Justice League International: Volume 1

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Keith Ian Giffen is an American comic book illustrator and writer He is possibly best known for his long runs illustrating, and later writing the Legion of Super Heroes title in the 1980s and 1990s He also created the alien mercenary character Lobo with Roger Slifer , and the irreverent want to be hero, Ambush Bug Giffen is known for having an unorthodox writing style, often using characters

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  • Paperback
  • 188 pages
  • Justice League International: Volume 1
  • Keith Giffen
  • English
  • 15 March 2019
  • 9780930289409

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    4.5 starsI was a little leery when my friends recommended this to me Even with all the good reviews.It s OLD And I know how you guys like to give high ratings for stuff that you read and loved when you were kids You re a bunch of sentimental bastards.Don t bother denying itSo.I open it upand where were my slick glossy pages It s printed on PAPER Yeah, plain paper That s how freaking old my copy was Ick.But, I turned the gross pages anyway Because I m a strong woman.Oh My God It was so good This was what I thought Batman 66 Vol 1 was going to be like, but wasn t insert large amounts of disappointment here JLI was funny And it s the kind of funny that stands the test of time This is something that, despite the dated art, can be read and enjoyed even today.The Guy Gardner Batman stuff was priceless Although, every scene with the Dark Knight was hilarious They managed to lampoon the gritty version of Batman without taking away his cool factor, which was no small feat I never would have given this a second look if it hadn t been for the sage advice of my friends here on Goodreads Ya ll are the best bunch of nerds a girl could ask for

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    Have you ever been in that situation where a friend says to you, Hey, you need to meet my buddy Al you will love him He s hilarious, and I just think you two would really hit it off you guys have the same sense of humor And so your friend invites you out to drinks with Al, and he s got a big, friendly smile, and you think, Yeah, I can see why you d like this guy And then, two minutes later, he cracks and off color joke that s equal parts funny and offensive, and you re trying to figure out if the offensive part is being used ironically in which case you really like him or sincerely in which case the jury is most decidedly still out You hang out with old Al for another couple of hours, and he periodically says something witty or brilliant that has you thinking or laughing, but then he fires off another few clunkers that make you suspect he is, in fact, at least mildly racist and you re beginning to wonder if your friend who introduced you to Al thinks you re also slightly bigoted , and then he sneaks up to the bar and pays that tab when no one s looking When it s time to go, your overall impression of Al is generally favorable I mean, the guy s just got one of those smile, after all but you re not really sold on him and not entirely sure you want to hang out with him again.That was me with Justice League International I ve heard so many good things about this run over the years, and, on its surface, it s right in my wheelhouse a superhero book that s faithful to the tried and true tropes of the genre but plays with convention, has a satirical edge, and features a bunch of B teamers trying to learn how to fill the shoes of the legends who preceded them with a little help from a very cranky Batman and a highly competent Martian Manhunter In reading, it though, I concluded that it s 1 dated and a little misogynistic, though perhaps that s part of the being dated problem 2 not as funny as it thinks it is 3 oddly characterized in places Batman, for example, feels off it s not that he s necessarily badly out of character it just feels like he s a square peg forced into a round hole, and not in a way that s conducive to creating fun dramatic tension it s like that time I tried to make love to a Lego woman, the less about which, the better Still, it s got some entertaining moments, the art is generally quality, and you can sense the passion and enthusiasm that went into making this So, it was an interesting couple of hours, but I m not sure I m in a hurry to set up another outing with the JLI though I am going to recommend Al for membership Side note Martian Manhunter really should have chosen a better name that guy would suck at public relations I mean, imagine if Kal El had named himself Kryptonian Babystealer Everyone would hate that guy I m going to lobby DC to get Martian Manhunter to call a press conference and announce that, henceforth, he will only answer to Martian Peoplehelper If we think that s too soft, I d be willing to discuss Martian Badmanhunter as an alternative

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    Launched in 1987, Justice League America the title actually switched to Justice League International only for 7 25 was DC s inspired early response to the ideological superhero critique of Alan Moore s Watchmen s and Frank Miller s The Dark Knight Returns It is funny when it needs to be, clever when it needs to be, subtle when it needs to be, cheesy when it needs to be and it casts the members of the Justice League as less than perfect and in some cases downright obnoxious anti heroes who spend time quarreling and brawling with each other than fighting villains Keith Giffen plot and art breakdowns , J.M DeMatteis script and Kevin Maguire pencils deliver a very enjoyable package, definitely a highlight of their respective careers and a minor classic of superhero comedy.

