Assassin's Quest

Assassin's QuestKing Shrewd Is Dead At The Hands Of His Son Regal As Is Fitz Or So His Enemies And Friends Believe But With The Help Of His Allies And His Beast Magic, He Emerges From The Grave, Deeply Scarred In Body And Soul The Kingdom Also Teeters Toward Ruin Regal Has Plundered And Abandoned The Capital, While The Rightful Heir, Prince Verity, Is Lost To His Mad Quest Perhaps To Death Only Verity S Return Or The Heir His Princess Carries Can Save The Six Duchies But Fitz Will Not Wait Driven By Loss And Bitter Memories, He Undertakes A Quest To Kill Regal The Journey Casts Him Into Deep Waters, As He Discovers Wild Currents Of Magic Within Him Currents That Will Either Drown Him Or Make Him Something Than He Was Praise For Robin Hobb And Assassin S Quest Fantasy As It Ought To Be Written Robin Hobb S Books Are Diamonds In A Sea Of Zircons George R R Martin An Enthralling Conclusion To This Superb Trilogy, Displaying An Exceptional Combination Of Originality, Magic, Adventure, Character, And Drama Kirkus Reviews Starred Review Superbly Written, Wholly Satisfying, Unforgettable Better Than Any Fantasy Trilogy In Print Including Mine Melanie Rawn Buddy read with Alexa It s a hard thing to do to constantly force yourself onward in a series that has never managed to fully catch your interest, just waiting for it to improve And then to reach the end and realise that it doesn t.I really wanted to like this series After finishing both the first and the second book I was torn between two different ratings, and on both occasions decided to give the book the highest one All in hope of drastic improvements that could make the series as interesting as I hoped it would be from the beginning But in the end, I was disappointed, and I simply have no patience left Assassin s Quest has the exact same problems as the first two books in the trilogy, only much so My irritation with Fitz grew by the page, and at this point he is very near to becoming my least favourite protagonist ever I was warned about it, but I didn t heed those warnings simply because I didn t think it would be this bad He goes around whining about everything and everyone, and refuses to do anything about it When I started reading this series, I expected an intriguing tale of an assassin and his exploits If Fitz even deserves to be called an assassin, he must be the most useless one in the fantasy genre He only attempted one actual assassination throughout the entire book, which did not even come close to succeeding.The other characters are not much better I m not going to write a long paragraph about each and every one of them, so let it suffice to say that in the end there were only two characters I enjoyed reading about Patience and Nighteyes One of them did not appear in this book at all, the other was absent for large parts of it The rest of the characters did nothing but frustrate me one way or another.I need to talk about one character though Regal Regal Farseer is doubtlessly among the worst villains I have ever read about in fantasy While there are many antagonists motivated solely by a lust for power, Regal stands out among them Like Fitz so eloquently said, he isa whining, spoiled child who schemed to take his older brothers toysAnd when Regal gets the toys he so desperately wants, he has no idea whatsoever of how to hold on to them and defend them So he turns into a madman for no apparent reason, and becomes a paranoid idiot who believes that everyone just wants to take from him what he rightfully deserves.Then there is the matter of the constant failures of the protagonists Like I wrote in one of my status updates, the entire book and trilogy is about failure after failure after failure You can see each one coming long before it happens, rendering the book amazingly predictable, and every time Fitz managed a miraculous escape, mostly through sheer luck Because of all that, large parts of this final book were utterly and completely pointless, and served no other purpose than to pull the reader through yet another of Fitz numerous failures.Further, the ending was not satisfying at all First, it felt rushed The entire trilogy was concluded and in the space of two short chapters at the very end of the book Too much was squeezed into that small space, which is almost ironic considering that there were long parts in the middle of the book in which nothing happened at all Second, it didn t really explain anything and provided few and inadequate answers to questions raised Besides the fact that a handful of characters have died, one could just turn the time back to the beginning of Assassin s Apprentice, and it would be a rather similar ending to the one delivered here.To summarise all that in one short sentence, I was not happy with this book at all There was so very little that caught my interest that it became a very difficult book to get through To be fair, there are a couple of interesting parts introduced in the last third of the book, but the problem was that at that point I was so disillusioned I did not care about any of it.Because of the infamous bad apples again, I am willing to give the works of Robin Hobb another chance