Desperate Hearts

Desperate Hearts This is like it This is the second book that the author has released in several years This book says that definitely Rosanne Bittner is back The start grabs and hold interest, you meet and hate the villian, and fall in love with the hero.My only complaint is the cover that looks like a 19 year old kid not a 25 year old vigilante who has lived on his own since he was 6 I am looking forward to meet Jake Harkner in her next book. I tried a book by this author once before and absolutely loved it so naturally when the opportunity came up, I enthusiastically grabbed this one for a read The Historic Wild West in all its facets just comes alive in this author s written word Her ability to blend a nice spicy romance against the gritty settings and engaging plots is just a plus in this standalone story about a desperate, terrified woman seeking to lose herself in the West and the rough, capable, protective and yet gentle lawman that only wants her trust and her love.The story opens with Emma Radcliffe, now stylizing herself as Elizabeth Wainwright, making her way on the last leg of her journey to the unknown, hoping to hide from the monstrous man seeking to pin the murder of her mother and theft of his so called property on her He is a beast and capable of unspeakable things so that even the fatiguing and scary journey to the even scarier, strange, wildness of Montana Territory has its appeal That is until her stagecoach is held up, the other passengers and driver murdered and she about to be ravaged by a scruffy group of thieves To her rescue, comes a man that she is unclear about whether he is much better when he shoots down three of the five men like vermin and leaves the other two weaponless and in their underwear while cuffed to the turned over stage His description of himself and his appearance are less than flattering, but he is at least honest He escorts her on to the town she was intending for her new home She shies away from him wanting nothing to do with the big, ruthless vigilante though at the same time she is drawn to him and misses him when he s not around Elizabeth reluctantly accepts his aid to get established and is bewildered by her confused and conflicted feelings and thoughts when it comes to lawman, Mitch Brady Mitch is very aware that the young, naive beauty that he rescued is lying about so many things, but with that knowledge comes the additional truth that she is not a bad woman, but a scared one that has seen her fair share of trouble and misery He helps her and advises her even when she stubbornly insists that she ll be fine and can take care of herself He has never felt the way he does about Elizabeth and struggles to understand the feelings he has for her all the while he has to keep his wits about him as the family of the robbers he brought in for hanging are set to get revenge on him.I found the general plot and story to be a page turner and engaged my interest and emotions from the beginning The pace was good though I will contradict myself about that shortly The setting of a mining town in Montana Territory and the raw justice served by the vigilantes was fascinating and a strong foundation for the story The description of daily life in a mining town and the people that populated it was painted so well that I could picture it and feel I was there while reading The plot tackles darker themes of sexual and physical abuse, murder and public hangings Some may find this disturbing though it was handled in a detached and not hands on sort of way.As to the characters, Mitch was larger than life and the perfect hot blooded, ruggedly handsome western hero that I love He had depth too in that the author gave him a strong backstory and lots of description throughout the book for additional depth to his character He was unapologetic about who and what he was and was honest with himself and then with Elizabeth about his feelings and wants So refreshing He put it all out there and was patient with Elizabeth s hang ups.About her now, this is where I m going to say something contrary about the pacing The book was indeed well paced with the exception of Elizabeth s internal monologue and rehashing of her fears about what was in her past and misconceptions that were a result of judging the West and its people by Eastern standards Elizabeth had some truly awful things happen to her Unfortunately, the damage from this causes an eighteen year old Elizabeth to judge all males the same way potential abusers and thieves She spent about sixty percent of the book mentally dithering over the same thoughts like her brain was on a hamster wheel She had all the evidence she needed that Mitch was NOT her step dad and neither were several other men and she even had several people including Mitch see right through her lies and assure her that whatever she was running from wouldn t shock them because many people in town came from rough pasts, but, see here is where she showed her young age and how the trauma from her past held her emotionally hostage She got stubborn and wouldn t listen Sigh Elizabeth, for all her stubbornness, was a worthy heroine and so plucky to survive and thrive after what her life dealt her She came alone to the untamed lands of Montana and determined to make a fresh start on very little The romance was slow to build mostly because Elizabeth was so cautious Mitch s love for her happened pretty quickly and he gently and firmly went after what he wanted Their romance followed the social norms of the day though at a certain point I laughed when they basically said chuck it and got down too it Elizabeth without her caution was as eager as Mitch to have something together Mitch had been a lonely