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A Guide to Child Health This Acclaimed Guide To Children S Physical, Psychological And Spiritual Development Is Now Available In A Fourth Revised Edition Combining Up To Date Medical Advice With Issues Of Development And Education, This Is A Definitive Guide For Parents This Is The Book For Anyone Who Has Ever Wanted A Deeper Understanding Of Their Children S Illnesses, Or Sought A Holistic Approach To Children S Health As Well As Comprehensively Covering Medical Issues, It Also Discusses Parenting Techniques, Education, Spirituality And Play A Truly Integrated Approach To All Aspects Of Raising Healthy Children In The Broadest Sense The Authors Have OverYears Experience Treating Children At Herdecke Hospital, Germany, Which Is Run Using Anthroposophical Principles The Fourth Edition Includes Updates On Treatments For Tonsilitis, Croup, Sunstroke And Headlice The Section On Vaccinations Includes The Latest Recommendations Including Measles, Meningococcal And HPV There Is Also A New Section On Electromagnetic Pollution, Including Mobile Cell Phones

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the A Guide to Child Health book, this is one of the most wanted Michaela Glöckler author readers around the world.

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 482 pages
  • A Guide to Child Health
  • Michaela Glöckler
  • English
  • 13 July 2019

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    This book is mind blowing Consider these topics Symptoms of illness in childhood ranging from the typical to atypical like fevers, and going so far as to approach the uneasy subjects like the purpose of illness, health of the spirit, cultivation of healthy rhythms, vaccinations , The Foundations of Healthy Development includes social issues and family connections , and Health through Education answers as far as development in many such complex issues from effective parenting, development stages of will, sleep and nutritional questions, to temperaments, religious education, sex education, multimedia, addiction drugs, fears anxieties, institutional education, and so on The authors base the theories that inform them upon anthroposophical theory This may put some people off What is most obvious even in the Table of Contents, is that in all matters, the spiritual is, rather than shunned, a welcome and necessary aspect of the whole, and is given as much weight as any other aspect There are controversial notions within the chapters, like the stance on left handedness though they give an interesting argument from their point of view on this one There ve been many questions as to the religion that anthroposophy stands upon I have also heard that our most common forms of Christianity do not in many ways reflect the earliest Christianity that Christianity in its most ancient form, is anthroposophical Among the interesting of these claims are to the esoteric, even paganistic beliefs that were in great part, what prevailed in the lives of those of the time that without their inclusion, Christianity may not have won over those sought for conversion The authors do not shy away from the suggestion that our past lives inform our development in this life Because our health is one way in which our bodies communicate with our conscious minds it follows that our past lives inform our health in the earliest stages of development What conclusions can be drawn from this, highly interpretable, are bravely but not overwhelmingly addressed by the authors in this book If you are open minded, this Child s Health book will bring much to the tool box for which parents begin collecting as soon as they learn they re going to be parents The spiritual is within, everywhere, inside this text, and yet it s not necessary for the reader to believe, in order to gain loads of excellent info I am an atheist of sorts, and I find this book to be tops, in my top five of essential parenting libraries I recommend it to every parent with whom I work.

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    It has been than just a reference book in order to treat illness with a natural approach I have to say I didn t know anything about Rudolph Steiner s philosophy and some of the chapters were a bit too much for my taste at the time I first picked up this book, I mean, I didn t know what to make out of some parts like the learning process in childhood and when to start reading writing with children It was my mistake not to read the entire explanation and get a better glimpse of the Waldorf life style As I kept bumping with this Waldorf thing everywhere I looked, I decided to read further and turned out to be a beautiful introductory book to the early years of childhood according to Steiner s philosophy Is a book to read in order and from beginning to end, it makes so much sense once you get deeper into the idea of this book and it can definitely redefine your parenting style for a better, healthier and in complete harmony home.

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    I used this book for all my children It empowered me to understand and manage many of my children s childhood illnesses withou running to the doctor because I felt helpless.

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    Practical, sound advice and ideas that make sense I m not going to drink the Kool aid and pledge my life by it, but it s a helpful touchstone to keep in mind as I raise my children.

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