A Unique Kind of Love

A Unique Kind of Love Lena Rose Winter Was A Typical Seventeen Year Old Girl, Or So Everyone Thought She Had A Hated Secret And She Knew What Love Was, But She Dreaded It Liam Christopher Black Was Far From Your Typical Bad Boy He Was A Good Guy, The One Who Would Sit At The Back Of The Class, Not Making A Sound His Family Dying In A Car Crash Cost Him His Voice Lena Knew Becoming Friends With Someone Was A Great Risk Because You Could Always End Up Caring Too Much But Still, She Fought For The Boy And His Friendship But They Ended Up Falling For Each Other Hard It Seemed As If The World Didn T Want Them Together As They Faced Struggle After Struggle To Beat The Odds But Will The Risks Be Enough For Their Relationship To Survive Amidst The Trials And Bad Experiences, Will Both Of Them Learn To Truly Love Again

Author of Mars and A Unique Kind of Love.

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  • Paperback
  • 334 pages
  • A Unique Kind of Love
  • Jasmine Rose
  • 14 July 2018
  • 9781627618090

10 thoughts on “A Unique Kind of Love

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    This book managed to keep me hooked the whole way through With the chapter by chapter updates on Wattpad, I found a way to keep their unique story running around in my mind until the next chapter was posted.This story kept not only me, but my friends, talking about the true meaning of love and I am grateful that it is now being published as it means that I can carry it with me everywhere.Well done You totally deserve it

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    A Sweet, Contemporary YA Romance 17 year old perpetual new girl Lena Rose Winter moves wherever her mother s job takes their family of two Her mobile lifestyle, coupled with her tragic history, keeps her from connecting with people Her natural beauty and wit, however, always gets people s attention including that of hot, mysterious classmate Liam Christopher Black Liam, an orphan who has no one left in his life but his grandmother, bears his own scars The loss of his family in an accident has left him unable to speak The two teenagers connect immediately, quickly becoming best friends Through the challenges of fitting in at school, to the larger twists and turns of the real world, Liam and Lena s truly Unique Kind of Love conquers them all Jasmine Rose s A Unique Kind of Love is a sweet, little contemporary young adult romance with all the right ingredients likeable characters, teenage angst, drama and humor It hits the right emotional notes too, not unlike the mellow contemporary pop songs it quotes and seems to have drawn inspiration from, including works byHarry Styles, Christina Perri and Ed Sheeran.If you need a little break from the sea of dystopian and paranormal YA books that are out there, A Unique Kind of Love may be just the book for you Its clever teenage cast of characters might not be heroes bearing the weight of the world, but it s a little reminder that family, young love and romance in the high school setting is a struggle too.

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    I love this book and the plot is amazing, how they fall in love slowly and inconspicuously is really adorable I read this on wattpad but i have to sat that I definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves a good romance story Also, how the boy is mute also makes it better because they are able to communicate just through looking at each other Congrats to Jasmine to getting this book on goodreads.

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    In general I am not a huge fan of contemporary books, nor am I a fan of cheesy romance This book however was absolutely brilliant in my opinion It is very realistic, unlike many fairy tale perfect romances There isn t a Perfect prince but there is a boy liam who has lived through the death of many people that he has loved, and that has become mute There is a girl Lena that is trying to find her herself, deal with a new school all whilst falling in love They started of as friends, there was no insta love As he is mute, she learns to understand him just by looking at him, which I think is adorable Through their love, Liam finds his voice, which does sound cheesy, but it isn t to do so much with the fact that Lena loves him Its that she showed him how to move on from his past, and not let it dictate his life.

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    Did I read the same book as everyone else

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    The tittle should be like A STUPID KIND OF ROMANCE The plot was STUPID Characters were STUPID The romance was STUPID I was STUPID to read this book UUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHHH

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    I ve been in a bit of a book funk lately, which lead me to A Unique Kind of Love The reviews for this book are insane I thought this was a cute book Liam and Lena were adorable In this time when teenagers are so anxious to grow up, it was nice to see them embrace being young They liked to play in the snow and read together and argue over who was right about a math problem They were great support systems to each other and it was cute watching them fall in love I also adored the supporting characters, especially Lena s mom This book had a great base and the potential to be absolutely amazing, with an editor As far as spelling grammar mistakes go, this was far from being the worst I ve seen with an independent release, but it could still use a little help What I think an editor would have been great for is fixing a few of the inconsistencies e.g., Lena says she has to read the poem Liam wrote and on the next page introduces the poem as being written be Tori and making sure big moments were handled with care.For instance, the description of the book says that the death of Liam s family traumatized him enough to lose his voice, but this was never addressed in the book Lena just deducts that Liam is mute and that s that view spoiler We later learn that Liam can and does speak, but once again, there s no elaboration Lena learns he can talk but doesn t ask him why he didn t speak before or why he s all of a sudden talking In fact, no one bats an eyelash when he speaks And when he stops talking again, everyone treats it as if that s normal Get the boy some help hide spoiler

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    I don t understand how this book had so many positive reviews.This was a very underdeveloped book It has a lot of potential, but there were also a lot of things wrong The dialogue was unnatural There was little explanation about things like Why was Leo mad at Lena for just one day Why doesn t he talk There are some things that just need to be addressed.I understand that this was written by a young, teenage author it s so good that she s writing has put so much effort to see this from Wattpad to publishing, but I wish this would go through a few edit drafts It felt like she was just living out her fantasies.The attachments happened too fast Between Liam Lena, Lena Tori, Elli Liam just everyone The characters were all rather juvenile in their thought processes There was very little character development besides Liam.This just was a very disappointing, half baked book.I will give appreciation for the epilogue, for not having every relationship work out.

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    DNF.Filled with grammatical errors, choppy writing, and nonsensical descriptions such as her expression displayed an emotion , this book is far from being one of the best books I have ever read I am genuinely confused and curious about why it has received raving reviews on goodreads There are awkward situations, stiff dialogue and a whirlwind romance that is hard to stomach just what do people like about this thing

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    I couldn t finish past 10%.I mean really Did we all read the same book She seems like nothing but I bitchy stereotyping 17 yr old Typical And the events that transpired in that 10% Not believable She actually dumped water on Jonah AND punched him AND says freakin slut to the waitress What is she A tantruming toddler Zero class Needless to say, I couldn t spend any time in Lena s head Awful.

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