West Winds of Wyoming

West Winds of Wyoming In Book Three Of The Prairie Hearts Series By USA Today Bestselling Author Caroline Fyffe, Two Broken Hearts Just Might Find A Second Chance At LoveWhen Widower Charlie Rose Shows Up Looking For Work At The Struggling Cotton Ranch, No One Knows He S Secretly Trying To Outrun Trouble And He Intends To Keep It That Way He Wants To Start Over Fresh In The Small Town Of Logan Meadows, Where His Blind Daughter Can Grow Up Safe And Where Danger Can T Find HimFeisty And Independent, Nell Page Is Determined To Protect The Cotton Ranch, Despite Threats From The Bank And The Mysterious Stranger Lurking On The Ranch S Borders In Spite Of Her Better Judgment, Nell Instantly Feels Drawn To Handsome, Dependable Charlie The They Ride Together Through The Beautiful Wyoming Mountains And Plains, The Their Feelings Grow Into A Love That Could Be Strong Enough To Last Forever But Will Charlie S Past Catch Up With Him And Dash Their Hopes For A Future Together

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  • Paperback
  • 320 pages
  • West Winds of Wyoming
  • Caroline Fyffe
  • English
  • 11 March 2019
  • 9781477825204

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    Is there anything appealing than a completely sexy, completely good southern gentleman I am sure there is but in this case, why no, no there isn t.After adoring another book I read last year by Fyfee I just knew it was time to read another one when I saw her latest release Besides, it has been way too long since I read a good romantic, heart warming western And did I mention the hot cowboy Pfft please, like anyone needs a better excuse than that to pick this up Fyfee is one of those author s that made me change my mind about a certain genre, mainly westerns I honestly love a good romance but it never occurred to me to combine those sweet romances with a western background I know, you are thinking I am crazy because who doesn t love a sexy cowboy but it wasn t until I picked up one of her books and read it that I can truly say I had any appreciation for the genre.I am happy to say her latest installment didn t let me down and reminded me all over again why I fell in love with not only her writing but the theme as well.I really loved feisty good girl Nell and it was nice to see her show a softer side when it came to Maddie adorable and then as she warmed up to Charlie as the story progressed As crazy as it seems though, I think my favorite character was Nell s brother Seth I just loved him and how they each cared for one another It was really sweet to see and warmed my heart We need books with loving siblings in them for sure.This was such a sweet, romantic, and heart warming story Perfect for a weekend when all you want to do is cozy up to a good book that you know will have a happily ever after when it is all said and done.

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    Series Prairie Hearts, book 3 West Winds of Wyoming by Caroline Fyffe.I like reading stories our on the Prairies This one tells the story of Feisty little lady Nell Page Nell and her brother live and work the ranch alone and sometimes it is so hard that when widower Charlie Rose comes looking for work they need to hire him.The Cotton Ranch is struggling and with the help of Charlie maybe they will be able to make the next mortgage payment.the era of 1800 s is a time when neighbors helped one another when they could When a young girl comes in on the stage all alone and she is blind and not very talkative, the town comes together to help her.Caroline writes a delightful story that keeps you wanting to read just a little bit ,I know I did.

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    When widower Charlie Rose shows up looking for work at the struggling Cotton Ranch, no one knows he s secretly trying to outrun trouble and he intends to keep it that way He wants to start over fresh in the small town of Logan Meadows, where his blind daughter, Maddie, can grow up safe and where danger can t find him Widowed at a very young age, Nell Page is trying, along with her brother Seth, to save the ranch from the clutches of the bank She hires Charlie to help them with chores that are quickly piling up She finds herself having feelings for this handsome cowboy that she never expected to feel again Would it be possible to start over again Charlie has secrets from the past that still haunt him Will his past undermine their future This book grabs you quickly, and doesn t want to let go The intrigue of Charlie s past keeps you guessing, and as does the developing feelings between Charlie and Nell The secondary characters round out the book and keep things interesting I was especially drawn to Seth, Nell s brother Caroline Fyffe is a new author for me, but not for long I really like her writing style and ability to hold the reader s attention This story was wonderfully written and captivated me from the first page to the last I appreciate how she shows the reader how important a family s love is There were parts in this book that really tug at your heart A compelling story An advance reading copy was generously provided by the publisher and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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    What a beautiful picture you painted of the horses Small town with the railroad nearby Everyone coming together Brenna with her kids eking out a living Never wanting to take charity Silently giving little gifts that no one knows about Now there is Nell She is not the prissy sort A pair of jeans, shirt vest and she is good to go A stage arrives with Maddie, who is blind She won t say anything about her past Just that there was a note saying Brenna should take her in In comes Charlie Tristan who is new to town He gets a job on The Cotton Ranch owned by Nell her brother Seth Charlie is running from trouble but is a hard worker Once he gets settled, they go into town for the picnic He is hoping to get a look at Maddie to make sure she is ok He ends up winning the quilt but can t speak because he knows Maddie will recognize his voice Now there is Mr Hutton who is the new school teacher He is introduced at the picnic School will be starting on Monday It seems that the day before he comes downs with the measles Brenna steps up to take care of him He also gets her to take over classes till he is better Confusion is reigning Brenna is falling for Mr Hutton Nell has fallen for Charlie but she thinks he is interested in Brenna After the round up of the horses, Charlie kisses her like crazy He almost lost her and he is ready to stop running He goes into town to go get Maddie Only Nell thinks he is going for Brenna Everyone meets up at Brenna house at the same time Maddie is calling him Pa, Brenna is trying to take Maddie away from him Nell is just happy So Charlie marries Nell I can see Brenna marrying Mr Hutton Next will be Seth who has been seeing Ivy It seems braille is coming to Long Meadows also Thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.

