The Chakra Energy Diet

The Chakra Energy Diet Becca Chopra has made the ancient knowledge of chakras not only accessible but also extremely useful for the modern world The Chakra Energy Diet is a very pragmatic approach to healing, maintaining good health, as well as creating wholeness for the mind, body and spirit. EAT YOUR WAY INTO BALANCE Being Overweight, Unhappy Or Physically In Pain Are CLUES About Which Of Your CHAKRAS, The Energy Centers In Your Body, Are Out Of Balance Once You Know What S Sabotaging Your Health And Weight Loss Efforts, You Can Balance Your Diet With Chakra Healing Foods To Look And Feel Your Best Part I Of The Book Explains How We Re Both Psychologically And Physically Sabotaged By Stress To Overeat And Crave Sweets, And How GMOs, Pesticides And Refined Sugar And Other Addictive Ingredients In Our Food Products Further Stress The Body In Other Words, It S Not Your Fault Part II Offers Clues And A Quiz As To Which Of Your Chakras Are Most Stressed, With Suggestions On Food Choices And Recipes, And Balancing Activities Including Yoga Poses And Other Exercises For Each Chakra, So You Can Quickly Move Into Balance Learn How To Increase Your Energy, Reach Your Optimal Body Weight, And Be Happier And Healthier By Using Chakra Healing Foods, Stress Busting Techniques, Yoga And Exercise Start THE CHAKRA ENERGY DIET TodayFor Ongoing Support And Free Chakra Energy Diet Meal Plans, Sign Up At This book is one of the most informative, extensive works I ve found in achieving an optimal balance in body, mind and spirit Filled with insights and useful tips the author has acquired through decades of practicing and teaching yoga, the book touches the core of how we should treat and honor our bodies the only vessel we have to sail through our lives on Earth The author did an excellent job in presenting comprehensive set of information on balancing each chakra first by examining the emotional components, then by providing the most desirable foods and meditation mantra pertinent to specific chakra, along with the relevant yoga postures and exercises Interesting recipes with pictures are added bonuses Particularly interesting was the notion of let go of self criticism when it comes to the issue of weight In essence, the author stresses the importance of re establishing the relationship with ourselves by cultivating self love which is the basis of true healing As an alternative health practitioner myself, I wholeheartedly agree with the author s contentions on how we can enhance the quality of life by eating real and nutritious foods and by avoiding extremely hazardous of all GMOs and sugar Sadly enough, we are living in an increasingly toxic environment, the results of which are being manifested as unprecedented increase of autism, ADHD, all kinds of allergies, and male female infertility The only way we can stop insanities practiced by food chemical other industrial complexes is when we take responsibilities in our own hands with regard to our health. RefreshedI loved walking out this journey It helped me see how I could use foods the right way to heal me from the inside out. Thanks to Marya Mann for writing this review in her Brave New Viewsletter Fun, nutritious and colorful From first tasty bite to the last, Becca Chopra s vibrant new book is a feast for the senses, a square meal for the cells and a juicy delight for the higher mind And for dessert She serves healing visualizations that help us set the table for zesty living where food is medicine, meals are celebrations, and honoring food is a meditation on achieving your full potential.In short, in Chopra s book, the supreme yoga is a culinary art.But the book is not just for yogis Chopra says people who struggle with seesaw dieting, self love, relationship, success and prosperity issues can find clues to chakra imbalances in these life problems You can thank your body, she writes, for giving you the clues you need to reach for your perfect self Connecting the dots between the energy source of problems and the behaviors that either help or hinder their resolution, Chopra offers simple, fun lifestyle solutions to reverse the disease ridden trends of modern dining Color coding foods to reflect desired energy states, yoga poses to stimulate vitality, and affirmations to affirm your True Self are easy to find and use in the well organized book designed to help you feed your chakras with high quality energy Part I highlights the saboteurs of your health and weight that you need to avoid Stress and pushing down uncomfortable emotions are two of the main menaces, but sugar, GMO foods, saturated fats and MSG all warrant abstinence In Part II, you learn to identify if a chakra is out of balance and exactly what to do about it Eating a rainbow of colors is important to keep the chakras balanced, explains Chopra.Besides specific food combinations, exercises and yoga postures, undemanding suggestions like incorporating light exercise after a meal aiding your digestion as well as lightening your stress load are included.I have long admired the natural spirit and articulate science in Becca Chopra s work Her previous books The Chakra Diaries, Chakra Secrets, and Balance Your Chakras, Balance Your Life show an uncommon nuance and perspective in her ability to communicate the power of subtle energies in concrete terms Now, her passionate, clear aesthetic shows how one can make an art out of eating and make food for the soul out of art.Together with brilliant color photos, Chopra s text arouses the hunger for good food, not empty calories, making this one of my favorite kitchen books, almost good enough to eat Review by Marya Mann, co author of Healing Our Planet, Healing Our Selves, who can be reached at

I am the author of THE CHAKRA ENERGY DIET, THE CHAKRA DIARIES, CHAKRA SECRETS and BALANCE YOUR CHAKRAS, BALANCE YOUR LIFE When not writing or reading, I m teaching yoga and meditation, swimming with dolphins on the Big Island, and having fun here in paradise.I publish Becca s Inspirational Book Blog at

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