SandmannenYou can read this and all of my reviews at Lit Wit Wine Dine.Despite never having read Lars Kepler s previous novels, I had high hopes for The Sandman In the end, it simply didn t live up to my expectations That s not say it was all bad but the issues I had, which I hope I can articulate, were pretty weighty ones and really impacted my overall experience with the book.Perhaps one of the reasons that I was so disappointed is because this book had such potential I love a good serial killer thriller as much as anyone can Add a man found wandering in the freezing, snowy Swedish landscape who turns out to be a young boy kidnapped thirteen years ago and I m hooked Lars Kepler even takes it to the next level with a fair amount of gore and depravation The chapters are kept short and sweet It s definitely one of those just one chapter books The characters are straightforward with just the right amount of depth for Nordic Noir.So where did it all go wrong I found there to be a great deal of unrealistic unbelievable events Unfortunately, I can t come up with any direct examples that wouldn t include spoilers Some had to do with interactions or lack thereof between Jurek Walter and prison staff Others involved things ranging from improbable coincidences to highly unlikely medical scenarios I know some or even many of these things wouldn t bother many readers but I had a difficult time seeing past their cumulative effect.The most difficulty I had with The Sandman was the ending Until the ending, I had anticipated rating this book 3.5 to 4 stars In addition to generally not liking the ending in terms of plot and plausibility, I found that it dragged on I m not a fan of books or movies in which your left thinking it s over three or four times before it s actually over Fans of action adventure books and movies, however, may love this ending.Though I am unlikely to return to the Joona Linna series, most of the book was enjoyable enough that I would consider, while proceeding with caution, reading Lars Kepler again in the future I think it bears mentioning that there s a fair amount of violence, both physical what I would call one notch above normal thriller violence and sexual in this book. I m starting to think my interest in serial killers and books about them aren t really my thing any This book was okay So many characters Maybe had I read previous books in this series I d of understood who all these people were I ll be honest and say I stopped trying to figure out who was who because 1 I didn t care about anyone and 2 I just wanted to get to the end with out continually backtracking This book started off strong and I was intrigued but by the half way point I nearly gave up I decided to continue to the end but thought the ending was just meh People said this book was terrifying People said this book was creepy Terrifying No Creepy A couple of scenes are and thank goodness for that or as I said before this was nearly a DNF Surprisingly the Doctor was creepier to me than the serial killer Something about the writing style was off to me but that could be due to the translation Well, I can at least say I ve read a Lars Kepler book Will I read I m not so sure but stranger things have happened 2.5 stars He S Sweden S Most Prolific Serial KillerJurek Walter Is Serving A Life Sentence Kept In Solitary Confinement, He Is Still Considered Extremely Dangerous By Psychiatric StaffHe Ll Lull You Into A Sense Of CalmMikael Knows Him As The Sandman Seven Years Ago, He Was Taken From His Bed Along With His Sister They Are Both Presumed DeadHe Has One Target LeftWhen Mikael Is Discovered On A Railway Line, Close To Death, The Hunt Begins For His Sister To Get To The Truth, Detective Inspector Joona Linna Will Need To Get Closer Than Ever To The Man Who Stripped Him Of A Family The Man Who Wants Linna Dead THE SANDMAN Joona Linna 4 Probably the scariest book I ve ever read Dark and twisted as the mind of the Sandman I looooooved it I was told The Hypnotist is the best book in Joona Linna series but they were wrong This is the best one Can t wait to read the 5th book of the series Don t miss this It s probably one of the best crime novels I ve ever read Scandinavians are truly the masters of psychological thrillers Jurek will do anything he can to escape, Joona says in a somber voice You cannot let that happen You re like a sister to me, Saga, but it would be better if you died than if he got outI usually cannot stand to read a book in the middle of a series without reading the prior novels first However, I made an exception with The Sandman and I m very happy with my choice Although this is the fourth in Kepler s series, in the US it is being released first I decided to go with it after reading reviews that said I d have no problem I am pleased to report they were right The Sandman can be read as a standalone Good luck, though Because I now need to read all of Kepler s other novels I ll be reading The Hypnotist in July.This book was dark and twisted and quite possibly, dare I say it, fucked up Damn, is it a great read There are some scenes that get graphic and violent I did find myself cringing at times, but that kind of thing doesn t bother me The chapters are short and keep the plot moving rather quickly Each chapter something happens to make it impossible not to read the next Trust me when I say this is a very fast paced book There are multiple perspectives giving us extra insight to everything I think I enjoyed Saga the most When Mikael Kohler Frost is found wandering on a railroad bridge, Inspector Joona Linna is called in The thing is..Mikael went missing thirteen years earlier with his sister There were officially declared dead seven years ago Where has Mikael been all this time And where is his sister The killer, Jurek Walter, has been locked up in a secure criminal psychology unit at a hospital But Mikael says his sister is still alive and being held captive by The Sandman This was Joona Linna s case And it s a personal one for him No one scares him, or anyone, than Jurek Walter But they have to send someone in to get answers out of him if they want to find Mikael s sister The plan is to send in Inspector Saga Bauer undercover as a psychiatric patient, but she ll have to work quickly.I was glued to the pages My only complaints involved the couple of loose ends that I m sure are resolved in the sequel Oh and at one point, one character was just plain stupid out of nowhere It s surprising this has two authors with how it reads I am very excited to read from the husband wife writing team known as Lars Kepler. A good thriller with a panting rhythm.The chapters are very short and the writing is dynamic, perfectly rendering the icy atmosphere in which