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    I really enjoyed reading this fantastic western romance by Ms Fyffe She has written a beautiful and amazing story that speaks from the heart The main characters are Charlie Rose who is a widower with a small daughter who is blind He has seen a lot of what life can do to a man who lost the love of his wife and now he s alone He rides in the town of Logan Meadows hoping to find his daughter in care of a friend Charlie must find a way to make a living so he can get his little girl situated and find her a special teacher But he must be careful because he s in danger from his past Nell Page is feisty woman who dresses like a man, handles horses with ease and likes her independence Being a widow living with her brother at the Cotton Ranch, Nell hires Charlie to help with all the chores that have piled up She sees a handsome and lonely man who makes her pulse race and puts butterflies in her stomach Once Charlie and Nell begin to work together, there is a spark of something special between the two.Can Nell depend on Charlie to be there for her Can her feelings be love and if so how can she tell him Charlie knows that Nell is a woman who turns his blood hot with her kisses that make him forget where his loyalties lie Will there be a future for them or will Charlie s past life catch up to him Please read this book, you won t be disappointed.I received this ARC title from Net Galley for an honest review.

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    I just have to say that I love Caroline Fyffe Every book I have ever read of hers draws me in and this one is no exception I was on the edge of my seat the entire time I was reading this I was very intrigued from the very beginning Wondering what secrets Charlie is hiding and what trouble is following him.Being widowed at a very young age, Nell is content to work her ranch with her brother Dressing as a man does and working the ranch have never bothered her before But when Charlie shows up, feelings resurface that she thought she would never have again She longs for love and a family, but will her insecurities get the best of her Charlie shows up at Cotton Ranch for a job and to reclaim his life once again Trying to outrun trouble, he lands a job on the ranch But he is keeping secrets The less anyone knows the better He is drawn to Nell s understated beauty and her natural intuitiveness with the animals Does she really know what they are thinking and feeling When she tells him about the stranger she has seen twice, all he can think is to protect her from his past Can Nell get past her insecurity and tell Charlie what she feels Can Charlie finally listen to his heart and not his head and reclaim his life and love Love, love , love this book and can t wait for in the series

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    Caroline Fyffe has done it again with another beautiful western that captures your heart I wasn t particularly drawn to westerns till I read her books They are heartfelt and tender I adore the characters and feel like I know them personally This story kept me guessing At times I thought I knew how parts of the story would unfold, but I was wrong Other parts were predictable, but very sweet Caroline s love of horses shows through too I think there might be a little piece of Caroline inside of Nell As always I look forward to

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    First Time Reader of This Author very Pleased This was the first time I have read this author and I was very pleased Her writing flows veryEasily The story line held my interest There was a good mixture of romance and some mystery along with the adventure I fill definitely read of her books It is refreshing to find an author that is NOT x rated, but still keeps the romance.

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    Awesome a must readCaroline Fyffe is an awesome writer that lets her stories flow in a way that puts you in the scene she will have you feeling the wind and the emotions of the wonderful characters have read all three and wish the series went on.

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    I really enjoyed this heartwarming story I wasn t sure how Maddie would be reunited with her father It was lovely watching how God worked in the lives of these characters I have to say that Seth stole my heart with his matchmaking ways

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