about her and she seems wise beyond her years Every month she tries to confront one of her fears This time, she decides to face the fear of being on a roller coaster ride at the carnival, all by herself.And that s where she meets Evan.Right at the last moment he joins her on the ride that will change both of their lives for goodYou re pretty brave, he said, lowering the bar over us Must be a veteran, sitting up front It s my first time, I said Well, first time on my own terms.He smiled It hit his face like a camera flash Mine tooAnd so it beginsTheir one night of fun, passion and carelessness..A night that ends in the backseat of a car.And as soon as it begins, it s over Because, Maise doesn t do relationships She never lets her true feelings get involved, never lets herself get attachedYeah, I hook up with older guys And then I leave them Before they can leave me But Evan isn t a guy she can leave behind just like that Because a few days later, on the first day of senior year, she finds out Evan is her new teacher Mr fucking Wilke.And as much as they both try to deny it, neither of them is able to pretend that one summer night not so long ago, never happened They re unable to deny the palpable chemistry that still runs through the air whenever they re in the same room, especially when it s a classroomOur gazes struck like flint and steel And I realized that gunsmoke smell wasn t ozone It was us We burnedIt seems wrong, but it feels so right It s forbidden, taboo but at the same time deliberatingly exciting.They embark on a passionate affair with a dangerous edge to it Because what if all they have is based on the exhilirating feeling of forbiddenness instead of rightfulness, lust instaed of love And what happens when everything they ve been trying to keep under wraps starts spiralling out of control Unteachable is a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time you are reading it I could not seem to put it down and ended up reading it in one day There were hot and sexy scenes as well as dramatic and emotional ones This story was filled with passion, dispair, love, lust, friendship, betrayal and hope I think the author has done an outstanding job at creating a unique, powerful story that will stay with me for a very long time and I would highly recommend everyone to give it a try I m already looking forward to reading much work of this positively surprising new authorHe touched my cheek Who are you Your student He shook his head No You re the one teaching me You should love something while you have it, love it fully and without reservation, even if you know you ll lose it someday We lose everything If you re trying to avoid loss, there s no point in taking another breath, or letting your heart beat one time It all ends His fingers curl around mine That s all life is Breathing in, breathing out The space between two breaths4.5 STARS. I fell so hard into this story, its words might as well have been made out of concrete.Everyone s talking about Leah Raeder s writing And they should be Because she writes with such a red nail polished confidence, that it s pretty much intimate with impossible not to fall into it Her writing style is effortless, interesting, and uninterested and she writes with words that are tantamount to gunmetal and peonies.Or something What s even better than the writing itself, is that she uses its lyrical beauty to describe something darkly controversial Teacher and student.And their intensely sexual and emotional love affair She meets him at the summer carnival.You know the place.Where adulthood is exchanged for carousel tickets.This is where their story begins Because on that warm night, Maise met a boy.And he was very much an adult Now, I m not going to tell you this is where she fell in love with him And I m not going to tell you that this was their point of no return That comes later.Because just for now, this was just a night where just a girl met just a guy she just wanted to fuck and then she just left.In the moments between these events, we learn a lot about Maise.See, on the surface Maise is just an eighteen year old girl who lives with her single mom, and is approaching her senior year in highscool But she s actually a very diamond faceted girl with an old soul that s in a hurry to grow up She only sleeps with older guys because they have the habit and emotional capacity for not getting emotionally involved.Just like her But then she meets Evan at the carnival And she actually likes him, which freaks her out, especially when he wants to see her again after they have sex in the carnival parking lot But that s okay, because she never expects to see him again.Until she comes face to face with him during the first day of school And now, Evan, the guy she screwed in the carnival parking lot is now Mr Wilke, her teacher Cue shock.And cue the hell out of sexual tension Right away, Evan Mr Wilke and Maise feel that sexual attraction and overall connection they shared during that not too long ago night they spent together.And fail miserably Because suddenly, they re sharing heated glances in the classroom secret caresses as they pass each other in the hallway hotel rooms in the late afternoon and reckless pulse igniting trysts against the chalkboard But all too soon, they begin cutting it too close And the ante gets higher and higher Stolen moments turn into desperate ones The kind of desperate moments where they silently ask Are they truly attracted to each other Or are they attracted to their clandestine secret And the thrill behind being found out

LEAH RAEDER is a writer and unabashed nerd Aside from reading her brains out, she enjoys graphic design, video games, fine whiskey, and the art of self deprecation She lives with her very own manic pixie dream boy in Chicago And she still writes pretentiously lyrical fiction.

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