Turnstiles Martin Sourdough Is A Homeless Person Who Has Chosen To Turn His Back On The Corporate, Material World Willis Hancocks Jr Is A Barrister, An Alcoholic Philanderer, And A Misogynist And Evelyn Aka Yvonne Is A Prostitute Turnstiles Speaks To These Social Problems Through The Smaller Scope Of Each Character S Individual Trials There Is A Struggle That Exists Between The Need To Serve One S Own Needs And The Expectation To Participate In The Larger Social Scheme Martin And Willis Are Both Trying To Fit Into The World, But On Their Own Terms They Are Na Ve, Searching For An Eden Like State Of Being Through A Broader Experience Of Personal Fortune, Misfortune, Travel, And Social Interactions, They Each Learn To Accept Their Path And Take Control Of Their Own Destinies

Andrea McKenzie Raine was born in Smithers, BC and grew up in Victoria, BC where she still resides She was enrolled in the Creative Writing program and earned a B.A in English Literature at the University of Victoria in 2000, and completed a post degree Public Relations certificate program She has attended the successful Planet Earth Poetry reading series formerly known as Mocambopo in Victor

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    Martin Sourdough is a homeless person who has chosen to turn his back on the corporate, material world Willis Hancocks, Jr is a barrister, an alcoholic philanderer, and a misogynist and Evelyn aka Yvonne is a prostitute TURNSTILES speaks to these social problems through the smaller scope of each character s individual traits There is a struggle that exists between the need to serve one s own needs and the expectation to participate in the larger social scheme Martin and Willis are both trying to fit into the world, but on their own terms They are na ve, searching for an Eden like state of being Through a broader experience of personal fortune, misfortune, travel, and social interactions, they each learn to accept their path and take control of their own destinies The story begins in London, as a homeless man wakes up in a short tunnel under a busy street with only his backpack and sleeping bag He s hungry and is counting on a hotdog handout from a street vendor he has gotten to know Martin, the homeless man, is isolated from the world, and he wants to keep it that way But things change suddenly, by sheer chance, as his path intersects with Willis Hancocks, Jr., who is also isolated, even though he has vast fortune and status as a highly respected barrister.I was drawn into the story from the start The author skillfully guides the reader by placing a character s name at the beginning of each chapter The story is then told from that character s POV, and slowly the characters lives begin to intertwine From the destitute life of Martin, to the prostitute, Yvonne, we find a connection, because they feel, as many do, that they are outsiders Only as we get to know them, their history, do we come to understand why their lives became so tragic The sudden shifts in their lives course were foisted upon them, causing them to make desperate choices, changing their paths forever I felt great sympathy and understanding of the characters because we all face these moments but don t realize until later their significance, and how they shape our lives As each chapter unfolds, we are drawn further and further into the story I was caught totally by surprise, as the author deftly unveils the final reveal TURNSTILES is an intriguing novel, beautifully written and finely crafted by this talented writer.

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    Turnstiles by Andrea McKenzie Raine is another book where there is no proper storyline, instead it follows the trails of three individual s lives, who are indeed psychologically flawed and those flaws of theirs is what constructs the narrative of this book I d like to thank the author for giving me the opportunity to read and review her book This Canadian author s story telling is so awesome that from the very beginning you feel yourself getting pulled into the character s dark lives First is Marty who is homeless and aimless simultaneously, next is Willis who is wealthy barrister and misogynistic and last is, Evelyn who is forced away into the flesh trade The way these three characters cross their paths is brilliant yet twisted.The whole flow of the book is something very mesmerizing and from the very first instant, the characters are able to touch your mind and soul Their pain, grief, darkness, danger, and emotions are so well written by the author, that you feel like you somehow know these characters personally The prose is very articulate in nature and the author is quite a skilled one, certainly knows how to deliver the twists at the right moments thus making the plot gripping The author has a deep psychological grip on her characters, which are portrayed as multifaceted, flawed and sympathetic human beings, all achingly vulnerable, all wracked by fear, need and guilt.Well you definitely read this book to understand deeply about the characters and as to how they change and enlighten us our minds with their mistakes and decisions I can t say about the characters since I would not stop myself from revealing certain twists Although the book s pace is quite slow, and requires a lot of your attention to get into the core of the book, still it s highly recommended for all human beings who want to look at their lives differently.

