Carrying the Sheikhs Heir

Carrying the Sheikhs Heir I have waited for this book to be released , and it did not disappoint I m a sucker for a good romance, with light humor, sparks that fly, and chemistry that sizzles I loved the way Sheridan would put Rashid in his place He is a king, and everyone bows to him Sheridan is American, and she bows to no one Sheridan had agreed to have a baby for her sister Her sister, had tried for many years to conceive, but couldn t have a baby naturally The clinic made a mistake, and she found out she was pregnant, and the father was from another country The next thing she knew is a limousine pulled up outside of her small business, and a tall dark and handsome stranger was in her shop Sparks flew right away when he kidnapped her to take her back to his palace Rashid s heart is incased in ice, but slowly throughout the book Sheridan s melts his icy heart My only complaint about this book, is I wished it had been longer. A woman in America was supposed to receive her brother in law s sperm She received yours instead Rashid s blood ran hot and then cold He feltviolated.When a few lines into the book, you read this I don t know whether to laugh or cry I know it s no laughing matter And yet he had no choice If the woman was pregnant, she was his.Of course, if you knew what Rashid bin Zaid al Hassan, the new King of Kyr, has already been through, you ll understand this statement That incident has turned his heart to ice.We are then introduced to the woman in America as Sheridan Sloane, who wanted to act as a surrogate to her older sister Annie Not only because it was a good thing to do due to the problems Annie had, but because she felt guilty of being the better one among the two.I d never want to be in Sheridan s shoes Such a strange place to be in while going through so tough a time Rashid feels guilty of leaving her all by herself but, what to do, he can t get over his past, it s not that easy, after all.This book tries to actively dispel many preconceived notions about the Arab world, their people But what I m seeing nowadays, I still find some things difficult to believe And of course the book is a fiction, so I ll leave it at that Almost half of the book isis she or isn t shepregnant But, before the real baby, came a just as much adorable pupper, a Canaan named Leo I love books with doggies What a dramatic climax Love makes one do crazy things , and this book just proved that, and how Grrr Where is the epilogue The Desert King S Reluctant Bride She D Meant To Have A Baby For Her Sister, But An IVF Clinic Mix Up Means Party Planner Sheridan Sloane Is Now Carrying The Heir Of Rashid Al Hassan, The Desert King Of Kyr Rashid Demands Marriage, But Sheridan Isn T Convinced He S Sinfully Sexy, But His Heart Is Encased In Ice Yet Rashid Will Not Give Her A Choice He Kidnaps Her Swept Away To The Desert Sands, Sheridan Desires Escape But When Rashid Takes Her To His Bed, She Soon Craves Something Else Entirely Can She Thaw This Proud Sheikh S Heart, Or Will She Have To Love Enough For Two I like my heroines virginal and my heroes super alpha This book had neither. Any good sister knows it is always the right thing to help out your sibling when you are able to and of course when it is just and fair So our heroine in this book helping out her sister by agreeing to have a baby for her, makes this a number one heroine in my book.But imagine if you had to be the one that does this loving deed for your sister and then the clinic informs you Whoops sorry, we made a mistake And instead you may not be pregnant with your sister s child, you might be expecting the child of a King Some woman may think it s not all that bad, the King might be happy and just maybe this can all work out, but of course life is never as plain sailing as that So when the heroine in this read Sheridan leans of the mishap she is furious, sad and confused and does not know which way to turn.But this is not the worst part at all, nope suddenly the King himself makes an appearance and he is in no mood for games or female what if s King Rashid will not wait to discover if Sheridan is carrying his heir, instead he kidnaps her and takes her back to his country, only once he has her there he s not so sure what to do with her I loved this read, it was sweet and kind the one moment and hot and passionate the next and then it dropped to such vivid emotional heartspoken sweetness I broke out in tears Sheridan was awesome, she stands up for what she wants and does not hold her tongue Which was so amazing to read about, it s not every woman out there that would dare tell a King his fortune, I mean who dares raise their voice at a King or tell him in nutshell that he sucks , this heroine does And it was so awesome , I adored the character of Sheridan and each time she stood up to Rashid I did however feel so bad for her, being in a foreign country, helpless, possibly carrying a child whom you have already fallen in love with, practically being held against your will and not to mention a hotter than the desert sun King wanting to strip you bare and kiss every inch of you, not a easy list of things to handle But she s areal trooper and rises above it all with stunning elegance Rashid was cold, distant, angry all the time and just plain mean I wanted to bury this man in a deep dark whole in the desert sand for being so mean to Sheridan, but as the author let his side of the story play out I could understand him trying to keep a distance and rather ice his heart against all emotions I very much enjoyed Rashid being knocked from his throne by Sheridan and becoming a greater King than before The author showed just how much the presence of another can influence our actions.I am taking away a message of life is sometimes of a roller coaster ride than we asked for, and when the ride stops at an unintended pit stop it is not the time to be angry or sad, it s the time to stand up and face what ever it is that s trying to knock you from the ride There s a reason for everyone that comes into our lives, maybe they have come to save us, or maybe show us that we