Grayson An Insane Love That Will Keep You From Falling Or Push You Right Off The EdgeAll She Needed Was A Job The Last Thing Twenty Four Year Old Grad Student Angie Roberts Needs Is To Worry About Her New Boss S Father After All, She S Never Even Seen Him He Remains Sequestered Upstairs In A House That Looks Like It Should Be The Main Feature In An Episode Of Hoarders She Had No Idea The House Was Such A Dump When She Took The Job But She S Concerned About The Safety And Health Of The Old Man Living Under Such Horrid ConditionsWhat She Got Was A Mystery Despite Warnings Not To Venture Upstairs, She Wanders Up To The Second Floor What She Sees Is Shocking The Man She Finds Is A Gorgeous, Sexy, Middle Aged Man And He S Stepping Out Of The Shower But Something Is Definitely Not Right Why Would This Wealthy, Handsome Man Live In A House In Such Disrepair While His Nine Teen Year Old Son Resides In A Lavish Penthouse Why Does He Hide Away From Society Why Does He Come To Her Rescue And Then Run Away What She Discovered Was Heartbreaking Angie Learns That Forty Four Year Old Grayson Whit Suffers From Schizophrenia Paranoid, He Retreats Into His Own WorldWhat She Ended Up With Was A Treasure Angie Is Determined To Get Through To Grayson They Form A Friendship That Blazes Into An Inconceivable Love Fired With Raging Passion Angie Must Now Come To Grayson S Rescue Because The Wicked That Has Been Perpetrated On Him Is Unconscionable First, Though, She Must Gain The Trust Of A Man Whose Mind Does Not Allow For Such A Thing

Lisa Eugene began writing as a way to mentally escape from the hectic medical world where she has been a practicing nurse for over twenty years She loves to incorporate her medical background into her steamy, romantic reads Her books are fast paced, emotional roller coasters and her fans always enjoy the ride.When she s not plotting her next dangerous, fast paced, sexy adventure, you can find

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  • Paperback
  • 200 pages
  • Grayson
  • Lisa Eugene
  • English
  • 04 March 2019

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    Grayson stand alone University grad student is smitten by the handsome owner of rundown home, but his mental illness causes him anxiety over losing his home It s a struggle to achieve balance It can be a futile search for the absolute truth or an endless certainty of lies Grayson stand alone opens up to university nursing grad student Angela Roberts, Angie applying for a job cleaning out an old home She is interviewed by the owner s 19 year old trust fund baby son, Charles The home in question is in shambles with books, art and furniture everywhere She is given strict instructions to never venture out to the 2nd floor where owner lives Imagine her shock with her curiosity gets the better of her and she encounters the old man masturbating EXCEPT he is not an old man but an exquisitely handsome, in shape, virile and very well endowed Grayson Whit, heir and owner of investment firm, Global Systems The shaft was heavy and thick, and was probably the largest I d ever seen in real life I stared avidly as it slid in and out of his fist After the shock of their initial encounter and embarrassment settles a flirty friendship is formed Angie learns that Grayson in addition to being a recluse suffers from schizophrenia and paranoia But with her being a nursing student that does not intimidate her Grayson however has severe trust issue and is tormented by fear and anxiety that his home is being taken away from him.With time neither can deny their insane attraction despite their age difference But upon acting on it confusion and conflicted emotions plagues them In addition to Grayson s hesitation and apprehension there are darker forces waiting in the sidelines What is their agenda Who does not want them together and why Ultimately this is a love story about fighting one s demons, embracing the good in each other and risking it all for love Grayson Whit is a remarkable hero I heart everything about him Eight words to describe Grayson Smart, resourceful, loyal, persistent, conflicted, paranoid, despondent and nurturing Eight words to describe Angela Roberts, Angie Sweet, smart, resourceful, nurturing, loyal, determined, desperate and complex.Grayson is a suspenseful, erotic and beautifully told tale It handles the aspect of mental illness with realism and consideration Story ends perfectly That epilogue is 5 stars Excellent story telling Suspenseful and insightful plot Compelling sexual tension followed by scorching sex scenes Spectacular ending I loved when he looked at me that way It was something like awe and disbelief mingled with tender reverence Hero rating 4.5 stars Heroine rating 4 starsSexual tension rating 4.5 starsSex scenes rating 4.5 starsSex scenes frequency 4 starsPlot rating 4 starsDialogue rating 4.5 starsStorytelling rating 5 starsStory ending rating 5 starsBook editing rating 5 no edits spotted N A Overall rating 4.5 starsWould I recommend this book Yes.Would I re read this book Maybe later.Would I read future books by this author Yes I just had to cast Pedro Soltz as Grayson thanks to that GIF Follow Pedro Soltz on Facebook and Twitter ARC provided to me by author, Lisa Eugene in exchange for an honest review.