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    I can t believe books like these are not getting the attention they deserve.Look, if you know me, you know that I m a plot driven reader I look for solid plots in all the book I read But this was an exception This book centers around three characters For me it was an intimate look into the lives of people I tended to ingnore so often a wealthy lawyer, a man who chose to beg on the streets, a woman forced into prostitution The story follows these three lives and how they become intertwined after a chance encounter between each of them I was invested in these characters and they made me feel Ah, I know you re already turning your heads away because you haven t seen this book elsewhere, because it s indie I know mainstream novels can be fun and enjoyable, but books like Turnstiles and others, deserve a chance I m pleasantly surprised I enjoyed it And it was so good And well written AND THE ENDING WAS A PLEASANT SURPRISE Whatever others say, for me, it s all that matters Fully reviewed here, in exchange of an honest review.

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    Short Listed by Chanticleer Reviews Raine handles a long list of characters with dexterity, offering credible emotional histories Kirkus ReviewsSan Diego Book ReviewHow many times have you walked down the street and had a serendipitous moment and thought it luck to have found something, caught the glimpse of a familiar face, or were in a conversation with a complete stranger only to get the feeling that you know the person they are talking about Turnstiles by Andrea McKenzie Raine takes you through the lives of Willis, a self imposed vagrant, a criminal defense lawyer with daddy issues, Martin, and a prostitute named Evelyn the woman who seemingly ties everybody s story together.The premise of this story seems so simple at first glance and yet it is obvious that through her writing, Raine s takes on the persona of each individual, feeling their pain, their suffering and through telling their personal stories by how flawlessly the story transitions between the characters and their locations Readers will find themselves in an emotional quandary, as we are often quick to judge others without first knowing their story, and how our lives are truly synchronous.Turnstiles is a masterfully written book that provides poetic justice to the many facets of society so many of us turn our backs to and Andrea McKenzie Raine deserves grandeur praises as a very gifted and talented writer.4 Stars Reviewed By Rabia Tanveer for Readers FavoriteTurnstiles by Andrea McKenzie Raine is a story of three perfect strangers who are trying to find an idyllic world where things are as they should be The novel revolves around three main characters Martin Sourdough, Willis Hancocks Jr, and Evelyn Evelyn is a prostitute, Willis Hancocks Jr is a lawyer, and Martin Sourdough is a homeless man who claims to be free He has no aim in life and that is from his own choice Willis Hancocks Jr is bound by his past He is afraid to turn into his father and in order to save himself he gives away his inheritance to a homeless person Evelyn is a prostitute and not by choice she wants out of this life, but she does not have the freedom to do so.Throughout the novel the three of them will come across each other and in return give each other a sense of freedom to move forward and accept the world as it is Through each other, they get to see the world from a different point of view, forgive themselves, and live the life they should be living Andrea McKenzie Raine makes a huge impact on the mind of the reader with Turnstiles The story is progressive and very enjoyable Yes, the novel is depressing at some points, but that is the reality of life, which is shown as it is The story is perfectly developed with great attention to detail and characterization There are a few points here and there that frustrate the reader, but as a whole, the novel is really good.

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    I thoroughly enjoyed reading Turnstiles by Andrea McKenzie Raine I thought she did a very good job of weaving several different compelling characters together across different temporal and geographical realms This book s a rarity among books that I encounter It is difficult to say the book belongs to a specific genre, but that is what makes it work so well for me It introduces us to several memorable characters, focuses on each of them throughout the book, and uses them to address numerous important social issues, including homelessness, prostitution, and misogyny It also left me on the edge of my seat at times during the book, as Evelyn seeks to escape the life as a prostitute into which she was forced Though written in the third person, the use of the characters diary entries throughout the book gave them there own unadulterated voice at critical moments for the characters The characters, including the heroes, are significantly flawed, but that is fine because I like my heroes flawed the character development is splendid Part psychological fiction, part social commentary, and part thriller, I cannot recommend this book highly enough I m certainly looking forward to the prequel.

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    Turnstiles is a very intricate and a very enjoyable book It follows the lives of three people who are trying to find their place in the world You see their struggles, and the language and flow of the book is beautifully engaging and very well written It is absolutely lyrical Highly recommended read.

