Just Destiny (Destiny, #1)

Just Destiny (Destiny, #1) What Would You Do If Your Whole World Fell Apart Jenny Harrison Made Some Poor Choices In The Past, But Marrying Gabe Was The Best Thing She D Ever Done They Had The Perfect Marriage, Until A Tragic Accident Leaves Gabe Brain Dead And Her World In RuinsDevastated By Grief, She Decides To Preserve The Best Of Their Love By Conceiving His Child, But Gabe S Family Is Adamantly Opposed, Even Willing To Chance Exposing Long Held Family Secrets To Stop Her Caught In A Web Of Twisted Motives And Contentious Legal Issues, Jenny Turns To Best Friend And Attorney, Steve Grant Steve Wants To Help Jenny, But He Has Reservations And Secrets Of His Own When Something So Private And Simple Turns Public And Complicated, Will Jenny Relent What Is Steve Willing To Sacrifice To Help Jenny

Theresa Rizzo is an award winning author who writes emotional stories that explore the complexity of relationships and families through real life trials Born and raised in Grosse Pointe, Michigan, she now lives outside of Boulder, Colorado with her husband of thirty two years.

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  • Just Destiny (Destiny, #1)
  • Theresa Rizzo
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  • 13 October 2017

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    4 Stars and a recommendation for any reader of the Contemporary Romance genre sGift copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review Finding a Path Do you believe in destiny about predefined outcomes that happen regardless of the way you live your life Are there other qualifiers that define destiny does the end result need to be a major life event or something that impacts how you live your life and what other choices maybe be made In Just Destiny, author Theresa Rizzo constructs characters and a storyline that begs the age old question about whether or not we end up in certain situations, living a certain life, regardless of all the planning we do in life.Just Destiny is a complex story filled with heartache and the turmoil about accepting what is and moving on, and about fighting for what we believe is right We see our main character, Jenny Harrison go through a major life event, a major loss and then use the experience to find her purpose The basis of the story is whether or not Jenny can win a legal battle, brought about by her deceased husband s uncle, to use her husband s sperm much like any other case of organ donation Jenny s motivation was questionable but understandable all the same Logic tells you that doing this would only inhibit Jenny from moving on, but really, how is that any different than if they had already had children They built a life together and this would just have an extension of that, no As a reader, that s what you re forced to consider Throughout the story we are given clues and eventually we find out about secrets on both sides of the court case, within both Jenny s and Gabe s family, that will impact how the battle is fought, and eventually, the trial s outcome But that s just part of what the story is about This story is also largely about the development of romantic love from friendship Jenny s neighbor and best friend Steve Grant is there to help her pick up the pieces and deal with her grief, he s experiencing his own grief as Jenny s husband Gabe was his best friend What follows is the slow realization, on bother characters parts, that there could or should be between them even after one thinks they have found their one true love, Steve s relationship with Jenny forces her to realize what s she s learned about herself from loving Gabe and helps her come to terms with personal growth.One of the strongest aspects of this book is the dialogue writing From the daily mundane conversations, the conflicts between would be fianc s and friends, and especially with the courtroom testimony and activities These scenes are very believable and well written even with my limited knowledge of court cases, the dialogue rings true.In Just Destiny one of the central characters muses I believe we each have our own path to travel Someone we make false starts and detours, but we have this internal compass that knows our true oath We just have to listen to it I d like to believe this is true that if we listen to our instinct, our hearts, yes, we find our destiny.

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    Since I wrote the book, naturally, I think it s wonderful It s great for anyone who likes a good romance with a little extra in the plot This story would make a great book club read, stimulating tons of questions And I d love to be at each book club meeting to hear the discussion and listen o everyone s opinions.

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    What would you do if your world fall apart What would you do if your husband is declared brain dead and you lose the baby you re carrying at the same time Would you preserve that chance in conceiving his child Is it worth going to court and have your life publicly exposed Jenny fought to hold on to something that was to be hers and Gabe s, her husbands I admit I don t quite agree on her decision but I understood and respected it But then again, I don t quite agree with most of her choices, like not telling Gabe she was pregnant for one But she owned her mistakes and learned from it.I love that I got to read Gabe s thoughts and feelings for Jenny.And there s the hot and sexy Steve, Jenny s neighbour and best friend But Steve loves Jenny than just friends though he fought against his feelings, to the extent of getting himself engage with someone he didn t love And though he doesn t quite agree with what Jenny is doing, he supported her all the way The sacrifice he made to support Jenny you can t help but love him I thought he was perfect His character is definitely one of the most develop in the story.I enjoyed reading everybody s opinion on such a touchy issue even George s, Gabe s uncle, the opposing party, the villain of the story Though I would really just rather strangle him The book started off slow but it did pick up its pace along the way I loved reading the court scenes the most The controversy of the issue, its legal, medical and ethical areas, it is pretty touchy Ms Rizzo must have made thorough research on such cases it was definitely most intriguing just fascinating A surprising read and I loved it It is edgy, romantic, heartbreaking, and enlightening Written in multi POV.ARC kindly provided by author to Slitsread Blog for honest review Review also posted here

