ワールドトリガー 1

ワールドトリガー 1 Destroy Thy Neighbor A Gate To Another Dimension Has Burst Open, And Invincible Monsters Called Neighbors Invade Earth Osamu Mikumo May Not Be The Best Among The Elite Warriors Who Co Opt Other Dimensional Technology To Fight Back, But Along With His Neighbor Friend Yuma, He Ll Do Whatever It Takes To Defend Life On Earth As We Know ItUpstanding Osamu Always Does The Right Thing, Whether It Means Pitching In To Save Earth After School Or Turning The Other Cheek To Bullies But When He Meets A Feisty Humanoid Neighbor Named Yuma, Everything That He Thinks Is Right Is Turned On Its Head Can The Two Natural Enemies Ever Become Friends

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the ワールドトリガー 1 book, this is one of the most wanted Daisuke Ashihara author readers around the world.

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  • Paperback
  • 189 pages
  • ワールドトリガー 1
  • Daisuke Ashihara
  • English
  • 05 November 2018
  • 9781421577647

10 thoughts on “ワールドトリガー 1

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    My first try at manga and it wasn t bad at all

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    I m behind the curve on picking up this title, which is apparently super popular.I was surprised by this title It has action and seems to be building towards becoming an immensely fun entertaining shounen action manga, and the premise seemed like something we ve seen many times before giant monsters attacking a city in Japan, yawn However, I enjoy this take on the common storyline The fact that Yuma is an alien, and Mikumo is a stereotypical straight arrow basically dreaming of becoming a superhero puts a different twist on things I got a kick out of the oddball big brother little brother and native educating alien dynamics I also liked the fact that Yuma is an alien allows for a springboard of questioning the status quo and Mikumo s straight laced idea of what is right and how people should behave Yuma s weird violent behavior due to culture shock alludes to the fact that oftentimes the wolves in society are the ones who benefit from others following social norms and laws i.e sheep It s interesting that, although Mikumo exhibits the righteousness, willingness to turn the other cheek literally in his case , and self sacrifice that traditionally characterize a hero, that he comes off as silly and impotent, as opposed to Yuma, who, though a cute looking character, has been tempered by war and is expediently practical, and therefore successful when it comes to fighting neighbor soldiers The parallels to modern warfare are also intriguing, and whether it was intended by the creator or not, I couldn t help but thinking that the kids in Mikuno s class are like Americans Some have suffered the loss of family or friends due to the war, but they are largely shielded from any ground fighting This changes when neighbor soldiers start spawning all over the city, making me wonder if the creator wanted to conjure ideas about drone bombings, urban warfare in the Middle East, and or Japan s historical trauma after the atomic bombs were dropped Probably not to a large extent, but that s what I ended up thinking about

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    World Trigger is a very Shonen Jump style manga The characters follow certain tropes, but each have their own slightly unique aspects The action is flashy and large scale, but not very thrilling or suspenseful Instead, the reader is drawn to the cool weapons and interesting character and monster designs The high level Border agents are flashy and cool, but there are a lot of them Each volume of the English manga features extra content and the original character designs and backstories of most characters, which makes it easier to keep track of them all I really liked the futuristic city setting, with its isolation and personal defense force it reminded me a lot of Attack on Titan and Neon Genesis Evangelion The neighbors are cool monsters, but not too creepy and not gory at all The hints of secrets and mystery about the world the Neighbors come from is a definite page turning aspect, and will keep me reading

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    Great start to an entertaining new shonen title So looking forward to getting volumes I find the art and characters to be delightful Duck faces Highly recommend this if you like Dystopic storylines and action.

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    Reminds me of a cross between Bleach and Attack on Titan I like it.

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    Concept is brilliant

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    This book is rated teen according to the people at Viz Media and it might have something to do with the theme of fighting nigh unstoppable creatures from an alternative dimension and the violence that happens in these conflicts of course that is all covered by the description of the book when you open up this entry There is some violence none alien damage considering one character gets his arm cut off and impaled thanks to their triggers they heal when they revert to normal it seems and there is a scene where a bully s leg is broken so you be the judge of whether you want a younger reader to read this book that I really enjoyed personally.This story is kind of like a trans dimensional Odd Couple where straight guy and valiant defender of the weak though not very strong himself Osamu and the relatively naive and very honest but very strong Yuma who comes from the same place all of the monsters have been invading from but became friends with Osamu and helps when he can We also get to meet some members of the elite part of the Border organization which protects the people from the Neighbors and Yuma has to do his best to not draw attention to himself This book has a great balance and action and humor and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did if you chose to start this series My personal favorite scene in this book is when Yuma exposes the large amount of money he has and a bully bumps into him and says his leg is broken so he wants a lot of money for the hospital Well this might be a bit of a spoiler but after a moment Yuma Breaks the guys leg and hands him the money fir the hospital After all it wouldn t make sense to give him money unless the guy s leg was really broken.

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    Actually a pretty decent shonen The setup sort of reminds me of Pacific Rim, with monsters from a parallel world coming through portals to wreak havoc A ton of exposition in this volume, but a lot of action, too.

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    There s the spark of something here, despite a plethora of cliches.Review

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    4.7 5 light spoilers below I was really surprised how much I really liked this manga considering that I read much josei manga nowadays This one is for the science fiction genre lovers out there The world has changed, strange holes or portals shale up Japan and bring terrifying monsters BORDER is an organization that has brought order by battling these creatures, safeguarding places they appear and prepping the surrounding areas for evacuation drills and shelters AND gasp they re all young people teenagers so far Osamu is a seemingly plain low level BORDER trainee who is also a highschool student who is wallflowering his life away but secretly doing his Border work Yuma is the weird new kid who is a shorty and who keeps us laughing throughout the entire volume with his innocent but bizarre musings All his expressions are to die for His grins his duck faces, it s all legit Osamu and Yuma work so great together Osamu a quiet, easy to fade into the background character who no one takes seriously yet whose heart is in the right place and wants to protect people Yuma, who is revealed to be a neighbor brings the laughs as he is masquerading as an ordinary student who is still learning social norms and is as cheerful yet scarily insightful as he can be Yuma may come from he other side yet he but he hints that not all neighbors are bad in the way they are presented and portrayed by the media and those humans who fight them in fact, his kind resemble humans in ways than most and the monsters that attack Japan are perhaps some kind of abnormal breed or some nefarious creation This first volume gives us Yuma and Osamu working together to not just save lives but to hide Yuma amongst the crowd Osamu sees him as powerful but not dangerous in wanting to harm people Yuma sees Osamu as weak but still honorable by being duty bound and willing to accept responsibility for his mistakes which could have serious repercussions Osamu is also someone who Yuma finds who won t run from accountability It is an interesting pair up and the author manages to weave it all with themes some commentary on war, propaganda and just knowing, or not putting a face to the folks on the other side Like I said, this one surprised me I ll definitely read the next volume.

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