This Tongue In Cheek Primer On How To Be A Good Farm Dog And How Ignoring The Rules May Result In A Biscuit Is A Guaranteed TreatBeing A Farm Dog Is A Tough Job, But Luckily, Ragweed S Handbook Will Tell You Everything You Need To Know Step One Don T Wake The Farmer You May Really, Really Want To, But That S The Rooster S Job Of Course, If You Do Wake The Farmer, You Might Just Get A Biscuit Full Of Hilarious Dog Logic, Ragweed S Farm Dog Handbook Explores The Pitfalls And Opportunities Of A Dog S Life On The Farm Readers Will Love Being In On The Joke As Ragweed Breaks All His Own Rules, Collecting Biscuits As He Goes

Anne Vittur Kennedy started out as a music teacher in public schools, but shifted to illustration in 1982 She has illustrated many children s books, including the Miss Fox series by Eileen Spinelli and the Pony Scouts series by Catherine Hapka Anne Vittur Kennedy lives near Columbus, Ohio.

[Ebook] ➠ Author Anne Vittur Kennedy –
  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • Anne Vittur Kennedy
  • English
  • 03 March 2018
  • 9780763674175

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    This book is for puppies I m not a puppy.My hooman gives me many treats.

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    Love this Hysterical narrative told from the voice of the farm dog.

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    This is hilarious

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    I am admittedly a sucker for funny books and books about animals, so Ragweed s Farm Dog Handbook already had the odds in its favor, but it really is that good It s laugh out loud funny, especially if you have ever lived with a dog The illustrations are wonderful and add to the humor I foresee this book being a great storytime book Kids and adults will easily love the book

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    Ragweed is an experience farm dog and he is willing to offer the reader his advice on how to be the best farm dog First thing to know is not to wake the farmer in the early morning That is the rooster s job Of course, if you do happen to wake the farmer, you would get a biscuit when been thrown out of the house Pigs can be tricky too It is not your job to roll in the mud, that is the pigs job In fact, if you do get muddy you end up getting a bath, which is not fun Of course, there is the biscuit you get afterwards Ragweed has advice on chickens, sheep, and cows Each time he offers firm advice, proceeds to ignore it himself and then manages to earn a treat along the way Readers will get the humor immediately and will love this scrappy little dog who always manages to work everything out to his own advantage biscuits Kennedy writes a clever take on a handbook here There are other books that have unreliable lead characters who then do the opposite of what they are saying, but the addition of the treats to the equation makes this book all the fun The writing is wonderfully conversational and loose It uses the voice of Ragweed to tell the story, offering an eager and bouncy tone that suits the book perfectly.Kennedy s art is bright and sunny Ragweed pops on the page against the green grass of the farm His tail almost seems to wag on the page and his eagerness and joy shine His energy carries through all of the art, from the cows who look at him very skeptically and with reason to the panicked sheep to the dazed hens.This wild romp of a book will be embraced as a read aloud for farm and dog stories Appropriate for ages 3 5.

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    Ragweed, where have you been all my life Seriously How in the world have I survived so far without your clever, funny, detailed, realistic advice I especially love how you describe what happens after you eat grass Seriously, though, your life is the life for me Save a place on the porch for me, Ragweed I ll be there as soon as I can Update I read this aloud at Preschool Storytimes this week, and they absolutely loved it Good dog, Ragweed.

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    They say that every dog needs a job, and Ragweed is no exception His contributions to making life on the farm that much enjoyable are immeasurable.Let s give that dog a biscuit, shall we

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    Ragweed isn t a working dog on a farm, he s a pet As such, he doesn t get to round up the sheep or anything like that But he thinks he s very important Of course And he s written his handbook to help new farm dogs understand what you are and aren t supposed to do Like wake up the farmer Or bother the chickens Or eat grass.This is a delightfully funny book The grandchildren and I love it.

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    Read for Storytime on April 10, 2019Theme Animal StoriesRead for Storytime, June 20thTheme DogsRead for Storytime September 14th and 15thTheme DogsThis book is one of my favorites It captures Ragweed s doggy exuberance with humor Ragweed is just fun The illustrations really drive the story It is predictable in a way that children love, and still throws in some surprised Perfect for story time.

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    Ragweed is a farm dog and this is his handbook to show you how you can be a good farm dog just like him.Another library staff member shared this book to me, and it s a fantastic book to read to a group of older preschoolers It s also very funny for the adults too.Spoiler Alert A farmdog s job is to get biscuits

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