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OMG NEW JAMIE MCGUIRE BOOK 1 New York Times Bestseller Jamie McGuire returns to self publishing with this page turning YA account of Erin Easter, one of three Erins in the small senior class of rural Blackwell High School who not only share a first name, but also their birthday Erin Easter, raised by a neglectful single mom, keeps to herself and admires Weston Gates from afar The other Erins, Erin A and Erin M are the darlings of the community daughters of the two wealthiest families in town, best friends, cheerleaders, and everything Erin Easter isn t and they never let her forget it Erin A has even claimed Weston since the 8th grade.Weston is a well liked star athlete, and the son of two prominent attorneys He struggles daily with the pressures of living up to his family name and secretly empathizes with Erin Easter s feeling that she belongs somewhere else in a different life Not until he begins sneaking nights out with Erin does he gain the courage to buck expectations and acknowledge his feelings both for his future, and for her.But when a shocking tragedy rocks the tiny town, Erin s life is turned upside down in the best way possible But when the truth is revealed and everything Erin thinks she wanted falls into her lap, life only becomescomplicated. New York Times Bestseller Jamie McGuire Returns To Self Publishing With This Page Turning YA Account Of Erin Easter, One Of Three Erins In The Small Senior Class Of Rural Blackwell High School Who Not Only Share A First Name, But Also Their Birthday Erin Easter, Raised By A Neglectful Single Mom, Keeps To Herself And Admires Weston Gates From Afar The Other Erins, Erin A And Erin M Are The Darlings Of The Community Daughters Of The Two Wealthiest Families In Town, Best Friends, Cheerleaders, And Everything Erin Easter Isn T And They Never Let Her Forget It Erin A Has Even Claimed Weston Since The Th GradeWeston Is A Well Liked Star Athlete, And The Son Of Two Prominent Attorneys He Struggles Daily With The Pressures Of Living Up To His Family Name And Secretly Empathizes With Erin Easter S Feeling That She Belongs Somewhere Else In A Different Life Not Until He Begins Sneaking Nights Out With Erin Does He Gain The Courage To Buck Expectations And Acknowledge His Feelings Both For His Future, And For HerBut When A Shocking Tragedy Rocks The Tiny Town, Erin S Life Is Turned Upside Down In The Best Way Possible But When The Truth Is Revealed And Everything Erin Thinks She Wanted Falls Into Her Lap, Life Only Becomes Complicated 3 Happenstance Stars Erin is a victim of bullying For years and years, the other Erin who used to be her best friend and her group of friends has picked on her and made her life miserable just because Erin doesn t come from the same healthy upbring as them Until one day, Weston, the beautiful guy who belongs on the popular side of their high school, stands up for her and in that moment everything changes for them And as they try to understand their feelings and what s happening between them, tragedy happens and in that moment things will never be the same for Erin For better or for worse Rating 3 Stars Storyline A sweet YA story but kind of lacking originally and depth Being a short story didn t help, but the plot should bedeveloped because some aspect just weren t explained properly and some things just hung there in the air Kudos for the twist near the end, it was the only unexpected part in this book Writing Style First person, female POV Jamie always writes amazingly but for some reason she didn t quite get there with this book Either that or is just me who is growing tired of YA books Character Development Weston was good, but not great I liked him after he grew a backbone, but everything before that we was just a little coward And book heroes shouldn t be coward Erin as meh Not bad but nothing special The supportive characters were predictable and a little pointless, except for Frankie Frankie was awesome Steam Nope HEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler I lost yesterday a stupid bet with my 19 years old daughter , and so she forced me to listen her while reading this book knowing well that for me these kind of books are worse than a blasphemy I managed to get to the end after adopted children finding biological mothers, sudden youth deaths, bullying, kissing and sexshe finished and I ve finished it now.AVE GRATIA Don t want to offend, this is a personal feeling about this book Ho perso una scommessa stupidissima con mia figlia , e cos mi ha costretto ad ascoltarla a leggere questo libro una specie di audiobook casalingo sapendo benissimo che me questi tipi di libri sono peggio di una bestemmia Sono riuscita ad arrivare alla fine dopo figli adottivi che ritrovano madri biologiche, morti improvvise, bullismo, bacetti e scopamentiAVE GRATIA, un nuovo giorno inizia L ho e l ha terminato non me ne abbiano chi invece adora questa tipologia di libri, che non so neanche come si chiamino. 