Leadville: A Biography of the A40

Leadville: A Biography of the A40One Afternoon In January , As I Drove Along Western Avenue, I Did What I Had Never Done Before I Parked The Car In A Side Street And Walked On To The Road In Leadville, Edward Platt Tells The Story Of Western Avenue From The Optimism Of Its Construction In The S To Its Partial Demolition Seventy Years Later It Is A Tale Of The City And The Traffic, Of Suburbia And The Dreams Of Its Inhabitants, And Of Our Senseless And All Consuming Love Affair With The Motor Car Platt Has Created A Drama That Is Not Only Orwellian In Its Attention To What You Might Call The State Of The Nation But Almost Dickensian In The Recording Of The Colour And Pathos Of Its Inhabitants Tim Lott, The Times Endlessly Entertaining An Original Talent And An Excellent Book Norman Lewis A Reporter Of Fearless Imagination Simon Jenkins, The TimesLeadville Won A Somerset Maugham Award And The John Llewellyn Rhys Prize, And Was Shortlisted For The Duff Cooper Prize And The James Stern Silver Pen Award For Non Fiction

I was born in Essex in 1968, and grew up in Hampshire, Northumberland, and the Wirral I have lived in London since 1992 I have written two books Leadville A Biography of the A40 Picador 2000 , which won a Somerset Maugham Award and the John Llewellyn Rhys Prize and was short listed for two other awards, and The City of Abraham Picador, 2012 I am a contributing writer at the New Statesman,

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  • Paperback
  • 293 pages
  • Leadville: A Biography of the A40
  • Edward Platt
  • English
  • 27 October 2019
  • 9780330392631

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    Absorbing and readable journalistic book about Western Avenue, one of the big dual carriageways entering London from the west, the people who live and work along it and the effects on them of plans to widen the road It was recommended to me because I was going on about Concretopia it s not as good as that but is interesting in the same way.

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    This wasn t what I expected but in a good way Billed as A biography of the A40 , I d anticipated a story about the physical road itself, as in the making, maintaining and modifying of it over the years A techie general read, if you will But it is not that at all What it is is a biography of the road as a place to live alongside, and once you read with that idea in mind, this book is both interesting and informative The author interviews residents, squatters, and a delightful on the page I d hate to actually meet the prat, though I ve met too many like him over the years bureaucratic bungler who never gives a straight answer We discover how the road has changed over the years from a quiet place that people loved to live beside to a frenetic modern highway that surprisingly some people still love to live beside The story of the trashing of once beautiful homes to make way for a grand new road concept was very sad but the futility of it all that we learn about later is worse This is a good read and an important one, in that the author has captured the idiocy and sometimes inhumane treatment of ordinary people when infrastructure projects are foisted on local populations.

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    Wonderful history book, the history of an urban road, and the story of the footbridge.

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    I liked because I know the Western Avenue so well

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