Baron Of Godsmere (The Feud #1)

Baron Of Godsmere (The Feud #1) THE FEUD England,Three Noblemen Secretly Gather To Ally Against Their Treacherous Lord But Though Each Is Elevated To A Baron In His Own Right And Given A Portion Of His Lord S Lands, Jealousy And Reprisals Lead To A Twenty Five Year Feud, Pitting Family Against Family, Passing Father To Son THE DECREE England,The Chink In Baron Boursier S Armor Is His Fondness For A Lovely Face When It Costs Him Half His Sight And Brands Him As One Who Abuses Women, He Vows To Never Again Be Blinded By Beauty Thus, Given The Choice Between Forfeiting His Lands And Wedding One Of His Enemies To End Their Feud, He Chooses As His Betrothed The Lady Said To Be Plain Of Face, Rejecting The Lady Rud To Be Most Fair THE ENEMY On The Eve Of The Deadline To Honor The King S Decree Of Marriage, The Fair Elianor Of Emberly Takes Matters Into Her Own Hands Determined None Will Suffer Marriage To The Man Better Known As The Boursier, She Sets In Motion Her Plan To Imprison Him Long Enough To Ensure His Barony Is Forfeited But When All Goes Awry And Her Wrathful Enemy Compels Her To Wed Him To Save His Lands, She Discovers He Is Either Much Changed Or Much Maligned And The Real Enemy Is One Who Lurks In Their Midst One Bent On Keeping The Feud Burning NOTE BARON OF GODSMERE Is A Romance Wrapped In An Inspirational Message True To The Time Period Often Referred To As The Age Of Faith Due To An Integral Part Of The Plot That Of A Woman Whose Past Causes Her To Fear Even A Husband S Intimacy It Isn T Tied Up With A Bow Too Sweetly Pretty To Untie Hence, Due To The Hero S Efforts To Court His Lady, This Romance Is A Clean Read Than An Inspirational Read, her blog The Kitchen Novelist, Facebook, and Twitter To be added to her mailing list for notification of new releases and special promotions, email her at tamaraleightenn

[PDF] ✈ Baron Of Godsmere (The Feud #1)  By Tamara Leigh –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 408 pages
  • Baron Of Godsmere (The Feud #1)
  • Tamara Leigh
  • English
  • 01 November 2018

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    4.5Tamara Leigh has become my go to author for medieval romance She has a captivating way of writing that sucks you into the story and has you falling in love with her characters I love her medievals because they feel so authentic, without being boring or feeling like a history lesson Elianor suffered through a horrible first marriage Although she was only married for two years, they were years filled with constant abuse She is now a widow and learns she is to be wed to The Boursier Bayard , who has a horrible reputation Bayard also suffered from a bad first marriage and is not happy when the king orders him to marry, given the choice of two brides, either Elianor or Thomasin, to try and find peace between the three warring families Elianor will do just about anything to avoid another abusive marriage Without thinking through her actions she sets in motion a plan that will change all their lives and has outcomes she may soon regret Or maybe find a happiness she never expected.I liked Elianor She had a horrible past and while it was a big part of the story, it was never overly detailed or felt too heavy I actually liked seeing how strong she was and how all her abuse didn t break her Bayard and Elianor s relationship is complex and has many layers They both have preconceived notions and have to overcome their pasts before they can ever focus on a future I loved how Bayard handled Elianor, he has an amazing amount of patience view spoiler A big part of their relationship was about her overcoming her fears so they could consummate their marriage I thought this was handled really well and any intimacies were fade to black I d consider it a clean read, there is some mild innuendo It s also alluded to the abuse she suffered from her previous husband and having to overcome her fears and learn to trust Bayard I loved it when she did though It felt genuine and he was so good to her hide spoiler

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    It s a rare book that induces me to lose sleep But Tamara Leigh s Baron of Godsmere succeeded and also held me captive in the morning thank goodness for lazy Saturdays to finish the tale A wonderfully woven story with a heroine who is feisty but not with that rebellious, too stupid to live angle so many authors use today Reason and commonsense abounds, along with hefty doses of danger, intrigue, and mystery that fueled my desire to read and the character s desire for each other I give it five stars because it s been a long time since I read a story in under 12 hours.

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    I read almost all of this book, but by the time I got past most of the conflict I just wanted it over and I put it down early The entire book is about sex, who slept with who, who cheated on who, and would they be able to consummate the marriage I was so irritated by the resolution I just couldn t keep reading I have liked Leighs books before, even tho they do have a very adult feel, but after this one I need a long break.

