The Phoenix Project Series (The Phoenix Project #1-3)

The Phoenix Project Series (The Phoenix Project #1-3) A Collection Of The First Three Titles In The Phoenix Project SeriesBooks Included The Phoenix Project The Reformation RevelationTHE PHOENIX PROJECTAndie Somers Has Finally Found A Perfectly Balanced Life After Leaving Her High Pressure Position In A Genetic Research Lab, She S Now Found Solace In Nursing Too Bad The Balance Doesn T Last Long One Night Andie S Life Is Thrown Off Kilter When A Suspected Seismic Event OccursNow, Andie Is Going Home To Find Her Family, Even If That Means Escaping A Hospital On Lockdown And Abandoning Some Of The City S Most Critical Patients She May Never Work As A Nurse Again But She Doesn T Dwell On That Thought For Long When She Can T Reach Her Husband And Daughter There Is One Thing On Her Mind And That Is To Get HomeFleeing A City That S Been Thrust Into Chaos Isn T Easy, And Since It Seems Most Things Electronic No Longer Work, Including Every Vehicle Around Her, Andie Makes The Decision To Walk The Forty Miles North To Her Home She Meets Adam On The Highway Running Into A Phoenix Local Wasn T In Her Plan, But Two Heads Are Better Than One And With The Havoc Surrounding Them, What Better Partner To Have At Her Side Than One With A Military Background If Only She Had Forewarning To The Secrets Adam Harbors Andie S Life Is About To Change Forever She Thought Making It Home Was The Hard Part, But Getting There Is Just The BeginningE REFORMATIONTrying To Escape From The Phoenix District Got Andie Two Things, A Broken Arm And A Broken Spirit While Andie Feels Like She Might Be Losing It, She Has A Bit Of Hope To Hold Onto Everyone Else In Her Family May Have Been Taken Away From Her Or Have Gone Missing, But She Has Lina So She S Going To Do What Burton Crane Ordered Her To Do And Genetically Alter The Residents Brains So They Re The Cooperative, Docile Humans He RequestedWhile Analyzing The Residents Genetic Data, Andie Finds That There S Than One District And While Andie Tries To Hold On Tight To The Few Things She Has Control Over, Crane Has One Last Surprise For HerThis Is The Reformation Society Has Been Fractured And This Is Just The Beginning Of Changes To ComeVELATIONPlucked From Society, The Funding Entities Had A Plan For Andromeda Somers And Adam Waters The Ones Who Planned The Reformation Were Priming Them For A Greater Role One That Adam Will Never Live To Realize He Knew Too Much And Now He S Dead, Leaving Andie To Raise Their Baby Alone But Not All Is Lost The Entities Want Andie To Uphold The Principles Of The Phoenix District, So They Ve Released Ian To Her The Only Problem Is Andie S Not Sure What To Do With Her Husband Now That She Has Him, Especially Since There Is A Seemingly Insurmountable Rift In Their Relationship They Can T Talk, They Don T Touch, And It Seems Ian Is Always Sneaking Off In The Middle Of The Night He S Definitely Not The Husband She Remembers But Andie Has Changed Also She S Done Things She S Not Proud Of, She Altered The Human Genome For Burton Crane, She Had An Affair, She Even Killed A ManNow, Andie Struggles With Her Guilt As She Tries To Raise The Next Generation Of Sovereign And Fulfill Her Duties As The District Matchmaker Sam Is Training To Become A Volker, Ian Keeps Pressing Her To Go Back To The Way They Were, Catalina Is Getting Older, And Raven Has Never Uttered A Sound Since His Birth As Andie Tries To Maintain Control And Protect Her Family, One Thought Lingers And Threatens To Disrupt Everything She S Worked So Hard To Protect She Must Return To Crystal River For Her Last Test, And Crane Always Causes The Most Havoc When She S Away

Meredith Pritchard is a lover of coffee, rum, and books.

➽ The Phoenix Project Series (The Phoenix Project #1-3)  Free ➳ Author M.R. Pritchard –
  • Paperback
  • 792 pages
  • The Phoenix Project Series (The Phoenix Project #1-3)
  • M.R. Pritchard
  • English
  • 03 April 2019

10 thoughts on “The Phoenix Project Series (The Phoenix Project #1-3)

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    For the last few weeks, I haven t been in the right head space to do any writing of my own, but I ve really enjoyed doing some reading at the end of a long day and this book or series of 3 from M R Pritchard hit the spot Enough make believe to take me away to another place, enough adventure to make it hard to put down and a bit of a love triangle to keep it interesting Elli

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    Loved this latest installment of the Phoenix Project Series The story had some unexpected twists and great character development The only problem is I m left waiting for the next book again

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    The USA is a mess, and Adam Waters CIA contact is late to a meet The man shows up late, fatally wounded, and announces that the Reformation has begun With bombs and missiles rewriting American history, Adam starts up the train and speeds back to the Phoenix District, near NYC, where he works undercover as the District Runner and as a rising star in security.Andi, a geneticist who is forcefully encamped within the Phoenix District, is appalled at the role she s thrust into within the settlement After her last attempt to escape, the ruthless leader had her beaten to within an inch of her life He exiled her to a farm within the district to heal out of sight and to reconsider Her body is slow to heal, her mind even slower, but somehow she holds it together for her young daughter.Fortunately for Andi, she s not disposable Her brilliant genetic insights are solving problems that have been on the table for years With each solution, her standing rises in the community, elevating her to The Matchmaker, a position she despises Trapped, her only solution is to survive and protect her daughter.What a great read Each scene fed eagerly into the next, like a freight train gathering speed Twists and cliffhangers abound I admired Andi s passion, guilt, and humanity, while at the same time admiring Adam s warrior toughness and surprising tenderness toward her This is a guarantee Andi and Adam s story will keep you turning the pages.Maggie Toussaint and Rigel Carson for Muddy Rose Reviews

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    Wonderful readI started reading it and it reminded me a little bit of the hungers games The district s and the people working them But it is still it s own unique world that I really enjoyed reading I could hardly put it down till I finished.

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    I absolutely loved this take on a post apocolyptic U.S I fell in love or in hate with the characters and and could not stop myself from reading until the early morning on a few occasions Pritchard pulls off the difficult task of getting the reader emotionally involved and adds just the right amount of twists and turns to keep you invested in the outcome of events This was my first experience with Pritchard, I received this compendium of books 1 3 for free from Kindle, and I definitely would have spent money for these books I am excited to get books 4 6 to finish the story, and will absolutely read of her books.

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    Special Edition of Books 1 3

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