Navigating the Interior Life

Navigating the Interior Life Finding God Through Meditation Is The Second Book Of Dan Burke S Navigating Series That Brings The Wisdom Of The Saints Into Your Hands This Series Is A Goldmine For Catholics To Deepen Your Relationship With God And To Grow Into A Deeper Union With Jesus Christ Finding God Through Meditation By St Peter Of Alcantara Is Little Known, As Is The Saint Himself Don T Let That Fool You He Directed The Great Mystic St Teresa Of Avila On Difficult Questions She Had About Prayer, For Which She Has Written About In Her Interior Castle St Teresa Turned To This Great Treatise On Meditation By St Peter For Guidance St Peter Of Alcantara S Work Is A Sure Antidote To Much Of The False Teaching Of Our Day His Insights On Prayer Are Profound And Far Reaching You Will Find Here The Gems That God Has In Store For All Who Truly Desire To Grow In Relationship With Him In Prayer Finding God Through Meditation Gives You A Window Into Perspectives On Prayer That Should Challenge And Enrich You For Years To Come About The Series Dan Burke S Navigating Series Brings The Wisdom Of The Saints Into Your Hands This Series Is A Goldmine For Catholics To Deepen Your Relationship With God And To Grow Into A Deeper Union With Jesus Christ Some very nourishing and challenging spiritual wisdom to ponder and chew on. Peter of Alcantara was a contemporary of Teresa of Avila, and had a big influence on her In this book he presents a profound, clear approach to Christian meditation.I can t say I would recommend this to someone who was completely new to the idea of Christian meditation For that, Teresa s Interior Castle might be a better introduction But for those who want to explore the topic deeply, this work is ideal.This is not a quick, easy read, but is certainly worth the time and effort involved. I finished this a month or so ago but didn t write a review because I was trying to work through the meditations in the back I ll have to try it again but I m not sure those types of meditations are for me Either way, the book was great and had a lot of solid info on mental prayer in general whether or not you follow the example meditations I plan to read through this again It was practical and easy to understand and has helped me with my time of mental prayer. When I first received the book, Finding God Through Meditation, I wondered who this St Peter of Alcantara was listed on the cover He was apparently the author of this book and spiritual director of St Teresa of Avila That is a bit intimidating to think about, but I trust Daniel Burke and I know he wouldn t put hit name on something he didn t believe in, so that encouraged me to read on There are eight chapters in this short book, but there is enough material to chew on for years, The chapters are as follows 1 Perspective on Meditation and Devotion2 The Way of Meditation3 Counsels of Meditation4 Deepening Devotion5 Common Temptations in Meditation and Their Remedies6 Other Certain Admonitions Necessary for Spiritual Persons7 Subject Matter of Prayer and Daily Meditations8 Seven Other Meditations on the Passion of Our LordThe daily meditations found in the last two chapters prove to be some of the most useful in the book as they provide the reader with two different sets of meditations for each day of the week that guide the reader into a deeper prayer life However, the chapter which really spoke to me at this moment in my life was Chapter Five I assume that like me you have trouble praying and growing in your relationship with God In this chapter, St Peter of Alcantara outlines nine common problems we all face and some remedies for them The eighth temptation An Inordinate Draw to Study really hit home for me In this section, he tells us, In the day of judgment, we shall not be asked what we have read, but what we have done not how eloquently we have spoken, but how well we have lived These few lines reminded me to put down the booksoften and not focus solely on the acquisition of knowledge We can all benefit from reading the words of the saints, especially this saint s If you want to read what St Teresa read, then I highly recommend this book Five stars

Saint Peter of Alcantara, O.F.M Spanish San Pedro de Alc ntara 1499 October 18, 1562 , was a Spanish Franciscan friar canonized in 1699 He was a man of remarkable austerity and poverty who travelled throughout Spain preaching the Gospel to the poor He wrote a Treatise on Prayer and Meditation, which was considered a masterpiece by St Teresa, St Francis de Sales and Louis of Granada.Whil

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