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    3.75 Fighting From Within Stars 3 4 Spoiler Free I happened to have read Lisa Eugene a while ago and it was a welcomed experience She likes to mix stories with very strong men, inquisitive women and some type of suspense, sometimes with a medical backdrop This book did all of that plus It exposed a subject matter which has touched all of us one way or anotherMental Illness.We all may have known someone who has suffered We may have been related or worked with someone who has these battles everyday What is difficult for our society is the acceptance these aliments are just another type of illness and can be treated and cared for, too It might mean different types of ways with medication management and coping techniques but aren t all illnesses managed in this wayand why is it so common for people to react differently, cruelly and in such a harsh uncaring wayI personally think it is fearfear of the unknown, the concern we are all a possible candidate at one time or anotherand these fears cause many to not educate themselves in the advancements of causes and treatment for these illnesses I commend Ms Eugene in creating a book which highlights and describes many of the issues of this subject She created a romance between Angie, a nurse grad student and Grayson, a man 20 years her senior who had a serious mental illness She is hired to clean and organize this townhouse by the son He says it is to make the house safe and she is to stay clear of his father The house has years of books, crates and other things piled high in a hoarders fashion Angie is in need of cashthis job will be paying it This gave these two people a way to meet be aware of their habits and quirks and then little by little allow a fragile trust There was the a rapid desire for each other but because of the way these two characters came together and the circumstances, I set it aside We were given insight to Grayson s condition and how very serious it was this was not a sugarcoated all will be easy plot point We were given the harsh realities of what he saw and battledhow it could spiral out of control in a momentcountered, though, with how he was smart, able to run a multi million dollar company, engaging and wickedly sly and funny He had learned to compensate in his own wayIt also presented his sexuality like everyman in his wants and needsHowever, he was doing these things on his own due to past experiences with meds which were over prescribed, mixed with others which countered the results and with side effects too difficult to live with These issues are very common or were in the past New in roads in treatments for all kinds of illnesses happen and need to be explored With Grayson s interaction with Angie, a friendship relationship developedcarefully It was perfect she had her nurses training to understand his illness and give her the perspective to be there and open to what he would finally share with her His history was not prettymental illness stemmed from his father he experienced it first hand He then suffered the loss of his wife the one person who was there for him When he lost her, it caused him to isolate himself from his son and othersAngie has her own back story of a loving family and little sister who is looking to grow up far too fast Angie is shown to be strong in working intense hours to help support herself so later she can assist her parents Angie is the perfect vehicle to fall for the man locked inside his head, to see him and love him He connects with this woman and through the story we are given, we experience than just the romance We experience the fight for what is right and want it to succeed.Mental Illness is a disease it should not have stigma or be treated as something to hide There are so many inroads in medications and treatments which could help if those who are experiencing these challenges receive the assistance they need But part of the reason those who need these programs and assistance do not reach out is fearfear of their relationships with their families, their careers, with others Hopefully, times will change This was an interesting way to experience a solid romance and insight to an important subject The author has information in the back of the book for those who wish to connect with the many organizations which help A gifted copy was provided by NetGalley for an honest review. For Reviews, Free E books and Giveaways

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    3.5 StarsAngie is a twenty four year old nursing student in need of extra income when she sees an advertisement on the school bulletin board to clean out a house She responds to the ad and meets Charles Charles is a nineteen year old, self entitled asshat He hires Angie based on her appearance alone, and she begins working almost immediately Grayson was diagnosed with schizophrenia at a young age, despite his condition he ran a successful business, married, and had a child With medication he was able to live a pretty normal life, until his wife passed away Since then he has basically become a recluse and is highly paranoid Grayson and Angie meet and there is an immediate attraction, but Grayson is paranoid and doesn t believe Angie s intentions are pure The story progresses with Angie creating ways to see Grayson, this part of the story is cute and I enjoyed their banter This story deals with real issues, and I actually really enjoyed those parts of the story While I am not an expert the feelings and actions felt real, and my heart broke for Angie and Grayson I also really enjoyed the forbidden aspect, he is twenty years older then her, wealthy, but he is also mentally unstable it is a very unique concept and I love different books I really enjoyed this book, but I think I could have loved it without some of the details regarding Angie s excitement I also felt the sex scenes and the mention of how large Angie s boobs were a little over done The ending was a little rushed and I wish the book flowed better, but in the end I really enjoyed it and recommend it to others because it is so unique ARC kindly provided by Lisa Eugene in exchange for an honest review

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    Very unique and well written book with atypical storyline and very different male protagonist.I didn t read many stories with character s , who has mental illness, but I know a bit about schizophrenia through my friends a father of my good acquaintance has it And I think the main message of this book, that such people are still part of our society and deserve a normal life and above all love and family, was loud and clear.

