Poker Face (The Masks #4)

Poker Face (The Masks #4) When Caitlyn Davis Agreed To Work With The FBI, She Never Imagined It Would Lead To Her Own Kidnapping But Her Special Ability To Read People S Emotions And Decipher The Truth Has Attracted The Unwanted Attention Of Santiago Gomez, A Rich Casino Owner Who Intends To Use Caity S Talent To Further His Own BusinessEric Shore Knew Caity Didn T Want To Break Up With Him Her Scribbled Note Left On His Bed Gave Him A Snippet Of The Truth She D Been Hiding Still Reeling From His Brush With Death And The Loss Of His Beloved Grandfather, Eric Throws Himself Into Searching For His GirlWith Help From His Reemerged Father And A Rogue FBI Agent, Eric Follows A Tenuous Lead To Las Vegas, Not Caring That His Rescue Attempt Could Bring Him Face To Face With The Same Man Who Killed His Grandfather And Wants Him Dead As WellWhile Caity Fights To Survive The Horrors Of Her Slavery, Eric Is Thrust Into A Dangerous World That Could Cost Him His Life, Along With Caity SThe Masks Series Is Now Complete All Books Are Available True Colors Two Faced Snake Eyes Poker Face

Melissa Pearl was born in Auckland, New Zealand, but has spent much of her life abroad, living in countries such as Jordan, Cyprus and Pakistan not to mention a nine month road trip around North America with her husband Best Year Ever She is a trained elementary teacher, but writing is her passion Since becoming a full time mother she has had the opportunity to pursue this dream and her

[KINDLE] ❅ Poker Face (The Masks #4)  Author Melissa Pearl –
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  • Poker Face (The Masks #4)
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  • 21 December 2019

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    Writing this book was a very emotional experience for me Some of the research I had to do was pretty harrowing, because I know that slavery is a very real thing in the world today It s heart breaking when you really let yourself think about it In saying that, being able to write the conclusion to Caity and Eric s journey was a total privilege I have loved working with these characters and watching them grow I m really happy with how the last book came together I hope you can enjoy the conclusion to this exciting series.

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    This book killed me Full review to come soon 3.5 stars

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    What can I say but wow Melissa never fails to amaze me with the depths in which she can draw her readers into a story, and this final installment of The Masks Series is certainly no exception There s suspense, intrigue, action, romance, heroism and so much , which has been rampant throughout the entire story thus far Melissa is definitely one of my favorite authors, and while I hate to see another wonderful series come to a close I could read about Eric and Caity forever , this is certain a truly awesome way to finish their tale If I m ever allowed to give than 5 stars on something, this will be the first one I turn to

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    4.5 starsPoker Face is the final book in Melissa Pearl s Mask Series The series starts out with Caitlyn as a fairly innocent high school senior in True Colors But by Poker Face, Caity has been through hell than once and is now fighting for her life At the end of Snake Eyes, Caity finds that she as been kidnapped Poker Face begins as Caity realizes she has been sold to Santiago for the use of her power She is in Las Vegas to help with security for Santiago s casino, Palacio del Diablo, in addition to helping he and his nephew, Bruno, cheat in high stakes poker games Caity wants to refuse to use her power, but Santiago threatens to hand her over to Bruno if she fails at her job Bruno s lascivious grins make Caity s stomach turn, so she does all she can to please Santiago Meanwhile, Eric is grieving the loss of his grandfather and stunned at the reappearance of his father He also is dumbfounded at Caity s disappearance and turns to Dale and Nicole to help him figure out what happened to her They go to Detective Sullivan of the LAPD who had helped them before He eventually figures out that Quella s father, Diego Mendez, was wanted for human trafficking Eric and Detective Sullivan assume the worst that Caity has been sold and they have no idea where she could be The rest of the book continues back and forth between Eric and Caity Caity is trying to keep it together working for Santiago, fending off Bruno s advances, and resigning herself to the fact the no one knows where she is and could not possibly be looking for her Eric and his father get a big breaking in looking for Caity, but going to Las Vegas means they could be walking right into Lucian Marchant s hands There is a lot of action in Poker Face Poor Caity gets pretty beat up when she makes some foolish decisions Eric is headstrong and lets his emotions dictate his actionswhich gets him into trouble This really annoyed me about Eric because I could see exactly what his behavior would lead to But a book needs drama, right I won t give away the ending, but I will say I m a bit ambivalent about it It seems as though it was inevitable, so I will say the ending was fitting to the story Great job on a wonderful series, Melissa Pearl I enjoyed it from beginning to end

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    Such a thrilling and an almost heartbreaking ending Wow Such a thrilling and an almost heartbreaking ending, but Melissa Pearl pulls it off once again, bringing readers through another great ending to a fantastic series Poor Caity and Eric, everything for them has just kept getting worse and worse, especially after that end in Snake Eyes I seriously kept thinking How is Melissa Pearl going to fix this and She needs to fix this and Oh She better not leave them like this Caity is separated from Eric, when she was enlisted against her will by Agent Kaplan in an undercover operation Things went wrong at the end of said operation and now she is sold and hidden away to be left alone in the place where sins abound and masks are worn daily for acts of violence corruption and deceit all conducted without remorse or guilt All the while Eric is left with a deep sense of sadness, longing and guilt that he pushes away in order to put forth all his efforts into find his girl Eric just knows that Caity is in trouble and will do anything even risking his own life if need be, to get to her and bring her back safely However, when help is offered will Eric be wise enough to take even if it s from a person he has grown to hate And will Caity be able to last and use her gift wisely enough to last in a place where men care for nothing but money and power Overall this book was frustratingly fantastic I mean I just knew Melissa would do right by her readers and give Caity and Eric their HEA of sorts, but I just couldn t see it while reading this book So a reader will just have to endure the great book to see if Caity and Eric do get their HEA Cause honestly I wasn t sure it could happen, but I will hint at the fact that Melissa, went with a realistic ending and not a fictitious way out Which I applaud, since I sooo hate it when authors force a happy fake ending that s a bit unbelievable, so rest assured Caity and Eric do get an ending weather its happy or not You ll just have to read it, to see it Read of my reviews at

