Happenstance (Happenstance #2)

Happenstance (Happenstance #2) La Vita Di Erin Cambiata All Improvviso Tutto Quello In Cui Ha Sempre Creduto Si Rivelato Una Bugia E Ora In Una Nuova Casa E In Una Nuova Famiglia, Non Sa Pi Quale Sia Il Suo Posto Si Sente Smarrita E Sola A Scuola Nessuno Riesce A Capirla, Nessuno Riesce A Starle Vicino Nessuno Tranne Weston Erin Non Pu Ancora Credere Che Il Ragazzo Pi Irraggiungibile Del Liceo Abbia Scelto Proprio Lei Far Finta Di Resistere Ai Suoi Occhi Verdi E Profondi Stato Inutile Con Lui Accanto Ogni Cosa Ha Un Sapore Diverso, Una Luce Speciale Ma Anche I Problemi Sono Sempre Dietro L Angolo Perch Weston Una Calamita Per Situazioni Complicate Perch A Volte Per Seguire L Istinto Fa La Mossa Sbagliata E Ci Sono Verit Che Non Possono Restare Nascoste Per Sempre D Un Tratto Il Loro A Inesauribile E Unico Sembra Farsi In Pezzi Come Un Castello Di Sabbia Risucchiato Dalle Onde Erin Non Crede Pi A Nulla Perdersi In Quello Sguardo Che Le Dava Sicurezza E Felicit Diventato Difficile Il Suo Cuore Torna A Chiudersi Per Non Soffrire Ancora Eppure Weston Conosce La Strada Che Porta Ai Suoi Sentimenti Pi Fragili Conosce Le Parole Giuste Da Sussurrarle Conosce Il Modo Per Difenderla Dalle Sue Stesse Debolezze Adesso Erin Deve Trovare Dentro Di S La Forza Di Combattere Contro Tutto E Tutti Contro Un Passato Che Ha Ancora Molto Da Raccontare E Contro La Paura Di Ammettere Che Quello Che La Lega A Weston Pura Magia Perch Anche Per Sognare Ci Vuole Coraggio Un Magnifico Equivoco Un Altro Grande Successo Di Jamie Mcguire Dopo La Trilogia Dei Disastri , Uno Splendido Sbaglio E Una Meravigliosa Bugia Un Autrice Da Migliaia Di Copie Vendute In America E Sempre In Classifica In Italia Erin E Weston Sono Due Ragazzi Sognatori E Innamorati Che Insieme Trovano Il Modo Per Superare Le Loro Insicurezze Non Dimenticando Mai Che Non Bisogna Essere Perfetti Per Avere Un A Perfetto

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  • Paperback
  • 180 pages
  • Happenstance (Happenstance #2)
  • Jamie McGuire
  • English
  • 19 June 2017
  • 9781500852047

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    3,5 stars Ok, I admit, I liked it Though still, I don t think I m the target reader, it s probably for younger ones, but it was nice, much better than the 1st one Less plots packed all at once, focused on Erin and her evolving relationship with new parents It was warm and tender and I liked how they learned to live with each other There was so much affection coming towards Erin that she wasn t used to It was sometimes strange for her, but she was happy to finally have someone to take care of her.Erin and Weston s relationship was getting stronger too, he was by her side whenever the bullying at school continued They were good together until Erin found Alder s journals and was curious about her life before After reading them, the reason other Erins started bullying her in the first place was revealed along with the plot involving Weston they came up with to humiliate her I wasn t Weston s fan in the first part, I thought he was a chicken shit who couldn t stand up for her for years and all of a sudden woke up and became her friend and guardian Revealing the plot didn t make it better, but when he explained everything and it was clear that he really cared for her for a long time, even before they started dating, he finally grew on me So I can honestly say, hey WestonI ll be looking forward to next novella in this series to see where the story goes Buddy read with Melissa and Jennifer Thank you girls