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    UPDATED REVIEW 6 10 204 Lisa gave the wonderful opportunity to read the additional chapter and the book is absolutely perfect 5 Grayson stars no regrets, pick it up D xoxo He is schizophrenic Paranoid sometimes Lisa Eugene writes wonderful lovely stories The moment I picked Grayson, I was sucked into his world What is it about About girl falling for a man who is struggling with his mind Hero I adored him, he made me cry and love him at the same time Heroine Angie was loveable character and strong I like the fact she knows her stuff well Steam Ooo yeah, they are both kinda steamy Why not 5 stars Well, I felt the epilogue came too fast and ending wasn t satisfying for me, you can t blame I was really sucked Will I Recommend YES YES YES ABSOLUTELY I love their banter and there were moments that I wanted to kick the side characters but it was all worth it What I Like I would love another book to fill in my epilogue gap More Grayson, yay for me Thank you Lisa for giving me this wonderful opportunity Happy reading everyoneD xx

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    4 StarsOverall Opinion I actually enjoyed this much than I had expected It was surprising pretty hot I really liked Grayson s character, and I appreciated that Angie wasn t intimidated by the signify the age gap which was partially due to her being fed up with the immaturity of the guys her age I loved the epilogue which left me with hope for the couple and feeling like they would truly get their HEA yeah, yeah I know they re fictionalbut I was invested Even though the epilogue was great, I would ve liked a little time with the couple after their big conflict was resolved between the last chapter and the epilogue This along with not getting much information as to why the villain of the story behaved thought the way he did are the main reasons I made it a 4 star rating.Storyline This is Angie and Grayson s story Angie s family is struggling financially, so in addition to her full time job as a nurse and graduate school she gets a job cleaning out a house that looks like it belongs on the show hoarders She is hired by a 19 year old rich playboy that she doesn t necessarily like, but she is desperate for the money She finds out that his schizophrenic father lives in the house, which is part of the reason that he tells her that she shouldn t venture upstairs even though he is completely safe Of course she ventures upstairs, and the elderly man she was expected turned out to be a hottie in only a towel They develop a friendship of sorts when she persistently tries to get him to interact and Stronger feelings develop, and their relationship turns physical There are some issues with his illness, some family, and some legal issuesbut the couple get their HEA.POV This was told in Angie s POV.Overall Pace of Story Good I never felt the need to skim, and it wasn t instalove.H rating 4.5 stars Grayson He was a sweet, super smart, dirty talking man with a mental disorder.h rating 4 stars Angie She was a really strong character that continually fought for her relationship with Grayson, and she never gave up which was a great characteristic.Sadness level Moderate It deals with the struggles of mental illness, so it gets sad at times but I didn t need any tissues.Heat level Moderate They have major chemistry with some hot scenes, but I still think the story was primary with the sex secondary.Descriptive sex Yes.Sex scene with OW or OM view spoiler No hide spoiler

