Maid of Wonder (Maids of Honor, #3)

Maid of Wonder (Maids of Honor, #3) Death Comes To Windsor Sophia Dee, The Most Unusual Spy Of Queen Elizabeth S Maids Of Honor, Has Run Out Of Time For Her Psychic Skills To Fully Manifest A Terrible New Prophecy Now Haunts Windsor Castle, And The Queen Demands Answers Before The Next Doomed Soul DiesThrust Into A Dangerous And Horrifying Competition To Solve The Deadly Prediction, Sophia Finds Herself Pitted Against The Most Celebrated Mystics Of Europe John Dee, Her Devious Uncle And The Queen S Personal Astrologer And Nostradamus, The Renowned Prophet Seer Of FranceIn A Court Where Whispers Of Witchcraft, Poisonous Plots, And Grim Assassins Threaten Her At Every Turn, Sophia Needs Answers Fast But Does She Dare Trust Marcus Quinn, Her Uncle S Striking And Over Ambitious Assistant Or, Instead, Should She Turn To The Tortured Dark Angel Of The Spirit Realm, Who Whispers To Her Only Of Sorrow And Death As New Dangers Surface And Dire Prophecy Sweeps Toward Its Final Victim, The Five Maids Of Honor Prepare To Do Battle Only Then Will The Girl Who So Often Sees The Future Finally Discover If She Can Save The Crown And Herself

Jennifer McGowan writes Young Adult romance full of swash and buckle Her novels in the Maids of Honor series include MAID OF SECRETS, MAID OF DECEPTION and the upcoming MAID OF WONDER

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  • Maid of Wonder (Maids of Honor, #3)
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  • 11 June 2019

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    Jennifer McGowan s Maid of Honor series is an underrated series that I think deserves love Each book features a different protagonist, but the main storyline is connected I really enjoyed the first two books in the series, but I was especially looking forward to Sophia s story in Maid of Wonder. While I found this installment to be lacking in certain areas, I still thought it was a decent addition to the series.Sophia has always been the most intriguing character out of all of Queen Elizabeth s maids of honor in this series She was quiet and battling with strange visions Her intriguing personality is what really drew me in and I was anticipating learning about her and her psychic abilities in Maid of Wonder Sophia underwent quite the growth in the book, while at the same time becoming comfortable with her powers and using them in the right way By the end of the book, she was no longer the reserved and quiet girl that she was in the first two books Her love interest, Marcus, who also shared similar abilities as her, was also interesting He was a sweet fellow, often shrouded in secrets and mysteries that at times made it hard for me to understand his intentions I did think he was a good match for Sophia, however, because they seemed to be cut of the same cloth All that being said about Marcus, I still felt that I didn t really get to know him as much as I would have liked I needed him to be a bit fleshed out than he was I had similar feelings towards the romance It was certainly sweet, but I found myself not really caring for it as I did with the previous romances Like Marcus, the romance too needed meat for me to sink my teeth into and completely enjoy Parts of me felt like it developed too hastily and I wanted to see of Sophia and Marcus together.The main plot in Maid of Wonder involved a prophesied attempt at Queen Elizabeth s life Elizabeth herself has been a hugely riveting character in the Maid of Honor series, her manipulative nature often leading readers to not knowing exactly what she was up to Her devious mind made her the most interesting character in this series for me and I m curious as to how she s going to fare in the next books The plot, I felt, was a bit slow and dragged a little bit it didn t hold my attention as well as the first two books did because there wasn t as many revelations and twists as the previous books had This installment also had of a supernatural feel to it as compared to the previous books because of Sophia s visions and readers being transported to them alongside her It was a different experience than the first two books for sure I also liked being reunited with the other maids of honor Their camaraderie is one of my favorite things about this series Maid of Wonder, while not as strong a book as the first two books in the Maid of Wonder series, was still an enjoyable story that furthered the world building This series, overall, is one that I highly recommend if you enjoy historical fiction with a dash of romance and feisty characters.