But not yet. Un freaking popular opinion And no, I don t care Although, some of my friends feel the same All the stars in the world for Night Eyes The narrator did a wonderful job as usual but I just wasn t feeling this one I must admit, I fell asleep a few times Does this mean I will never read another Robin Hobb book No Does this mean Robin Hobb doesn t write great books No I will continue on with this world as I go along I happy for all of you that loved this book There is nothing like loving a book Now don t be talking smack on my review I don t tolerate that any Robin Hobb certainly knows how to deliver a spectacular conclusion The build up going into these final chapters was immense she draws the plot out so much that when the ending does arrive, it s almost explosive because it s so shocking that it has finally been delivered I love the way she keeps doing this to me, but this book wasn t without its faults The villain, Prince Regal, remains a bit of a frustrating mystery and the final resolution, though good, was a little glossed over This is the only book of Hobb s in which Fitz is the narrator that I have problems with Firstly, though, I m going to lay down the positives The Lone Wolf Fitz has narrowly escaped death a few times now, and his most recent escape has, quite literally, changed him forever His bond with his wolf has intensified tenfold Fitz now thinks like a wolf, and acts like a wolf He s a different man because of the ancient magic that saved his life He seeks solitude and the great outdoors he wishes for seclusion and to be completely left alone thus, he must overcome another great personal obstacle if he is going to exact his revenge He must return to himself and think like a human once This is no easy task because his only companion is his wolf Nighteyes Fitz is in danger of losing himself completely if he doesn t realise the importance of his part in the events to comeI thought we had lost you I thought we d done something worse than let you die His old arms were tight and strong about me.I was kind to the old man I did not tell him they had He still pines for his Molly, though he knows he must forget her The world thinks he is dead, so to go to her would put her in serious danger Fitz has enemies, many enemies They would gladly murder anyone associated with him to draw him out So, Fitz learns to live with his personal sacrifice and move on he knows Molly is safe with Burrich he is now left to follow the path of the lone wolf But, this is something he must overcome he cannot save the Six Duchies by himself He needs his Fool he needs his friend he needs his Beloved This really drove the story forward, as Fitz began to overcome his sorrow The antagonist makes no sense The ending was exciting and fast, so very fast It was a good ending but it needed substance it needed to be seen through the eyes of the characters, and not mentioned in a brief summary In addition, I though the revelation of what drove Prince Regal was incredibly flat I expected there to be some great, and hidden, evil that guided his corruptness I thought there would be a reason for his usurpation and self serving selfishness that almost destroyed what was, at the time, his own realm It just doesn t make sense why he would allow his territory to be taken without a fight If he wanted to be King, then surely he would want a large kingdom and not one surrounded by enemies His actions made little sense and were just plain stupid to the point of ridiculous Indeed, Regal appears to be a spoilt boy who has no sense of any intellect His actions were self destructive and random He s a terrible antagonist because there is no logic to his character If there was a true reason behind his motives it was never revealed This is my only criticism of Hobb s writing it is the lowest point of this entire series because of it But, it is far outweighed by the positives of her storytelling This series, overall, is really good Regal is only one aspect of the plot The protagonist is still excellent and well thought out regardless of the sloppy bad guy Fitz has come so far through this story and has developed into a true hero, as signified by his final actions towards his biggest foe and how he helps his king This is important that Regal s poor characterisation And, as ever, his friendship with the Fool defines this series it makes it what it is Only together could they find King Verity The Farseer Trilogy 1 Assassin s Apprentice An overwhelming five stars 2 Royal Assassin A character defining five stars3Assassin s Quest A solid 3.5 stars Robin Hobb is an amazing author The characters she builds are so realistic You become completely entranced and connected to all the characters in her books She has superb storytelling skills that won t let you put the book down I STRONGLY suggest reading The Farseer TrilogyThis book was definitely my favorite one of the series I loved watching all the small plot lines develop and come together There was so much going on in this one, and Fitz stumbled from one chaotic mess into the other I felt for him, I truly did.Obviously, there are many other characters I ve come to love in this series Nighteyes is probably