Websters Bedtime (Webster Technology Books Book 2)

Websters Bedtime (Webster Technology Books Book 2) Webster And His Toys Are Ready For Sleep But Will They Be Able To Switch Off It S Bedtime For Webster, But First He Has To Help All His Electronic Gadgets Get To Sleep This Funny Rhyming Story Takes A Twist When It Proves Hard To Get Everyone To Bed Providing A Subtle Reminder To Young Children About The Need To Switch Off From Screen Time As They Get Ready For Sleep, Webster S Bedtime Is A Brilliant Bedtime Companion Book For The Digital Generation

Hannah Whaley is based in Scotland, and has always worked to combine education, technology and research She graduated with a degree in Applied Computing in 2004 and was named UK Learning Technologist of the Year in 2007, before moving into University library management in 2009 Her books help introduce children to technology from an early age through reading and stories.

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 34 pages
  • Websters Bedtime (Webster Technology Books Book 2)
  • Hannah Whaley
  • English
  • 10 May 2017

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    Second book about Webster the spider and how he needs to rake control of technology This time it s a reminder to adults as well that children need to turn off their technology toys before going to bed.Webster gets a surprise at bedtime when his devices tell him they need to recharge through the night too, so he goes round turning them all off They then all need his help as one snores, one talks in its sleep And by now Webster is tired himself.I liked the idea of telling a child that devices need their own time to sleep and recharge, a great way of putting it that small children can relate to For me though, it would have been nice to see Webster enjoying his own bedtime with his mum a book after teeth cleaning maybe as a good example, so screens aren t the last thing he sees Would also have liked some counting, as in the first book, though it probably wouldn t have fit into the story That s my thought though.My son was thrilled to see Webster again and enjoyed the story, and we will definitely use the recharging idea next time he won t turn something off.Good for 3 7 year olds, both books are appropriate for Internet Safety themes at school.With thanks to the author for the review copy.

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    Webster s mom wants him to go to bed Like many children growing up today, he has trouble separating himself from electronic devices like computers, phones, and TV sets But Webster is shocked when he learns that his electronic friends need down time as well They discover a way to find the balance humans and machines both need.The electronic devices are personified in this story Webster and his mom are portrayed in simple geometric shapes Parents of young children who are on technology overload may find this book useful The simple illustrations will appeal to children in the primary grades Readers should note that the rhymes in the book need some smoothing out and the book could use some editing.

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    Cute spider I m not usually a fan of spiders but this little guy was adorable I liked the illustrations and the rhymes.

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    Webster s Bedtime by Hannah Whaley is a very, very good story for younger children The text is neither too simple nor too difficult The illustrations are simple and geometric in shape, colorful but not overly so Excellent use of whitespace greatly enhances the effect of those illustrations, so garish colors are not necessary As with the companion book, Webster s Email by this author, there is a lesson to be learned in this story This is a perfect book for those pre schoolers and older who don t want to go to bed By engaging the child in the telling of the tale, that child will soon be ready to be tucked in and kissed good night The takeaway lesson should help most children to accept bedtime as a necessity, and for their own benefit.I think Hannah Whaley has developed a winning pattern for her children s books I hope we ll see of Webster I hope he will be around for a long time to entertain youngsters, and help parents the world over give their children some basic guidance I can t wait to read Webster s Bedtime with to my own grandson I m certain he will love it, too

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    Webster is a sweet spider with a growing collection of technology gizmos and gadgets that require battery power and electricity When his mom sends him off to bed, all of his electronics ask to powered down too But the way Webster gets to bed with a book and a story doesn t work for the tv, phone, dvd player, game consoles and laptop all need to have the volume down, switched off and unplugged.This book is a great reminder for children to think about conserving energy and letting their devices rest at night just as they do It s also a gentle reminder for us as parents to do the same, a nudge that couldn t hurt Be sure to check out our review of author Hannah Whaley s other Webster books

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    Webster doesn t want to go to bed, but all his electronics do How will they ever get to bed if Webster is making a ruckus all night Can Webster be convinced to help power them down With cute illustrations and adult concepts made simple and enjoyable for kids this book has it all.The modern child who is consumed with TV, iPad, iPhones and the like will simply enjoy this bedtime read.My recommended age 2 5 Stephanie M Nason Author Vampire Whisperer and book reviewer Accepting Requests www.authorsopinions.wordpress.com

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    Webster s Bedtime Webster Technology Books Children s colorful book about Webster He doesn t like to go to bed, but stays up all hours of the night to play with technology toys.The toys do want him to go to sleep because they are very tried The toys explain that they must be powered down and Webster can help them with that.Problem is other noises are soon heard, SO silly and I laughed so hard at this Other works along the line of Webster are highlighted at the end.

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    It s bedtime not just for Webster, but also for his electronics Will his gadgets drift off into a restful night of sleep This is a cute picture book that many will relate to Who hasn t been up late using electronics And just like we need sleep, so do our devices.

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    Technology Bedtime Story.This book is cute I think very young children may enjoy this story, but I am not sure I want children thinking that electronic toys sleep walk, snore and etc..

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    Spiders I m a fan of spiders and this little dude was awesome I enjoyed it It was funny and had a great ending.

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