can love again, what ever the reason may be the point is to stay on the ride of life, hang in there, face it all and in the end you will reach the exact destination you were meant to.I recommend this read for all fans that adore Lynn Raye Harris books, passion laced with an emotional punch and makes for a lovely afternoon read 4.5 star review He wants his child no matter what, but can he handle the woman that comes with it Carrying the Sheikh s Heir by Lynn Raye Harris is a 2014 Harlequin Presents publication I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Sheridan Sloane only wanted to help her fragile sister achieve her greatest dream Ann was unable to have children and Sheridan felt so guilty about how things turned out for Ann due the financial issues her parents had So, she agreed to IVF and is all set to have a child for her sister Now she is being informed that there had been a mix up and she was inseminated with the sperm of the wrong donor When Rashid Al Hassan discovers the mix up he flies to the states to confront the woman who could be carrying his heir This is of course a very serious situation,but you will laugh out loud at Rashid, He can t imagine the mother of HIS child working in a shop while she carried the child of a king He is of course very cautious with people and refuses to open himself up for any kind of pain or heartbreak So, he comes off as being supremely arrogant and overly formal Then he really does become quite difficult as it becomes clear Sheridan has no intentions of doing what he wants A man accustomed to money and power and certainly unaccustomed to having someone defy him doesn t know how to deal with Sheridan The real difficulty though lies in the fact that Rashid wants the child because he would be his heir and since he is aware Sheridan planned to give the child up he doesn t see the problem The fact that her sister is the one who is to be the child s mother doesn t even come into the equation for Rashid Then he kidnaps Sheridan AND he wants to marry her because of course he can t have his child born out of wedlock Being stuck and practically imprisoned, Sheridan goes through a great many emotions Anger at Ann for putting her in this situation, anger of course at Rashid, and of course the worry and fear of having the baby taken away from her and her sister But, another emotion has begun stirring as well Despite her feelings about Rashid she finds him attractive Sheridan is a smart woman and while she is mainly focused on her own predicament, she does understand Rashid s point of view as well As the two struggle to figure out what to do next they find it harder and harder to deny the physical chemistry brewing between them But can Sheridan agree to Rashid s terms and would she even consider a marriage in name only As I stated after reading the first book in this series, I have not read a great many Harlequin Presents novels in the past But, I have enjoyed some of Lynn s other books and thought I would try these out I also stated in my previous review that I had never really understood the attraction to Sheikh themed romance novels However, these two were pretty good There were serious issues that were pretty thought provoking and there were lighter moments as well and the romance is spicy hot This is one really unusual situation that looks like it could turn into a really ugly battle over the child Sheridan might be carrying So, there were some emotions that were riding high and a lot was at stake for Sheridan I was once again very engaged in the story as I was with the first book in the series I m am now a little curious about this authors back list from Harlequin as it seems writing about good looking, sexy, hot and very rich and powerful Sheikhs are a niche for Lynn This one gets 3.5 stars rounded to 4 I might re read later, to see if I feel the same The dynamics of the hero towards the heroine made me a little cold He d touch her, and they explode in passion, and each time afterwards he would emotionally physically really withdraw Objectively yes, this is how the heroine reels in the giant feisty fish with a lot of fireworks, and Yes, he had a trauma from his past.but If I were a pregnant female, with my emotions getting played with each time, AND literally trapped by a rich man in a fancy prison with zero legal rights, I d either be looking for a way to get out either lie or FAKE a miscarriage, or needing to visit sick parents and running to the nearest lawyer notifying the embassy, and learn how to get legal protections for myself and the kid And then make this guy prove he s 1 stable, 2 has sincere feelings towards me, with say a 4 6 months at least of courtship I think she really took emotional chances, exposed vulnerability, took much risks than he did.Apparently the heroine is a much nicer, gullible person than I am The Happy Ending was wrapped up a little too easily in just a matter of hours for the heroine Dear Author Harlequin Please add in Vers 2, juicy detail, trauma drama, make the hero have to do some work to prove his sincerity I did love the imagery, especially his dark desert robes with gold embroidery reminded me of Oded Fehr in The Mummy 2 SMOKING HOT WARNING Some spoilers ahead.I m not sure how to rate this exactly There were a lot of things I absolutely loved about this book I really enjoyed how the relationship blossomed between the hero heroine The epilogue was wonderful and very touching.However, the premise for the story mixup with sperm at fertility clinic eye roll was ridiculous I am VERY easy going with my suspension of disbelief, but this was a really horrible premise for a story On top of that, there is a scene in the book that has a TSTL moment with the heroine that made no sense Riding a horse is unsafe when you re pregnant and with TWINS no less but to go into a desert, during a storm at NIGHT in an area that is totally foreign to you No one would ever be that stupid Not even a Harlequin heroine who is desperate to find her man.And then she is miraculously saved, literally in the nick of time, by her husband just before she is mauled by a pack of