man, orphaned and drifting since age six, so it was heartwarming to see him find a lovely woman who needed him and eventually accepted him as he was They came together and were a convincing, passionate couple.All in all, this was another splendid reading experience that carried me along both into the past and into these characters lives Personally, I have plans to continue reading this author s future work and check out her backlist of titles I would definitely encourage Western Historical Romance fans to take this one up.My thanks to Sourcebooks Casablanca and Net Galley for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review. She S A Woman With A SecretElizabeth Wainwright Is On The Run Accused Of A Murder She Didn T Commit, She Has No Choice But To Cut Ties With Her Old Life And Flee West The Last Thing She Wants Is Attention, But When Her Stagecoach Is Attacked, She Suddenly Finds Herself Under The Fierce Protection Of One Of Montana S Famed Vigilantes Whether She Likes It Or NotHe S A Man With A CodeLawman Mitch Brady Is Sworn To Uphold Justice In The Wild Lands Of S Montana He S Never Met A Man He S Feared, And He S Never Met A Woman Desperately In Need Of His Help Something S Shaken The Secretive Elizabeth, But As He Gets To Know The Beautiful City Belle, He Finds The Only Thing He Wants Than Her Safety Is Her Trust Yet another great read by Bittner I don t know how she does it Every time I think I have a favorite Bittner heroin I read another great Bittner book Emma Radcliff is on the run because she has been accused of a murder she did not commit She is headed west after seeing a newspapee Ad saying single and widowed can make a fortune in a mining town in Montana as maids, cooks or cleaning laundry for miners She takes on the assumed name of Elizabeth Wainwright hoping that the wilds of Montana is the last place that her uncle, that s also her step father, or the New York City police would think to look for her Lawman Mitch Brady is patrolling knowing a stage coach is due to be in Alder soon He finds an overturned stage and an outlaws that have pulled a young woman out and are attacking her Mitch has no idea why this city belle would ever dream of coming to Alder but he s knows she scared All he does know is he has a need to protect this young lady He wants to help her, he wants to know who she really is He wants to know what she s afraid of and why she s on the run The attempted stage coach robbery and murders of the men on board are just the beginning of Elizabeth learning how wild and untamed the West really is It sends her down a very unexpected path where she will have to learn to trust a vigilante lawman A lawman that desperately wants her to trust him Is Alder, Montana and it s array of people that all have sorted unknown pasts really be the place where Elizabeth, or Emma rather, finds her destiny and happiness, her peace. Rosanne Bittner has written many novels and I have read quite a few of her works In fact, I wonder that she can come up with new story lines However in Desperate Hearts she has done just that Although it s a classic tale of a runaway heroine trying to escape the clutches of a depraved relative, there is enough action and adventure in this novel to keep you interested to the last page.Elizabeth Wainwright runs from New York to a little hole in the wall gold town of Alder, Montana Most of the people in Alder are running from something or someone The town sheriff, Mitch Brady, is also a vigilante in Montana and the only law for miles around Elizabeth is coming into town on a stagecoach when outlaws attack and she is the only one left alive Mitch arrives just in time to save her virtue and her life.The story continues as the townspeople surround Mitch and Elizabeth with caring concern in the wake of many attempts on both Mitch s and Elizabeth s lives Along the way, the two come to trust each other enough to be able to share whatever is lurking in their pasts and preventing them from going on with life.I truly enjoyed reading this book and found it to be a good old western novel I was sent a free print copy by in return for my honest review You can find this review on my blog at Welcome to the Wild West at its finest This story is bittersweet It s also revealing and heartening Bittner captivates her audience with both the best and the worst of human nature Her vivid yet realistic descriptions place the reader right in the middle of the action You don t just visualise this story, you live it I found myself transported back in time, living vicariously through the pages of this novel.The characters in this tale were completely breathtaking They were so real that it made it easy to fathom the experiences that they lived I also appreciated the fact that they rose above what they lived through That said, although their histories were definitely harsh and daunting, they weren t completely out of the realm of possible In fact, they are still things that occur too often today Bittner allows the characters emotions to shine through the pages of this novel, thus giving her readers an opportunity to connect with them I found myself drawn in to their lives and definitely didn t want to let them go at the end.Overall, I was completely enthralled throughout Bittner takes western historical romance to an entirely new level with this story It may have been my first of her novels but it definitely won t be my last.Please note that I received a complimentary copy of this work in exchange for an honest review. Miss Emma Radcliffe, AKA Elizabeth Wainwright is on the run from a step father who will stop at nothing to see her in his clutches, including having her formally accused for the murder of her own mother Headed out West