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This Shattered World The Second Installment In The Epic Starbound Trilogy Introduces A New Pair Of Star Crossed Lovers On Two Sides Of A Bloody WarJubilee Chase And Flynn Cormac Should Never Have MetLee Is Captain Of The Forces Sent To Avon To Crush The Terraformed Planet S Rebellious Colonists, But She Has Her Own Reasons For Hating The InsurgentsRebellion Is In Flynn S Blood Terraforming Corporations Make Their Fortune By Recruiting Colonists To Make The Inhospitable Planets Livable, With The Promise Of A Better Life For Their Children But They Never Fulfilled Their Promise On Avon, And Decades Later, Flynn Is Leading The RebellionDesperate For Any Advantage In A Bloody And Unrelentingly War, Flynn Does The Only Thing That Makes Sense When He And Lee Cross Paths He Returns To Base With Her As Prisoner But As His Fellow Rebels Prepare To Execute This Tough Talking Girl With Nerves Of Steel, Flynn Makes Another Choice That Will Change Him Forever He And Lee Escape The Rebel Base Together, Caught Between Two Sides Of A Senseless War 6Ya8j

➷ This Shattered World Free ➭ Author Amie Kaufman –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 400 pages
  • This Shattered World
  • Amie Kaufman
  • English
  • 20 April 2017

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    Where are my Lilac and Tarver I.WANT.MORE

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    4.5 Romeo and Juliet in space like c monnnn This is a scifi I can get on board with Didn t enjoy this quite as much as These Broken Stars but only by the teeniest fraction It was still amazing

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    This review and others can be seen in all its proper formatting glory on my blog Beauty and the Bookshelf.Or 3.5 starsbut probably 4 stars Note You might be okay reading This Shattered World without reading the first book in the Starbound trilogy, These Broken Stars You may understand things for the most part, but you ll see spoilers for the first book, which is why I d recommend reading it first This review shouldn t be spoilery, but I ll be mentioning some minor things from These Broken Stars, so be wary After reading These Broken Stars late last year, I was eager to see where the series would bring readers next What I didn t know at the time was that the Starbound trilogy is composed of companion novels in other words, each book would be about different characters I, like many other people, was disappointed I wanted from Lilac and Tarver And while I am still a little bummed there s not from Lilac and Tarver though there is a bit of them in a novella , I am not, however, disappointed with these new characters.This Shattered World is not like These Broken Stars While the first book really only had two characters, the sequel expands into a whole new setting, myriad people included Welcome to Avon, a newer planet that s terraforming isn t changing, is filled with military personnel who can be overcome by something called the Fury , and has pushed its natives to live out in the swamps While there s a ceasefire between the military who basically took over the planet the rebels call them trodaires and the Fianna the rebels natives , it s a fragile egg shell, close to falling over a wall and not being able to be put back together again But when Fianna Flynn Cormac whose executed sister was a leader of a huge rebellion ten years ago gets onto the military base and decides to kidnap Captain Jubilee Chase so she can answer some questions, enemies become frenemies become maybe something else, and things on Avon change.It s hard to review this and not make comparisons to These Broken Stars While I think I liked that book and characters I mean, come on, Lilac and Tarver started it all , I d say I liked This Shattered World s story , and I definitely liked Flynn and Jubileee The names in this series are A , and when we learn the names of the characters in the third book, I m probably going to have to go buy six living things of some species and name them after these characters This Broken Stars was romancey and full of a serious slow burn romance and really packed on the feels This Shattered World, on the contrary, is crueler and harsher, with a definite romance this is, after all, the Starbound trilogy , but there s than that This has some serious inner world building, showing us what certain things are doing to not two people stuck on a random planet, but to a bunch of people living on one that s actually inhabited It s not what I expected, but I like how the books compare and contrast, and who knows what the hell Kaufman and Spooner are cooking up for the final novel NO COOL NAMED MAIN CHARACTERS ARE ALLOWED TO DIE Being almost four hundred pages, This Shattered World could be considered a lengthier novel, but it doesn t read like one These Broken Stars had some slow spots, but this lacked those things kept happening to keep the story flowing Or maybe I just kept waiting for something to happen because I was expecting it and oh my gosh why don t characters just do what I tell them to This books read fast and is engrossing, and it rarely, if ever, bores It s got a lot of action, whether it s physical or some meticulous planning It has two likeable POVs that do not ever annoy Flynn and Jubilee both have their strengths and weaknesses and differences, but they have one very important thing in common they care for their people, and they have a strong desire to protect them And also that they are totally meant to be together, ship ship ship Jubilee s pretty much a pure badass and a fighter, while Flynn fights with words and is of a subtle badass who s searching for peace Badass Badass Badass Power Couple, just saying I really liked this book and this is yet another review inaccurately show that, I know I wouldn t say it was shattering, but it was good I m a fan of the setting and plot and how we got to see a whole new world in this Starbound world Though I still don t know if I fully get what was happening in those bits between each chapter The characters were strong, the villain s vile, and the storyline filled with bits and pieces and some not nice things And the story goes fast When I had twenty percent left I had no idea how on earth the book was going to end No idea It s not very predictable, which is a bonus I knew what I wanted to happen and I had some inklings elsewhere, but for the most part, I had no idea what was going to happen as the story progressed And when the book ended I didn t want it to, because I wanted This Shattered World was a nice insight into the Starbound trilogy, and I m looking forward to seeing what Kaufman and Spooner whip up next If you read the acknowledgements, you ll see where the series is going next I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review, and that in no way sways my opinion of the book. 11 24 13IT S NOT LILAC AND TARVER That is very upsetting.Very.

