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Whisper CapeAddison MacKenna is having devastating nightmares, and not just a few She suspects the reason might have something to do with her late father s death, but has no other evidence that she possesses any other specific cause From the opening scene describing Addie s reaction to her most recent nightmare, Hot and tingly blood pulsed through her body and a force strengthened and burned as though her veins were on fire, WHISPER CAPE S readers are treated to hints that she is than just your average waitress Just moments later, tiny sparks shoot from her fingertips A shaken Addie doesn t have a clue why.Thus begins a series of events with questions she struggles to answer Enter luscious hero Cael Sheridan and we are treated to clues about his peculiarities He can teleport, for example And disappear And judging by Walsh s description of this sexy beast, we definitely don t want him to disappear As with any fine romance, their relationship suffers from the start, with each keeping secrets from the other Addie s telekinetic powers grow as Cael follows his quest to find a powerful crystal and associated sacred book Together they are bound to solve an ages old mystery and fight an evil that threatens their very existence While saving the world as we know it with supernatural powers isn t exactly a new idea, Walsh puts a wonderful spin on these already charming characters by mixing in a healthy dose of human traits Cael may have the soul and powers of an ancient warrior, but he puts on his tight, sexy jeans one leg at a time and succumbs to Addie s allure and vulnerability just like the next dumb guy in love Addie, for all her strength and determination, tiptoes into her new powerful role while trying not to fall for the seemingly mercurial Cael Their banter, tirades and playful sexuality endear them to the reader you will find yourself teleporting with them as they travel the world in pursuit of the monster they seek to destroy Another of WHISPER CAPE S strength lies in its secondary characters Walsh doesn t scrimp on developing Maia and Gerry there is a good reason these two play an important role in Addie and Cael s lives See my interview with Regan Walsh for about that BeaconStreetBooks.com Of course, I m hinting at Regan s next book, REFLECTIONS, due out later this year I, for one, can t wait The cover alone has me salivating. Quick plot run down Addison MacKenna has recently moved back to the town where she was born, Whisper Cape While rushing to get to work one day, she hits a man or so she thinks Once she gets out of her truck, he has completely disappeared After that her life is all sorts of strange she finds she has a new ability, the vanishing almost accident victim returns, and someone is out to kill her the same someone who murdered her father Okay, I liked the suspense part of this book, because I couldn t figure out the killer any better than Addie could It really kept me turning pages to find out what was going to happen next and who the bad guy might turn out to be Elements of the world were really well developed, like the Sectorium The rest of it was just normal, every day world, though it was well described too and I had no trouble visualizing things I liked Addison as a character, too She wasn t perfect by any stretch of the imagination and occasionally she irritated me, but that s okay it s no fun to read about perfect people She seemed to have the quirk of talking out loud to herself when no one was there, which I thought was a cute touch At times she seemed to be a touch bipolar, switching between emotions so fast the reader kind of gets whiplash, but I ve had that happen to me before, so it really just made her a little relatable Unfortunately once the romance element was added I didn t like it as much I just wasn t feeling it, I guess They had a lot of sex I don t mind sex scenes in books but I skimmed over these after the first couple of times On the same vein, even being an adult who uses the f word than I probably should I don t think it s very ladylike, but hey, I m human , this book was loaded with f bombs A character at the end of the book reacts to the news of his impending fatherhood with fuckin A which just kind of seems like well, overkill I wasn t a fan of Cael, he kind of gave me a bad vibe He was really controlling, possessive, and jealous of everyone, even Addie s aunt s longtime boyfriend, who kind of acted as her father figure Their big fight sealed the deal for me that I didn t like him at all which might have been a contributing factor for skimming over the sex scenes This guy tries, on purpose, to hurt Addie in the worst way he can possibly think of, then interrupts her conversation with another guy that he s extremely jealous of to tell her I m sorry baby and proceeds to teleport her home so they can have sex Now, I have the second book sitting here on my iPad, and I m going to read it at some point Even the unlikeable characters were well developed and had their own unique personality and voice that didn t just end up sounding the same as every other character I enjoyed the abilities that some characters had and the suspensful part of this was really great