Le Lien

Le LienElle Pourrait S Appeler Justine, Donnant Pierre L Illusion D Tre Le Divin Marquis Car Le Lien Qui Les Unit, Sade Mieux Que Personne En A Vant Les D Lices Comme Les Outrages Garement Des Sens Qui La Pousse Tre Tour Tour Ch Rie, Caress E, Menac E, BattueLivre Culte De La Litt Rature Rotique, Le Lien Est Devenu La R F Rence De L Univers Sadomasochiste Autant Par La Puissance Qui Se D Gage De Ses Pages Que Par La Disparition Tragique De Son Auteur AnsR Cit Troublant De La Passion Et De La Douleur, Le Lien Nous Raconte L Amour Paradoxal Que Vanessa Duri S Voue Pierre, Son Premier Amant Et Son Initiateur En Domination Plong E D S Sa Premi Re Exp Rience Sexuelle Dans Un Univers Rotique Extr Me, Vanessa Duri S Analyse Parfaitement Le Lien T Nu Qui Unit, Dans La Souffrance Et L Humiliation, La Soumise Son Ma TreCe Qui Peut Para Tre Choquant Dans Ces S Ances De Domination Devient, Pour Vanessa, Une Preuve Naturelle Et Indiscutable De Passion AmoureuseSi Vanessa Prouve Un Bonheur Intense Tout Ce Qu Elle Endure, C Est Qu Elle Peut Ainsi Prouver Tous L Amour Qu Elle Porte Son Ma TreUn R Cit D Une Franchise Presque Candide O Une Jeune Fille Livre Ce Qui La Pousse Reculer Sans Cesse Les Limites De Son Adoration Travers Ses Multiples Souffrances Qui Sont Devenues Sa Normalit Amoureuse

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Le Lien book, this is one of the most wanted Vanessa Duriès author readers around the world.

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  • Paperback
  • 120 pages
  • Le Lien
  • Vanessa Duriès
  • French
  • 13 October 2019
  • 9782290307007

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    A fierce and dangerous book that puts us in the world of BDSM I say this because it s not a telling bdsm a fantasy, of a dark erotic adventure, this is the real thing A true story that puts us in this dark world where the wildest erotic fantasies take place The focus of this book is the author who is completely surrendered to her master and does not hesitate to reach beyond her limits to satisfy his desires Through a series of trials involving torture, violent sex and many humiliating situations, she demonstrates her love and devotion, feeling great pride whenever she executes his orders Naturally, the moments of doubt also come, but each time she manages to overcome them and thus grows her belief that this way of life is the only one that can offer her satisfaction, even if the price for it is high.A book that is certainly not for everyone, including readers of some of the many BDSM novels that are published nowadays A book that can upset, shock, even disgust the reader with its very intense erotic scenes At the same time, however, it can also make him reflect not only on his issue but generally on our deeper sexual needs In the end, the writer s message is paradoxically that all this is done out of love, that behind this seemingly violent behaviour and its acceptance can hide tender feelings.

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    Diario de lectura, offtopic al 85% I Se podr a leer la literatura bdsm s lo a partir de la evoluci n del concepto filos fico pol tico legal de consent La figura del contrato es fundamental Como tambi n tratan sobre el amor, la disposici n de los cuerpos intimidad y la violencia, creo que este subg nero es el m s interesante para leer hoy entre la literatura para mujeres.II Igual que el material de los sue os mientras m s alejado del consent contempor neo, m s cercano a cierta visi n dionis aca vieja palabra inaceptable inentendible de la sexualidad y de la psicolog a Sospecho que en la actualidad la capitalizaci n mainstream de este subg nero, depende m s de eso que ya Pasolini ven a denunciando a principios de los a os 60 el falso hedonismo del mercado M s cercano, Zizek la doble moral del discurso ideolog a liberal que promueve el consume pero al mismo tiempo repele el contacto entre los cuerpos.III Libros escritos, la mayor a de las veces, en un estilo sin tantas florituras Lo que prima es la descripci n exacta de los rituales repetitivos.IV La lucha entre la subjetividad femenina y masculina ya estaba en de Sade y von Sacher Masoch, ambos autores plenamente pol ticos y revolucionarios No por nada ambos utilizaban lo que Bataille llam el lenguaje de la v ctima Lenguaje de la v ctima que vence en un mundo hostil, porque ama, porque logra apropiarse de las herramientas del otro, etc Lo que me recuerda a algunas protagonistas femeninas de Houellebecq, insospechadamente virtuosas en un mundo hostil.V Otra vez Bataille el origen de esta filosof a visi n de mundo parece tener origen en la edad media judeocristiana, y est n en el cruce de la religi n y las imposiciones legales torturas Una precursora genial El libro de la vida de Santa Teresa de vila escrita a pedido de su confesor.VI Lo m s importante y la pregunta de siempre c mo ajustar las herramientas para leer estos libros , cu les son los mecanismos por los cuales este y el otro de Duri s son o no efectivos el narrador que casi se confunde con la primera persona, las frases cortas, al filo La construcci n de psicol gica de personajes un poco naive La repetici n de rituales fisiol gicos.

