A Celebration Christmas

A Celebration Christmas Great Christmas read This is a quick Christmas read with a Sound of Music sort of theme Nanny comes to save the day when a bachelor is overwhelmed after taking in his best friend s four children, orphaned due to a car accident.Lily loves children and is looking to make some extra money during the Christmas break from her teaching job She thought she d be married and working on her own family by now, but unexpected events have left her to only dream about a loving husband and family.Cullen is a busy doctor whose own tough childhood and divorce have left him certain he has no business being a father But he is attracted to Lily immediately, even though she is nothing like the string of women he usually dates Lily makes the children feel loved and secure, and Cullen soon starts rearranging his schedule to be with them and Could this actually work out, or will old fears lead them to walk away from the chance to be a real family THE GREATEST GIFT OF ALL Lily Palmer Is In For The Christmas Of A Lifetime When The Nanny Signs Up To Watch Dr Cullen Dunlevy S Four Foster Kids, She S Got Her Hands Full The Thomas Clan Is The Most Mischievous Group Of Youngsters She S Ever Had To Wrangle, But Lily Loves The Job After All, What Girl Wouldn T Adore Spending The Holidays With A Warmhearted New Family And Their Irresistibly Handsome Foster Dad Cullen Doesn T Mind Christmas, But His Scrooge Like Facade Is There For A Reason To Protect Himself His Tough Childhood Caused Him To Hide Behind His Work And Avoid Entanglements At All Costs That Includes Avoiding Falling For The Deliciously Tempting New Nanny That Santa Left For Him This Year When Dr Cullen Dunlevy finds himself the unexpected guardian of four young children, he enlists with a large cash bonus the help of his housekeeper Angie until he can hire a proper Nanny But their latest prank has her running right out the door where she just so happens to run into Lily Palmer here to interview for the Nanny position Angie laughed It was a bitter sound I have two pieces of advice for you, Lily Palmer she said Run while you can Run and save yourself It was precisely at that point, on page 17, that I knew I was going to LOVE this book.Take a Scrooge like sexy doctor, a second grade teacher with a giant heart and throw in four rambunctious insecure grieving children and you have the ingredients for one amazing story.If you re looking for a compassionate and funny and sweet, fall in Love Christmas romance Look no further My first Christmas book of 2014 Thank you Nancy Robards Thompson for starting the Season off Perfectly I highly recommend this book This is one of those nanny falls in love stories with a twist the father is actually the best friend of the 4 children s dead parents, and he s taking care of them while his attorney is trying to get them all adopted together.The story didn t bother me, although I found that it a little annoying that Lily, the temporary nanny, is falling into the same pattern that she d done with her ex fiance It s obvious that Cullen doesn t want to be a father he pretty much says it time and again Yet she feels she can change him.And he does change his mind this is, after all, a romance novel My problem is that his change seems rushed, too abrupt.The story just didn t work for me. OoooooH ok this is so good I had to do a review now and I am not even finished First I have to say I love the back story on this book as I too loved the Sound of Music growing up however this book is phenominal From the time you meet Lilly you are instantly in love by her kindness and Dr Cullen just makes you want to scoop him up and keep him with his calmness over all the chaoticness of the children Yes three beautiful girls and one handsome boy Each has thier own personality dealing with the past event of thier parents and with their present situation and not knowing the future This is a MUST READ for everyone. i won this book through a FB contest reading the summary, i was interested in the plot, but i was hooked within the first few pages i liked how the author embedded the kids into the story it wasn t just the couple s hero and heroine but a real family love story it was a great read. I m giving it 3.5 4 starsThe ending was abit tad sudden with all sunshine and happy rainbows Not that I minded obviously I think it should have lasted longer It would have been nice to read a in depth realisation that hit cullen at the end but all in all, it was a good holiday read 3.5 Stars A Celebration Christmas by Nancy Robards Thompson is a wonderful holiday read The book has great characters, romance and a unique message about the gift of love.Lily Palmer arrives at Cullen Dunlevy s home as Angie, his former housekeeper is running out the front door Angie advises Lily to Run while you can Run and save yourself Lily is a second grade teacher who needs a part time job during the holiday school break As Cullen interviews Lily for the nanny position, she takes in her surroundings The home is designer perfect, stainless steel appliances and granite counter tops, large couch and huge flat screen TV Lily notices that there are no holiday decorations and Cullen has not bought a Christmas tree Although the Dunlevy house appears to be perfect at first glance, it s missing the spirit of Christmas.Nancy Robards Thompson creates a fabulous holiday story The four Thomas children are orphans their parents were killed in a car accident and they have no relatives Cullen has agreed to take them for the month of December while his attorney searches for a home for them Cullen is dedicated doctor he s all business a Grinch until Lily takes charge of his household Lily gets the children in the holiday spirit, they bake cookies, decorate and buy a tree.Loved how the author wove in Lily s tradition of baking stollen bread with her grandmother to the story To keep the children busy, Lily taught them how to bake cookies and stollen bread In the true spirit of Christmas, the children decided to bake stollen, sell it at the holiday market and donate the profits to a children s charity.The romance between Lily and Cullen hits a few roadblocks as they come to terms with their feelings while caring for four active children Well meaning friends, an ex wife and an ex fianc all play a part in this charming holiday adventure Out of the blue, Cullen and Lily are gifted tickets to the annual Jingle Bell Ball Will Cullen remember his date with Lily Does Lily have a chance with Cullen Read A Celebration Christmasto see if some Christmas magic occurs at the holiday dance.

Award winning author Nancy Robards Thompson lives and writes in Florida, but her imagination transports her all over the world She s worked a myriad of jobs including television show stand in production and extras casting for movies and several mind numbing jobs in the fashion industry and public relations She earned a degree in journalism only to realize reporting just the facts bored her s

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  • A Celebration Christmas
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  • 11 November 2019
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