An Affair Downstairs (Thornbrook Park, #2)

An Affair Downstairs (Thornbrook Park, #2) The Countess Of Aberford Is Determined To Make A Match For Her Sister, Lady Alice Emerson, But Each Man She Brings To Thornbrook Park Only Inflames Alice S Improper Interest In Unsuitable Logan Winthrop, A Rugged Man Once Accused Of Murdering His Great Rival Logan S Determined To Shelter Himself From The Pain Of Unrequited Love He Knows The Feeling All Too Well But Something About Alice Stirs His Desire To Start Living Again Though They Fight Their Urges, The Pair Can Only Resist For So Long Eventually They Must Choose Between Bowing To Society S Rules Or Breaking Them

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  • An Affair Downstairs (Thornbrook Park, #2)
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    I don t know where to start with this or if I should even bother since there wasn t anything to write home about But that WTF stunt near the end was crazy absurd and I m surprised it wasn t even brought up in any other reviews I m gonna try to explain this as best I can without sounding long winded but given the convoluted plot, bear with me I m honestly very tempted to give this a 1 star solely because of a secondary character who is so outrageously out of touch, insipid, self absorbed, vile and selfish that I wanted to drop kick this book into outer space because of her And no it s not the villain I m talking about the heroine s sister Sophia She carries the herculean task of finding her sister a husband like a blind bat who won t take no for an answer And no not because she loves her sister and wants her happy but for the simple fact that their mother told her to and wellwhat s better than being married to a rich titled gentleman Screw love Enter charming rakehell earl, Lord Ralston who oozes charm, and flowery compliments and toothy grins Of course big sister thinks he s perfect for the heroine Alice, and uses every opportunity to keep the two together including manipulating a situation that keeps the hero Logan and the heroine Alice apart thinking it s best for everyone If there is an overused obnoxious trope I hate above all it s the secondary meddlesome character keeping the MC s apart.The incident that leads to the brief separation between the h hr is when Alice falls off a horse and loses consciousness for 2 days She has a difficult time recovering once she wakes up and she can t figure out what s wrong with her She keeps complaining of a fuzzy head, dizziness and not remembering things weeks after waking up but her sister and doting fiance say it s all in her head and continue to treat her like an invalid Oh and look she s magically engaged with no memory of it and can t remember shit and the hero is nowhere to be found See where I m going here The hero and heroine pretty much figure out who the culprit is behind Alice s foggy memory lapses once Logan returns but again her sister scoffs at her claims and still insists she s better off with her fianc So we are forced to endure 80 pages of the heroine putting up with the obvious tiring villain all because her sister guilts her into giving him another chance cause he s a titled earl and he s in love I meanok But then dear sister s reaction to it all once it comes out that he was in fact drugging her sister There was no malice intended Ralston raised his voice in his own defense Perhaps, yes, I welcomed the fact that the laudanum made you agreeable Secretly, I feared that you would turn me down I only wanted so desperately for you to let me love you, Alice That kind of love is rare to find, Sophia said, obviously touched by the scoundrel s words He did it all for love, Alice That kind of love Girl, bye Lord Ralston was indeed drugging the heroine s tea with laudanum for weeks for reasons that made no sense He wanted to drag out her illness and make her vulnerable and weak so he could propose to her under duress He claims that he loved her so much and just wanted her to say yes to his proposal but he clearly had a thing for her older sister Uh.ok Which is it dude And it still doesn t explain the lengths he went to get the heroine to say yes to begin with You re telling me he would willingly marry a woman he doesn t want in order to be closer to his wife s sister Dafaq Some other things I wasn t crazy about.There really wasn t much of a downstairs to this saga The hero Logan Winthrope, is the estate manager who comes from a privileged background but a scandal from his past has him laying low and accepting work as an estate manager at Thornbrook Park You don t really see much of the downstairs life, it s just mentioned in passing by the hero who sometimes dines with the maids and footmen But other than that he keeps to himself in his cottage and I justI don t know, really didn t get the feeling of the high class v.s low class division in this Or at least that wasn t the focus at all like the blurb and the title teased at Everything is just barely touched on and characters and scenes move so fleetingly you don t really get the sense of the world building around the characters And if there is one thing that drives me nuts it s flat world building The heroine goes from sitting in the drawing room to twirling in the grass in the next sentence Magic I tell you I don t mind flighty eccentric heroines, but I felt like here was another case of the cliched modern historical heroine Every stereotype you can think of for a modern HR heroine was applied here and I just found it forced and dishonest The heroine Alice, is a 22 year old naive sheltered willful girl who acts and talks like she s twice her age and takes liberties like she has every right to and knows what she s doing, but she doesn t She talks as if she s this worldly creature but she s not at all, she hasn t traveled the world, she s never slept with a man, everything is just tra la la fun for her The author is trying to present her as something she s not simply because it s the 1900s and dammit the heroine should rebel and must rebel in the most typical ways possible I just found it hilarious how the inexperienced young girl was chasing the older jaded hero around an estate like a fox hunt trying to force his hand into seducing her like it was no big deal Girlsimmer down.All the back and forth foot dragging Was this really necessary The h hr confess ILY yet we still have Alice referring to Logan as just her friend for a good 100 pages afterwards and Logan anxious and questioning if she will call off her engagement to the slimy earl after she told him straight out she loved him and chooses him Likehuh What s with all the dramatic angst and back peddling It just became so silly and endless regurgitated conversations And the fact that Logan and Alice pretty much figure out what s causing her memory blackouts and who the culprit is behind it but readers have to sit through 80 pages of her putting up with the villain all to humor her sister was just a total waste of time and mind numbingly boring And I really didn t care for Alice playing the coquette using both guys to make the other jealous and acting like an insulted dingbat when someone questions her vanity or dared to suggest a man wouldn t pick her RME Get the hell off it girl and grow up I found her really ridiculous and self absorbed at times with some of the things she would say or do.I honestly was thinking of giving the next book after this a try because I was initially curious about Sophia and her estranged husband Marcus But given her behavior and cold aloofness in here and view spoiler being kissed by the besotted confusing villain and actually giving into the kiss after everything he did to her sister Not ok EVER hide spoiler