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    Nobody does SM erotica like the French All of the great works came out of France, e.g., Histoire d O by Pauline Reage and L image by Jean de Berg Now we have another to add to the list This one is an exception to the rule however, for it is non fiction The Ties that Bind is an amazing book that recounts the author s self discovery that for her, pain equals pleasure.She begins the book by recalling that in her childhood, her father beat her for the slightest indiscretions This would lead her to the realization thatQuote Not having the nature of an , not knowing how to oppose violence with cruelty, I learnt to dominate those who used me by making the offering of my submission both mystical and ambiguous.At the age of 20, and still a virgin, she begins her tutelage under her beloved master, Pierre, who indoctrinates her into the sadomasochistic lifestyle What follows is a series of trials and her education at the hands of Pierre and several other masters and mistresses in shadowy chateaus and basement dungeons across France Through these extremely cruel and physically draining trials, she comes to several epiphanies about herself and the world around her Quote The master is in a state of total dependence in relation to his slave The master exists and only finds his place or his justification in relation to the slave He is in reality the slave of the slave, of her acceptance to submit to the cruelties which excite him.Quote On the contrary, through the subtle game of relationships of strength, the slave can be the one who exerts the true power in the sadomasochistic relationship.Tragically Duries was killed in a auto accident months after the publication of this book in 1993 at the age of 23 She was somewhat of a minor celebrity at the time of her death, appearing on Bernard Pivot s talk show and appearing nude in a men s magazine All of this is documented in the afterward by Maxim Jakubowsi There is a forward by Maria Isabel Pita that poses the question, what if she would ve lived Could she have kept up the extreme lifestyle that she was living at the time What would she have written She was working on a second book at the time of her death, entitled The Rivals , supposedly about 2 rival submissives What if indeed.This edition is a very good English translation put out by Magic Carpet Books Highly Recommended.

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    This is one of those books which aren t easy to recomend One of the books you can love or hate An example of the books you get trapped in right from the start or have to just anabdon.In my case, I loved it, got trapped by it Honestly not right from the start, but near to it This is the story of a girl whose childhood wasn t perfect It was a dark and sad one She was able to get pass it in a rather unique way One that probably might be frowned upon by many A victim who chose to think about the why but instead of going in too deep and dissect the causes, she embraced what she found about herself She chose to take a path that took her to the most unbelievable of experiences Her world though wasn t one to be shared with many Only a few select and lucky individuals had the fortune of knowing this amazing girl.As with several other promissing authors, we won t be able to enjoy their talent She left this world sooner than she should What would have been of her, her Master, her writing and her life Questions that will never be answered Her talent wouldn t have been kept a secret, that decision was made when she was allowed to write and share this book Something for which we have to be thankful to her and her Master.

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    A warning to any of you who come along to this one after reading Fifty Shades this one is WAY like Fifty Shades of Grey than Fifty Shades Freed, so set your expectations accordingly Pierre is definitely not giving her any in this book If you came to Fifty Shades for the titillation but stayed for the romance this is NOT the book for you Picture it as a description of what Ana Steele was too plucky to allow herself to share with Christian Ana s inner goddess would have committed suicide on page 10 of this book The Ties That Bind reminded me a lot of The Story of O, without being quite as literary this one is a memoir It s a stark and very graphic account of an SM relationship.

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    This is without a doubt, the most beautiful erotic novel I have ever read The prose is stunning and every page is perfection with not an extra word I was aroused, saddened, shocked, relieved and shocked again Vanessa Duries died in a car accident, the year after it was released in France this truly is a loss for the world Very few writers are as skillful as her Butwith the one book she has certainly made her mark Just wow

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    Un novela dura sobre todo porque cuenta la experiencia real de la autora como sumisa.Escenas de sexo bastante fuertes mezcladas con los pensamientos, dudas y reflexiones de la autora.En ocasiones es muy f cil empatizar con ella pero otras me result casi imposible Sin embargo, no es dif cil ver por qu este libro ha acabado siendo tan importante para los amantes del BDSM.Si buscas algo m s duro y m s real que 50 Sombras y toda esa literatura pseudo sasomasoquista, si buscas entender qu impulsa a un mujer a convertirse en sumisa, este es tu libro.

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    HorribleNo se porque los escritores se atreven a escribir esto es increible como se rebaja ala mujer estan degradante sin temor a equivocarme es la peor comprar que e echo asta ahorita..

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    Narraciones extraordinarias sobre la dominaci n, Duri s termina explicando mejor el concepto que Weber y sus alumnos.

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    Se supone que narrado en primera persona el autor logra cierta empat a entre el lector y quien protagoniza el relato al menos as me pasa muchas veces en esta ocasi n no puedo ni por un minuto sentirme identificada con alguien tan retorcida como esta mujer que goza en las circunstancias m s aberrantes y en una sucesi n de pruebas y suplicios carnales a las que se ve sometida s lo para complacer a su adorado amo.Al leer me imagino todo escenario, personajes, lugares, encuentros, y muchos de los libros se desarrollan en mi cabeza como pel culas m s o menos plausibles o incluso dignas de todos los elogios esto no pasa de ser un argumento rid culo de pel cula er tica clase B, con una que otra palabra rimbombante mencionada por la fulana esclava y con un final tan mediocre como toda ella.Esta bien podr a calificarse como la peor de mis pesadillas vuelta libro, en serio no consigo entender qu placer encierra el SM, en fin, eso es materia para otra discusi n Y no, no es mojigater a, qu cosa m s grotesca y ruin.

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