one of my favorites Like I said, these characters will feel so familiar to you.Robin Hobb is on a plane all her own in terms of storytelling, and getting you to truly feel for her characters Assassin s Quest is just that A huge, long, unending quest And throughout it all its pure torture for our protagonist, as he tries to silently protect all whom he loves, despite the fact that they all think him dead It s perhaps the best quest novel I ve ever read Yes, I ll go ahead and say that This was adventure at its most perilous, its most primal, a doomed mission at wit s end.Much of this quest involved the true bonding with his wolf Nighteyes, and how that shaped his character And how that shaped his wolf At the onset of the book Fitz showed characteristics to a wolf than he does a man But subtly Hobb presents you with the opposite happening with Nighteyes He slowly begins to think and act upon situations like a human would It s brilliant writing Again, Hobb astounds with her ability to write In conclusion, this book is my favorite of the three I fell in love with so many of the characters and wanted to viciously murder some of the others I would highly recommend you read this series, if you haven t done so already I can t wait to read of her work. Actual Rating 2.5 StarsThough it pains me to say this, Assassin s Quest is the weakest installment of the Farseer Trilogy. It s not necessarily a bad book but I am pretty split down the middle on things I did didn t like about this conclusion and so a 2.5 stars felt appropriate While the opening scene is very strong, this book ultimately suffers from a monotonous journey with an indistinct rushed conclusion Unfortunately, I won t be able to explain myself further without spoilers SPOILER ALERT So the book begins with the resurrection of Fitz s human form from Nighteyes Burrich, Chade, Nighteyes now accompany Fitz in a hidden cabin in the woods while he attempts to relearn what it means to be a man instead of a wolf This is a strong opening is by far one of my favorite scenes in the book.The sequence ends in an emotionally charged battle of words that scatters our heroes onto their own separate paths The conflict is written incredibly well, with each character having a justifiable perspective It pierced my heart to watch them allow their disagreements to fracture the group, but overall it felt like a realistic necessary development for all involved.So now Fitz strikes off with only Nighteyes to assassinate Regal we come to one of my biggest qualms with this final book.IT S SO DAMN REPETITIVE.Events proceed as such from this point on 1 Fitz is captured.2 Fitz s situation looks completely inescapable.3 Fitz escapes usually with help from Nighteyes 4 Fitz uses his Skill to peek in on Burrich Molly.5 Optional Fitz meets a young woman who tempts him to sleep with her.I haven t measured, but I can confidently say at least 60% of the book is made up of this cycle repeating itself.The first time Fitz is captured, I was on the edge of my seat wondering how in the world he could escape from Will s grasp from inside of Regal s castle But when Fitz is captured twice , the excitement of the moment is quite dampened by the fact that I m certain he will find a way out of his situation.This renders Fitz s capture escape scenes pointless uninteresting for the most part.All the while, Fitz manages to meet three separate women none of which are Molly who all want to fuck him Look, I know Fitz is supposed to be dashing or whatever, but this is overkill If this weren t enough to make me roll my eyes, all of these women turn out to be insufferable The first, Honey, makes Fitz the butt of all her jokes sarcasm, only to sneak into his sleeping quarters within a couple days of knowing him When he refuses, she goes back to being sour self important for the rest of the time she is in Fitz s company even after he saves her life her sister father s lives The second, whose name isn t even important enough for me to remember, is part of a travelling caravan that Fitz briefly joins He is momentarily tempted by her offer, but eventually declines out of loyalty to Molly When thwarted, this girl threatens to go to the caravan leader with her suspicions that Fitz is the Farseer Bastard King Regal is searching for So to put it plainly, she s a piece of shit.Lastly, we meet Starling, a minstrel who Fitz also encounters in the traveling caravan Starling begins with a lot of potential seems at first to be one of the most realistic female characters Fitz meets in this installment My opinion of Starling quickly goes downhill when she first reprimands Fitz over how he treats Molly, then immediately tries to sleep with him What the fuckFitz refuses, and from this point on Starling is nothing but a headache for Fitz She tags along with him simply because she wants to bear witness to something amazing that she can write a song about secure her own future Along the way, she ends up revealing the existence of Fitz s child against his will, constantly puts off angry, angsty vibes, and goes on a weird largely unresolved tangent about The Fool being a woman who is actually in love with Fitz I mean what the actual fuckAm I