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    I believe we all have our own path to travel Sometimes we make false starts and detours, but we have this internal compass that knows our true path We just have to listen to it Jenny Harrison is the proud and loving wife step mother to her humanitarian Doctor husband, and his two teenage children Alex, and Ted They have a good life, and good friends Steve and his Fiance Annie, right next door A promising future lies ahead of them, until an argument spins out of control and Jenny is trapped in a nightmare that ceases to end.Without warning, Jenny has to battle in court, and old family secrets surface By refusing to give in, she d put a big bulls eye on her forehead But Jenny takes things one day at a time, and tries to keep herself from falling apart.Just Destiny, by Theresa Rizzo is a women s fiction story that is guaranteed to touch your heart I thoroughly enjoyed this story, and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys stories that mix romance with courtroom drama At times controversial, Just Destiny touches on love, revenge, and the what ifs in life Definitely a book worth reading 4 Stars I received an E Copy of Just Destiny by the author in exchange for a fair honest review.

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    I haven t read a book like this in a very long time This book has everything wrapped up into one Romance, Heartache, self discovery, a suspenseful trial, and most importantly this book is one that makes you stop and think and question what you believe is right or wrong I don t know about you guys but this is something that I do not see in many stories and it is something that I realized that I want to see of in books.This beautiful yet heart breaking story is about a 28 year old journalist named Jenny who fell in love and married a man is who twelve years older than her Gabe is a brilliant philanthropic doctor who is the father of 2 college aged children Jenny feels that she has it all in her marriage Love and two step children who she adores When Jenny and Gabe first got married Jenny had decided that she did not want children, but as time progresses she stars having doubts Andas destiny sometimes works she finds out that she is pregnant As Gabe and her go on a mini vacation to celebrate their two year anniversary she attempts to find a way to tell Gabe about her pregnancy But before she is able to tell him the truth, tragedy strikes and Gabe is hit by a car Ambulance quickly arrives at the scene and they transport him to the hospital, but his condition is what the medical field calls, DOA Dead on Arrival He is completely brain dead and he is put on life support As Jenny trys to decide what to do keep Gabe on life support, take him off, donate his organs, tragedy strikes again and she miscarries her baby At this point all she can think about is that she can t lose her husband and her baby at once So as she donates his organs she also has one request, she wants to extract some of his semen, so can still have his baby This raises some eyebrows, but none than Gabe s uncle George As his legal guardian George feels that this is completely illegal and tells Jenny she will take him to court and stop her Just writing about the plot of the story I can continue on an write an essay There is so much going on that if I addressed all the key points of this book, then this would be longest blog post EVER I bet you can tell just from those couple of paragraphs that this is an emotional book There are books that make you cry and then there are books that effect you so much that you can feel the main characters distress all the way to your bones and that is what this book did to me Even though this book was emotionally draining, the writing and the plot development was so great that I did not put this book down for one moment I was actually FORCED to put this book down when my Ipad battery died and I was no a very happy camper Reading about this way Jenny was attempting to pick up her life after Gabe s death was heartbreaking but yet so realistic Her determination and struggle at every turn was so inspiring As someone who just finished nursing school some of the challenges Jenny faced were ones we talked about in school And how it is so important to discuss with your love ones what your wishes regarding resuscitation are These are hard discussion, but oh so necessary And then this court case This whole idea of whether Jenny had a right to her husbands sperm since he was unable to give consent was so thought provoking I was completely torn in to There was the part of me that believed YES give this woman a chance to have her dead husbands child And then there was the logical part of me that said maybe this is not such a good idea All in all Theresa Rizzo does a great job at defending both sides of the argument and allowing the reader to come up with their own opinion During the court case some things are revealed from both sides Both Jenny and George have some skeletons in the closet I have to admit I completely did not see Jenny s twist coming And the way it was revealed was one that completely threw me off guard Not because there was a dramatic build up but because of how it was just thrown out in a memory I almost did not believe what I had read and had to go back and re read the scene George s secret I have to saw I guessed correctly in a bit of foreshadowing in the beginning of the story AND YES THERESA IF YOU ARE READING THIS, I GUESSED CORRECTLY I have gone this far in this review and I have yet to discuss another great part of this book When Jenny s world falls apart, helping her pick up the pieces is Gabe and her best friend Steve He is her rock and shoulder to cry on during this difficult time But Gabe too has a secret And before you guys all go thinking that this is an obvious love story, girl s husband dies and he falls for his best friend, it is everything BUT that because there is 2 big problems Steve is engaged to marry someone and else and second he thinks that Jenny s plan to have Gabe s baby is wrong There is so much to this amazing book and it honestly a MUST READ for everyone