Previously Titled Whisper CapeHe Can Take Her Anywhere Her Heart Desires, But She Can Bring Him To His Knees With The Gentle Flick Of Her FingerWhen The Tragic Death Of Her Father Brings Addison MacKenna Back To The Town Where She Was Born, She Can T Understand The Strange Sensations That Have Begun To Consume Her Plagued With Nightmares Of Her Father S Sudden And Brutal Death, Addie Struggles With Her Anguish And Refuses To Believe That His Demise Was Accidental But That S Not The Only Thing Addie Struggles With Caught Up In The Horrors Of Her Latest Nightmare While Driving To Work One Day, She S Startled Beyond Comprehension When She Almost Runs Down A Man Standing In The Middle Of The Road A Gorgeous, Stunning Man She Can T Seem To Take Her Mind Or Her Eyes Off Of All Of A Sudden, The Impossible Seems Possible, And It S Not Clear Whether That S A Blessing Or A CurseCael Sheridan May Be Arrogant And Mysterious, But He S Also Undeniably Gorgeous A Member Of A Secret Society, He Is Sworn To Protect The Woman He Believes To Be The Daughter Of His Recently Murdered Mentor In The Process, He Finds It Impossible To Resist Her Magnetic Sensuality, Complicating His Efforts To Shield And Guide Her As She Learns To Manage Her Newly Acquired Skills He S Faced With The Tough Decision Of Whether To Let Her In Or Sabotage Their New Relationship In Order To Keep Her Safe As Well As His Own HeartFate Has Brought Them Together, But Will It Make Them Stronger Or Destroy Them In The End A Supernatural, Urban Fantasy Sure To Get Your Blood Running Hot, Ignite The Flame Is The First Book In The Sectorium Series Set In A Sleepy Coastal Town Along The Oregon Coast The first book is a good start to a new series Like most first books, it starts with a slow beginning but quickly picks up After her father dies mysteriously, Addie, a 26 year old, begins to have nightmares every night She has a hard time figuring out what they mean and ties them into the strange note her father had left for her Moving to Oregon where her father and aunt grew up she works in the restaurant Whisper Cape where she is introduced into the paranormal world Suddenly Addie discovers a hidden talent she never knew she had With her telekinetic abilities she can control electrical devices.Cael is on a quest to find a powerful crystal and is associated with a sacred book He has supernatural skills of his own teleportation.When Cael shows up, Addie thinks she has run him over with her truck and is surprised to see him all over town Once she approaches him and they start talking, they are immediately attracted to one another When women who look like Addie start showing up dead, Cael feels he must protect her This gives their romance a chance to heat up.Throughout the pages, we are introduced to new characters, a secret society with shape shifters among other being The story has a mixture of romance, lots of sex and action with supernatural paranormal twists and turns that will keep you guessing as to who the villain really is The author gives lots of details with vivid descriptions that drew me into the story, making me feel as if I was there with the characters The story is well plotted and everything is tied together in the end and leaves you knowing exactly what has happened A great stand alone story, I am looking forward to reading the second book in the series to see how the author continues the storyline. Cael Sheridan shows up in Whisper Cape as a Private Investigator, to find who is murdering the women in Whisper Cape, however in reality he was sent from the Sectorium to find Eidolon, who he believes is responsible for the murders around town along with the murder of Risteard MacKenna, Addison s father.Addison keeps running into Cael, she s immediately attracted to him but feels he s a bit on the arrogant side Soon after meeting Cael, Addison finds out that her father lived a whole other life that she knew nothing about Cael knew her father and was able to fill Addison in on his secrets including his powers, and the crystal and ancient journal he left behind.Addison had learned she had some abilities but with Cael s help she learned so much He helped her train so that she was able to protect herself against Eidolon.While training, Addison and Cael are falling for each other fast And neither one wants to admit it for fear the feeling isn t mutual The passion and heat between the two is definitely blush worthy Cael makes Addison feel sexy and alive, she s never felt the way she does with anyone before.While training and figuring their relationship out through LOTS of passionate sex, Eidolon is on their trail and still on his murdering spree.Eidolon is now threatening everyone close to Addison unless she gives up the crystal and ancient journal It s time her and Cael face Eidolon head on, however Addison s not sure she s had enough training to defeat him and she knows Cael can t do it alone.I loved WhisperCape, the description given by Susan Griscom was captivating She kept you hanging onto every word I could read this over again I don t read a lot of adult books or erotic books but Whisper Cape was that Amazing I would recommend this book to anyone who wants a good read with a little spice. Our Review, by