Sunset Killer (EJB Crime Thriller #1)

Sunset Killer (EJB Crime Thriller #1) Starting Her Life Anew, After Escaping A Brutal Marriage, Jennifer Brooks Looked Forward To Peaceful Days, And Quiet Nights, In Her Cottage By The Lake She Never Expected To Be The Target Of A Deranged Fanatic, Wielding His Version Of The Hand Of God She Never Expected To Meet Jackson Smythe, An Agent Working In The FBI S Prestigious Special Serial Crimes Division, Vacationing Nearby But, As One Event Leads To The Other, Jennifer S Life Changes Forever Meeting Jennifer Opened Jackson S World To Possibilities He Never Imagined Placing His Feelings On Hold, He Focuses On Her Protection, And On Stopping The Violence Threatening To Consume Her Suspecting That Jennifer S Attacker Is A Burgeoning Serial Killer, Jackson Reaches Out To Jeri Forbes And Ethan Barnes, And The Resources Their New Company, EJB Global, Can Offer Sanctioned By, But Independent From, The FBI, Jeri And Ethan S Partnership Is Strengthened By Fewer Restrictions, And Unlimited Funds Together, They Work To Uncover The Mystery Of The Man Known As The Sunset Killer

Raised in the foothills of the mystical Blue Ridge Mountains, I attribute my love of beautiful landscapes, and fascination with all things paranormal, to my environment The settings and characters in my novels reflect my appreciation for natural beauty, as well as a desire to explore the what if s of things unseen Throw in a degree in Psychology, paired with a strong interest in the workings of

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 233 pages
  • Sunset Killer (EJB Crime Thriller #1)
  • Tallulah Grace
  • English
  • 02 June 2018

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    Unlike so many others who love this novel, Sunset Killer turned out to be a huge disappointment for me which is too bad as it s got a great plot and some potentially likeable characters So what was the problem Before I start, let me just say my eyes are hurting from rolling them so bloody often Three quarters in and I m quickly skimming thru just to end my misery None of the characters felt real We re only given the bare minimum, not enough to get a better understanding of who they are Keeping in mind I ve never read any of this author s works, if I m expected to already know about the characters that appear in her other novels a different series altogether , not only does that not work for me, it won t for others who ve never read any of her books Let s not forget this is book 1 in the EJB Global Crime Thriller series I thought the serial killer himself to be quite lame For a serial killer, there doesn t seem to be much about him to show how evil he really is Not to mention that most of the time all he s doing is just watching the heroine, Jennifer And by the way, for a bunch of special investigators who ask Jennifer to tell them each and every person she s met in the couple of weeks she s been in town, you d think they might investigate view spoiler the mailman as he s one person that she s met and it would be easy to get information about him because he works at the post office Perhaps even see what kind of shoes the mailman wears Maybe ask around town if anyone knows of an individual who smells like he s bathed in Pine Sol since he always carries that scent on him Or ask if they know someone who s just plain crazy religious What a bunch of retards They also wonder how the killer figured out they placed a decoy to look like Jennifer Really Knowing what Jennifer does is one thing, but how about the way she walks, or carries herself hide spoiler

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    An Awesome, Suspenseful Crime Thriller I love the writings of Author Tallulah Grace Her novels are easy to read, reflect good dialog between the characters, and the suspense just builds and builds to the very end In South Carolina, Jennifer Brooks enjoys the peace and tranquility of her new lakeside home She had been married to Scott for two years, but during those two years he became a monster in brutalizing her during bouts of drunkenness With the help of a support group, she was able to escape and walk out of this marriage She s now divorced, and has no desire to have any man in her future, she s just too wary of all men after her experience She s sitting quietly on her front porch enjoying the sounds of nature, and the late sunset when she becomes aware of someone in her house At this same time, Jackson Smythe is sitting in a boat fishing in a cove not far from Jennifer s home trying not to be bored His thoughts are on whether to stay with the Federal Bureau of investigation or to join previous agents Jeri and Ethan in their new organization, EJB Global, devoted to hunting down and capturing serial killers Jackson is an agent who lost his partner, Cara, to extreme violence His one goal is to hunt down serial killers Perhaps joining EJB would be productive and satisfying As he ponders this decision, he hears a woman s scream he responds, motoring quickly toward the sound, rushes into the home, sees a man escaping, and finds Jennifer lying on the floorshe s alive Gabriel doesn t want to draw attention as he arrives on the main road, away from the woman s house His sacred moment had ended when that man appeared He will move on to find another angel who needs his help but, he will return I found this novel very hard to put down The drama builds, and builds, and I can envision the movie as I read this heartbeating story There is romance mixed with madness and mayhem This story will grip you and not let you go until the very end Highly recommend.

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    Love itLove itI m a big fan of Tallulah Grace I love these books with Jeri and Ethan This is another great one If you have read any of these books I think you should give one a try.

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    I LOVED IT NO.SPOILERS always tallulah grace doesn t disappoint the characters in her books are so loveable the twist and returns in her books always keep toes can t wait to read the next adventure

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    loving this series

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    This author never disappoints Love these characters so much Can t wait to read next book

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    serial killer on the hunttargets the wrong womanfun and private investigators to the rescue

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