Yogi and the Bear

Yogi and the BearI adored this honest, funny, moving, and completely believable love story Ryan is a big cuddly, sexy teddy bear who also happens to be generous, kind, funny, and wise Nik is proof that good things come in small, very flexible packages Together, they explore BDSM, nearly cock up the whole thing when they DON T follow some very good advice, and slowly learn to trust each other again Utah provides an interesting setting for an MM story, but the true drama at the heart of this book is all character driven The mind meltingly hot smexy times are fantastic, too Five steamy, stereotype bucking, tie me down whenever you want to stars I received a free copy of this book from the author. I received a free copy of this book via the Goodreads Don t buy My Love program in exchange for an honest review. This book Loved it I mean, I literally loved every word I read It s a little fluffy and really easy to read Or at least, that s what I was expecting Then, wow It took off I couldn t put it down I really felt like I was a part of the story I cared so much about both Ryan and Nik There are very few other characters in the story A few are fleshed out, but most are just in the periphery This actually is necessary for the plot to move as well as it does.Ryan is a laid back construction worker He s injured on the job and really just wants to go back to work, but the pain is too much Nik is a yoga instructor who helps Ryan See, nice easy romance Yeah, except Nik has so many issues These guys try to do their romance the right way, but keep getting horny Neither is much for talking when that happens What makes this amazing is the conflict isn t imaginary, or contrived The problems that developed were real and believable The way they had to work for it was also believable. Ryan is a construction worker who is still having back pain months after a debilitating work related accident So, upon the advice of his doctor, he enrolls in a yoga class Prior to his first session, he enjoys an anonymous hot and heavy bathroom encounter during a power outage, only to discover a short time later, that the encounter was, in fact, with the yoga teacher Will the teacher, Nik, recognize Ryan as well Of course I absolutely adored this book The characters are so perfect for each other And I especially love how the author goes against type the big bear of a construction worker who loves to cook and prefers the submissive role in a relationship, and the smaller orgo bunny yoga teacher, who takes on the dominant role And though they come from different walks of life, they both have similar backgrounds Ryan s family are all anti gay bigots except his youngest sister , and Nik s family are so awful that they well, that s his story to tell While I m still giggling at some of the hilarious banter and pop culture references mentions of three of my favorite comedies Airplane,Women on the Moon and Kentucky Fried Movie , the jokes don t disguise the underlying message of the story that open, honest communication is a must in any relationship, and that once trust is broken, it isn t easily rebuilt.Is this book a stand alone YES It isn t part of a series While Ronan and Noah from The Mormon and the Dom are mentioned by a mutual acquaintance, they are not present in the story But, I still highly recommend reading Ronan and Noah s story, just because it s well worth reading, as are Nix s other books, The Cop and the Criminal The Firefighter and the Pyro. Ryan is a burly construction worker out on workman s comp due to a job site injury to his back that has left him in chronic pain He is recommended to a yoga class, and hits it off with the instructor, Nik Well, he thinks he does they have a blacked out handie in the bathroom, and Ryan isn t sure it s Nikuntil Nik gets close enough to Ryan to bring his delicious scent in Ryan s amazed by how good he felt in class, and in Nik s arms, and he wants .Nik has had a traumatic life familial abuse and living as a runaway for nearly a decade has taught him to be very wary So much so, that Nik made a vow of celibacy, one that he ruined in the lavatory with a complete stranger TheNik comes to know Ryan, however, thehe sees the gentle side of the towering giant Together they explore a physical relationship, one that includes organic BDSM elements of Nik s design Having had little control over his life, Nik craves power in the bed, and Ryan is down with it Until Nik s Dom persona starts stretching his wings outside the bedroom Jealousy and paranoia begin to creep in, and Ryan is put in a very real position of jeopardy I loved how this story was so fully developed I could thoroughly grasp Ryan and Nik s characters Ryan was plagued by bigoted Mormon parents who wished Ryan would catch The AIDS after he was repeatedly raped in prison This was their wish Ryan was never in prison He forged a great relationship with his younger, also black sheep, sister, and his compassion absolutely rang off the page I had a bit of trouble with Nik s backstory, only because it was so heinous as to seem far fetched Still, I know there are some messed up families out there.How Ryan and Nik resolved