The Problem of the Hot World

The Problem of the Hot World This little book is not only cute and entertaining with an adventure kids will love, but it teaches a lesson the importance of keeping our earth the temperature which will encourage life The forest friends are alarmed their world is too hot Their solution is something which may not be possible for us What Happens When Five Forest Friends Discover Their Trees Are No Longer Growing When There Is No Grass To Eat When There Is No Water When The World Is Too Hot This Book Follows The Friends A Fox, A Bear, An Owl, A Mole, And A Deer On An Exciting Adventure To Find Out Where The Water Went And How To Get It Back The Problem of the Hot World is a wonderful story about forest animals who are trying to find out why their environment has changed This book s illustrations are reminiscent of Lois Ehlert s methods but with much deeper meanings behind them This would be a wonderful book to use in the classroom for teaching about global warming and the possible causes I can see it being used in multiple grade levels for a perfect way to teach environmental science and have the children brainstorm ways to keep the earth a safe place to live. EDUCATIONAL, FUN SERENEWriting a children s book is never easy, and I commend anyone who tries It is always difficult to express what you wanted to, in the language suitable and understandable for children, yet not condescending It is also useful, especially in books for younger children, to use TPR inspiring vocabulary, which helps the children and their storytellers getengaged in the reading process Your characters should be simple, recognizable, relatable, and they should have certain catch phrases or behavioural patterns children could mimic and enjoy Illustration is essential, and carries almost half the story Most of all, for your children s book to be a good book longterm, it must have an educational, non sensational yet important message Pam Bonsper s book has all of these elements, and deserves its stars Although, personally, I may say I would like to see aemphatic ending, a tiny bitof a dialogue, when you look at the overall, the story really works It has a lovely forest setting with recognizable animals later changed briefly into a polar backdrop , very interesting and charming illustrations in perfect synergy with the story , and finally, tells the story of environmental changes in a very simple, friendly, serene way. This cute little picture book with its whimsical illustrations shines a light on the huge problem that is global warming While remaining cute, the book shows some of the things that could happen to the animals and their homes if people don t get it together and start focusing on the environment The animals eventually find a home in the past before global warming and live happily ever after, but it shouldn t have to be that way Children will be encouraged to step up and help the environment The illustrations were gorgeous and complemented the story nicely.

Pam Bonsper has written children s poems and stories for many years She has been published in The Bee Hive, Mexican World, Happy Times, Classmate and She has now started to self publish and is enjoying the process Her books include The Big Brass Band, Missing Nora, The Piano Tuner and Other Short Stories, Uh Oh, Will Writing A Book UNDO Me and Self Publishing Confessions of a Gran

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  • The Problem of the Hot World
  • Pam Bonsper
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  • 01 November 2019

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