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    Coming into Maid of Wonder, I was nervous Sophia has been my least favorite maid since book one, not because she was hateful but because I found her boring Plus, I was seriously skeptical of her plot line Still, I hoped that the romance would be adorable and the plot would surprise me Sadly, this is one of those cases where my fears came 100% true I still liked parts of Maid of Wonder, but it was slower and less delightful than the others.I m all for historical fantasy or historical paranormal don t ask me where the line is between the two because I don t precisely know , but not for the third book in a series Up to now, the Maids of Honor books have been pretty solidly historical Sophia had the occasional vision, but that s easily dismissed there was a lot of belief in mystics and seers at the time, so it wasn t weird for her to be there or anything.However, in Sophia s book, you re obviously confronted with Sophia s powers It s full on paranormal or fantasy, whatever you want to call it Sophia scries and goes to another plane where she asks angels questions The entire plot and much of the action has to do with mystical, otherworldly stuff, which, in normal situations I like, but which I did not care for here at all Worse, since she s the only one who could go to that plane, the other maids didn t feature too much either.Setting that aside for the moment, McGowan s books are still good reads The writing remains fun and engaging, the voice light and easily digestible Sophia does lack the sass of the previous two heroines, Meg and Beatrice, but she does have her own voice Once again, I very much liked seeing a new take on Elizabeth seeing the queen through the various lenses is one of my favorite things about this series.Though I didn t care for the fantastical nature, the last 100 pages of the book went super quickly Up to then, the pace had been somewhat plotting, but I devoured the end eagerly I just didn t entirely love what I found there, which pretty much is how I feel about this book as a whole After all the hullabaloo, it was weird that Nostradamus really didn t serve any purpose whatsoever and that whole thing with Arc made me curl my lip.The romance too left me cold It s really a shame because romance is the easiest place to leave me pleased Unfortunately, I don t care for Marcus I also don t like that, like with Meg, she was immediately captivated with his gorgeous looks despite herself There s even less to like in this ship than that one though, because while Meg and Rafe enjoyed spying on one another, Marcus was spying on Sophia without her knowledge and she wasn t spying back Marcus struck me as rather creepy at various points and I do not feel the swoons View Spoiler I m grateful that I m not a stickler for having full sets of series on my shelf, because I own the first two and do not intend to buy this one It will go better for those who liked the visions aspect of the prior books, however.

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    I was bursting at the seams to read Sophia s story McGowan has been building up to Sophia s burgeoning powers since the beginning In the previous books, Sophia was portrayed as a weak and fragile girl with no power to control her overwhelming gift But now she is stronger, a mystical warrior McGowan has created such flawed and complicated characters The other maids make less appearances in this installment, but Sophia constantly reminds herself of the bond between her and them I appreciate how Queen Elizabeth has a different relationship with each of the maids While reading about the maids, you also get to know the Queen, a many layered onion I can t wait for the story to come full circle There is so many pieces to this puzzle

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    3.5 stars Not my favorite maid, but still an enjoyable read The final 30 pages really ratcheted up my interest and now I wish the next book was about Sophia Originally posted on Small ReviewThe first two books in this series, Maid of Secrets and Maid of Deception, were much better than this book But, I expected that The first book follows Meg I like Meg She s feisty, theatrical, dramatic, and a super spy The second book follows Beatrice I like Beatrice She s a mean girl with heart, and all the sass and sympathy that goes along with that Both of their romances were swoony with great guys.This third book follows Sophia Sophia is a dishrag She s meek, weak, and oh so boring Her romance was weird and I still don t get it Though, for a brief time there in the paranormal beyond world that I also still don t understand it was smoldering with potential.The plot also felt like it wandered all over the place with no purpose I know things happened, and if I try to recite events I can do it, and some events are actually even great, but I still can t shake this overwhelming feeling of nothing is happening, even though that isn t even true I think it s just that I didn t care because whatever was happening was happening to Sophia and Sophia is boring.Bottom line Chalk this one up to me just disliking Sophia I m still excited to read the next book in the series especially if it s Jane s book, because Jane is badass Originally posted on Small Review