supposed to like this character Am I supposed to sympathize with herAt one point, Fitz is in a situation where he can ambush a group of people who absolutely will torture him if they catch him Starling is horrified by the prospect, suggesting the heroic thing to do would be to issue a challenge to his enemies instead of taking them down unawares.Bitch what do you think this is A fairy tale OF COURSE I M GONNA TAKE THEM OUT IF I HAVE THE CHANCE WHY WOULD I ISSUE A FUCKING CHALLENGE Near the end of the novel, she reveals her sad story to Fitz once again tries to sleep with him By this point, I am so done with this character that I couldn t even feel bad for her She s completely irrelevant a huge distraction from my enjoyment of the story.Needless to say I d probably strangle her if I were Fitz so kudos to my boy for maintaining his composure in the face of all that nonsense But please don t think Fitz is an angel here because he isn t Fitz constantly uses his Skill sense to check in on Molly Burrich, even though he is repeatedly warned that doing so puts their location at risk of being discovered by enemy Skill users Once, perhaps I could understand But he literally checks in on them like 10 times, each time being cautioned by Verity that doing so is incredibly dangerous One of the last things that really bothered me about this last installment is that I still have no idea why the magic systems function the way they do.I understand how the Wit works I understand how the Skill works But I don t know know why This is perhaps due to the First Person nature of the story, as Fitz isn t an expert on his abilities either But Hobb found ways to fill the reader in on the historical situation of the Six Duchies the Mountain Kingdom through Fitz, and so I m not sure she couldn t have done a similar thing with the magic system This lack of understanding becomes super apparent as the finale of the book plays out Verity s creation of the Dragon, Kettle s release from her Skill burning, The Fool s betrayal , the effects of the Skill Road on Skill users, the Pillar to the past, the wakening control of the Elderlings All of it just floats around in a hazy sea of it works that way because it works that way that s not always enough for me to feel satisfied.Otherwise, Hobb maintains her excellent writing all the way through to the very end of this trilogy She could probably write a detailed to do list I would be hanging on every word that s how addicting her words are I also particularly enjoyed the glimpses of scenes we get with Burrich Molly I found the endgame of the two falling in love a bit strange to say the least, but they definitely have some of the most compelling scenes that break up the intense monotony of Fitz s travels The Fool Fitz have some really gratifying relationship development, as does Kettricken in her struggles to find Verity serve the people of the Six Duchies Upon reading this conclusion, I m definitely torn I m glad to have finished this trilogy, as it is surely a story worth reading I ve grown close to Fitz, Nighteyes, The Fool along with a couple other characters , and I enjoy the world Hobb has created here But after falling in love with Royal Assassin, I was hoping for something a bit satisfying from Assassin s Quest As a whole, a good trilogy with a killer middle book I m quite excited to move on to the Liveship Traders Trilogy After the spine tingling cliff hanger at the close of the book two, I was fully expecting a cathartic close in this the third and final book in the Farseer trilogy However, I found myself getting bored with the tiresome and seemingly endless quest that took far too much of the last half of this 700 some page finale Perhaps it was the monotony of the long haul slough that our hero and his allies endured for 200 plus pages , or even the deus ex machina by way of dragons How convenient and stereotypical of the genre Or maybe it was just the deliciously unresolved endings at the close of books one and two that whet my appetite for In any event, I have to say that I was a bit disappointed with the close of Assassin s Quest Of course, there are just enough plot lines left loosely tied or is left unraveled that I admit that my curiosity is piqued for the second trilogy about the later years of an older FitzChivalry But I m than content to leave that for a future rainy day. It is always a great feeling to start the last book of the trilogy, especially if you loved the previous books Excitement, curiosity, eagerness, all mixed up in a huge ball of emotions The ending of the Royal Assassin was a game changer and it lifted my expectations for this book in such way that I couldn t wait to find out what will happen next with Fitz and his companions and what fate will befall the Six Duchies.Writing this review wasn t an easy task Not because I was struggling to channel my thoughts and find the proper words but because I couldn t really mention the important and interesting things that happened If I did, this review would have been a few sentences long and filled with spoilers Unfortunately, this only means that not many things of importance happened and that was my biggest problem with this