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    I received and advance copy in exchange of an honest reviewAs the book is not released yet, I don t really want to spoil it for everyone so I ll try to make this review shortFor someone who s not really into New Adult Romance, Melissa Pearl has shown me a new faced of this genre with her fabulous writing This series, especially this last book in the series will take you to a new world not only with Caity s Power but it lets you see how this world is not all bed and roses and will make you thing what might be happening behind the scenes.Melissa Pearl did a wonderful job in writing a page turner, breath catching, heart pounding suspense with this book It s been a while since I was able to hold a book that will make me awake from 12am until three in the morning because I can t stop turning the page until I finally know what will happened She will take you to a journey with her characters that will make you see how beautiful your life is despite the ups and down that you might be going through.The best part of this novel and for me it is also what sets it apart to other novel of this genre was the way the author wrote the ending for the characters I wouldn t want to spoil it for you but for me, there is no better way to end it than the way she did It s realistic, believable, easy to relate to It truth, I spent a couple of minutes thinking whether I liked how it ended but after flashing back to everything that happened it the series, I just have to commend Melissa Pearl for writing and ending it, the way it did.The romance, the suspense, that gut wrenching thrill of this adventure with Eric and Caity, there s just no word to describe it you have to read the book yourself and experience the ride to feel how it felt I was so immerse into the story that it didn t not feel like I was reading it, it felt like was there, being an spectator as each page unfolds it all.This book had me totally, and definitely in love with the craft that is the writings of Melissa Pearl

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    A good end to this series I liked this final chapter of Caity and Eric s story the most The story picks up right where the last book left off It and moves quickly through events as Caity is wakes up after being kidnapped and sold to a wealthy casino owner who wishes to use her sight Meanwhile Eric desperately tries to work out where Caity has disappeared to and how he can find her I really liked the way this book was straight into all the exciting action there wasn t a really slow period as there was with the previous book I also liked the way the story allowed me to see of Eric and Caity s true characters come out as they were put to the test while suffering through extreme circumstances Their love for each other was sweet, strong, and inspirational in how it motivated them to do anything to guarantee the others safety and happiness As I was reading I though the story was going to be a bit predictable, but I was surprised by several plot twists and surprises I didn t see coming The way the book ended was one I definitely wasn t expecting that kind of happily ever after you ll have to read it if you want to know.Overall, this was a great read and a good conclusion to the Masks series I d recommend picking up this book and the rest of the series if you re looking for a good mature young adult romantic suspense story with some paranormal elements to it It s been a fun ride and I ll be looking forward to reading what Melissa Pearl comes up with next.

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    What Can I say about this book It is truly hard without revealing things that can spoil the read for you This has to be the best book I have read in a while Not that I expected anything less from Mellisa Pearl she has a true gift for writing an amazing story And this book is no different This unfortunately is the last book of this series, and I am truly sad that this is the end for Eric and Caity they were amazing charters It almost killed me in the last book when the mob guy killed Gramps, but even though Eric was heartbroken he had one thing on his mind Get to Caity and save her I was so pissed at Kaplin that witch, for what she has put them through In this book Caity finds out Who she can truly trust and is surprised at who helps Eric find her Thank God for Eric s father and the Rouge FBI agent who I think has feeling for Caity, and helps anyway knowing she is totally committed to Eric I loved this book and how she ended it I believe this series would make a wonderful movie and then a TV series.I hope you enjoy this book as Much as I did.If you do like this book, please consider leaving a review.The Authors really like it when you do, they value your opinions too.

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    Picking up where the last book ended, Caity has been sold and Eric has mafia guys after him Their lives take a spiralling downfall into the pits of the most disgusting men on the planet Caity will do anything to get away, Eric will do anything to get Caity back As a fan of this entire series, I have to say that the series ending wasn t resolute enough for me And it was kind of depressing having said that, there will always be that little bit of hope that Melissa pearl will pick up a pen or laptop, computer, crayons and write another Caity and Eric book I know there are no plans to, and as a fellow author myself, I know what it s like to be done with a particular story But please, please, please, Melissa give me I just love their story so much They re probably my most favourite literary couple They know they belong together, but have realistic ups and downs like real couples I m not above begging As always with this series, the action is constant, but without overpowering the story Also, if agent Rhodes was a real person, I d be asking for his phone number.

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    I received this book from Mark My Words Book Publicity in return for a fair and honest review.This is the dramatic conclusion to the Masks series and we are still with Eric and Caity as they try to stay alive This story has drawn me in from the very first book and this one is no different except that it is darker and harrowing than the first Each of these books has been horrible in its own way but this one seems very raw as it is about slavery, being sold and everything that can happen to you once you can no longer claim your body as your own There is a depth to the writing that says Melissa Pearl certainly did her research for this book, however terrible that may have been What it also means is that this is a page turner You simply have to carry on reading until you have reached the very end, there s just no way you can leave it partway through.It is fast paced and well written, full of action and suspense with menacing characters and other characters who are simply trying to survive I have loved this whole series, not a single book has dropped the ball Highly recommended for all.

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