LITERAL ADDICTION S Pack Alpha Michelle L Olson I was contacted by a troupe that I work with to do a promotional Event for Regan Walsh in July I had never heard of her before, nor had I heard about Whisper Cape Trying to be the good book website admin and book promoter, I went out and bought the book on and when a gap opened in my schedule, decided to sit down and read it I COULDN T PUT IT DOWN In my honest opinion, this was one of the best new Urban Fantasy books I have read in the last year or so, and I ve been doing A LOT of reading for review I don t know if it just caught me in the right mood for this type of read or what since I m seeing a bit of mixed feelings from reviewers , but I personally thought it was fantastic and immediately recommended it to all 1,700 of my Literal Addicts The premise is fresh, the characters relatable, the plot intense, the romance steamy what could you want Cael, the hunky hero of our story and yes, I m not afraid to admit I have a serious reader crush on Cael , returns to Whisper Cape on a job for the secret society he s employed to Upon his arrival, he runs into our fiesty heroine Addie and nothing is ever the same Addie has just returned to Whisper Cape after losing her father, and is living out a comfortable yet slightly boring life with her aunt and pseudo uncle her aunt s live in boyfriend.The dynamics between Cael and Addie throughout the story will have you laughing, on the verge of tears, frustrated, elated, and a plethora of other emotions in between.The plot is intense, mysterious, dark where it needs to be, light in others and thoroughly engrossing.Believe me, if you re a paranormal suspense lover like I am and think you are the best at figuring out whodoneit you re probably going to be wrong in this one I thought I had it figured out at least twice and upon completion of the book, still went huh After flipping the last page I was elated that I had found such an amazing read, but saddened that I thought it was a single title and there would be no I was VERY happy today to find that there IS another WHISPER CAPE book planned for November, called Reflections , and it will immediately go on my Pre Order list LITERAL ADDICTION gives Whisper Cape a well earned 5 Skulls and would recommend it to all Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Suspense, and even Romantic Suspense lovers Regan, major kudos 4.75 Stars What a fantastic read The setting is Whisper Cape, Oregon The visualizations and scenery the author painted was a combination of beautiful and eerie I was floored at how I escaped to this creepy seaside town It was so vivid that I envisioned myself standing along the seaside cliffs, an eerie fog rolling in, looking down at the ocean waves crashing on the rocks At times, you felt what the character was feeling After the mysterious death of her father, our heroine, Addie is having nightmares Someone, or something, is chasing her Enter our swoon worthy hero, Cael While driving home, Addie almost runs into Cael Almost She pulls over, then realizes that that there wasn t anything or anyone around Was she imagining things Where did he go Things are just getting stranger and stranger Wait, were those sparks coming out of her fingers Addie is coming into age and with it, come certain powers Cael doesn t realize it immediately, but he was sent to protect Addie from the creature from her nightmares The story takes a lot of twists and turns and the ending left me surprised I honestly didn t see it coming I thought it was something, but it turned out to be something else Combine the action, the love, the sexy hero, the vivid imagery, I loved it all Definitely recommend I really enjoyed this book and loved Cael and Addison I didn t want to put this book down once I started it I won my copy in a competition run by Anna Dase on her blog and had not heard of the author before this It is definetly for older readers as there are sex scenes in the book which makes it unsuitable for younger readers but it had great characters a good plot and was quite fastpaced There were a couple of twists throughout it and at the end as well I would definetly pick up another of this author s books I would recommend it to anyone who likes a good paranormal romance, her writing and stories are in line with the likes of Keri Arthur, so if you like Keri Arthur you ll love Regan Walsh as well Edit I have now had the pleasure of experiencing the book on Audio a well It was my first time listening to an audiobook but I really enjoyed how the narrator told the story Her voice was soothing and pleasant to listen to It certainly made my journey to and from work pass quicker New title for this book and series.Ignite the Flame, the Sectorium Series book 1 Another little teaser Grab your jacket He wrapped his arm around her, pulled her in close, cupped her chin in his hand, and tilted her head up toward his, their lips inches apart Do you trust me His voice was husky, his breath warm and her knees were about to turn to jelly Yes, I think so Do I have a choice No Close your eyes, he whispered.She did as he requested as a weird sensation of air swept through every pore, every cell of her body. 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