The Cow Tripped Over the Moon

The Cow Tripped Over the Moon Who Is That Bovine That Just Fell From A Great Height What If The Wind Rocks The Cradle A Little Too Hard Help, It S A Nursery Rhyme Emergency Here Comes An Ambulance On Its WayWho S Had An Accident In Storyland Today Jumping Over The Moon Is Fine As Long As You Don T Trip And End Up Needing Cow Size Bandages And Having A Blackbird Peck Off Your Nose Can Leave A Person Very Sore Indeed Led Along By Bright, Humorous Illustrations And An Energetic Rhyming Text, Little Readers Will Have Fun Guessing Who The Next Storyland Victim Might Be, Following Hints Like, Who Could Be Covered In Egg And Who Went Up And Tumbled Down Look Out, Here Comes The Ambulance

Jeanne Willis was born in St Albans and trained as an advertising copywriter at Watford College She worked for various agencies creating press adverts and TV, cinema and radio commercials She is now a full time writer and has published over 80 books Her hobbies include gardening, reading non fiction , natural history and collecting caterpillars Jeanne has also worked on scripts for TV, includ

☉ The Cow Tripped Over the Moon  PDF / Epub ❤ Author Jeanne Willis –
  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • The Cow Tripped Over the Moon
  • Jeanne Willis
  • 04 December 2019
  • 9780763674021

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    I like the picture of the cow tripping over the moon

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    An ambulance has been called out to help the cow when she tripped over the moon, Little Boy Blue needs his horn mended, Humpty Dumpty needs mending with bread and jam.A wonderful new take on traditional nursery rhymes, featuring some of the most popular characters from children s favourite rhymes When it comes to nursery rhymes and children s stories I am normally a bit of a traditionalist, but I have to admit that this had me laughing as I was reading to our daughter.

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    Cute idea The rhyme and rhythm is disjointed and hard to read aloud.

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    Title The Cow Tripped Over the Moon a nursery rhyme emergency Author Jeanne WillisIllustrator if separate from author Joel StewartGenre Nursery Rhyme or Mother GooseThemes nursery rhymes, emergencies, first aidOpening line sentence type directly from text Here comes the ambulance It s on its way Brief Book Summary 2 3 sentences in your own words The story follows the ambulance crew in Storytime land around to different Nursery Rhyme Emergencies They drop into different famous story tales and help the ailing character and make them all better Professional Recommendation Review 1 cut paste Kirkus Kirkus Reviews, March 15, 2015 Vol 83, No 6 Hey diddle diddle Nursery rhyme EMTs rescue stranded characters from Mother Goose In verse All the animals stop to watch the ambulance zoom by Who s had an accident in Storyland today they wonder Turns out it s the farmer s cow, who fell from a great height A trio of paramedics patches her up, and she responds with a hearty Moo The next day is even busier They rescue Rock a Bye Baby, who fell from a bough They bandage the nose of a poor washer maid who was bitten by a blackbird, a brother of the four and 20 that were baked into that pie They race to the notorious wall to tend to the big egg Humpty Dumpty after his fall The King s Horses and Men arrive while the ambulance crew is using jam and bread to cover Humpty s wounds Next up is Little Boy Blue, whom they find beneath a haystack He s none the worse for wear, but his mangled horn needs emergency repair, with hammers and trumpet tape Willis verse is bouncy without being overworked, and she puns with the best of them Stewart s illustrations are appropriately bright and busy, offering plenty of side business for cognoscenti The EMTs are human, two Caucasian and one black, and two of them are comfortably well padded Children just graduating from nursery rhymes will find this a hoot 2015, Candlewick, 32 pp., 15.99 Category Picture book Ages 3 to 7 2015 Kirkus Reviews VNU eMedia, Inc All rights reserved PUBLISHER Candlewick Press Somerville Massachusetts , PUBLISHED 2015 Professional Recommendation Review 2 cut paste Midwest Book Review Children s Bookwatch, July 2015 Jeanne Willis and Joel Stewart s The Cow Tripped over the Moon A Nursery Rhyme Emergency starts up where most fairy tale rhymes leave off thus youngsters get to learn what happens after Dumpty s great fall, the weasel goes pop , and The Storyland Ambulance Crew is always on hand to save the day and assure that happily ever after is the real ending to potentially dangerous situations Kids already familiar with the classic rhymes will especially appreciate this take off The Picturebook Shelf., Candlewick Press, 16.99 ages 4 PUBLISHER Candlewick Press Somerville Massachusetts , PUBLISHED 2015 Response to Two Professional Reviews 3 4 sentences in your own words I agree that these are classic nursery rhymes shown in a new light and picks up with where the original text leaves off, it is fun that it takes place across multiple stories Both reviews touch upon how the stories will be perceived by readers and all had positive outcomes, that if the reader is in touch with the classics, they ll love this pick up book Evaluation of Literary Elements 3 4 sentences in your own words The plot is quick moving and does not give attention to one situation than another, which is nice for the transitions between characters The characters are familiar, there is background knowledge that is needed but even if it has been years or the reader never actually read the nursery rhymes most readers are fairly adequate in knowing the characters which makes it relatable and fun Consideration of Instructional Application 3 4 sentences in your own words This would be such a fun activity to do, how did the story pick up and give this as an example to start with the students If I choose to have a nursery rhyme theme in my class, and allow them to continue the story to work on their writing and foster creativity.