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    3.5 StarsAs a Downton Abbey addict, I really wanted to love this book However, it was just ho hum for me Logan was likable, but Alice came across as a little bit spoiled in my opinion I think I was also a little bummed that the story doesn t fully commit to an affair downstairs Logan is the manager of Thornbrook Park, hardly a lowly position, and he is from a titled background I was hoping for some actual conflict between the classes, but it didn t really seem to be that way I really wanted to see about the servants side of life and how two people might be able to make a relationship work between classes.Sometimes a slow read can be fun and a great escape, and I did feel like I was having a lazy day rambling around a huge estate as I was reading So the overall mood and tone of the book was enjoyable I think I just wanted a little excitement.I know I m not the only reader starved for books similar to Downton Abbey, so please, publishers and writers, keep this type of book coming But this one just need a bit intrigue and excitement for me, and of a look at life downstairs reviewed for sent by publisher in exchange for an honest review

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    I was pleasantly surprised by the story Most of the harlequin romances I ve read have been bodice rippers which lacked any plausible plot.This book did have a story line though at times cliche it was entertaining and fun There were times that I was like what in the world does this have to do with anything Though those moments were not frequent.For example, when Alice bought the cuff links for Logan, I was like is this really relevant or necessary to the overall story I didn t think it was necessary at all The story would have moved along without it.Over all though, the plot was adequate As for the characters, Alice was everything a typical romantic heroine should be She was headstrong, independent, and modern for the historic period So clearly she was different than the typical woman in the book.As for the romantic interest, Logan was equally as perfect I loved that he was so conflicted about his feelings for Alice I liked that he was honorable and respectable He was easy to like and easy for readers to fall for.Now here s the big question.was it steamy Yes and no There was only one real sex scene and it was well written and tasteful And yes it did register on the steamy scale, but then that was it More time was spent building up the relationship between Alice and Logan.There were a few stolen kisses and make out sessions here and there but that was about seemed wanting I don t know maybe my expectations were high but I guess I just expected since I thought it was going to be a bodice ripper.Even though it lacked a lot of salacious activities, it was an adequate story and I enjoyed the characters and plot I was a little disappointed that the time period wasn t relevant to the story.For me, I like the period to add something to the story In romances often the period only serves as a catalyst for the presence of Dukes, Earls, and Duchesses But I think that one can still have a romance novel with those types of characters in a modern novel.I had hoped that the period would add something to the plot but in this case it didn t.Overall though, it was an entertaining read and satisfied my need to read something carefree and sexy.See my full review here

