Cub Creek

Cub CreekI enjoyed the story and the characters well enough to want to read the sequel Libbie isn t what I call an especially likable character, but she portrays a person with emotional issues very well I certainly felt sympathy for her and applauded her efforts to have better control of her life I thought she d be a lot healthier without her cousin and aunt around to make her feel worthless I didn t like those two at all Nobody can mess you up like your family, and that s very true for Libbie The kids were great, though, and Joyce is wonderful.This book misses five stars for a couple of reasons It wasn t edited well Too many sentences have punctuation issues mostly missing and or misplaced commas There are some poorly worded sentences that are confusing And the narration switches from third person to first person and back to third again in several chapters The other reason is the ending Libbie s very abrupt mood swing near the end was not credible The same is true of her sudden interest in Jim, discovered in the course of a ten minute conversation This made the ending feel rushed Still, the story is a good one, and I liked the setting and the local residents enough to want to read in the next book. Better story than i expectedI really liked the way the author handled the mental illlnesses that were present in the story The treatment the main character received from her family was not the best but it happens There is a sequel to this book but this book stands alone. In The Heart Of Virginia, Where The Forests Shelter Secrets And The Creeks Run Strong And Deep Libbie Havens Doesn T Need Anyone She S Fine On Her Own When She Chances Upon The Secluded House On Cub Creek She Purchases It She Ll Show Her Cousin Liz, And Other Doubters, That She Can Rise Above Her Past And Live Happily And Successfully On Her Own Terms Libbie Has Emotional Problems Born Of A Troubled Childhood Raised By A Grandmother She Could Never Please, Libbie Is Comfortable Not Being Comfortable With People She Knows She S Different From Most She Has Special Gifts, Or Curses, But Are They Real Or Are They Products Of Her History And Dysfunction At Cub Creek Libbie Makes Friends And Even Attracts The Romantic Interest Of Two Local Men, Dan Wheeler And Jim Mitchell Relationships With Her Cousin And Other Family Members Improve Dramatically And Libbie Experiences True Happiness Until A Tragedy Occurs Having Lost The Good Things Gained At Cub Creek, Libbie Must Find A Way Out Her Troubles, To Finally Rise Above Them And Seize Control Of Her Life And Future, Or Risk Losing Everything, Including Herself EnjoyedGood read Interesting characters Mystery and a little love story To me the characters make a book And this book has quite a few Lobbied is a strange young woman with a strange past She is a loner and likes it that way You will route for her to come out of her shell She has only one relative, and she has two kids Gruesome a significant part of the story Read and enjoy. This is the second book I ve read by this author and both books were very good I will be putting her other books on my list to read. I really enjoyed this book I loved the characters and the storyline flowed well This was a story of forgiveness and healing It was a story of accepting ourselves for who we are and not trying to be what others want us to be I will be reading many books by this author Wonderful A good readA good readlearning to forgive oneself is hard to do but the main character finally did through the help of a new friend and an incidental couple. While not great literature, I just enjoyed it. I loved this book Libbie, the main character, at first makes you wonder if she is totally compus mentis Then, as the book progresses, you find yourself totally at ease with the wiring in her brain that differs from most people Libbie sees herself as odd, and not especially likeable, but given her childhood, you like her all the for her quirks Libbie is a reclusive, independently wealthy women who can live and go anywhere, but she chooses, on a whim, a fairly isolated estate in Virginia It has the added benefit of being hours closer to her only close friend, her cousin Liz The women s fathers were twins who both named their daughters, born weeks apart, after their wealthy mother to remain in her good graces Where Liz was brought up in an intact family, Libbie s parents died when she was five and she was sent to live with the grandmother Despite her own efforts to remain solitary, Libbie s life changes and soon she has a few friends, she becomes closer with Liz s children, and there is even romance, though she tries to resist that entanglement.As with Greene s The Memory of Butterflies, there are secrets that are kept until they have to come out or destroy the people keeping them One thing that I am seeing in these books so far is that the characters are financially secure enough not to have to work, with none of those pesky things to deal with like jobs, making ends meet, etc Three books read so far albeit two about the very wealthy Libbie and no real employment in sight Another minor quibble is that in a few points in this book, written in the third person, a few sentences are written in the first person I attribute that to the editing, not the author. I wanted to be at Cub Creek, to help Libbie with the old house and be her friend Grace writes such descriptive stories Libbie Havens had a difficult childhood and is trying to overcome the past, and move on with her life When she happens upon the house, on Cub Creek, it s probably the best thing that ever happened to her She buys the house, goes about renovating it and starts meeting people and making friends Then, something happens that threatens to bring everything crashing down around her.I really liked how this house and it s previous owner play such a part in the story She even inherits a dog, Max, who belonged to the previous owner One of the characters, Joyce Inman, is a real character , someone I d love to meet.

Grace Greene writes fiction with romance, suspense and inspiration The Emerald Isle, NC Stories Series includes Beach Rental, Beach Winds, Beach Wedding, along with the Christmas novellas, Beach Christmas and Beach Walk Her Virginia books are Women s Fiction with romance, suspense and mystery Most are set in rural Cub Creek and include her bestselling The Memory of Butterflies and The Happines

[Epub] ➟ Cub Creek By Grace Greene –
  • Paperback
  • 305 pages
  • Cub Creek
  • Grace Greene
  • English
  • 14 February 2018
  • 9780988471443

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