in a stagecoach without a companion, Emma finds herself in the midst of a robbery gone wrong When she is saved from being raped by the attackers by lawman, Mitch Brady, she is in for than she bargains for when he seeks to protect her, even from herself if necessary.Once Mitch begins to get to know Elizabeth better, he knows she isn t being honest about many of the things she s told him about herself Elizabeth doesn t realize that Mitch will discover her secrets all while his feeling for her evolve into much than just wanting to protect her Elizabeth has feeling for Mitch as well, but if he discovers what she has run from, will he understand Emma Elizabeth is a total fish out of water when she arrives into Montana Territory She is a like able character I wish she was confident The handsome and honorable, Mitch Brady is the ultimate alpha When there is danger around, you want a man like Mitch at your back DESPERATE HEARTS by Rosanne Bittner is a very pleasing read I look forward to reading by this author, as this was the first book I have read. I enjoyed Desperate Hearts I thought it was a well written and sweet romance about two people finding love during the gold rush in Montana Elizabeth has fled to the other side of the country in order to escape her abusive uncle She has something very valuable with her that he wants to take for his own Mitch rescues her from a stage coach robbery and it is love at first sight for him He will do anything he can to protect her and win her heart While I loved the romance between Mitch and Elizabeth, I liked the overall story I felt like the story wasn t overly romanticized The author did a great job of showing the harsh realities of that time, especially when it came to the treatment of women Gold mining wasn t glamorous or easy work The tensions of the times caused people to turn to theft, rape and even murder It gave depth to the story If you are looking for an enjoyable western romance, then I do recommend checking this one out. DESPERATE HEARTS may make you feel your own desperation for an alpha male in leather and a six shooter to love and protect you.It s 1866 and a woman is headed to Alter, MT to escape a desperate situation in New York City Reinventing herself as Elizabeth Wainright, the woman finds herself on a stagecoach headed west when it s attacked and her fellow passengers are killed Suddenly under the protection of vigilante sheriff Mitch Brady whether she wants it or not, Elizabeth finds herself in a lawless town with few respectable women and even fewer respectable men The folks of Alter are nothing like she s used to, but if she s going to escape notice from her former stepfather in New York, she ll have to keep a low profile and her secrets Mitch is a rough and gruff lawman who s both feared and loved by the town He s not sure why he brings the lovely Miss Wainright to Alter, but he s sure glad she s hereeven if she s not a lady for hire Something about her calls to him, and he ll do whatever he can to persue that connection before another man gets his hands on her But Elizabeth is scared that her past will come for her She can t trust anyone, even the strong and sexy man who s bent on protecting her Mitch will do whatever it takes to prove to Elizabeth that he d never betray her trust, but will it be too late DESPERATE HEARTS started off with a fun and well written stagecoach robbery, a little murder, some mayhem and a lot of lusty thoughts for the hunky vigilante lawman who rescues Elizabeth Emma Unfortunately that was the only redeeming thing about this long winded novel This book was basically the same scene rewritten repeatedly, almost verbatim at times Mitch protects Elizabeth Emma, he asks for trust, she can t give him trust, he backs off, she laments her situation Rinse and repeat I was frustrated and bored by ongoing storyline, making me desperate to finish DESPERATE HEARTS as quickly as possible.Even though the book claims to be full of hot sex, humor and lots of romance, I truly don t know where any of those things are The sex scenes were brief and poorly written and there was zero chemistry between Mitch and Elizabeth Emma whatsoever I felt like he was courting her because she was the only suitable woman in his life who wasn t a prostitute With a dull storyline and uninspired writing, DESPERATE HEARTS is definitely one book that I won t be recommending to anyone who enjoys passion, excitement and chemistry in their romance reads. Desperate Hearts is the story of Elizabeth Emma running away from a horrible event and finding herself the focus of the very swoon worthy vigilante sheriff Mitch Brady Emma delighted me in her innocence and desire to find a way to protect herself, despite her inability to fully do so But when she finally realized she had someone to lean on and help carry her burden, she fully gave of herself and her heart She also learned not to worry about what others thought of her and who was truly proper to be friends with.Mitch s unwavering desire to claim and protect Emma and really, his heart to protect all women and his commanding presence captured my heart and endeared him to me tightly I loved being there to watch him be the tough, strong, alpha man, but yet know when and how to treat Emma with tenderness I have only a few authors who I enjoy reading historical romance stories from and Rosanne Bittner continues to remain at the top of the list I love how she draws me in, makes me fall for her characters, places me firmly in another time and place, and leaves me with a smile on my heart Thank you, Rosanne, for another beautiful story

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  • Desperate Hearts
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