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    Sweet and charming, An Affair Downstairs was a lovely read It was an enjoyable book and I really liked it.Alice was a good heroine, for the most part She was strong willed, spirited, and vivacious She definitely knew to fight for what she wanted There were a few brief moments where she came off as somewhat shallow and selfish It wasn t to the point that it took down her character but it was enough to make me question her a bit Otherwise, I thought she was great.Logan was simply wonderful He was so sweet and honorable and such a gentleman He loved deeply and would do anything to protect those he cared about He was just adorable and I really liked him.The romance was lovely Alice and Logan were obviously infatuated with each other from the start Alice knew what she wanted and went after Logan, who was a little hesitant They were sweet together and definitely had some heat as well.The plot was fast paced and I was kept interested the entire way through There were a few surprises along the way, particularly about Alice s persistent suitor I enjoyed the story and the ending was great.An Affair Downstairs was a wonderful historical romance that I really enjoyed Romance lovers, this is a book worth checking out I received a complimentary copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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    The second in the series I have read, I will warn those who are expecting a Downton Abbey like storyline that this is decidedly not that the comparable elements are the location of the stories in Yorkshire, and a similar time frame of the Edwardian period Take a chance on your historic romance that is not influenced by other titles, works or authors it s how you find gems In this book we have a few recurring meetings with characters from book one, but this does stand alone well, with plenty of moments to make you smile While not as laden with tension from the various machinations of the characters on their way to love, nor as straightforward in characterization as I normally seek out, this is a fun read that will entertain even as you may look to whack a couple of characters with a solidly aimed riding crop Again the beauty and unique landscape peculiar to Yorkshire is front and center as Browning sets the story with plenty of moments to admire the scenery as the world in which the characters exist is described And that world very much expects that Alice Emerson will marry But, Alice has her own thoughts on the matter, and those approach scandalous Alice was interesting alternating between complete airhead or masterminding manipulator, the overall impression is one of a fairly heedless to consequences young woman with a sharp tongue and determination to get what she wants I had moments where I wasn t able to believe Alice was as stupid as she appeared, and then, she d almost prove me right Or wrong Occurring equally Logan is the unsuitable man, son of a baron and a bit of a doormat quite apologetic about both his reduced circumstances and his own limited prospects I couldn t find a ton to like or dislike about him he s the Charlie Brown of the cast without the continual self investigative moments And, his seeming inability to say no to Alice, or to even work up any strong emotion about her behavior, subtle or ridiculously over the top leaves his moments reliant nearly entirely on how others relate to him It was an interesting proposition to take a decidedly beta male as a hero, but not make Alice particularly alpha in their relationship They both felt rather clueless about it all and that worked to their favor, much to my surprise Other characters do appear to insert themselves into the romance, but I didn t find that I felt the tension as much as I would have expected Lord Ralston is SO over the top in his effusive praise of Alice and her delights that it borders on obsequious and desperate even Alice sees the wrong in his approach Brought in by Alice s sister Sophie, a wholly dislikable and bossy character, most certainly responsible for Alice s inability or unwillingness to make her own carefully considered choices Overall, the story was enjoyable, if lacking in some needed tension either between Logan and Alice in a sexual sense, or from the characters who are sure to mark this match unsuitable And let s be clear Logan s unsuitability is merely his history he s done much in this quiet removed life as the Estate Manager There was a touch of tension both from the forbidden of their relationship, but I didn t find this a particularly angsty read a slow grower without great tension, most notable for the twists and turns in Alice s behavior as readers try to puzzle out the great question spoilt airhead or headstrong calculating genius I received an eArc copy of the title from the publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review I was not compensated for this review all conclusions are my own responsibility.