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    3.75 4 StarsThis was a very solid second installment The writing flowed, the story had a bit of mysterious edge to it as Erin finds Alder s journals and a few reveals were made Erin is still getting acquainted with her birth parents, Sam and Julianne Every scene that was written with these three characters was wonderful Their bond is being built along with love, support and understanding At school the bullies are still brutal and the whispers in the hallways are hateful I can t believe they re just letting you take over her life like that, as if she never existed Sam and Julianne are financially stable so Erin doesn t have to work every day Erin makes some choices to cut back her hours and accepts some gifts from her birth parents For the first time in her life she has parental support and she truly appreciates it I belonged with them because I belonged to them Curiosity about a tub of journals found in Adler s room reveals some great twists to the story that weren t over the top but very clever on the author s part One of the reveals leaves her questioning Gina and her new boyfriend Weston While another reveal gifts her the reasons why the two Erin s stopped talking to her in fifth grade and went from friends to tormentors Don t read them, Erin Just don t do it Overall, this story was as short as the first book in the series and was a good follow up I was left feeling unsettled about Weston and hope he can truly wow me in the final installment I am hoping to get a scene with Gina, an apology from her remaining tormentors, and Weston finding out about Eric s role in his relationship with Erin A I m excited to see how this story concludes in Happenstance 3 A special thank you to Melissa and Mysza for the fabulous buddy read

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    4 Stars BR with Jennifer Mysza Erin Easter never felt like she belonged with her mother Gina Now that she knows she isn t an Easter, but is the daughter of Sam Julianne Alderman, she has a whole new life She has been living with the Alderman s and trying to adjust to her new life, that includes a new boyfriend, new house, new parents The kids at school are still bullying her and trying to make her feel like she stole Alder s life She has to deal with all of these changes at home on top of the vicious cruelty at school I m not afraid of them I refuse No matter what they do to me, I am in control of the way others make me feel They can t hurt me if I don t let them I am not Easter any I won t hide Her only comfort from the chaos is spending time with her boyfriend Weston They are both close to graduation, and deciding their future As Erin starts to feel like she fits in with the Alderman s, some secrets are revealed, she starts to question some relationships in her life, wonder who she can really trust I look forward to seeing what happens in book 3 am hoping for a wonderful HEA for Wes Erin D I am writing my own story And in my story, I get a happy ending.

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    3 stelle e mezzoL unico difetto di questo libro, come ho gi detto, che troppo breve e la sua brevit lascia poco spazio per una narrazione completa Ma questo non significa che la McGuire non sappia trasformare 128 semplici pagine in qualcosa di dolce e delicato Erin ha una nuova vita Finalmente una vita fatta di affetto, affermazione, bellezza Erin ha Weston il ragazzo che sognava dalle medie, ma poco o nulla cambiato a scuola E ancora vittima delle occhiate e delle chiacchiere degli altri Una nuova cattiveria si sta per abbattere di nuovo sulla ragazza sapr gestirla E il trambusto provocato da essa, miner il suo rapporto con il dolcissimo Weston Ho letteralmente AMATO la scelta dell autrice di non cambiare radicalmente la vita di Erin, di fatto cambiato tutto ma anche niente, i bulli sono rimasti sempre bulli e le cattiverie fanno ancora male, e questo ha dato alla storia un impronta piuttosto realista e una continuit assolutamente necessaria Il rapporto tra i due fidanzati poi troppo dolce ___ Aspetto il terzo volume con mooolta curiosit , adesso

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    Weston is one big wonderful swoonfest of sweetheart who melts your heart Happenstance 2 is the continuation of Erin and Weston s story In this chapter of the series Erin adjusts to all the big changes that are happening in her life Weston is there for her every step of the way always loving and supporting her In true McGuire style Jamie throws in a twist and a secret that you don t see coming Will it tear them apart or bring them closer together I won t give anything away but this novella definitely plays with your emotions and tugs at your heart strings than once It s a great story about young love, life and building relationships and family I highly recommend you read it

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    Sempre pi bello e sempre pi delicato..La copertina della Garzanti poi. dice tutto. adorabili

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    I was right Something big did happen and I did not see that coming On to the next What else can go wrong

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    W O W So, as most people know, I loved the first installment of Happenstance I fell in love with the story, Erin, and of course, Weston YA is my favorite genre, so I had high hopes for the series.This second installment didn t let me down If anything, it solidified my love for this series I am an angst whore, and this book has plenty of it to go around Just when you think everything is perfect in Blackwell, there s a twist Erin is adjusting to all the changes in her life I think we never got to see the real Erin until now She s dealing with everything that s happened And when she comes across some heartbreaking information, things get a bit rocky You can really empathize with what she s going through, and understand her decisions There were a few times I was worried about Weston, but I think overall, Jamie does a great job of keeping the doubts at bay I still love him Once again, Jamie has written a stellar book The sheer brilliance of this novella had me turning pages wanting to get to the end, while wanting it to go on forever.

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