their problem was truly mature and wonderful It puts so many of these BDSM novels into perspective, especially for novices, as Nik and Ryan were I liked that they took baby steps, and followed expert guidance, never knowing if they could achieve the level of intimacy each craved, but trying faithfully to build a real and true relationship There is a solid HEA here, as well as some delish sexytimes Ryan was so tenderly rendered a character, so absolutely dec t a human being, I wanted him to be real And Nik, he did the heavy lifting to make sense of his world and rebuild Ryan s trust He knew Ryan was worth recreating his life for, and this not only helped them, it helped Nik be happier than possibly ever Definitely a good read Probably 4.5 stars I received a copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. A Joyfully Jay review 4.5 starsOoh, I really liked this one I ll say right now from a kink standpoint this story pushes all my buttons I loved that big Ryan likes to be bound, and I loved seeing the two of them explore all that power and control Nik is normally this fairly quiet, somewhat timid guy, but when he gets his dominant side out he is so intense The guys engage in lots of power games with Nik directing the scenes and controlling Ryan s behavior and his orgasm I found it all crazy hot and loved seeing how both of these guys are finding what they need together.The really interesting thread that runs through this book is that as much as the sex is hot and fabulous between them, they are also ignoring some important things that need to be addressed They kind of gloss over ever really discussing what they both want, what their limits are, etc, in favor of jumping right into things When there are problems, like Nik s extreme jealousy cropping up, they often don t get resolved in favor ofsex As time passes, Nik ends up kind of disassociating his normal personality from his Dom one, even going so far as to think of him as another person whom he calls Julian, his middle name Julian can be bold and brave and talk dirty and do things that Nik is not able to do But soon it is almost like Julian is acting apart from Nik and Nik can t always control him What Knox does so well here is show us glimpses of these problems as the story goes on We can see something is not right, and at times even the characters can see it too, but it is kind of like this train wreck that we can t stop I found it really interesting to see this conflict, as so many things are just wonderful about this relationship, but there is also something dark curling there that we see growing with time.Read Jay s review in its entirety here. Leigh s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsWith a title like that, how could I NOT pick up this book It was sweet, funny and honest, and a part of me wished Ryan wasn t gay because I would scoop him up in a second What began as an encounter between two strangers in a men s bathroom at a new age yoga center turned into a meeting between two people who really needed one another to discover the truth about themselves Ryan aka the Bear is a burly construction worker who is willing to try anything to relieve the lingering pain from an accident Even gasp yoga After an anonymous encounter before class, he is sure that his mystery man is the class instructor, Nik.Nik is a truly interesting character He is young, meek, reserved, hiding from a past that he believes is following him But when he and Ryan stumble on to one another, Nik s alter ego, Julian, is allowed to shine through Dominant and confident, Julian is everything Nik isn t, and through him, Nik is able to explore aspects of his life that he would never otherwise be comfortable experiencing And Ryan is the perfect partner for him Strong, protective, loyal and patient, Ryan is the calm that Nik needs to fully come into his own.The dynamic between Ryan and Nik is unique The smaller, seemingly meek man is the Dom while the burly construction worker is the submissive Yet it seems to work Throw in the fact that they are a gay couple living in the middle of a Mormon city and it only addsinterest to the mix.While the story began as a lighter,amusing tale, it did becomeserious as the two men got to know one another Working through troubles that could occur in any relationship, Ryan and Nik dealt with issues such as the loss of trust, jealousy and family issues But the family that they built with each other was sweet and sexy and so loving, it is hard to do anything but adore this book Review copy provided for an honest review. I received a copy of Yogi and The Bear from the publisher via Netgalley This began as a 4 5 star book but unfortunately I had to bump the rating down theI read It slike a 2.5, and the extra half star is just because of Ryan His personality grabbed me from the very first page and I fell in love with his character He is confident, unafraid of acting silly or being forward And he is hilarious.Then comes hur hur Niklas, who isdifferent He begins the story as a calm yogi who is at times confident and at times skittish and afraid of everyone And he has good reason to be But it didn t make sense to me that this