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    OMG, 5 LOVED Stars I read this book in one sitting One sitting, people Wow Excuse the freaking, fan girl review here but I m on a book high Grayson is a rather torturous love story about a man suffering from Schizophrenia When Angie responds to an ad to clean up an old house, she s grateful for the extra cash to pay her parents mounting medical bills What she didn t bank on was stepping into a house so filled with clutter that she thought she d walked into an episode of Hoarders Hired by Grayson s son to clean this house, she was warned to stay away from the second floorwhere Grayson resides Angie gets and curious about the elusive man upstairs No sounds come from above, never does he come down to greet herjust a little movement from an upstairs curtain each day she leaves Gradually over time, Angie can t stand it and takes a walk upstairs The door, slightly ajar she peers inside One step Two steps She sets eyes on a beautiful, stunningly cut specimen of man in only a towelmasturbating The first words said to her GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE She runs as fast as she can out the door Time passes and Angie continues to try to lure Grayson from his hideaway How can a man live in such dilapidated clutter Dust, crates of memorabiliaIt s a disaster Only when his son tells her that his father is not mentally well, does she understand She is a nurse, after all The next time she sets eyes on Grayson, he s flying from the shadows in a dark alley, saving her from being raped by her date that night He s therethen he s gone Her would be rapist a heap on the pavement She has to thank him From there, cutesy notes are passed, taped to his door Angie won t take no for an answer and they eventually meet I seriously loved both these characters Angie never gave up on Grayson She was enad and wanted to meet the lonely man behind the locked door upstairs I loved how their relationship progressednever rushed, believable He s 44, she s 24, something that may bother some readers but it wasn t even a blip on my radar They just worked for me Being a nurse myself, I tend to shy away from any medically related books Unless written by an author somehow involved in the medical field, they re never clinically correct and it drives me BATSHIT Lisa Eugene loves to delve into medically related story lines and, being a nurse herself, she s spot on correct Her stories are realistic, not sugar coated or loaded with useless drama Bravo Grayson suffers from Schizophreniaand doesn t take his medications They make it so he can t feel. He s paranoid, rarely leaves the house, won t eat food prepared by anyone but himself Sadly, nobody fights for himuntil Angie And what a fight she had ahead of her I detested his son, Charles Omg What a miserable selfish, rich boy On so many levelshated him Obviously I devoured this book What a great friendship to love story of two people, one perfectly imperfect Angie accepting Grayson for the flawed man he isfighting for himfor them.I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK And I thank you,

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    5 Stars Wow I literally couldn t stop reading Grayson And for any book that keeps me up at night, I have to give it 5 stars This deserves a standing ovation Grayson has mild schizophrenia, and he lives in a big house that could be on an episode of Hoarders He doesn t trust anyone that visits his home But there s something about Angie that makes him curious.Angie is a student working on her masters She needed to get a second job to pay for school and rent, so she got a job to clean the downstairs of the house As a registered nurse, she understands mental illnesses But it isn t her knowledge of the illness that intrigued Grayson It is her giant heart The way that Angie pulls Grayson out of his shell is so precious She doesn t push him or force him to get better Grayson s trust in her leads him out of darkness This beautifully written story will melt your heart I can t believe I waited so long to read this.

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    3.75 Stars My Grayson was funny and brilliant My Grayson was tender and passionate My Grayson could melt my heart with the tiniest smile But this man, too, was my Grayson, a man who was sometimes out of touch with reality, who lived in the distorted world concocted by his brain It was a world of doubt, fear and distrust This was quite the interesting read that I was completely invested in Grayson s situation broke my heart, and even though he only suffered from a mild form of schizophrenia, I can t even begin to imagine what it must be like to not be able to trust your mind He was so smart, caring, attentive and charming that until he d have an episode, you d forget he had any type of mental issues As his relationship with Angie evolved and deepened, he began to trust her with all the different sides of his life and illness Angie My heart My salvation My love Angie was a really great leading lady She refused to give up on Grayson and made sure that he understood that she was, and always would be, on his side For being a 24 year old with already a lot of things on her plate, I was really impressed by her She was resilient and determined and knew how to pick and choose her battlesEspecially with Grayson s son, Charles Because let me tell you, I would have a hard time not inflicting some major pain on that boy The pacing of the story was great, even though it did have a bit of a slow start for me Once the momentum started to build, I had a hard time putting the book down And can I just say that I was pleasantly surprised by the steam level here..quality stuff, folks Unfortunately, even though I really enjoyed this book, I found that I wasn t 100% sold on the romance I don t know what it is, but I just didn t feel that spark between Grayson and Angie They had lots in common, their banter was great and their chemistry was evident.but it felt lackluster I don t know if I needed Grayson s POV or just from Grayson, but I just didn t feel that extra OOMPH that I like in my romance I liked Grayson and Angie together, but they didn t give me those stomach butterflies that I search for in my romance books Also, I feel like there were things I wanted better explained Certain issues were swept under the rug or we were given throwaway explanations I would have appreciated a bit development of Grayson s history We really don t get too much and that s a shame because he was a really intriguing and interesting character view spoiler What happened to Grayson and Charles relationship Did something go wrong When did Charles move to the penthouse and how did that whole situation come about How was Grayson affected by his car accident and the loss of his wife How did she deal with his illness hide spoiler

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    This blurb made my heart squeeze I want to read it The hero is handsome and wealthy but hides away from society and then one day the heroine discovers why he suffers from schiz ophrenia Paranoid, he retreats into his own world But she is determined to get through to him This is their love story

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