book and it affected my rating.I already mentioned the ending of the previous book Based on those events, I imagined, or to be honest, hoped, that this book would be an epic tale of revenge and the quest of our main hero would be filled with interesting and action packed encounters with the Forged, the Red Ships and Regal s soldiers and members of his coterie Sadly, those encounters were rare and the biggest part of Fitz s quest was traveling Long travels usually mean slow pace and I usually don t mind slow pace in books when it has a purpose of introducing us with the characters and the plot but that is generally common in the first or middle book of the series, not the last one where we expect things to pick up and all those plot threads to resolve This book really suffered from it and I dare say that it suffered from that infamous middle book syndrome even though it wasn t a middle book however strange or stupid this may sound to you That feeling I mentioned in the beginning of this review was depleted as I kept on reading This felt like I was reading a travel log of a tea enthusiast Fitz would travel, gather some herbs in the process, there was a vast description of his surroundings, he would meet some people here and there and then he would make some tea And almost every woman he met wanted to sleep with him I don t know what kind of herb is elfbark but if someone knows where to find it, please let me know This was so boring and it kept me putting this book down a lot and starting something else Maybe this won t bother you much but it made finishing this book a lot harder for me and it left me wondering was it all really that necessary What I really want to say is that this book could have been much shorter and the less is principle could be applied here.The only thing that kept me going was the hope that the pace will pick up and soar even, leaving me catching for my breath as the adrenaline rushed through my body because of the immense action and sadly, it never did When Fitz finally found Verity nothing groundbreaking happened and I was a bit disappointed.Before I convey my final thoughts, I have to mention the side characters Other than the wolf Nighteyes, with whom I fell in love with from the first moment I met him and who will remain as one my favorite fantasy characters ever, I was left with the impression that they are a bunch of assholes No matter what Fitz did and no matter how big the sacrifices he had to make to achieve the goals of others, it was never enough for them and they always demanded of him and made him feel like crap No wonder he was depressed and miserable all the time which made loving him as a character hard but I was able to connect with him anyway because I ve had similar experience with people.The grand finale was underwhelming I expected a grand battle but instead I got a Veni, vidi, vici recap of things After enduring the prolonged build up, the ending sequence felt a bit rushed and everything was so anticlimatic and left me apathetic.The writing was beautiful and I m sure Hobb s prose had an impact on many writers of epic fantasy, but sometimes, I need something Assassin s Quest failed to meet my expectations and it fell short in delivering the thrilling conclusion I was hoping for. Death is always at the edge of now Nighteyes thought was gentle Death stalks us, and he is ever sure of his kill It is not a thing to dwell on, but it is something we all know, in our guts and bones All save humans Sometimes I think that Nighteyes actually is the wisest character of them all He has a way to see the truth in the world and he s never hesitant to voice it which certainly is a trait many of us humans lack XD Well anyway, let s not get philosophical right at the beginning of my review lol Let s focus on the third book of this awesome series instead I know many of my goodreads friends gave Assassin s Quest a rather low rating and weren t happy with the ending and even though I understand their reasoning I still feel the need to declare that I liked it Yes, you read right I liked it and enjoyed to read this 700 pages book So how come that I ended up relishing this book even though about 70% of my friends didn t I guess the answer to this is simple I had no expectations lol After the ending of book two I had no idea where Robin Hobb wanted to go with this so you could either say that I was blissfully oblivious to every possible outcome or you could go with the theory that there were so many possibilities that I didn t care in which direction it would head XDNo matter how you prefer to look at it, it definitely made it easier to cope with the huge changes that happened in this book And truth be told, there were quite a lot, which probably is the reason why so many of my friends didn t enjoy this last book For instance the story line is no longer bound to Buckkeep but plays in the Six Dutchies instead and unlike in the first two books skilling is taking a huge part as well Some parts of the plot are even played out through skilling alone and if we wouldn t have been with Fitz we might have never known about those details So yes, the surroundings are different, the tone of the book is