Lucy (Call Girls #3)

Lucy (Call Girls #3) Brodie Muir Likes His Relationships Uncomplicated, And Paying Women To Put Up With His Sexual Demands Means He Doesn T Have To Consider Their Feelings Due To His Disaster Of A Childhood, He Has No Intention Of Inflicting The Abuse He Experienced On Anyone Else The Cheaply Dressed But Pretty Friend Of His PA Alicia Peaks His Interest When She Comes To Scotland To Gather Herself After The Death Of Her Only Relative The Fact That Lucy Is Probably Already A Sex Worker, Just As Alicia Used To Be, Will Make Hiring Her For A Mistress Contract Straightforward, Besides She Clearly Needs Money Fitting Her Into A Small Part Of His Well Ordered Life Will Be Easy, If It Wasn T For The Fact That Lucy Gibson Is A Virgin, And Brodie S Father Is Owed A Few Things By The Successful Hard Nosed Business Man He Produced Warning Adult Content Includes M F And M M Scenes


[PDF / Epub] ☂ Lucy (Call Girls #3)  Author Emma Jaye –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 239 pages
  • Lucy (Call Girls #3)
  • Emma Jaye
  • English
  • 26 September 2017

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    After finishing the 3rd book in the series, by far the most complex, I felt I needed a moment to take in my thoughts on this one Everyone of the characters in this series are than what they seem on the outside, and Lucy is no exception She has been struggling through life for the past two years, taking care of her sick and dying mum mom in my world P We know from the last book Sasha s book that Lucy found herself in a lot of debt over her mum s illness and Sasha took on a tremendous amount of that debt for her But now Lucy, depressed over her mother s death, finds herself visiting her friend Alicia and having no real prospects or way of paying Sasha back In walks Brodie, the very wealthy business man who has a bit of a dark past His father regularly beat both him and his mother growing up and he s afraid of repeating history He also has no use for a girlfriend as he doesn t want the emotional hassle or demands they present So when he offers to make Lucy a virgin his mistress, give her a place to live and pay off her debts, how can she say no He s gorgeous and their chemistry is than obvious Seems like a win win for everyone, right But as with all these stories, there is much than meets the eye This story seemed to have it all Steamy sex scenes that I couldn t get enough of Adorable lovable characters that had me smiling and laughing Emotional situations that had me crying Suspense that had me wondering what was coming next It really was a perfectly crafted and executed story Because just when you think it s going to go one way, it goes another I absolutely loved this book and cannot wait to read the next

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    A contract with loopholesLucy is a young woman recently bereaved She goes to stay with friends in Scotland, where she meets a devilishly attractive man, who also finds her intriguing Brodie, the man in question, has a strong libido and commitment issues He prefers sex without emotional strings, and when Lucy comes along he offers her a contract as his mistress, for one year She accepts, and attempts to treat the experience as a business transaction, without success Lust overtakes them both, and emotional complications are soon rearing their ugly heads Which is confusing for both of them It doesn t stop them from having frequent and mind blowing sex, of course.And then there s Nick and his gay partner Anton That s a whole other ball game, but both characters are essential to the story Which takes a darker turn when Brodie s dad comes along.This story is than a bonk buster though, and I found myself rooting for Lucy through all the turmoil she has to suffer before the ending is revealed Some of the other characters, with their dominant and not so dominant leanings, provide an interesting insight into the call girl business, too I never knew that being thrashed with a riding crop could be so therapeutic I must get out .A good story and a fun read.

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    And I thought the other books in the series were good This story takes place away from the setting of Brighton, and follows what happens to Lucy after her mother dies Mourning and heavily in debt she visits her friend in Scotland only to the dark and dominant Brodie who offers a way out of her financial mess.Its very dark in places, with Lucy going through several traumatic experiences, it made me laugh, it made me cry and the very steamy scenes hot the spot as well This is a stunning, varied series and I can t wait to read the next one.

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    Lucy has been one of the characters in this series that has only ever featured on the periphery She s often mentioned but only in passing We find out why when we meet her still mourning the loss of her mother from a drawn out illness Trying to escape the memories, Lucy travels to Scotland to spend time with her friend Alicia But almost the first person she meets is Brodie Muir, a wealthy businessman who doesn t do relationships unless they come with a contract Lucy is drawn into Brodie s life as he offers her the chance to wipe out her debts by being his mistress for 12 months.The premise sounds like it shouldn t work, but Jaye puts enough into the characters to make their decisions realistic and the growing tension as Lucy turns out to be not just another Brodie Muir bed warmer but a young woman who can make her own demands shapes the story Side plots with Brodie s two bodyguards and his estranged father expand the novel from a straightforward will they won t they story to one with tension and emotion.