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    Leigh, once again, pens an absolutely delightful, historical romance Filled with all the stuff that makes for an interesting, fun and romantic read Feuding families, commands to marriage, intrigue, engaging and noteworthy charactersI could go on and on At first the reading pace is a little slower, as you try to figure out the foundation of the story and piece together who all the different families are and their place in the story But believe me, this will not last for very long and then you will be drawn into the story and heldfast to the pages I found myself up way too late last night hoping to finish it, but unfortunately, had to finally go to bed with about 20% of the book still left to read I soooo, look forward to Leigh s novels and cannot wait till her next novel a clean read, rewrite of a previous novel releases this Spring It will have to hold me over till Book 2 in this series is available later this year Thank you, Tamara Leigh for the exciting, well written novels characters, that hold the reader engaged, thrilled and

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    Another winnerOnce again, Tamara Leigh does not disappoint Fans of her Age of Faith series will undoubtedly love this new series This historical romance sweeps the reader away into a world of intrigue, betrayal and redemption Eagerly awaiting the rest of the series

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    Pleasantly surprised I have become a bit skittish of medieval and regency romances because the authors seem to take literary license with romance and passion equaling lurid sex I had put off reading this book expecting the same and was oh, so pleasantly surprised when the story did NOT go down that broad avenue but chose the high road of taste, enticement, love, marriage, and a closed door on sex itself Thank you, very gracious author, for understanding that there are women who want the love of a relationship without all the details.

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    Loved it

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    All Talk and No Action This could have been a great story but it was all dialogue and very little action It was like a soap opera than anything The story goes on and on with nothing really happening.If this is the kind of romance you like, then I m all for it, but I read historical romances for the action first and Romance second I did not enjoy the book even though it s well written I couldn t get interested in the characters.

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    What I likedThe character building of our two main MC s, their growing closer and learning to trust each other Doing life together The plot, to a certain degree They had some adorable moments that made me smile What I didn t likeThis book, although marketed as a clean read felt anything but clean I feel like, as another reviewer said, Tamara must have written the romantic scenes from the angle, can we make this scene lusty likeno Done from another angle, the scenes between our MC s could have been adorable, sweet, even passionate in a tasteful way, but they justWERE NOT.This book is about two characters being preoccupied with their sex life Like yes, there are some scenes about everyday life, but most every scene with MC DUDE MC LADY were them thinking about if, when and how they were going to get the other party to have sex with them In the lady s case, she d come from an abusive marriage so she feared being intimate with her husband, which I get, but things just went a little overboard, from my standpoint The MC s had this fascination with the consummation of their marriage like that was all that they thought about And if they weren t thinking about how and when they d do that, they were thinking about how to get closer to the other person, so that eventually, it would lead to being physically intimate Then they d replay being intimate without ever actually recalling the act of sex, or showing us when doing it In my opinion, you can write a sex scene without the act of sex taking place That was this book in a nutshell We don t see them having sex, cause ya know, fade out bedroom scenes and all that, but oh yes, we see them having sex, if you get my drift Romance can be done from an angle that is passionate yet pure but something about the whole situation just felt dirty Like I needed to take a metaphorical shower after reading This was my first Leigh read, I read Lady Of Conquest afterwards, just to give Tamara s writing another chance, but I think I may not pick up her books again Everything, from the smallest touch, look or word, felt over sexualized TO THE HILT It was so not enjoyable.

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    5 solid stars I loved this oneand am so, so glad it s the beginning of what I m assuming will be a trilogy Ms Leigh has most definitely claimed the top spot on my favorites list when it comes to historical romance And this book is just as good as all her others I feel like every time I read a new one of her historicals, I have a new favoriteI don t know how she does it Onto the storyBayardone word LOVE He s such a strong, well developed character His internal conflict between the feud, hate for Elianor s family and distrust for her after her deceit at the beginning was so realand at the same time, he was fighting falling for herand as he fell for her, he was so careful with her heart, knowing the past she came from Trying to ease her into anything intimate, whether it be physical or emotional I just loved him Elianor of four notes, not three Sigh She was also a very strong character That s the thing I love about Ms Leigh s characters Both male and female characters are strong, neither are pushovers, but they bend to the others will and love eventually and a beautiful love story is told in the midst I felt like theirs was a believable, beautiful love story They didn t want to marry, definitely didn t foresee themselves falling in love, but they did and I for one thoroughly enjoyed their story There s also a bit of mystery tied in that was partly wrapped up, but he rest will trickle into the next book s And I actually like that aspect Nothing was left feeling like a cliffhanger, but I like that some of the mystery will still be there in the next book I m just secretly hoping one specific character isn t bad The only problem with this book is now I have to wait what will feel like an eternity for the next book in the series But it, like all of Ms Leigh s books, will be worth the wait Do yourself a grand favor and if you enjoy historical medieval romance don t miss this one Content fade to black closed door intimacy between married couple.

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