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    There s a cover

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    Maybe slightly less Bit disappointed in this one I felt bored, disconnected for the majority of the book And don t get me started on the romance Hopefully the next one will be better

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    I liked the previous book in the series, but disliked this book so much that I doubt I ll bother looking for the first In Maid of Secrets, I thought Sophia was an interesting character In this book it was hard to form an opinion.I expected her story to have closure than it did In the previous book, the maids discovered the truth about Sophia s family, so i had hoped to see her father make an appearance here Even if he d only been a footnote to the plot Then there s the alleged love story Marcus stalks Sophia in the angel realm for John Dee, then stalks her around Windsor and keeps forcibly kissing her until she decides maybe she likes him after all This is both really creepy and problematic And even if it wasn t, I see zero chemistry between these characters Finally we have the dark angel , Sophia s angelic realm stalker because if there s one thing this girl needs, it s another stalker I could propose a theory on this character s origins, but the truth is that I just don t care And that s the overall problem I had with this book I just don t care, about the plot or the characters.

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    Rating 3.6 5After reading the first two books of this series, naturally, I wanted to get the third one off my plate as well I must say though, that while the world that McGowan had made and maintained in the first two books is upheld quite well, at the same time, in this book, things get a little shaky, and thus, the rating for this is the lowest, in my view.Sophia is by far the Maid of Honor with the most intrigue, seeing as the extent of her gifts as a Seer were really vague as far as description went in the first two books In this book, they are indeed clear, especially as told from her point of view, butthat s just the problem, in that McGowan is blending too much fantasy with the charming Elizabethan atmosphere that she had going for her so far.Don t get me wrong it s nice to see Sophia as mature and stronger than before, not just a girl who other fakes fainting or really faints at practically every party There s some fainting in this book, but there s a reason for it, and it s never just random Sophia as a character as definitely improved, and that s really something that I can appreciate.But, McGowan s mistake for this novel is going too in depth about the spectral plane where Sophia sees angels and spectres, to whom she poses questions about the future so as to be of use to the Queen The details are far too many and come along far too often in the book for it to retain as much of its charm from the previous two books, such that it s of a blend of fantasy and historical fiction than I d really prefer If the series included this blend of fantasy from the beginning, then it d be fine, since at least that s constant but, from introducing so many fantasy related elements in just the third book, it s really disjointed compared to the other two I get that maybe this is because Sophia is mystical in herself as a character compared to Meg and Beatrice, two of her fellow maids on which the previous books, focused, but still, after a while, it just gets confusing and a bit annoying Some focus on the bitchy Elizabeth, crafty Walsingham, merciless Cecil, and charming Maids of Honor, if you d please Other than that, the romance is once again not too distracting, although this one is also slightly involved with the fantasy realm of spirits and whatnot as to its explanation If it just took place in the mortal realm , it wouldn t really be realistic, so I ll give it a pass as having fantasy related elements, I suppose.Compared to The Passion of Dolssa that I ve also recently read, the inquisition , witchcraft related elements of this book aren t that strong, but, again, it s fine to let it pass, since we re talking about a strongly Protestant Elizabethan England here, not a Catholic France.If McGowan decides to write a fourth book on either Jane or Anna the two maids that she has yet to feature as the protagonists for this series , then I will be happy to read it For now though, I will content myself with it as a book that I have been able to check off my shelf, and thus move on.

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    I am a little sad and confused, not by the wonderful book I just finished, but with how things ended I felt like there were so many loose threads and then I learn that this is the last in the series What happens to Meg, Beatrice, Sophia, Jane, and Anna Why do Jane and Anna not have their own stories to tell Will there be to come, or has the theme of publishing trilogies cut this story short I want answers people I need to read .

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    liked it, good ending, bit boring in the middle though

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