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    Lady Alice plans never to marry She s worked out her plan for independence and a husband isn t part of the dream That doesn t mean she isn t interested in men To the contrary, the loss of her virtue is near the top of her to do list And she knows exactly the man she wants to do it with estate manager Logan Winthrope He s really the perfect candidate Not only is she terribly attracted to him, but they are so socially mismatched, there wouldn t be a chance it could lead to a wedding So she sets off on a mission to seduce him.Logan has no intention of cooperating He knows that anything between him and Alice would be completely inappropriate He is too old for her and, even importantly, he is damaged goods Rumor has it that he killed a man, and he left behind his titled family years ago But despite all of his best intentions, he can t quite ignore Alice s attentions She wears him down slowly, until she becomes impossible to resist But can they truly be satisfied with one night together Of course not I really liked Logan He is sexy in his slightly gruff and quiet way Alice was ok She was a little myopic at times She didn t always see beyond what she wanted and didn t always stop to think about how her plans would affect Logan I liked watching her regard for him grow into something with depth as she got to know him better I loved, loved the forbidden element to their relationship Both knew it wasn t right, but that only ratcheted up the sexual tension I found myself rooting hard for these two to get together and the payoff was very good.I did have some issues There were times Alice grated on me with her immaturity There were points I felt like she toyed with her suitors in order to feel good about herself But far worse was her horrible big sister Throughout the book, she is trying to snag Alice a proper husband But she is so selfish and self absorbed, I can t believe that her true colors have never shown themselves before I hated Sophie I also thought that Alice s overzealous suitor was a caricature of a villain The whole storyline surrounding him was over the top What he was doing was totally obvious and why he was doing it was flat ridiculous The author should have stuck with the romance side of the plot it worked far better than the external conflicts.I did like the book overall, thanks to the relationship between Alice and Logan Or perhaps I should say, thanks to Logan and the super awesome sexual tension he has with Alice His backstory is pretty good too It also delivers a satisfying conclusion.Rating B B ARC provided by publisher

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    Browning has developed a very intriguing storyline with this one It was a unique story that had me pondering the who s what throughout There were a few times when I found myself wondering what was going on, or the relevance of a certain scene, only to have it become apparent a few chapters later Her descriptions bring this world to life, allowing readers to picture their surroundings This was a sweet romance that definitely left me giggling at the end.I quite enjoyed getting to know these characters They were quite different individuals, each adding to the story in a different manner I liked the Plato quotes and how they add to the persona of the characters who use them I also had a riot with the Greek mythology The characters relating themselves to the various gods and goddesses, and then realising what that would mean was priceless I did find this story to be a bit convoluted in terms of characters at one point I wanted to draw myself a diagram or flow chart as to who did what It was as if Browning were attempting an air of mystery around certain character, but it came across as lack of character development at times Overall, this was a light hearted, enjoyable novel I appreciated the story and the characters that we got to know throughout For me, it was simply missing that little something that engages you completely, making you unable to put the novel down.Please note that I received a complimentary copy of this work in exchange for an honest review.

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    I loved this book Having won this book through Goodreads First Reads Giveaway, and realizing this was second in a series I read Thornbrook Park first and really enjoyed it Although this book is the second in the series it can stand alone, but it was so much fun having read the first I loved Alice and Logan and was cheering for them all along I cannot wait for the next one The Great Estate, and I certainly have a new favorite historical romance writer in Sherri Browning.

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    Look for my review of An Affair Downstairs at Romancing the Book Blog coming soon January 2015.

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    I received this book free through the Goodreads giveaway I really enjoyed this book It was a nice read Thanks

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