Just Beginning (Destiny, #0)

Just Beginning (Destiny, #0) From Award Winning Author, Theresa Rizzo, Comes This Prequel To Bestselling Just Destiny Twenty Something Jenny Campbell S Life Has Been A Series Of Screw Ups, And The Latest One Endangered Her Little Brother S Life But When She Falls For Sophisticated Gabe Harrison, She Has A Chance To Turn Her Life Aroundif She Can Keep Her Past A Secret Gabe S Career As A Successful Doctor Has Left Just Enough Time For His Teenage Children And Little Else But When Beautiful, Vivacious Jenny Comes Along, She Breathes Love And Happiness Into His Lonely Life There S Only One Problem Their Families Are Opposed To Their Relationship Money And Age Differences Mean Nothing To Gabe As Long As They Have Trust, Love, And Respect But Can Two Out Of Three Be Good Enough TARA S REVIEW4 Stars In the prequel to Just Destiny see my review here , we are treated to the story behind the story Finding out how Jenny and Gabe meet and fall in love We get to follow their lives leading up to their mini getaway that changed it all I loved the fact that we got insight into Gabe s past and what made him take the path to become a doctor, and how much he fell in love with Jenny I loved seeing their relationship blossom and the passion that Gabe and Jenny has for each other Overall, I enjoyed the book, it was a super quick read that I finished in a few hours I m normally not a fan of prequels unless of course I read them first, but having read this months after Just Destiny brought me right back I really enjoyed it I would recommend both books in this series, they are great reads A gifted copy was received by the author publisher in exchange for an honest review I thought I had read all of Theresa Rizzo s books I found 2 I hadn t read, and both of them are already published Apparently Just Destiny came out first then she wrote the prequel, Just Beginning, to give the backstory for Gabe and Jenny s romance.For those of you who have never heard of Theresa Rizzo you haven t been reading my blog for very long then you need to give her books a try She writes very emotionally deep stories Her characters are well developed and you can visualize exactly how they look and imagine them acting in these situations.Jenny Campbell meets Dr Gabe Harrsion while visiting her brother in the hospital They end up dating and it is fun to watch in on their lives He is fourteen years older than she and has two grown children She has issues with her parents They work and flirt and fall in love, but the details of how the flirting and working and falling in love happens is what the whole story is about.They are fun to read about and I was rooting for their relationship to work out the entire length of the book I highly recommend this book It is a little on the steamy side, not what I would consider a clean romance, but neither is it what I would consider erotica Give it a try and let me know what you think I think you ll like it as much as I did. I loved Theresa Rizzo s Just Destiny and was really excited to get to know Jenny and Gabe before the events of Just Destiny took place.As is the case with all prequels, it was odd to read this book, knowing what would happened to Jenny and Gabe in Just Destiny It was almost like having a premonition of something bad happening the whole time I was reading This feeling kept me from really investing myself in the story, since I knew sad times were on their way for Jenny and Gabe My only regret about Just Beginning is that I wish I d read it before Just Destiny With that said, I did really enjoy Just Beginning I love Rizzo s writing style she draws me in and I can t put her books down Her premises are so believable and realistic that I feel like the things that happen to her characters could easily happen to me This feeling allows me to put myself in the characters shoes and really get drawn into the story.I loved getting to know Steve, Jenny and Gabe s neighbor and great friend, even better in this book He s one of the main characters in book two, and I loved knowing his history and back story It made me like him even.Just Beginning is a great read I highly recommend these books, and can t wait to read Theresa Rizzo s next book Good Introduction This book was a nice introduction to Just Destiny I really wanted to give it 5 stars, but already having read Just Destiny , I felt like I was already familiar with all of the characters, which I already knew that I would be since this IS a prequel But a lot of the already known back story seemed to be repeated between these two books I still love T Rizzos writing style, her characters and the way she effortlessly brings about bonding and attachment between the readers and the characters. I really enjoyed reading all the background and set up into the characters lives that was in this book You knew in Just Destiny there was still than being shared in the courtroom but only saw smaller glimpses of it If you re thinking about reading these books I would recommend reading this one first then you ll know of what s happening with Just Destiny I look forward to reading by this author. this is the one before the first destiny she meets gabe the dr at her brothers hosptial bed when he fell off the skateboard she gave him in the next book, which i read first, the husband gabe died in a car vs bike accident in front of her she wanted to have his baby and got permission to get his sperm before he died , but the neighbor, a lawyer who was in love with her, married her and tho he cant have kids wanted one with her, not gabes it just filled in a little of the background from destiny 1i wish i read this one first I received Just Beginning for free to read and provide an honest review Let me be up front at first, I have not read the follow on book, Just Destiny, but the title does state this is a prequel to that book, so I figured both were closely related In this story, Jenny Campbell, who has had a difficult life, meets and falls for an older, sophisticated man, Gabe Harrison Both find what they have wanted in each other However, the big stumbling block to their relationship is the opposition to their marriage by their families Can the pair get beyond this Can they somehow reconcile the opposition so it does not destroy what they have together This is a well written, interesting book by an author whose books I have always enjoyed In this one, she does not disappoint Jenny s and Gabe s romance and courtship is a beautiful read of two people who try their best to put the best foot forward, and not dwell on or let the past infringe on their future together The chemistry between them is clearly resent throughout their story I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know this couple, individually and together Their love story, at times, seemed almost too ideal for me, but I decided I needed this exciting look at a good, solid relationship after reading so many books about the rocky, difficult relationships coupes have in other books After reading this book, I am now ready to read the follow on to their story in Just Destiny If you have read that book, this one will probably help you understand and appreciate that story If you have not read Just Destine, this is a wonderful way to be introduced to the fascinating characters in that book I recommend reading both. WOW What a beautifully written beginning to Gabe and Jenny s story Their first date, that first kiss a first kiss that you can feel a first kiss that makes the butterflies in your stomach that lay in anticipation of that moment..come to life The poem you will read during Gabe and Jenny s wedding ceremony.not going to lie.made me teary eyed, but so perfect.I still dislike George, still dislike Annie, not a fan of Judith, but am loving Steve as much as I did in Just Destiny I m tempted to reread Just Destiny but I m not so sure my heart can handle that heartwarming, yet heartbreaking story again 4.5 Just Beautiful Stars Just Beginnings takes us back to the world of Gabe and Jenny, who we got introduced to in Just Destiny earlier this year This story shows us how they met and how their love grew Just Destiny is a wonderful story on it s own but the reader gets dropped right into the middle of their world We never really get the backstory of the two of them Just Beginnings gives us that It was wonderful to find out about Gabe and Jenny and to be able to see what their lives were like before tragedy strikes Things fall into place that help explain Jenny s passion and the decisions she makes We also get a better idea of what Gabe really was like and what he thought about things, something that we mostly get second hand in Just Destiny I thoroughly enjoyed being back in Gabe and Jenny s world Theresa writes such wonderful stories and I love these two characters I want to reread Just Destiny again just so I can continue on in their lives I think it would be interesting to find out if I perceive the story any differently now that I know what their lives and relationships with others were like before I am a huge fan of Theresa s and have enjoyed all of her books I get so excited when I know she has another book out, I know it s going to be a story I am going to love If you have not read Theresa s stories before, you really should

Theresa Rizzo is an award winning author who writes emotional stories that explore the complexity of relationships and families through real life trials Born and raised in Grosse Pointe, Michigan, she now lives outside of Boulder, Colorado with her husband of thirty two years.

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