The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey

The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan ToomeyI found this book at a school book sale years and years ago I read it while standing there and knew I had to buy it when I found tears in my eyes at the end So lovely This is the story of Jonathan Toomey a man the village children call Mr Gloomy Jonathan is a wonderful wood carver, but a very sad man for good reason He has lost his wife and child to illness.One day, a widow and her son come to Jonathan with a special request While moving into the village, they had lost a precious Christmas heirloom A nativity set carved for the woman by her grandfather when she was a young girl Could Jonathan carve her another in time for Christmas As the days go by, the widow and her son visit Jonathan to bring him the gifts of food, tea and companionship while he works The boy helps Jonathan by describing the pieces as only an eight year old can As the days go by and as Jonathan works on each of the pieces of the nativity set, his heart begins to heal.The book ends happily, and even though I ve read it many times, still brings a tear to my eye.The illustrations in this book are absolutely beautiful and enrich an already beautiful story Love it When The Widow McDowell And Her Son Thomas Knock At The Woodcarver, Jonathan Toomey S Door One Winter S Day, They Receive A Frosty Reception For Jonathan Keeps Himself To Himself Mr Gloomy The Children Call Him What No One Knows, Though, Is That Once He Was A Happy Man With A Wife And Baby And That It Is Grief At Their Deaths That Has Made Him So Hard And Cold Would The Carver Make A Set Of Nativity Figures For Christmas The Widow Asks, And Could Her Son Watch Him Work When, Albeit Gruffly, Jonathan Agrees To Her Requests, It Is The Beginning Of A Miracle That Will See The Warming Of His Sad, Chill Heart Reread this after watching the film of the same name Fortunately Bill Clark s film version sticks to same basic story, only filling out the lives of the widow McDowell and Thomas and presenting the storyfrom their perspective than from Mr Toomey s This doesn t detract from the essence of the tale The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey is a heart warming, holiday vignette about being helped through helping I can still recall with fondness the first time I read it to my children In addition, the book is charmingly illustrated by P.J Lynch It should be an annual read. Not nearly as saccharine as I feared I m definitely glad I read it The people feel authentic, and the story plausible Well told Recommended. This is a touching, sweet story about loss, love and healing and is, to my mind, quite an excellent one for the holidays Some might find it a bit too sentimental but I felt that the fine storytelling and warm but realistic illustrations save it from being the least bit cutesy or unbelievable Woodcarver Jonathan Gloomy Toomey lost his wife and baby son to illness some years ago and can find no joy in life until one day a window and her young son come to ask Mr Toomey if he could please carve them a nativity scene in time for Christmas since their treasured family heirloom was lost in the move Gloomily, he agrees and the boy is so interested in woodcarving that he and his mother often come to watch Mr Toomey work It doesn t take much to figure out where this is headed, but I still think the story is well told and I love the way the boy describes how his manger figures looked being so happy and proud to be present at the birth of Jesus and how some of that joy begins to enter Mr Toomey s broken heart. This book has incredible artwork as well as a beautiful story about the redeeming power of love and the magic of Christmas It s a wonderful children s story thatadults should check out 3 An absolute beautiful book How have I never found this Christmas Story before Wonderful story and illustrations. A nice Christmas tale of how a grieving widower meets a widow and her son through him carving a nativity scene Realistic and detailed illustrations Slightly repetitive and predictable though.My daughter commented that the high point of the story for her was seeing the nativity scene finished and set out together but this was shown on a double page spread with the fold going through the middle of the scene, which is shame. A beautiful, touching story, whose text and illustrations convey the message of Christmas in a wonderful way. The story is sweet and simple, but the beautifully detailed illustrations lift this book to 4 stars for me.

Susan Wojciechowski was a children s librarian for many years Every December, she says, I read the same two or three classic Christmas stories aloud to the children I tried to find another one I wanted to read and couldn t So I wrote THE CHRISTMAS MIRACLE OF JONATHAN TOOMEY I ve never written anything that way before It just came through me in a flood of inspiration and was finished in les

[Reading] ➿ The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey Author Susan Wojciechowski –
  • Hardcover
  • 40 pages
  • The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey
  • Susan Wojciechowski
  • 13 February 2017
  • 9780763678227

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