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    Click to Enter to WIN an eCopy of JUST DESTINYEnds April 13, 2014Just Destiny by Theresa Rizzo is an emotionally electrifying journey filled with controversial tension, courtroom drama and an in your face awakening for Jeni as she learns how those around her perceive the person she is as she fights for the right to use her late husband s sperm to impregnate her Jeni s journey to a newfound self awareness of the person she is, who she is becoming and who she wants to be is filled with miles of painful potholes, dark tunnels and twists and revelations than a mountain road Theresa Rizzo has made a statement about love, need and loss, that is thought provoking to say the least Through it all, she never once tries to force the reader to agree or disagree, and in the end, when you think, this is it, I KNEW that was going to happen, she cleverly throws in one heart stopping twist, that in turn leaves the reader romantically charmed and slightly taken aback.If you have ever had any thoughts about if it s possible for a man and woman to be platonic friends, Jeni s relationship with her neighbor raises this issue, perfectly timed and choreographed to play into the story well Do you have feelings regarding the use of a deceased husband s sperm, this is huge to the story Is it anyone s concern Is the sperm of the deceased different than harvesting organs to save the lives of those who need them Is risking putting another generation at risk for a genetically transmitted disease not to be considered Ms Rizzo is telling a story of love, of need and of acceptance that the past cannot be relived There are no do overs, but there is a future to be lived Jeni is not always likable, but she learns to be honest with herself, a huge step So many secrets have been withheld, only to meet the light of day like graffiti on the walls of the world Beautifully written under the guidance of Ms Rizzo s creative touch, both the story and the characters come alive and leave their imprint on your mind This is not pure romance, the drama is high, the intrigue is taut, souls are bared and the aftermath is laid at our feet to ponder.I received a copy of Just Destiny from Theresa Rizzo in exchange for my honest review.Publication Date February 22, 2014Publisher Theresa RizzoISBN 10 0989045021ISBN 13 978 0989045025Genre Adult Fiction RomanceNumber of pages 374Available from Barnes Noble

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    This is the second book I have read by this author and she has a really nice writing style Both books have been well thought out and revolve around court cases The topic of this second book is quite controversial which would make this book a great choice for book clubs and those who like to hash out and debate issues that are quite often divided There is a list of discussion questions at the end that can be used as a guide if needed Jenny abruptly becomes a young widow At the time of her husbands death she was pressured to make a decision to donate his organs Knowing he would want to save lives she agrees but at the same time she requested to have his semen collected and frozen so she could conceive his child What seemed like a harmless and logical decision to her at the time turned into an ugly lawsuit by a family member to block her from access to his nephews semen The question up for debate is this Is there a difference between using a persons organs to save lives that already exist vs using that persons semen or a woman s eggs to create life that they may or may not have wanted Especially when they will have no say whatsoever in how many children are conceived and obviously will not be around to raise them Should anyone be allowed to proceed in doing so without any documentation from the deceased expressing their wishes I know what I think but, I ll just keep my opinions to myself Alongside the controversial court case there are also some side stories We have Steve, Jenny s neighbor, who has always loved her but out of respect for his friend kept his distance He is engaged to a very self absorbed woman and now finds himself drawn to Jenny out of concern for her well being This is no doubt causing conflicting emotions for him and what he really wants This is a very twisty, turny story with lots of surprise reveals throughout once again, as I said of the last book felt like an episode of a soap opera This is not a bad thing I used to love my daily soaps You just never knew what was going to happen next Makes for some very engaging storytelling and keeps you on your toes I will admit that I wasn t very fond of Jenny But, at the same time she was grieving and her reactions and decisions were very conflicting and not well thought out as a result The ending did not surprise me but at the same time I found her roller coaster of emotions frustrating So, the jury is out on how I feel about the outcome.All in all this was a great read, probably not for everyone especially anyone who really doesn t want to get into a moral debate about the issue of in vitro fertilization I actually found this very eye opening Makes me want to ensure my wishes are loud and clear in my will when it comes to organ donation It s one of those things that will just make it easier on those we leave behind Thanks to the author for the complimentary copy of this book www.ktbookreviews.com

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    Original review found at was fortunate to receive an advanced copy of this book directly from the author in exchange for my honest thoughts I m not sure how she found me whether it be from Goodreads or my blog but I am sure glad that she did.This was a well written emotional account of the aftermath of a tragic accident Mix in the controversial issue of conceiving a child after someone has passed away and it has the formula for a captivating read.The character development was really well done I liked both Jenny and Steve from the very first page They were two individual characters with a strong bond of friendship and I could feel every emotion that each went through as the story progressed There were just enough secrets to keep you interested without having so many that it was unrealistic The relationship between these two was understated yet powerful at the same timeI liked the fact that a controversial issue was the focal point of the story Normally when a story gets to the courtroom it tends to lose my attention a little bit This was not the case in this story In fact I felt this is where it really picked up steam This was the point where my household chores got ignored and I stayed glued to my tablet.A couple of random pointsI loved the fact that there was a golden retriever in the story Mine was curled up with me the whole time I was reading the storyI thought the ending no spoiler to the story was appropriateI believe there will be a sequel so I will be sure to partake once it is releasedOverall a really good read

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    Just Destiny Theresa RizzoThis is the second novel I have read by Ms Rizzo It is equally as enjoyable a read as the first Her combination of emotion, romance and controversial legal issues and courtroom drama is fascinating and kept me from putting this novel down Full review to follow on April 10th at

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    This book pulled me in and hooked me by the various issues it explores One especially that I had never even thought about Great writing, great plot, flawed but lovable characters Would make for thought provoking discussions in book clubs I look forward to the next book.

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