Bat Out of Hell

Bat Out of HellI am loving this series and I simply can t wait until the next book comes out I am going so far as to purchase a bundle if they are made available This author s imagination and story telling abilities are off the chain.I am always entertained and happy with her work I received a free copy of this book for a fair and honest review This book is a romance, but also a good sci fi story about genetic manipulation gone bad In today s world that s not so farfetched A nice plus is that the characters are unique, and instead of the usual wolves and cats, we get a bat shifter and a caver I especially enjoyed reading the scenes that take place in the cave The setting felt so real, I started feeling claustrophobic Nicely done Fans of the genre will enjoy this one Siren Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M M, Shape Shifters, HEA In A Secret Military Complex, A Scientist Uses Genetic Engineering To Spawn A New Breed Of Humans Who Can Shape Shift Into Animals One Nineteen, A Bat Hybrid, Longs For His Freedom, But When He Finally Gets A Chance To Try His Wings, Fear Of Getting Caught Forces Him To Hide In An Underground Cave Brad Walsh Is An Experienced Caver His Life Is All About Caving And Exploring The Unknown And Untouched, But An Accident Leaves Him Trapped Underground Rescue Comes In The Form Of A Shy Stranger, Who Calls Himself Mace Brad Invites His Rescuer Into His Home And His Bed But He Has No Idea That His Virgin Lover Is A Shape Shifter Who S On The Government S Most Wanted List For The First Time In His Life, Mace Knows What It Feels Like To Care About Someone He Stays Longer Than He Intended, And Soldiers Track Him To Brad S House He Only Meant To Save The Human, But Now They Re Both In Danger Note This Book Was Previously Published With Another Publisher And Has Been Extensively Revised And Expanded A Siren Erotic Romance This is not a genre I would usually read, but suprisingly I thoroughly enjoyed this book and will certainly be looking for others of the same ilk.This is a new author and a new series for me, but I m so glad I read it The story is sexy and sweet at the same time A genetically enhanced shifter and a human man end up on the run together They re attracted to each other, but they re so different or are they Love how the relationship develops, and was rooting for them all the way Now I m curious to see where the story goes When is book three coming out Mace, a bat hybrid, is the product of genetic manipulation and he s lived in captivity all his life When he gets a chance to escape from the lab where he was created, he finds that the outside world is a scary place and he hides in a cave Despite the fact that he was created to be a killer soldier, he ends up saving the life of a human, and falls for him Mace would love to have a normal life with Brad but he knows it s impossible This emotional love story, with hot sex scenes, had me rooting for a happily ever after I m looking forward to book three. I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked ReadsOne nineteen had been raised in the academy with other orphans of soldiers who d died in the line of duty, and even then he d been different Although he d always lived underground and had never seen the light of day, his activity level increased between dusk and dawn, and he would prowl the dorms for hours The other boys would make fun of him, but he couldn t stop himself His body would only do what felt natural to him His mentor, Dr Shepard, tried forcing him to stay awake all day, but the conditioning hadn t worked, so the doctor started giving him drugs Without a pill, one nineteen still found it impossible to sleep at night Which could only mean one thing The laboratory technicians who administered his evening meds had forgotten his sleeping pill This had never happened before, and suddenly he felt downright scared of what might happen next A change in routine was never a good thing. MaceThis is the 2nd book of the Hybrids series and it picks up with another escapee from the horrid labs that are controlled by the military and Dr Shepherd Knowing that they will never leave him alone, 119 hides in the only place he feels safe, and even then he feels that danger is only a few steps behind him.Brad Walsh is a loner by circumstance and choice He s an avid outdoorsman and loves to explore After an accident in a cave, 119 comes to his aid and he return he offers 119 a place to stay.Will Brad tell him to leave once he finds out what he is Can 119 stay ahead of the forces that are tracking him I m ready for the next book in the series. Loving this series Genetic experimentation, mad scientists, and sexy hybrids What s not to like Mace manages to escape and hides in the only safe place for a bat hybrid a cave He rescues a caver, and the man gives him a place to stay But danger follows I enjoyed the tension between the men, and seeing how Mace reacts to his growing attraction to Brad The romance is sweet and steamy I m ready for the next book in the series Enjoyed How do I explain the empathy a reader can have for a fictional shifter Hmmm Here s howMace saw the twinkling lights in the government laboratory where he and the other genetically altered bat hybrid shifters were incubated and abused When he thought, Maybe someday I ll see the real thing I was hooked Gale Stanley has an imaginative story line with well developed characters in Mace and Brad Mace Hybrids 2 is a M M erotic story, so it is for mature readers only The sexual content adds to the story line and is necessary for plot development Overall, I liked this story even better than Hybrids 1 Well written imaginative plot 5 Stars I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads This is a short fast read about Mace a genetically altered human This is the 2nd book in the series, it takes a different path than Adam the first book in the series Mace is just as exciting if not Sex Scences Only a few but they were good Characters The characters are so well written I instantly connected with themWould I recommend this to others For sure Religious NoMore than one book in a series yesGenre M M, Paranormal, Romance EroticWould I read from this author Yes

Gale Stanley was born and raised in Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love She writes romantic stories because she believes the world needs love and happy endings It s the best job in the world and she doesn t mind living vicariously through the smokin hot alphas she loves to write about Blog

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