4 Knight In Shining Armor Stars Erin Easter is a 17 yr old girl living in Blackwell, Oklahoma She lives a sad life, and prefers being at her job at Dairy Queen with her friend Frankie, instead of school or home Erin lives with her rough mother, who only cares about drinking, and getting high Erin tries to be home as little as possible Erin is a senior attending Blackwell High School She grew up with two other girls that she shares the same first name and birthday with They were all close till 5th grade, and then everything changed, and they began to bully her Now she has become their 1 target, and she tries to avoid them as much as possible Even though she keeps to herself, they continue to seek her out, and find joy in making her miserable Erin only has three months left till graduation, and is counting the down the days till she can leave for college, and finally be free, and start a new life at Oklahoma State University Leaving this town is all she has to look forward to, until a gorgeous guy at her school starts showing interest in her Weston Gates is an 18 yr old guy that is one of the most popular guys at Erin s school He is the school jock, playing football, baseball, basketball Erin has attended school with Wes since kindergarten and always thought he had a beautiful smile, and kind eyes Wes begins showing up at Erin s work, and starts to pursue her They spend time together, and become friends Wes is in the click of the popular group that mistreats Erin, so their friendship isn t well received by others, especially when Wes starts to defend her against his so called friends Just as they begin to have feelings for each other a lot of secrets are revealed, and we get some interesting twists and surprises I really liked Wes and Erin as a couple, and look forward tobooks in this series I can t wait to see what is in store for their future after high school When you think about something enough, you start dreaming about it And when you dream about something enough, you just have to hope that it becomes a reality I think about you all the time, Erin She s perfect for me. Is it bad that I really just want this for the long sneak peek into Beautiful Oblivion that will be in the back I mean, it does sound good too, but I need someMaddox s in my life, and stat Here s the thing with tough subjects they need time to be processed In a novella with 100 pages and a number of tough subjects, there s simply not enough space to handle them properly Happenstance offers several topics Drugs, terrible home conditions, bullying to name some of them We have Erin, bullied by two other Erins, all of them birthed on the same day, going to the same school Our MC Erin used to be friends with them until they began freezing her out, and the bullying started a couple of years before this novella takes place With Erin struggling with her mom s drug abuse and her situation at school, I already knew here there wouldn t be space enough in this book to give this the proper care There are so many things that are just touched upon, when they could ve made and should make for a full length novel To avoid spoilers, I won t spell out the plot twist around 60% or so, but this too got too little time The explanations are loose, the reactions hushed by as is the resolution as well.The real problem for me, however, is the characters They re so stereotypical Erin, bright girl coming from a terrible family, bullied, yet according to our hero amazing, and have always been Short stories are always limited when it comes to character development, but there is nearly none here for any of the characters They re all just stereotypes Like our hero, Weston Good guy, coming from an upstanding family, together with the most popular girl, great at sports, and is one of the popular guys in school Yet, he s oddly genuine, kind, and so muchthan he appears Yes, and he s getting into Duke University on a scholarship, just like his dad wants But Weston wants to do art, and his dad is completely ignorant of this Okay, I can t be the only one thinking about Chad Michael Murray s character in A Cinderella Story here, can I Pretty much everyone is a character from this movie, to be honest In conclusion this is nothing new, and doesn t bring much new to the table Not with the shortness of the story and the already seen characters I ll admit to liking this better than Beautiful Disaster, but only because Weston wasn t an abusive love interest, even if Weston had his moments too Forreviews, visit AmandaSays on BookLikes and Leafmarks. I read Happenstance in 2015 and was immediately hooked I was so excited to find it and couldn t wait for the others Jamie McGuire is one of my favorite authors and I ve been pleased with pretty much everything I ve read by her I really loved the characters in this novella Erin Easter is a high school student who deals with bullying and a not so great home life She s basically alone in the world until popular Weston comes along and surprisingly he has problems of his own I loved the interaction between the two.The ending of the book is what shocked me most and I had to find out what was going to happen with Weston5 3.5 3.75 StarsThis short novella made for a quick but entertaining read Erin Easter is approaching high school graduation and is just holding on and surviving those last few months till her time in Backwell, Oklahoma will be over college Erin lives with her mess of a mother and works at the local Dairy Queen For years she has the object of bullying by the two other girls at her school named Erin The Erins thing was a bit Heatherish 80s movie or Jenniferish Big Time Rush to me Anyway, one of the Erin s has been dating for the last five years, Weston Gates who decides to step away from his perfect social bubble and pursue a friendship with our ErinI don t know what the hell I m doing, Erin I m just I m winging it I was kinda hoping you would wing it with meOnce a reader hits a little past the midway point of this story, a tragic event happens in which a truth will be revealed I guessed the truth and I m guessing you will too Overall, this was a well written story which was too short for the topic but I m assuming that this is only the beginning for Erin and Weston.

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