different, the interactions between the cast of characters are different and the ending is so very different to everything everyone imagined that it is kind of hard to wrap your head around it lol It s different, yes, but in my humble opinion Assassin s Quest isn t only a great book but also worth reading And because I still have so many other things to say I ll head directly to my characters section now The characters You are entering my character section, which is also widely known as my spoilery spoiler section so if you don t want to be spoiled and still want to experience this book on your own, you better don t continue to read now XD This is a fair warning Don t say I didn t give you a choice because unlike Fitz you actually have one P FitzChivalryNo choice, no choice, no choice Never any choice about anything Fate had made me a killer, a liar, and a thief And the harder I tried to avoid those roles, the firmly I was pushed into them My poor Fitz I don t know how often I said this already, but no matter how often I say it, it still holds true If you ask me Fitz is Robin Hobb s personal scapegoat and when she wrote his character she probably was like Mhmm how else could I destroy him Because seriously, that boy went through so much already and he JUST DESERVES BETTER THAN THAT Plus the injustice that happened in those three books is outrageous I mean, he died for his king and then he was forced back into his body The peace he had once again ripped away from him because other people decided that his work wasn t done Believe me when I say that I understood every single one of Fitz emotions I mean he gave them everything, his youth, his love, his life and yet it still wasn t enough What else could they possibly want from him It s no surprise he wanted Regal and his coterie dead and I don t even blame him for his stupid actions For him they were justified Also DAMN THEM ALL FOR PLANNING TO USE HIS DAUGHTER WITH MOLLY AS WELL He did everything for them and that s the way they repay him for it By being willing to use his only daughter as a tool and pawn as well AADFASKDFASFDJSAKDFAJSDKFA That made me so angry I can t even breathes fire And yet, still despite everything that happened, despite all the things they would have done to him without even batting an eye, Fitz still would have given his LIFE for Verity s dragon Because he is precious and pure and he loved Verity GAH As for the ending, I saw the thing with Molly and Burrich coming from miles away, so it was no surprise for me Poor Fitz obviously didn t anticipate it though I feel so heartbroken for him TT And Regal I can t believe Fitz let him live He actually LET HIM LIVE and turned him good by implanting fanatic loyalty in his mind OMG Of course Regal died in the end, but it was not through the hands of Fitz My precious, precious destroyed boy TTThat debilitating fear was a cowering presence inside me I knew, with a sick certainty, that if I were pressed I would become it I was no longer FitzChivalry I was what was left after fear had driven him from his body The choice was simple Be a wolf, with no past, no future, only today Or a man, twisted by his past, whose heart pumped fear with his blood You can t even imagine what you ve taken away from me I should be dead, but you wouldn t let me die All with the best of intentions, always believing you were doing what was right, no matter how it hurt me But who gave you that right over me Who decreed you could do this to me VerityYou He has refused to allow you to be put into the dragon He could do it, you know, whether you willed it or not He could simply reach out and pull you into him But he refuses He says you love your life too much, he will not take it from you That you have already laid down too much of it for a king who has returned you only pain and hardshipsighs deeply Verity it made me so sad to see what has become of him I mean I always hoped that Verity would come to their rescue bringing the Elderlings with him and then we find him carving a dragon out of stone Gosh, what it cost Verity to make that dragon He lost his memories, his humanity he gave everything into that dragon just to bring him to life It was painful and sad to see Verity like that, especially because he was one of my favourite characters and I always hoped that he d actually become the king of the Six Duchies and would live a long and nice life with Kettricken Robin Hobb wouldn t be Robin Hobb if she wouldn t have spoilt things for me though lol Plus even in those last moments of his life he used Fitz and it was something that rankled me big time I mean I understand why he used his body to sleep with Kettricken but damn, Fitz deserved better than that and Kettricken too So yes, I definitely was no happy camper when it came to that turn of events The FoolI am glad, glad that you are alive To see you take breath puts the breath back in my lungs If there must be another my fate is twined around, I am glad it is you I think now is the moment to scream I LOVE THE FOOL His character is soo damn amazing that I can t help but adore him The Fool was always one of my favourites and that he played such a huge role in this book made me than