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    4.5 An epic sequel, I absolutely loved it Expect a review soon

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    Smart, sexy scifi Just wait until you guys meet Jubilee Chase I have a serious girl crush on her.

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    At first I wasn t sure I was going to like this book I was thinking it was okay but I am also sick today on my birthday as some of you know and was dozing in and out so that could be it too For some reason I was thinking this was going to be a book about the people that were on the planet from the first book The people that were there before Tarver and Lilac crashed Noooo, it took me over half the book to figure out that wasn t it at all Jubilee Lee is a Captain on planet Avon I can t stop thinking about beauty products Lee is there with a crew to try to get rebel colonists under control Avon is a terraformed planet, apparently there are a bunch of them Flynn is one of the rebels and he captures Lee with luck because she is bad to the bone and most men and women are afraid of her But they talk and he finds out some things that Lee didn t even know about and he keeps talking about a building that he has seen that isn t there these books will mess with your mind Lee and Flynn try to think of some ways they can get a ceasefire once and for all and get things right with all of the people But there are reasons other than what s going on going on don t you love my reviews DTHEN, awhile later, Tarver and Lilac come into the picture I was so happy and that is when I figured some things out You know like it being another planet and some other stuff that I m not telling you So far, I have enjoyed the first two books And I m loving all of the book covers I did love the first book a lot than this one though I hope I love the last book and that it s even better than this one MY BLOG Melissa Martin s Reading List

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    WAIT WAIT waitso that s it I AM SO NOT READY FOR LILAC AND TARVER S STORY TO ENDNO WONDER THERE WAS NO CLIFFHANGER NOOOOOOOO NOOO NOOOOOGAHHARRRWURBLEEFOIEJ indistinguishable noises froths at mouth These Broken Stars Review follow for reviews

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    The authors decision to tell another story in the same world, but following different characters, is a really smart move in my opinion Meagan Spooner stated, Without being too spoilery, I think most readers would agree that there s no story left about Tarver and Lilac, given the events of the first book And I completely agree One thing that s annoying about most series these days is that one story is pushed and pulled and dragged along three books But this author is completely capable of saying, Hey, the story of these characters is over, but there s still to tell about this wonderful world we ve created And so with that, a companion novel is most likely the best way to go.With that said, I m really excited about this book and to see of the world these author s have created.Update IT HAS A SORT OF, UNCOMPLETED COVER WOO Although, I hope they don t use that type of font, oh lord.PRE RELEASE UPDATE The cover The synopsis Ahhh Also, Lee is a tough talking girl with nerves of steel GIVE ME NOW.

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    All the stars beyond the clouded skies of Avon That s how many this series deserves This story is the definition of beautiful I loved the characters, the plot, the turnarounds, the ties to These Broken Stars both characters from the first book, squee it was, simply put, alluring and edge gripping and absolutely perfect THIS SHATTERED WOLRD does not give you time to think about it, you just dive into it and stop breathing until you reach the last page But trust me, you will feel like you ve reached that one way too soon I, for one, could never have enough of this story These Broken Stars and This Shattered World are very similar and, in the same time, completely different You can feel them as part of the same series and the writing is just as wonderful as before it flows just as effortlessly, but they give completely different vibes and the settling here is quite the opposite from the first book The characters are in their world, surrounded by their people, interacting with them and feeling somehow secure inside their territories, but there is the same amount of struggle to survive, to find the truth, to find a way out together.The intrigue is just as good as before, only this time the action kicks from the very beginning, and there are very few slow moments So, make sure to take a deep breath, because there won t be time for another.The romance is sweet and realistic Yes, there is some amount of attraction from the very beginning who would complain about that , but the actual feelings come into focus gradually, at a very slow pace they start trusting each other, they become allies, they both struggle with what is right or wrong and, in the end, they give in to their feelings There is as much character development as there is action Both, perfectly well done.Flynn is witty and caring, Jubilee aka Lee is strong and determined He wants peace and freedom for his people, she needs to keep order and to seek revenge They are from different worlds just the way Tarver and Lilac were , from opposite sides of this senseless war, still they are perfect for each other Flynn usually tries a peaceful approach and uses violence only when it s needed or if there s no other way which is a little ironic considering how they met , Lee is that kind of person that punches you in the face first and asks questions later.The title is also perfect, Avon is a shattered word that needs mending, a world split in two that needs someone from each side to put it back together.Conclusions I loved this tory and I adore this series Hope you will as well, when it comes out Now I ll go re read the first book. again Happy midnight reading Read the full review here ARC received from the publisher ____________________________________________Blog EN Facebook Twitter Tumblr Bloglovin Blog RO ____________________________________________

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    Fingers crossed for a Lilac and Tarver cameo

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