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    Excellent realistic fiction with some hard hitting charactersThis review can also be found at is an excellent book with some very well etched characters There should be books like these but unfortunately too many books these days are filled with telling than showing This book however shows and tells less.Martin s own suppressed thoughts and feelings are greatly described in this passage Martin was painfully aware of his free will Still, he wasn t ready to surrender He had chosen the broadness of the streets over being confined in those brightly lit boxes of windows, looking down Now his smug feelings had slowly turned to jealousy He suddenly hated the working locals and carefree tourists, brushing Turnstiles by him cheerfully with their groceries and Harrods bags, for a different reason They had something he didn t have They were free I must say I did not like this Martin character much Too many times he wallowed in self pity and even acted effeminate even as a rebel kid he didn t seem to be quite illustrious it looked as if the author was at times trying too hard to gain sympathy for him from the readers On the other hand, Willis is someone for whom readers would automatically feel sympathy his charity in the early pages of the book, in spite of being selfish, gives a tug at your heart Despite being from an affluent family he s plenty of personal and professional stress to battle with not only his life s been a cruddy one, his job of dealing with crime day in and day out as a defense attorney is also highly stressful yet he tries hard even though sometimes unsuccessfully to maintain a brave and calm front That is something very, very hard to do.Characters such as Evelyn are rather commonplace, as unfortunate as it sounds, especially in a third world country not sure about UK, however again a character which automatically gains your sympathy Perhaps one reason why one can easily sympathize with Willis or Evelyn is that or less the lifestyle these people lead are certainly not their own choice, whereas the lifestyle of Martin is wholly voluntary Martin is actually kinda a confused kid suffering from a lack of sense of self low self esteem , with no aim or purpose in life.There are plenty of passages in this book which are so eloquent and poetic that you would find it hard to take your eyes off them I have already quoted one at the very top of this review, but there are so many I cannot recommend it enough to anyone who wants to read a well written, realistic fiction with unlikable and somewhat weak characters.To read of my reviews visit

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    a few spoilers.What a wonderful book from a promising author It is a novel composed of different stories featuring different main characters who are interconnected through the events of the story, sometimes becoming entangled completely, and sometimes going off in different directions Because of this wandering the novel is never boring, and plot twists come out of nowhere, even if I did find some things about the book implausible.The stories feature people who are living on the street or near to it for the most part, and I love reading gritty realism This is a mature book for a mature audience I feel terribly sorry for the characters at times, and also astonished by their frank inner discourse at others There is poetry here and also frank honesty I loved the way the novel became like its subjects, and the plot itself feels like it is going in and out of a train car We get to follow these people as they discover themselves basically, through the difficulties of a savage world.This was astonishing to me, that the book was so well written and beautiful It deserves a lot of praise, and I definitely look forward to the next work by this new and great author The only real problem with the novel is that sometimes the action seems implausible At other times it takes a turn into the movies For example, the character of Frank is rather corny, being a typical mob bad guy pimp who chases the girl around I felt that this was unnecessary to drum up action, when the story of Evelyn and Martin was brilliant at times That s kind of what this novel is, sheer brilliance at times, dragged down at other times by a seemingly incongruous action.This novel also touched me in a real way, because of the affection I have for struggling outcast characters in poverty I also love the poetic and philosophical, and this novel takes short steps in that direction Overall a very worthy work, and I look forward to reading by the author.

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    I was blown away by the quality of writing in this novel Some of the descriptions, particularly of the streets of Paris, are so beautiful that I found myself re reading the same passages and savouring the words This author is clearly a poet and paints a vivid picture with her words I would describe theme of this book as philosophical The three main characters, Martin, Willis and Evelyn spend a great deal of time thinking about their past and what has led them to their current situation Questions of life and love and the very reason for existence are raised as they each deliberate the meaning of life Of the three main characters, Evelyn, who runs away from an abusive home at the age of twelve, is the only one I could empathize with Willis, a successful barrister, is a self centred man nursing grievances against his recently deceased father Martin is a misfit who has difficulty relating to other people and never feels quite at home in the world The story also takes us into the minds of a number of supporting characters Bonnie, a friend of Evelyn, Ellie, the mother of Willis, and Frieda, a cloakroom attendant from Germany who crosses paths with Martin Each has an important part to play by giving the reader of an understanding of the main character s motives and behaviour Evelyn, Martin and Willis all struggle to fit in with their everyday lives and are each searching for answers in the hope of achieving some sense of peace All three are on a philosophical journey to come to terms with themselves The settings London, Paris, Germany, Canada and the USA, are vividly described and add variety and colour to the story The novel ends on a positive note and gives the message that, although life may take a difficult and treacherous path, hope remains.

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    Immediately intriguing, Turnstiles is the debut novel from author Andrea McKenzie Raine A clever and well considered telling that weaves three extraordinary tales Three fractured lives that harbour a deep seated need to find meaning beyond the pale Each life inexplicably changed by the vagrancies of chance It s a bold and engaging read that demands reflection on the trials and tribulations of our lives, the paths thrust upon us and those we might choose, with Raine ably distilling a sense of place and time into the plight of her main characters The angsts of each, captured in soul bearing narratives that are poignant but unburdened by unnecessary detail which might otherwise have clouded an insightful tale of lives inherently linked by the choices they make.Ambitious and favourably engrossing, Turnstiles will certainly demand your attention and bodes well for a future release from author Andrea McKenzie Raine Definitively recommended.

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