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    ExceptionalThis book had everything, a hot alpha, a strong heroine, angst, suspense, betrayal and love It made me laugh and cry and every word pulled me in deeper from the beginning to the end This is a new favorite book for me

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    After reading the first book in the series and meeting some of the characters there, of course I wanted to find out about what happened with the other girls I was most anxiously awaiting Missy s story Yet, I was curious about Lucy Lucy Gibson is mourning the loss of her mother Spending some time with her married friends, Alicia and Rob, gives her a sweet and much needed break from the regular existence she had carefully crafted when leading up to her mother s death An independent author publishing paranormal romance with sexy elements, the fresh air has proven fruitful for her secret and creative indulgences Of course, an unexpected visit from Alicia s sexy boss provides plenty of fodder.Brodie Muir, good friend of Rob and boss of Alicia, pops in for a visit and takes an interest in Lucy He prefers his relationships uncomplicated contracts over intimacy need to be spelled out before socialites are hired to appease his social engagements and his sexual appetite He wonders if Lucy, a woman content in bargain basement attire, would be fit for a different position.Due to their histories, the read was dark at times, sweet at other times, and unexpected Definitely entertaining and recommended.My only quibble the editing I stumbled through many a word whose tense needed to be changed and that jarred me from the read and I needed time to get right back into it The story, however, was addictive enough to keep me going to the last page, because I definitely wanted to know how the story wrapped up.Overall, another great book by Jaye

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    While I haven t read the first two books in Ms Jaye s series, I have read her work before, so I am aware of the author s ability to design a well plotted story, with really unique characters and twists Lucy is much darker then her imaginative Christmas sex romp I read last year, Holly Berry And I like dark However Lucy takes quite a while to ramp up, with a lot of expository writing and little dialogue or action at the beginning Once there, though, it does takes off like a rocket Ms Jaye fashions a really fascinating relationship between her protagonist, Lucy, and Brodie, a man with particular thirsts and a firm understanding about how to quench them And what did I like most about Lucy Despite her subjection, she retained a power at the end And the climax was surprising and most satisfactory An absolute page turner once things really revved into gear My main issue of the book, though, is the editing Unlike Holly Berry , which was virtually mistake free, Lucy really needs a comprehensive, professional edit I don t mind a few little bumps, but lots of grammar errors are, frankly, jarring And I don t like getting yanked out of an interesting world, like the one Ms Jaye has spent so much thought in creating, because of a profusion of basic mistakes In summary, the book has great possibilities With a tightening up at the beginning, and a good thorough clean up, it would definitely rank higher.

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    50 Shades of Grey s got nothing on this Lusciously sexual, Jaye takes us into the life of Lucy, a woman who s just lost her mother and is still reeling from the loss A writer of erotica under the pseudonym Harriet Hart, Lucy is no stranger to a vivid sexual imagination When her friend Sasha suggests working as a call girl to supplement her income, Lucy toys with the idea, then finds herself on a plane to meet her friends boss Abroad she finds Brodie, a man who is magnificently attractive and powerful, and it s a short time before he and Lucy become embroiled in some serious sex As most of the characters do, kicking BDSM up a few notches with group action and swapped partners A story that explores diverse sexuality and the closeness and issues that can arise from multiple partner playtime, this is as captivating as it is satisfyingly erotic The perspective shifts between close person pov, so you really feel like you re surrounded by the internal thoughts of many of the characters It s a wonderful read If you like 50 Shades, you ll love this.

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    The story begins with Lucy flying to Scotland, shortly after the death of her mother, who has been ill for a while Lucy is struggling with her grief and depression, unsure of where her life is going now that she is all alone in the world, but Brodie finds her fascinating.Things heat up when Brodie offers to pay for her services Although Sasha had previously invited Lucy to join her growing family of call girls, Lucy turned her down It wasn t because she was a prude or had any hang ups about sex, in fact, Lucy is secretly an author of erotic novels Now she finds herself tempted to finally explore that world.For a brief time it looks as if her life might finally be going in a happy direction, then everything goes straight to hell in a hand basket and Brodie has to fight to save the woman that he s come to care so much about.WARNING This book contains a scene which may trigger rape victims.

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    I have to say I have become hooked on this truly excellent story teller Having read and reviewed the first 3 in the series I had to do this one as well Don t be confused by the title Call Girls 3 as it is actually the 4th The first being Call Girls 0 Strange but true Anyway I loved the way tjat the story of Lucy unfolds with a number of twists and turns Unhappy at the illness and subsequent death of her mother she visits friends in Scotland which is the setting for this tale As I have now come to expect from Emma the story is well crafted as are the characters and besides a great plot the sexy bits should only be read in bed when you can do something about your reactions LOL The best I can do to describe my thoughts is to say it is brilliant and if you are into the sexy romance the genre it is a must read.

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