Elias Zapples Rhymes from the Cabbage Patch

Elias Zapples Rhymes from the Cabbage Patch CLASSIC NURSERY RHYMES TOLD IN THE ZAPPLE WAY Cinderella, Goldilocks And The Three Bears, Little Red Riding Hood, Three Killer Mice, The Three Little Pigs, Humpty Dumpty Jack And Jill NEW RHYMES Rhymes About A Killer Slug, A Genius Slug, A Murdered Slug, How Best To Eat A Slug And Much, Much Including A Rhyme About A Sarcastic Dog Inside This Book You Will Find,Funny Nonsense From My MindZany Rhymes And Slimy Tales,Creepy Crawlies Leaving Bloody TrailsAnd A Clever Slug That Shocks,Tales About Cinders And GoldilocksCabbages, Slugs And Elias Zapple,What Rhymes With Zapple Apart From Apple Fun And Craziness You Ll Have A Good Time ,There S Even Some That Do Not Rhyme Read The Book, There S So Much ,Or My Slugs And I Will Go To War

Elias Zapple was not born in 1922, as some would have you believe His date of birth is not really relevant anyway What is relevant is that he arose out of a tulip that was growing in some old granny s garden in Camberwell How he got to be in a tulip is not really clear, nor is it clear how he got out of the tulip and years later wrote the smash hit musical, Love be a Stranger , which was an

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    I wish I had this when I was a kid I m a huge fan of the strange, odd, and macabre When I was younger I devoured stuff by Charles Addams, Tim Burton and Roald Dahl That being said, this book of rhymes by Elias Zapple, this wonderfully twisted, off the wall collection of weird to even weirder characters and stories written in some of the catchiest poetry I have read in a long time, this is genius A modern classic I just wish this was available when I was about oh, seven or eight years of age In fact this would be wonderfully appropriate into the tween years.Some of this stuff will be repeated, talked and joked about by young boys and girls for a long time after reading it, especially the collection of mischievous takes on classic children stories and nursery rhymes toward the end of the book What fun kids will have after reading this book I am so jealous Mr Elias Zapple, we all know you are as old as dirt, maybe even older Why oh why didn t you write this thirty years ago What great memories this would have made But oh well, I have it now And I ll read it again and again Get this book

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    I thought this book was quite funny, if a little gory at times, but we had two little visitors, 6 and 8, over the weekend and they thought it was hilarious Beyond hilarious, actually because the 8 year old had to read it over and over again to the six year old.They are outside now building a slug farm So, great result I would definitely recommend Zapple s Rhymes to children with a quirky sense of humor.I look forward to reading the Duke and Michel series too.

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    I was determined to dislike this book After all, I m the founder of the Bloomsbury slug sanctuary I tried not to laugh, I really did However, within a minute a strange twitchy feeling wiggled through my nose and I heard the sound of giggling My own Mr Zapple sounds an unusual sort of person and I can only express sympathy for his neighbour, Dieter, but oh Sweet Cherry Pie Actually perhaps I d better not mention the cherry pie, it will only give kids ideas So ignore that But Humpty Dumpty I was totally in tune with Mr Zapple s re working of this ancient nursery rhyme If not his treatment of his poor slugs.I battled on, frowning as much as possible I managed not to laugh at Cinderella and the Fairy Godmother s ID this was quite a battle , but once I reached Goldilocks all was lost.A disgraceful and wildly amusing book With the emphasis on wild Out of control, even You ll need to ensure that it s downloaded to a secure location within your device, so that it doesn t give the other books ideas I really shouldn t recommend it, but I can t help myself Congrats to the illustrator for managing to cope with this tough assignment Slugs rule

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    Elias Zapple s Rhymes from the Cabbage Patch Illustrated Children s Book by Elias Zapple is an extremely funny book of hilariously absurd, funny and often very witty rhymes.Split into two halfs the first section is mainly about odd characters, like Zapple s neighbour Dieter, specific slugs and whatever one might not expect next Rhymes work always best with the unexpected and Zapple has plenty of those trumps of his sleeves I hate the phrase but I did laugh out loud to the extent that my neighbours enquired about my wellbeing over the garden fence.The second half of the book contains rhymes based on nursery rhymes, all with delicious twists and unexpected added elements.If you like off the wall humour this is definitely for you, original, quirky, mindful senseless and hugely enjoyable.

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    Elias Zapple has a very witty and a bit dark sense of humour, which is exactly why I love his work so much I am not usually a fan of the twisted, but this book had me laughing out loud at a few spots Some of the poems rhyme, some do not Some rhyme and then have a sudden, deadpan line at the end which I love.The fairytales are new takes on old classics If you ve ever wanted to see Cinderella get her revenge or Little Red join forces with the wolf ala Bonnie and Clyde, then you will love this book Check it out or be slimed This book is top shelf This book was featured on Destiny s Book Dig Up and is a winner of the unofficial Top Shelf book award

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    Great, vivid rhymes that are innovative and hilarious Funny illustrations too.

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    Elias Zapple s Rhymes from the Cabbage Patch by Elias Zapple is one of these most exciting books that I have read to my grand kids in a while Chalked full of nonsense and rhymes and such cleverness from the author, the illustrations are just as wild and wacky I am still amused

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    The most mischievous take on all those classic children s stories and nursery rhymes that I ever read I got it for my kids, but then found myself laughing too hard myself, turning pages, asking for .We read Duke and Michel before, so were confidently expecting something delightfully wild And it was, maybe even wilder, and maybe even funnier, although it s impossible to compare one hilarious read to another Even my oldest, a 12 years old non reader, was grabbing my Kindle to read some .What can I say I love this author s humor, love the subtle sarcasm, love the illustrations, love the way he seems to never be afraid of crossing some lines I d say this book is as much for the grownups as it is for the children, and teens, and pre teens The humor and twists and turns alone would warrant all ages attention.Off to look for books by this author

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    Reading this book, I started out in hope of finding rhymes that flowed and made some sort of sense I soon gave up on that, but was gradually getting sucked into the weird, gruesome, zaniness of the world according to Zapple It made me smile, and I suspect that many adults and kids who crave the unusual will end up smiling while reading this book too Whether rhymes about characters in Elias Zapple s other books, or rhymes to completely tear apart what you thought you knew about nursery rhymes, this book delivers in unpredictability and laughs Read it and see what you think Just don t expect anything ordinary, and bring along a robust sense of humour

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    With an author name like Elias Zapple, you can surely expect some very crazy stuff Whoever it s aimed at, it is a fun book with some ghoulish rhymes that work fine by me, thank you very much Think of it as a Dr Seuss type book but darker and much much much fun.DISCLAIMER I did not receive a free copy in exchange for a review Nor did I buy my copy from or Barnes and Noble I bought it from another retailer and loved it so much I decided to leave a review on and Goodreads Thank you.

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