Ninja Sons

Ninja Sons Hi It S Me I M The Guy Who Wrote This No Use Pretending That This Blurb Was Written By Someone Else Ever See The MovieNinjas Ever Wondered Where The Stars Are Now Yeah, Me Too But Then I Did A Quick Google Search And Found Out More To The Point, Ever Wonder Why The Dad In That Movie Was Like, Oh, Yeah It S Perfectly Fine For My Sons To Fist Fight Adults As Ninjas I Know I Did We Finally Have The Inside Scoop Thanks To This Very Stupid BookGet It Here

Peter Derk doesn t understand why they ve never sold a Twix called Twick that s just one long bar made of the two bars mashed together.

[Reading] ➭ Ninja Sons  ➵ Peter Derk –
  • Kindle Edition
  • Ninja Sons
  • Peter Derk
  • English
  • 20 October 2018

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    I read this whole thing out loud on a podcast Almost It was kind of a last pass through, so there were some rough patches You can hear it at helpfulsnowman.comMore to the point, how I felt about this book Well, it s kinda awful But when I read it out loud for the first time, I cracked myself up just a little Which I am simultaneously proud and not proud of.Proud I made myself laugh.Not proud I made MYSELF laugh.If you re looking for a giggle, this one s a keeper If you go into this one hoping for anything beyond a laugh, I m here to warn you of impending disappointment.

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    This is my favorite of Mr Derk s works Maybe I should have one boy and then I d have my own ninja trio The narrator is classic, but boy am I glad that I m not married to him.And I think we ve all had an experience similar to the oatmeal cream pie incident

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    Did you grow up in the entertainment industry s ninja era of the late 80s to early 90s Do you like fan fiction Do you like to laugh Check this one out.

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    This fricking hilarious Peter just may be my favorite author EVER I m so glad I happened across this Short and a definite must read

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    I came here for oatmeal cream pies and I was not disappointed.

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