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    This book would make a good read for older children who know a few nursery rhymes It does talk about many characters getting hurt and is a bit long, so I would recommend this for school aged children.

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    The idea sounded interesting nursery rhymes gone wrong needing medical assistance but the text didn t engage me The illustrations also seem quite old fashioned for a book published in 2015.

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    Adorable variations on standard nursery rhymes.

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    This is a great book which follows a ambulance crew as they travel through Storyland rescuing nursery rhyme characters from the accidents they have had such as the cow that fell from a great height somehow from the Cow Jumped Over The Moon and who is the patient covered in egg for Humpty Dumpty The book has rhyming verse throughout and the illustrations are gorgeous, bright and colourful and definitely have caught my two little one s attention There is reference to a couple of nursery rhymes that I m not sure of such as Polly Flinders but thankfully the main accidents in the book are from nursery rhymes that I do know My two little ones haven t a clue of course who most of the characters are although my son does know the Cow and Humpty Dumpty which is why I referenced them over the others however this hasn t detracted from the book itself as the story is good even without them knowing the characters as we have just treated it as a story I ve already mentioned how bright and colourful the scenes are but I just wanted to also mention that the scenes themselves have so much going on in them in the backgrounds too with other nursery rhyme characters A lovely book and can be read without knowing all of the nursery rhymes and so I ve been happy to read this to my two little ones.Thank you to the publisher for sending me an ARC copy to read and review if wished.

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    Some of the best loved characters in storyland happen onto hard times in Jeanne Willis s new tale, The Cow Tripped Over the Moon, A Nursery Rhyme Emergency, a picture book that invites read aloud with its rhythmic rhyme First to hit the skids, is the daring, but clumsy cow The ol girl just can t clear the crescent I saw it happen, says a little hound She tripped over the moon and fell to the ground On to the next siren s call Rock A Bye Baby s lands into a compost heap, with an old banana stuck to her head She needs a bath, then straight to bed It s one dire situation after another, as uniformed paramedics, accompanied by the little hound, cat with a fiddle, and dish and spoon, tear down the road The emergency crew bandages a nose pecked by four and twenty blackbirds, patch up that good egg Humpty Dumpty and straighten out Little Boy Blue s horn, after the cows in the corn use it as a sit upon.Children won t be able to weasel out of this charmer without some hearty belly laughs a book that will have parents reciting nursery rhymes to yet another generation of lap sitters.

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    I love this book because it takes all the nursery rhyme s that kids know and makes them different Cops are called to different scenes nursery rhyme and helps fix what has happened It s cute and funny for the kids However, you ll have to make sure the kids know the proper nursery rhyme so they understand the funny aspect of the book.An activity I would do with this book would be to have the kids create their own story, nursery rhyme Then predict what would go wrong and write what scene the cops would be called to in their story It helps them with their writing and their creative thinking and imagination.Willis, J Stewart, J 2015 The Cow Tripped Over the Moon A Nursery Rhyme Emergency Candlewick.

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