the characters evolve.The story is quite original, however the end leaves some shadowsA good reading time Kepler has waited until the fourth book to pen what many Joona Linna fans have long waited for a case that flashes back into his past Linna stumbled across Jurek Walter one night, standing over a recently opened grave and staring down at a woman All this is summarised in THE FIRE WITNESS and its closing chapters When one of Walter s supposed victim s is found wandering along a train track, the hopes that others can be found raises hope With Walter incarcerated in a psychiatric prison, Linna must find a way to crack open and case and determine who is working with Walter, the accomplish named The Sandman Linna is already in Walter s crosshairs, so Saga Bauer, of the Security Police, is sent into the prison as an undercover officer, in hopes of helping Linna and the National Police find out where others might be kept Bauer s time in jail gives her a sadistic and up close look at Walter and his power of persuasion Even if she is able to slip inside his walled facade, whether she can do so in time is still in question Eerie and highly suspenseful, Kepler has saved the best for this novel, with an epilogue that will leave readers rushing out to get the next novel in the series.Kepler s mastering of the Linna character continues For those who have followed the series to this point, discovering what Linna has sacrificed comes to bear great importance on this novel Jurek Walter is Linna s ultimate foe and his crimes echo deeply within Linna s soul, even into this novel Dark and highly precise, the Walter character is pensive and acts in complete dichotomy to Linna s rushing and fast paced detective inspector role Fans of the series will love this novel, but newbies should STOP and read from the beginning, as much is revealed in here, creating AHA moments are would ruin earlier novels, had they not been previously digested.Kudos, Lars Kepler for this If only I did not have to wait until July 2015 for the English translation of your next novel. 3.0 Stars This is my first Lars Kepler book, but I wanted to read him after I heard he compared favorably to Jo Nesbo I will say that Kepler knows how to write in a style that keeps the plot moving The book is told from multiple narrative perspectives and tells the story of a very dangerous and diabolical serial killer named Jurek, who is in custody in a lockdown psychiatric facility after being sentenced for his role in a kidnapping torture case The officers responsible for his capture, Joona and Sam, are threatened by Jurek at his sentencing and told that their families will be killed and they will commit suicide as revenge for their role in his capture The book takes a while to build its foundation but takes off after one of Jurek s or unknown accomplice s victims reappears after several years in captivity The police then craft one of the worst plans in history in an effort to get information from Jurek about the whereabouts of the victim s sister they send an undercover officer into the psychiatric facility to try and pump Jurek for information the results as disastrous as you can imagine The fast pace and interesting plot cannot overcome the huge problems of credibility found throughout the book Jurek is an insane, evil killer yet inexplicably chooses not to kill a particular character 2 separate times when everyone else he comes into contact he viciously murders without thinking Also, Jurek is given superhero like powers that are so ridiculous it made me think of a b movie Terminator with mind control abilities And on top of everything else, I am still trying to make sense of the weird ending I would read Kepler again but he is no Nesbo. ENGLISH The Sandman ITALIANO It s late at night, gusts of snow come from the sea A boy is moving on a high railroad bridge, in the direction of Stockholm He has a colourless face, like a glass darkly his jeans are tough, with frozen blood His name is Mikael Kohler Frost He s been missing for 12 years, and he was pronounced dead 7 years ago It starts like a self respecting thriller should start with a bang The first time I encountered Lars Kepler s words was undoubtedly nice It is highly probable that the Nordic location positively affected my judgment This novel missed something to enter into the inner circle of my favorite thrillers, however it is a good thriller, which gives a wink to the charming creature created by Thomas Harris Hannibal Lecter.Vote 7,5 E notte fonda, dal mare arrivano folate di neve Un ragazzo avanza sopra un alto ponte ferroviario in direzione di Stoccolma Ha il volto incolore, come vetro appannato I suoi jeans sono duri di sangue congelato Il suo nome Mikael Kohler Frost Risulta scomparso da dodici anni e da sette stato dichiarato morto Inizia come un thriller che si rispetti deve iniziare col botto Il mio primo approccio con Lars Kepler indubbiamente positivo E probabile che l ambientazione nordica ha influito in modo favorevole sul mio giudizio E mancato qualcosa per entrare di diritto nella cerchia dei miei thriller preferiti di sempre, per rimane certamente un buon thriller, che strizza decisamente l occhio all affascinante creatura di Thomas Harris Hannibal Lecter.Voto 7,5 I don t even know how to review I just don t All in all The Sandman was freaking awesome This book must have the shortest chapters EVER If you follow my reviews, I m known to comment that short chapters are the best chapters I m talking 1 2 pages in a chapter people, like, hell yes I have not read anything by Lars Kepler but after reading The Sandman I will definitely look into the Joona Linna series I would like to point out that each book can be read as a standalone I had no problem at anytime while reading this story The Sandman is dark, creepy as hell, and just down right disturbing So, of course I loved every minute of it I have this problem, you see if I can t finish a book with in a day or two I lose patience However, The Sandman did not disappoint and it took me 4 days FOUR days reading the same book A miracle Joona and his team race around the clock for a girl who has been missing for thirteen years Her brother was found walking along train tracks and was brought to the hospital He tells them his name is Mikael Frost who was declared dead, along with his sister, when they went missing all those years ago He claims The Sandman is responsible and his sister is still alive The police have to find her in time The ending How are you going to do me like that Lars You need The Sandman in your life Out March 6th Highly recommended 5 Stars Thank you to AA Knopf for sending me a final copy for my honest review.

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