jackals.Dude Justno.This story did not need all that crazy stuff It had a strong relationship blooming between H h The ridiculous external conflicts were not necessary This is also one of my big pet peeves in romance novels when the author adds in a bunch of crazy external conflicts for no good reason Harris is an excellent writer, and she doesn t need that stuff That s my humble opinion.Anyway, this is a tough one to grade, but there are enough lovely components to the story that I still think it s worth a read. 4.5 Stars This was another fabulously intense HP So good that I read it on the average of once every month or two I understand what HPs are all about, sure I do because over the years I ve read enough of them Unfortunately, I ve not cared for the majority Honestly, they are not my favorite because the alphas are so many times over the top, cruel, dishonoring, elitist, too handsome for their own good, and manhoes extraordinaireand that s the short list The way some of the heroes are written I am many times left in doubt of their capabilities of remaining faithful to their fiancees or wives because they are so used to the multitudes of women dropping at their feet, which sickens me a bit Many have bedded women than the number of people I know on this earth I usually choose to avoid them unless I have a recommendation from my reading friends I just get a little tired of all the secrecy and miscommunications and then there are the books similar to this one where the prince king sheikh marries someone they don t love or want because of a pregnancy and the hero refuses to love again since once upon a time they lost someone they loved deeply And lest we not forget the hero who doesn t realize he loves the heroine until the next to last page Like this book, there was really very little togetherness of the H and h and not all that much growth in their relationship if you can even call it that Example of that The heroine was at the hero s palace for a week basically the length of the story minus the epilogue and out of that time he ignored her for five consecutive days I think I m into watching a relationship develop over time Sorryend of HP mini rant.Sheridan Sloane has offered to have a baby for her barren sister and her husband This sister was made very weak because of the way the family treated her as a very thin, easily broken, piece of glass Her parents fed into her fears and made the whole situation much worse Example once the sister was nipped by a dog, not really a biggie therefore no one in the family was allowed to have a peteverof any kind and if a dog was even mentioned in the weak sister s presence she got upset and had a fit Sounds like a sick kind of control to me This was quite unfair to the heroine as she loved dogs but she had to forfeit her desires for her sister They fed her fears continually until they were second nature The parents also expected Sheridan to coddle her weaker sister and be as big a caretaker and enabler as were her parents The parents in this story simply confirmed all of her sisters fears and because of their treatment of her it weakened her to the point of her thinking she was unable to do anything for herself and she thought of no one but herself I was shocked she had enough gumption to get married and surprised her sister didn t have the marital bed duties since the sister was so weak She was a very selfish being and thought only about what she wanted She was quite an unlikable creature even though she had little prominence in the book The main problem was the effect this sister had on our heroine who was made to feel guilty if she didn t do everything to please herincluding carrying a child for her with her own egg and giving that child up to the barren sister This was preposterous in my opinion because it just fed into the poor weak sister bit but I know there are families like that who become such enablers that the whole family is a dysfunctional mess.Through the process of artificial insemination using her brother in law s sperm and her own eggs, there was a mix up at the clinic and she was now quite possibly carrying the offspring of a King For some who thought storing sperm in a cyro bank was crazy, it is most certainly not This is a common practice amongst Royalty and is usually stored in another country for safety It is a necessity when the heir to the throne is the only male heir left or an only child In case of his death, his seed would ensure his lineage would be continued by finding and hiring a surrogate to agree to have his child and turn it over to the Royal Family In fact, there is a new movement in the UK that young men are encouraged by some physicians to have their sperm banked at the age of eighteen This will enable healthy, young sperm in the event the donor marries later in life or possibly becomes sterile due to medical treatment or accident.Ok, lesson over and back to the book.Our tortured hero, Rashid, demands his child and kidnaps Sheridan, practically holding her prisoner in his castle He ignores and avoids her at all cost He is a bit drawn to her and he can t take a chance of getting emotionally involved because five years ago his wife died with some type of defect that caused hemorrhaging during childbirth and their unborn son died as well He was also abused and treated cruelly by his father, he and his brother never having their father s love.This was a good book that I recommend. Sheridan is pregnant with the shut down Rashid, King of Kyr, aka Lion of Kyr which I think is totally cool title She gets pregnant because she is supposed to have her whiny, incredibly ungrateful, wimpy sister s baby Annie never makes a personal appearance in the book, but her off stage presence is SOOOOO annoying and selfish The bratty sister rises again it s one of those tropes I have no patience for.Anyhoo, Sheridan s bright sparkly personality thaws the incredibly cold Rashid Hope that s not a spoiler view spoiler Sheridan is not a virgin they have sex immediately so that was a teensy bit unusual Quite steamy hide spoiler

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