just a little happy I always wanted to know about him and his roots and my wish was finally granted XD Also I loved that Starling believed him to be a woman who is in love with Fitz lol I mean yes, he s definitely in love with Fitz but I m pretty sure he s no woman, or at least not all of the time P If you ask me the Fool was initially born as a man but is gender fluid and considering that this book was written about 20 years ago I have to give Robin Hobb kudos for being brave enough to invent his character 333 Still, there is so much I don t know about him and I hope that one of the other trilogies will provide me with even information about his origins and background story I can t get enough of him and I want MOREThat is one thing that in all my years among your folk I have never become accustomed to The great importance that you attach to what gender one is Well, it is important I began Rubbish he exclaimed Mere plumbing, when all is said and done Why is it important ChadeOver and over and over again, you forget your place You are not a prince, you are an assassin You are not the player, you are the game pieceWhat can I say about Chade I m glad he and Fitz sorted things out and that he mourned him when he thought him to be dead, but still I hate that Fitz was always some sort of tool for him I m sure Chade didn t know any better because he was raised being a tool himself, but damn I can t forgive him for everything he did Especially not for trying to use Nettle as a pawn as well It was wrong and he should have known that StarlingHonor and courtesy and justice they are not real, Fitz We all pretend to them, and hold them up like shields But they guard only against folk who carry the same shields Against those who have discarded them, they are no shields at all, but only additional weapons to use against their victimsI still don t know if I liked her or not I mean she was as likeable as they come, but I didn t feel anything for her In fact I was as indifferent to her as Fitz and I m not okay with them being occasional lovers Fitz deserves so much better than that and I really hope that one of the other books will finally give him the happy life he longed for He deserves it The relationships Fitz Nighteyes You will pay for this I promise you.In answer I leaned down to pat his shoulder and then scratch his ears Wag your tail, Nighteyes He s a loyal old dog I should have known he wouldn t be left behind The things I endure for you He wagged his tail Once.I have so much love for those two Their friendship is everything and it made me so sad when Nighteyes decided to go his own way for a while I mean, I know why he did it and what he wanted to achieve with it but it was really sad to see them separated By now their bond is so strong that Nighteyes is no longer just a wolf though He has human features and this certainly doesn t make it easy to live among the wild wolves Also can we take a second and appreciate the joining of the Fool, Fitz and Nighteyes I love those three together Bless Nighteyes for accepting the Fool into their pack 333Fitz The Fool His cool fingers moved tentatively down my face, tracing the scar and the broken nose He leaned down suddenly to rest his brow against mine When I recall how beautiful you were, he whispered brokenly, and then fell silent The warm drip of his tear against my face felt scalding.I LOVE THIS SHIP AND I WILL GO DOWN WITH IT You can say what you want but I adore those two They fit together so perfectly and if anyone should be at Fitz s side then it s the Fool I mean seriously their chemistry is amazing and I ship them harder than I ever shipped Molly and Fitz Plus it s not one sided No matter how much Fitz tries to deny it, it s still obvious that he cares for the Fool deeply and even loves him He was so worried when the Fool had a fever and he knows him better than anyone else OH AND DID I MENTION THAT THE FOOL KISSED HIM He freaking kissed him AHHHHHHH runs around hyper I will ship them forever and for always and I genuinely hope they ll be reunited in one of those following trilogies XD 333There was a naivet to you that none of the ugliness could stain, as if you never truly believed in evil It was what I liked best about you The Fool swayed slightly where he sat, but righted himself It was what I missed the most, when you were dead Ah, Fitz, he said quietly a moment later You do not know how much it means to me that I can still make you laugh If I can stir you to laughter, I can laugh myself There, now you have said it, the Fool replied as if I had proven his point for him And I love you, and all that is a part of you He cocked his head and the next words held a challenge And do you not return that to me He waited I desperately wished I had never started this discussion You know I love you, I said at last, grudgingly After all that has been between us, how can you even ask But I love you as a man loves another man Chade FitzOh, my boy, my boy, I believed you were dead When Burrich sent me word he had found your body, I thought my heart would break The words we had when last we parted but here you are, alive if not wellCurse Chade for being willing to use Fitz s only