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    Vote 3, 5I am just too much a newbie reader of DC Universe besides Batman comics to fully appreciate this classic and not liked very much the Grey Man storyline , but the Bats Guy Gardner argues scenes were just hilarious ones No doubt I m going to rise my vote when I m going to re read it sooner of later after upgrading my knowledge about DC characters.

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    The first comic I ever subscribed to was the Justice League of America Unfortunately for me, it was when the League had a fairly crappy roster including Vibe, Gypsy, Vixen, and Steel Fortunately, it was cancelled a few issues later and replaced with Justice League International.JLI made comics fun again Blue Beetle and Guy Gardner provided the laughs with Batman playing the ultimate straightman for their jokes And we can t forget about poor hen pecked Mister Miracle either.This book collects the formation of the JLI at the hands of Maxwell Lord and goes up until they get the International status and Martian Manhunter becomes the leader Fun stuff For a lot of people, the Justice League is the Big Seven For me, it s the roster the League had at the end of this book.

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    I remember reading a couple of comics from this series when I was a kid, but since I was never much into DC, I never really cared for it, but something about this team, specially the art and the banter between the members have lingered in my memory until this day, and you know what I think it was The character s expressions and the colorful costume designs, they re all fun and amazing to look at, I never read a single storyline with Guy Gardner and I ve always known who he is because of it, same with the Blue Beetle and so on Thirty some years later, I decided to grab this up and give it another try, glad I did I ve always enjoyed reading dysfunctional teams with c grade superheroes, and this one is probably the best in that sub genre I wouldn t call it straight up, laugh out loud humor like some of the reviews I ve read, but its certainly a hell lot of fun to read.Probably reading volumes of this series.

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    I think I collected this when it first came out, and even then I enjoyed the hell out of this zany over the top combination of fun writing and exaggerated acting in the art Guy Gardner and Maxwell Lord make an immediate, attention getting impression As does Black Canary s 80 s hair and jumpsuit And the team dynamic the dysfunction and infighting works here They re not at each others throats because they don t understand each other these guys are familiar enough with each other that they just don t like someone else on the team, and their specific dysfunctions are both bizarre and real.Like, for me every time my team at work or a project team pulled together settled in, I end up taking a serious dislike to someone Not because I don t know where they re coming from, but because they almost deliberately rub me the wrong way And to be fair, I probably get up in their grill way too obviously as well, so much as I think I m being subtle and sly about it.Guy Gardner dislikes everyone that isn t Ronald Reagan, Batman s a bat dick to everyone around him, and the rest of the team has to dance or blow off steam around these two It s a good dynamic for tension, not necessarily for the teamwork.The team of Giffen DeMatteis does a pretty good job with the writing when it s funny it s at least fun, and when it goes serious it generally works Except for that nuclear disarmament storyline felt too preachy and oh so expository, as if they didn t take enough time to figure out how to tell the origin in a way that wasn t talking to themselves The art is fun, clean, action y I read some interviews with Maguire and he thinks his art at this start of the JL run wasn t great, but it works pretty well for me, and I can only notice the most trivial mistakes or oddities that fall at his feet The obvious screwups are in the colouring department which is typical of the older comics someone mistakes an arm for someone else s, or doesn t realise that a character in the background is someone else with a very different colour scheme The run up to their International status seems pretty predictable now, but I m not sure if that s hindsight, or advancements in storytelling craft, or the fact that I read this as a kid It s fun and should add some extra punch to the team dynamic not to mention one character s radical transformation near the end of this book holy moley.

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    This my first go at reading these 80s JLI issues, and I really enjoyed it There s a great mix of characters here, most of whom I already knew fairly well and liked And Guy Gardner, who I think I know fairly well and could do with rather less of Having read everything surrounding Infinite Crisis, it s really hard not to read the most sinister possible motivations for everything Maxwell Lord does, but I m trying There s a comedic tone to the whole thing, while having serious conflicts It s the comedy that will keep me reading, because it s well done and in character we all know Batman makes a great straight man.

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    This wasn t my favorite, but it s solid for what it is an 80s alternative Justice League I just think I m not a huge JL fan All right, so what s the deal Dr Light II receives an alert disc like those Olive Garden alert discs from someone, we don t know who, then it s revealed later but the mystery doesn t really matter Booster Gold joins the team The Champions of Angor, these aliens whose planet was destroyed by nuclear war, are trying to rid the world of nuclear warheads Then there s the subplot of Gray Man, who has escaped from the Lords of Order and is trying to destroy the world And the JLI is involved in all of the above with a dizzying amount of in fighting and witty banter So overall a decent blend of Cold War fear, corny jokes and petty arguments in the JLI, some humor because Guy Gardner is so idiotic , and some 80s comic mysticism.

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    Crack up Guy Gardner is everything that is good about Green Lantern.

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