character would quite suddenly change his personality and view spoiler become a virgin Dom with something very like a split personality hide spoiler I don t quite know what I was expecting from Yogi and the Bear, but Nix Knox exceeded any expectations I may have had for this book I was completely drawn in and engaged from nearly the first sentence, Ryan is adorable big, strong and the epitome of a gentle giant Fun loving and almost all bluster with no bite, he s hard not to like and enjoy An accident at work has left Ryan with some chronic pain, and he s struggled with managing it in many ways with no real solution On a whim he decides to try the yoga class at the New Age Center, and the story is off and running Nik is a smaller and wiry guy, the polar opposite of Ryan A yoga instructor, he s a very solid and well portrayed introvert comfortable only in situations that he can manage His childhood upheavals and trauma led to him leaving home at 16, and he s never allowed himself a relationship or connection with anyone in any meaningful way When he first encounters Ryan in the bathroom, he s intrigued, but hands off Until a freak power outage and a hot man dropthan his inhibitions A relationship, not just a romance, is what follows real feelings displayed with humor and honesty that quickly spin to have you in tears, the emotion that is on the page reaches out and grabs at your heart Both Nik and Ryan have a serious amount of growing to do, individually and together, although Ryan is farin touch with his own feelings and desires, and muchvocal about both A huge bonus for this book is the honest depiction of a relationship both are interested in exploring the edges and pushing the limits, but Knox doesn t make their first encounters with BDSM into a rule free zone In fact, they get advice and promptly ignore it, finding an encounter that pushes buttons and leaves them both questioning their relationship While not a matter of not discussing sex, or anything really, this book is laden with honest portrayals of desires, fantasies and what ifs that are the foundation of any healthy adult relationship, but are most certainly integral to a well functioning BDSM experience And, while not every chapter is laden with sexy and steamy moments, there arethan enough to please my inner voyeur What emerges is one of the better m m romances that I have read in quite a while, with characters that are so real they breathe from the pages, dotted with humor, tears and plenty of love I received an eArc copy of the title from the publisher via Jeep Diva for purpose of honest review I was not compensated for this review all conclusions are my own responsibility. DNF I requested this book from NetGalley in early February thank you, Samhain I ve tried to read it on four separate occasions in the past couple months I ve gotten as far as 30 percent and then skimmed speed read through the remaining chapters, hoping it would catch my interest Alas, it never did, and I think it s time I say good bye One of the MCs, Nik, seems to have a personality transplant at some point There is a side story involving Ryan s sister that didn t feel relevant, and I LOATHED Ryan s bigoted religious parents I avoid religion in books, because it s shoved down my throat on a daily basis I live in state that s essentially a theocracy The D s play seemed off and awkward There were some steamy scenes, but they fell flat for me, probably because I wasn t invested in the characters or the story The writing is fine, and the cover is absolutely GORGEOUS There are some positive reviews of this book out, so it very well might be just me I m counting this as a DNF, so no rating Incidentally, this is only the second book out ofthan 2,000 that I ve added to my DNF shelf If you are not finishing half your books, it s probably best to start reading in another genre. If The Fall Is Inevitable, Might As Well Enjoy The TumbleMonths After A Scaffolding Accident Leaves Him In Chronic Agony, Construction Worker Ryan Powell Has Exhausted All That Western Medicine Has To Offer He S Willing To Try Anything, Even Yoga, To Get Some ReliefHe Expected To Feel Out Of Place At The New Age Center, But He Never Expected A Power Outage Bathroom Encounter To Magically Erase His Pain When He Discovers The Man With The Magic Hands Is His Drop Dead Sexy Yoga Teacher, Ryan Decides That There Might Just Be Something To This Metaphysical Thing, After AllYogi Niklas Baumgartner Has Found It Remarkably Easy To Keep His Shiny Vow Of Chastity Untarnished Until Now Still, A Bathroom Hand Job Doesn T Really Count As Sex, Right But His Footing On The No Nooky Wagon Slips When He Realizes The Big, Blond Bear At The Back Of The Class Is His Man In The DarkTheir Unlikely Attraction Brings Out Sides Of Themselves They Never Knew Lurked Beneath The Surface, Sides It Takes Courage To Accept But When Trust Is Broken, Repairing The Damage Might Just Tear Them ApartWarning Contains A Gentle Giant, A Dominant Orgo Bunny, A Pair Of Weighty Manacles, Too Many Movie References, Accidental Porn, Overcoming Stereotypes, And Deliciously Kinky Sex

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