daughter No matter how much he seems to love Fitz, as long as it would serve his purpose and his king, he would still sacrifice my boy in the blink of an eye That s not right Where is his conscience How can he do such a thing to a person he loves I don t understand it and I think I never will I could relate to Fitz s anger and I don t blame him for being furious with Chade In fact I understand him way too wellYou can have me, I told him quietly And I will do my best to bring Verity back, and do all I can to restore him his throne You can have my death, if that is what it takes More than that, you can have my life, Chade But not my child s Not my daughter sVerity FitzI knelt on the rise, looking down at the town, knowing clearly what I wished with all my heart to do And I could not do it Nothing held me back, no man lifted a hand or sword to me and bid me turn aside Only the small insistent voice in my mind, battering at me Come to me, come to me, come to me.And I could not do otherwise Okay, I admit it As much as I love Verity I was still slightly angry at him for forcing Fitz to come to him I mean, that boy endured enough and now he even had to go on a quest because Verity told him to I know Verity didn t do it on purpose but still, it left a bad aftertaste especially because Verity of all people should have known how powerful a skill command is Also I didn t like how Verity s life ended Sure, he saved the Six Dutchies but he would have deserved better than to end up as a stone dragon Plus that unfeeling Verity had nothing to do with the Verity I came to love Poor Kettricken, to go all that way only to discover that her husband has no feelings for her any because he put everything he is into a dragon sighs I guess when it comes to this ending I m totally with the 70% of my friends that didn t like it lolIt would be a poor courtesy to Hod s skill to pass this on with a blunted blade Take better care of it than I did, Fitz He resheathed it and handed it to me His eyes met mine as I took it And better care of yourself than I did I did love you, you know, he said brusquely Despite all I ve done to you, I loved you At first I could think of no answer to that Then, as he reached his dragon and placed his hands on its brow, I told him, I never doubted it Never doubt I loved you Conclusion There were many things I didn t like about Assassin s Quest but despite everything that happened the positive things still outweighed the negative aspects of the book It was not the ending I expected and if things would have gone my way I would have gone for a nicer conclusion, considering that Robin Hobb wrote other books that feature Fitz and the Fool, I can t be all too unhappy about it though lol A solid and unexpected ending for a great trilogy I know I m SOO going to regret this but I really, really, really need to know how Fitz s story is going to continue Aww damn, I m so not ready for that heart ache frowns and fidgets OH TO HELL AND BACK AGAIN To say it with Celaena Sardothien s words My name is Virginia, and I will not be afraid I can do this I can do this I CAN FREAKING DO THIS Kay, I think I m ready now lol P.S Oh wait, is that an actual dragon in the background How come I missed this OMG Oo I very rarely give only one star it feels melodramatic, especially since I gave Royal Assassin five But after the quality of the first two books in this trilogy, I was shocked and appalled by this one and, what s worse, I was bored In this book, Fitz leaves Buckkeep and all of the other characters we ve come to know and love over the first two books He spends most of the 760 page book hiking across the continent, much of it alone, much of the rest with random throwaway characters who appear for the first time in this book many of whom disappear after a couple chapters and proceed to have no impact on the plot It all feels like filler When he finally meets up with other major characters, there s walking, filler what happened to all the passion and intrigue of the first two books It s hard to put my finger on what went wrong here It feels as if the author just stopped caring Even the writing became repetitive Then there s the end It s just awful Hobb leaves all the antagonists that have been wreaking havoc throughout the trilogy to be dealt with in the last 30 pages or so inevitably, it s rushed Not only that, it happens off screen, in narrative summary You thought after all this pain you d actually get to see a final battle with the Red Ships, or Fitz assassinating Regal Nope The ending itself is decidedly bittersweet, but after this slog I no longer cared about the characters I d been so emotionally attached to for the first two books, so it didn t really bother me I ve tried to find some redeeming quality here, but honestly thought the book was hideous, and it definitely brings down my opinion of the trilogy It s a shame because the first two books were so good if only this had been a duology.

Megan Lindholm, and works under that name have been finalists for the Hugo award, the Nebula Award, and the Endeavor award She has twice won an Isaac Asimov s Science Fiction Readers Award.

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