Within Reach

Within ReachNew York Times Bestselling Author Barbara Delinskycaptivates With A Magnificent Story Of Loving Friendship And Desperate Acts, First Published In The Lovely Vacation House On The Maine Coast Was Meantto Be A Glorious Retreat For Danica Lindsay And Her Husband Blake, A Place Where They Could Mend The Wounds Of A Damaged And Tired Marriage Instead, She Finds Herself Mostly There Alone While Blake S Political Star Is Rapidly Rising Back In Boston Were It Not For The Cherished Companionship Of Her New Neighbor, Gentle And Caring Michael Buchanan, Danica Would Surely Be Overcome By Loneliness And DespairBut A Friendship That Is Strong, Uplifting, And Real Is Slowlytransforming Into Something Less Innocent, Passionate Something That Could Easily Be Called Love For The First Time In Her Life, A Chance For True Happiness May Be In Danica S Reach But How Can She Grab Onto It When She Remains Another Man S Wife, Bound By Her Marriage Vows To A Union Plagued By Doubt And Pain And By Secrets So Shocking An Entire Nation Will Take Notice so long Took the author long enough to resolve everything Regarding other comments that it s similar to a Harlequin novel, Barbara Delinsky started her career with Harlequin Silhouette type books This book was originally written in 1986, but it still held my interest for the most part, though about half way through, I was getting frustrated with Danica s choices, though admirable, I guess Doubt there are many men such as Michael out there he had the patience of a saint Glad Danica finally stepped up before the last chapter. Not sure why I finished it Could be a Harlequin romance. When Danica Lindsay buys a house in Maine she hopes it will be a retreat for herself and her workaholic husband, Blake Michael Buchanan, her neighbor is kind, warm, interesting and single Gradually their friendship evolves into a romance but Dani has been raised to have a strong sense of obligation There is no year given but based on the lack of cell phones and the central issue with Blake it is probably the early 1960s I figured out the issue long before the author revealed it Good enough to read and finish but not one of the author s best Turns out it s a reissue of one of her early books. DisappointingNot up to par for this author Story line totally predictable and it seemed never ending I plodded through, was relieved to have finished and was shocked when I saw the authors name I read so many it s hard to remember Just not what I expected based on the high caliber of her previous books. Such a great idea for a plot, but it just dragged on and on Couple that with the homophobia and an abundance of sex scenes, I barely made it to the end I am all for a good sex scene or two, but it truly got ridiculous Did Danica and everyone else really have to grimace or shudder when the idea that someone is gay is mentioned She cheated on her husband, but HE makes HER throw up It was really disappointing. UnrealisticI don t think anyone could be as selfless as Danica was in this book After the way her husband treated her there was no reason for her to delay her and Michaels future for him and I think that was unrealistic. I gave it a two because I found this book mildly entertaining If I gave it some serious thought, characters were bland, harlequinesque for sure, and some of the themes were ridiculous. Above all else, Barbara Delinsky is a storyteller This is a gut wrenching novel about finding happiness The greed of politics gets in the way of love and family Corruption finally brings it all to a head. Oh the drama Full review to come.3.25 stars

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  • Paperback
  • 528 pages
  • Within Reach
  • Barbara Delinsky
  • English
  • 03 July 2017
  • 9780061041747

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